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Super One Series 2017 Rowrah in 5 pictures

The third round of Super One took place this weekend, back in Cumbria at Rowrah for the 2nd time this season, if you missed it and don’t have time for race reports, here’s what you need to know from the round 3 in five images!


The season opener last month saw the second finals on Sunday almost cancelled due to the extremely wet weather, but there were to be no such problems this time as the drivers were treated to a dry weekend’s racing.


The support for former Super One champion, Billy Monger, was fantastic! The #BillyWhizz stickers were on almost every kart with Super One making new visor strips for every driver to wear. £5000 was also raised between the competitors, organisers and Rowrah kart circuit which will go to Billy’s JustGiving page.


Taylor Barnard dominated IAME Cadet once again as he won every race to extend his championship lead. He isn’t the only driver to have won his first and second round of this season though as Danny Kierle in Senior X30 has done the exact same along with Kai Hunter in Mini Max.


Honda Cadet title contender, Lucas Ellingham, had an unfortunate weekend in Honda Cadet, but recovered well in Final 2 as he charged from 31st to 8th place!


Morgan Porter led the X30 Junior final until an incident with 2nd place driver Dragan Pinsent on the last lap saw the win gifted to Jonny Wilkinson! The Mick Barrett Racing driver now sits 2nd in the championship behind Louie Westover


Written by Bethanie Lawson

Images courtesy of Bethanie Lawson Photography


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Super One Rissington in 5 pictures

Super One Rissington 2017 in 5 pictures

If missed the second round of Super One at Rissington this weekend, don’t have time for race reports and can’t wait to see the Motors TV programme or the videos on You Tube, here’s what you need to know from the round 2  in just five images!


Chris Thomas won a ticket to the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals last year and judging by his dominant performance at the first round he is already the strong favourite to win the ticket on offer for this years 177 champion


Abbi Pulling was back on top form, winning final two by 6 seconds and walking away leading the Junior TKM Championship!


Harry Moore had an unlucky weekend, ending with him involved in an incident which broke his hand! Will he be okay for the next round, or will last years champion be dropping further down the championship table?


Joshua Mclean was the winner of both finals in the Honda Cadet Championship whilst championship favourite Oliver Bearman was excluded after being given a black flag. Who does that leave as the favourite now?


Daniel Butterworth made up 19 places in Final One! Another hard charger was Aston Millar in Honda Cadet who made up 21 places in Final Two!

Written by Bethanie Lawson

Images courtesy of Bethanie Lawson Photography


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Super One Rowrah 2017 in 5 pictures

Lucas Ellingham determined to win Super One this year!

Last year’s Honda Cadet Super One Championship saw Lucas Ellingham walk away with 5th place and top Rookie! This year he is back and determined to walk away with the one plate and nothing less! We caught up with him ahead of the first round of Super One at Rissington to find out his thoughts ahead of a potentially big season.

Lucas first started karting when he was 6 years old at PFi with their ‘Racing For Buttons’ scheme. This was originally based at Rowrah and was introduced so that children under the age of 14 could get experience and a taste for karting. He then raced IKR for a couple of years before moving to MSA racing in Honda Cadet.

Last year Lucas competed in Super One for the first time and finished 5th in the championship after some fantastic results including 2nd at the Shenington round!
Speaking about this Lucas said: “It felt amazing finishing 5th, we were only hoping for a top 10 so it was brilliant to get 5th.”

However, explaining why they have chosen to do another year in Honda Cadet Super One, Lucas also said “5th was good, but 1st is better, this year we’re aiming  for the win.” 

There are some big names in Honda Cadet Super One this year, including the likes of last years Vice Champion Oliver Bearman along with other seeded drivers, Archie Brown (7) and James Walker (8). Unsurprisingly Lucas see’s his biggest rival as Bearman and I’m looking forward to seeing the pair go toe to toe throughout the season along with some of the other big players in the class.

Lucas has stayed with Global Karting again for this season and believes his teammates (Ivan Lomliev, Joshua McLean and Luke Watts) will also be his rivals as everyone is chasing that title! That said there’s nothing better than having some good teammates around you, to work with in a race or trade data and setups. That should certainly work in Ellingham’s favour this year.

When talking about the 2017 Calendar, Lucas told us he is looking forward to Clay Pigeon the most as it is the only track he has been to twice and won both times. “The tracks I am feeling the most positive about and think I could win at are Clay Pigeon, PFI and Larkhall.”

“Im not, not looking forward to any of the rounds, I feel like I am strong at all of them, I couldn’t single one out – I enjoy all of the tracks on the calendar and Im excited to race at them all.”

Lucas has been very strong recently which is a great start to the season! He has finished in the top three at almost every race weekend he has competed in since the new year. He has also already won a super competitive TVKC Winter Series. It would mean everything to him to win this year and judging by his results last year and his progress this year, he is definitely a title contender!

Events he will also be attending this year are:

  • O-plate – Buckmore Park
  • E-plate – Shenington
  • Kartmasters – PFi
  • Various club championships including TVKC Summer championship

We asked Lucas if he has an plans yet for 2018 and although he is uncertain, there is the possibility of Junior X30 as thats the class that seems to be in the limelight at the moment, or Junior TKM, maybe test with someone else already in that class.

Lucas’s Dad – Ralph Ellingham added

“Ever since Lucas’ first foray into karting he has shown a passion and now looking back it’s rewarding to see how his dedication and hard work have brought him to where he is now. He has always set his sights on contending for the Super One Honda Cadet title and this year, our last in cadets, he looks to be peaking at the right time. Since the new year he has been at the sharp end of every meeting he has attended which I put down not only to having refined the required level of driving skills and race-craft but also showing his strong mental state. We are looking forward to the upcoming Super One Series and hope that all the work will pay dividends, in a few months and 7 meetings we will find out, but whatever the outcome I am sure he will give 100% and we will end the year feeling proud of his achievements.”

“Looking to the future, next year is undecided as yet but if it were up to Lucas it would be a move to X30 or OK I would guess but let’s get this year out of the way and go from there.”

Rissington will be the first round of Super One for Honda Cadet and Lucas is feeling excited and confident, especially after coming 2nd there last weekend. There’s no doubt he’ll be looking to repeat that result this weekend with an aim to go on and win the title.

Lucas’s 5-1

5 words to describe yourself?

  • Enthusiastic
  • Focused
  • Determined
  • Confident
  • Ambitious

4  favourite tracks?

  • PFi
  • Clay Pigeon
  • Larkhall
  • Rowrah

3 drivers that have inspired you?

  • Mike Spencer
  • Lewis Hamilton
  • Valentino Rossi

2 memorable moments in your career?

  • First ever win -IKR
  • First ever Super One podium

1 goal for the future?

  • To become a Formula racing driver

Written by Bethanie Lawson

Images courtesy of Chris Walker, Kartpix & Stu Stretton


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Super One Series 2017 – Ones to Watch, Part 4

Eight Moore Racing Drivers prepare for the Super 4 Championship

Eight Moore Racing Drivers prepare for the Super 4 Championship

Sam Moore started karting as a child in 1994, 23 years later he has just started his own team alongside his younger brother, Tom Moore. The Moore brothers will be taking their eight KZ2 drivers around the UK to take part in the Super 4 Championship in 2017. We caught up with Sam before the first round of Super 4 at Fulbeck which took place last weekend, to find out his full karting history and where he sees their team going over the coming years.

Tell us a bit more about your karting career so far?

“I always loved motorsport as a young child. Then Dad turned up one night with an Allkart Cadet kart on the roof rack of his van! We went to a dis-used road and spent time getting used to the kart for a month. We then went to a novice practice day at Rowrah in 1994 and the rest is pretty much history!”

“I did cadets for 4 years, then moved into Junior TKM in 1999.  After that I went into Junior Gearbox in 2000 and into 125 open (KZ1) as it was then in 2002/03.”

“We were competitive in cadets, I won a round of Champions of the Future at Rye House in 1998. In Junior TKM we were again competitive but didn’t do Super One. I was a front runner in Junior Gearbox and worked my way up to the top in seniors (gearbox).” 

The Moore Brothers in 2006

“I stopped karting in 2011 as I wasn’t completely enjoying racing to be honest, I tended to put too much pressure on myself to win which took the fun out of it. I came back for fun in 2014 and competed in Super 4 which I throughly enjoyed. I loved racing with a change of attitude and I loved helping drivers who are now big names such as Henry Easthope, Dan Kelly and Sam Webster. In 2014 I also won the Gearbox Grand Prix which took place at Fulbeck and took the GP plate which was an incredible feeling!”

Sam Moore
Sam Moore

“Now I am getting a buzz from running a team with Tom and been able to help drivers improve their performances and driving.”

Tom didn’t do as much karting as Sam, but attended most meetings with the family. His attention turned to the mechanic and engineering side of the sport. Both of the Moore brothers raced for Andy Fairless Racing for 20 years!

Tom Moore
Tom Moore

“Growing up watching Andy Fairless Racing build as a front running karting team I knew from a small age that if I ever got a chance in my life to have my own team then I would give 100%. I spent many hours at Andy Fairless’s workshop learning how karts were best prepared and maintained. With my current job being a maintenance engineer and serving 12 years in that job I have learnt my craft and have a great background to progress with a race team.” – Tom Moore

Moore Racing officially started at the second Round of Super 4/NFK last year. “We always enjoyed helping and developing drivers in the past. This was an opportunity we felt we had to take”. They have come a long way to now having 8 drivers signed up to their team all ready to try and get the best results in Super 4 this year!

Moore Racing drivers for 2017

Adam Rusling (11th at round one)
Chad Shiner (4th at round one)
Greg Dickens (16th at round one)
Matt Sherwen (5th at round one)
Miles Murphy (3rd on the grid at round one)
Paul Sleight (14th at round one)
Pete Britcliffe  (5th on the grid at round one)
Shane Daly (6th on the grid at round one)

“Our expectations for this year are very simple, everyone tries their very best! To improve their basic skills and techniques. As a team we don’t have expectations as such, we just hope that the work which has been done and work to be done in the future stands all our drivers in good stead. In terms of numbers we hope to get as many as we can in to the top 10.” Sam Moore

Miles Murphy
Miles Murphy

“So far our pre-season testing has gone very well, we had a few hiccups with a couple of new members but we were soon back on track at the Shenington winter series. Its going to be very hard to finish in the top 10 this year however my outright aim is to win the championship. If we can secure a couple of winning rounds and get at least 2 of our drivers in the top 5 and 4 drivers in the top ten then we have done extremely well. We hope to bring the two older driver in our team somewhere close too if not a top 10 finish in at least one round.” Tom Moore

Sam has experience at every single track on the Super 4 calendar this year and not just in terms of having driven at every track, he has actually won at every single track!

2017 Super 4 calendar:

Round 1 – 25th/26th March, Fulbeck
Round 2 – 16th April, GYG
Round 3 – 13th/14th May, Kimbolton
Round 4 – 11th June, Rowrah
Round 5 – 15th/16th July, Shenington
Round 6 – 6th August, Forest Edge
Round 7 – 7th/8th October, Kimbolton

“My favourite track on the calendar has to be Rowrah! The amount of laps and time spent at Rowrah gave me the basic platform to be able to achieve as much as I have done.”

The championship Moore racing would enter this year was always going to have to be between Super 4 and Super One. There was 31 KZ entries in Super 4 last year, compared to just nine in Super One “The Super 4 championship is massively underrated, yet I believe it is the best in this country for KZ. To me Super 4 was the championship to win.”

Chad Shiner
Chad Shiner

Looking ahead to the next few years Sam seems very positive on the teams progression.

Honestly, as a team, just to be as successful as possible, wherever that takes us. Maybe venture outside of the KZ class as we do have young lads of our own who are keen and interested in karting. Personally my goal is to be able to develop every driver who drives for Moore Racing to become the very best they can.”

One of Moore Racing Drivers, Shane Daly (IRL), raced with the team at the ABKC O-plate at Rowrah earlier this month. He drove fantastically well all weekend. He qualified on pole, won both heats, and the Pre-Final! Sadly an incident in the final meant he missed out on the O-plate, but I watched Shane’s performance and his talent was unmissable. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t make multiple podium appearances this year.

Shane has a great history in the sport and has mainly raced in the Rotax classes in recent years. He’s competed in both the Super One and Irish National Championships, he’s raced in the Rotax Euro Challenge too and has made two appearances at the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals representing Ireland. In 2012 Shane was 33rd and in 2015 he was an impressive 12th place! Ahead of the season he commented:

“I was quite new to KZ Karting when I joined Moore racing but both Sam and Tom have helped accelerate my progress immensely! It is a credit to the boys how fast the team has grown and I can not wait to get the 2017 championship underway.”Shane Daly


The first round of Super 4 took place this weekend at Fulbeck. All 8 drivers learnt something and everyone took a positive away from the weekend. Unfortunately the final didn’t go to plan for a few drivers, however Chad Shiner took 4th and Matt Sherwen 5th.

“Overall we have had a brilliant weekend. Not every result gone our way but Moore Racing isn’t going anywhere!! We are learning fast but not as fast as our competitors are learning about us!Sam Moore 

“Team, team manager, brother, partnership, new drivers, old drivers, new friends, old friends, determination, dedication, sleepless nights, late nights into early mornings, two jobs, passion, precision, preparation, new beginnings, challenges, stress, money worries, short time frame, AFR –  all there help past and present, winter testing, no family time, bad times, good times, blood, sweat, tears. Highlight of the weekend watching Peter Britcliffe lift his visor after taking 3rd in a heat and seeing him cry. Chuffed and emotional times. Finally my childhood dream come true this weekend and I loved every minute of it. Thanks everyone” – Tom Moore

We wish the team the best of luck for 2017!

Sam’s 5-1

5 words to describe yourself?

  • Honest
  • Approachable
  • Grounded
  • Enthusiastic
  • Happy

4  favourite tracks?

  • Rowrah
  • Kimbolton
  • Forest Edge
  • Little Rissington

3 drivers that have inspired you?

  • Jenson Button
  • Alex Zanardi
  • Mark Walker

2 memorable moments in your career?

  • 2008 Super 4 champion
  • 2010, Super 4, round 1 – at forest edge. 19th on grid for final and went onto win by 2 seconds on 10 laps.

1 goal for the future?

  • To be as successful as Andy Fairless Racing with Moore Racing.


Written by Bethanie Lawson

Images courtesy of Bethanie Lawson Photography


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Super One Rowrah 2017 in 5 pictures

In case you missed out on the first round of Super One at Rowrah 2017, have no time for race reports and can’t wait to see the Motors TV programme or the videos on You Tube, here’s what you need to know from the season opener in just five images!


Due to the weather conditions on Sunday morning, the decision was made by Tdi Media to only film final 1 incase final 2 didn't go ahead because of a lack of time caused by the late start
After all the waiting Super One was underway for 2017, but the weather was far from glamourous. On Sunday morning the track was unsuitable for racing which left drivers standing around whilst the conditions eased up. By lunch time racing eventually kicked off and TDi Media made the decision to film Final 1 races with Final 2 still an uncertainty.


Many people would say that the fastest way around Rowrah, especially in the wet would be use of the kurbs. Downside to this is you run the risk of receiving a bumper penalty, as several people found out..
Great work from all parties meant Final 2 racing did go ahead and in the challenging conditions and as we all know the fastest way around Rowrah is by using the kerbs. The downside to this was the risk of a front fairing penalty as many found out over the weekend. Especially Bradley Barrett who seemingly won the Junior Max Final 1 race from lights to flag before a front fairing penalty from hitting a kerb made otherwise.


After waiting for the weather to clear on Sunday morning and after a lot of hard work by the CKRC team the racing got underway at lunch time. By the last race of the day - Senior X30 final the track as starting to dry nicely
After a lot of hard work by the CKRC team the racing got underway at lunch time. By the last race of the day – Senior X30 final, the track was starting to dry nicely. This race was an interesting one with 5 DNFS, 10 penalties including big names such as Eliot Harvey and also 1 exclusion. Staying out of trouble was Danny Keirle who took victory


Robert Welham took the win in Junior TKM - His first Super One win in his first Super One race
In terms of results an interesting one and potential Super One first came in the shape of Robert Welham. He took an emotional win in Junior TKM Final 2 in what was his first Super One win in his first ever Super One race!


Stephen Letts made his return to Super One in TKM Extreme, winning all his heats and finals.
Finally from new drivers to returning ones. Stephen Letts is back in Super One in the TKM Extreme class and came back in style taking wins in all of his heats and finals.

Written by Bethanie Lawson

Images courtesy of Bethanie Lawson Photography


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Super One Series – Ones to Watch

ABkC O Plate 2017 -Rotax, KZ1 & OKJ

The ABkC O Plate meeting took place yesterday at Rowrah, this meeting always marks the start of the national karting calendar in the UK. Classes racing for the O Plate were Mini-Max, Junior Max, KZ1 and OK Junior with support races from IAME Cadet, Junior X30 and Senior X30. A very wet weekend provided some excellent racing with some unexpected outcomes.

Mini Max

The Mini Max O Plate was won by Alex Lloyd after Kai Hunter received a penalty for ‘Incorrectly positioned front fairing’. Lloyd started 2nd after some brilliant driving throughout the weekend, he did lead the race for a respectable amount of laps in the final. Alex Eades finished 2nd and Hunter 3rd.


Junior Max

Tommy Foster became the winner of the Junior Max O Plate. He had been battling with Jason Lockwood or the majority of the weekend however an incident in the final meant Lockwood was out the race and Foster took the win.



Shane Daly dominated almost the whole weekend in KZ1, he qualified on pole, won both heats and the pre final and was looking to win the final until an coming together occurred only a few laps before the flag which meant Dan Kelly took the win.

Dan Kelly

Junior OK

The Junior OK final saw the coming together of leader Morgan Porter and 2nd place runner Joseph Taylor, again with only a few laps to go, this passed the win to M Sport driver Oliver Clarke. Taylor finished in 2nd with Jonny Edgar in 3rd.


Support Races

Iame Cadet, Junior X30 and Senior X30 all got a chance to practice for Super One which takes place this weekend

Iame Cadet

Taylor Barnard didn’t disappoint and won yet another race this year! Freddie Slater, one of the youngest competitors in this class wasn’t far behind him and Coskun Irfan took third.


Junior X30

Louie Westover dominated at Rowrah, winning everything but one heat and carried on his winning streak in to the final where drove from lights to flag, finishing ahead of Alex Simmons. Sam White finished in a well deserved 3rd.


Senior X30

Josh Skelton had the final easy, after pulling away from the rest of the grid, Skelton drove a faultless deive and finished 8.6 seconds ahead of Danny Kierle and Thomas Turner.


Written by Bethanie Lawson

Images courtesy of Bethanie Lawson Photography


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Mark Baines Motorsport

5 years, 5 moments – British Open Championship

Mark Baines Motorsport – The fastest growing team in British karting

Four years ago Mark Baines was given the chance the start his own race team when he had someone buy him two awnings and a van. He’d ran his son, Jordan, for years but after a lot of convincing Mark took the plunge. Now in 2017 Mark has a total of 30 drivers racing for him and he’s about to turn from a Club race team to a National one with seven drivers entered into Super One. It’s an incredible achievement and something that has changed his life. Here’s his story…

Let’s start from the beginning, many people around the paddock will know Jordan Baines. He is Mark’s son and is the person that started all of this when he jumped in a Cadet at just 5 years old.

“Jordan started karting in Honda cadet at 5 years old, we did non MSA at Warden Law and loads of practicing until he started racing at 8. He raced WTP for 3 years receiving number 15, number 10 and number 8. So after 3 seeded finishes on a pathetically low budget and also 2 SYKC and LKRC championship wins, we then did 2 years Mini Max winning TVKC, SYKC and LKRC all in one year!”


By this point Jordan was absolutely flying! It’s fair to say he would have been aiming to win Super One, with all those club wins and two consecutive top tens in WTP Cadet it looked likely. But as we all know when you move up classes the budget tends to rise and despite getting off to a great start, unfortunately Jordan had to cut his Super One season short.

“In his second year we were 3rd in Super One but had to pull out because of money, that was around same time the team started and with Jordan growing his racing was on the back seat for a while.”

It’s fair to say Jordan knew what he was doing in the seat, but I had never really heard of him too much until last year. When Jordan went out to Le Mans for the IAME International Final many would have written him off. The team were not experienced enough for it, Jordan had not had enough seat time but when Mark talked me through his results last year I was amazed!

Jordan Baines

“Last year Jordan only raced three times. He was p6 at Rowrah LGM, P12 at Kartmasters from 36th on the grid and 35th out of 140 drivers at the Le Mans for the X30 World Finals. We were very happy with this after a couple of years of not being in the seat!”

Who wouldn’t be happy with that! It had put MBM and Jordan on the World map and things were about to get even bigger for the team, but where did it all start?

Mark decided to start his team after he helped many people whilst his son was racing, he helped with kart set up and driver coaching.

Freddie Spindlow
Freddie Spindlow

“A number of people kept asking to start my own team but I couldn’t afford it and didn’t want the hassle, Mick Batty spent about 6k on a van and two little awnings and said if it works then pay me back if it doesn’t then he’s made a mistake, 4 years on we have 30 drivers on our books and many championship and race wins which I couldn’t be more proud of. Its unbelievable how we have grown, we started with 4 drivers Fraz Fenwick (who as just rejoined ) Joe Ellison (still with us ) Adam Batty and River Hughes.”

It does beg the question why hasn’t the team done Super One already? You’d think it’d be an issue of not having enough drivers to do it or not having the equipment, but Mark obviously had the drivers intentions in mind when he made the decision not to do it last year.

“I didn’t feel ready as a team last year. I wanted to make sure when we entered Super One we, as a team were ready. I don’t have the benefit of customers with bottom pockets who can do loads of testing but they do want to do Super One just for the experience and I think that’s great. I’m happy that as a team when we do the rounds we will be ready.”


It’s refreshing to hear Mark chose to wait another year. Some people may say you need to do Super One as soon as possible, but with Mark’s previous experience of running on a budget he has been able to prepare them for an extra year so all the drivers can do it properly. As for the calendar, the team have been to most tracks, but they’ll be visiting both Clay Pigeon and Rissington for the first time this year. I’m sure they were happy to see Rowrah and Fulbeck still on the calendar, these are usually two tracks where the team should be particularly strong!

Let’s take a look at the seven driver line-up for this season and how Mark thinks each of them will do…

MBM Super One Driver line-up:

IAME Cadet

  • Freddie Spindlow – I’m hoping to be challenging top ten
  • Evan Brown – massive jump for him if we can make A finals I’ll be happy

Honda Cadet

  • Justin Breward – certainly hoping to be challenging for wins
  • Daniel Holdsworth – on a strict budget I would be happy with top half of grid

Junior X30

  • Fraz Fenwick – I see no reason why we can’t get top ten and maybe even higher
  • Gracie Holdsworth – if we get a few A finals I will be very happy

Senior X30

  • Thomas Turner – really expect to be challenging for top spot, we will certainly be pushing as hard as we can!


It’s fair to say they do have a strong line-up for this season. In the Cadet and Junior classes they have one driver who should excel along with another who may be down on experience. The more experienced drivers should help the others along and as for Thomas Turner, well I strongly believe he is a confirmed title contender!

Speaking to Mark showed me how passionate he is about the sport and about his team, he seems very proud of what he has built up himself and has a lot of faith in his drivers which I believe is key. He looks to have a strong team for Super One this year, I see no reason why we won’t see them on the podium in their first year!


Thomas Turner Driver Profile

Super One results:

  • 2014 – Mini Max – Finished 6th
  • 2015 – Junior Max – Finished 8th
  • 2016 – Junior Max – Pulled out due to lots of problems, only did 3 rounds.


Thomas has a good record in Super One as you can see from the stats above. In his last two full campaigns he was top ten, he knows the tracks, he is quick and he is a great racer! He’s already got a proven record in the Senior X30 class too, he appeared at the last round (PFI) with MBM in Senior X30 last year and won the round with pole, wins in all heats and a 1st and 2nd in the finals! Had he not been driving with a cracked chassis he may have just won both finals!

It was a race that convinced him to go with X30 class having raced in Rotax for a couple of years. However, Thomas will have his work cut out this year with the Senior X30 grid looking to exceed 70 drivers! However, Thomas is confident and feels very much at home with the team. Thomas gets on particularly well with Jordan Baines, who is usually on the spanners for him. As we all know good communication is needed between the driver and mechanic for the good results to come.

Watch out for Thomas at Rowrah, he has a proven track record there. I’m expecting him to go very well next weekend!

Thomas Turner 5-1

5 words to describe yourself:

  • Committed
  • Consistant
  • Dedicated
  • Fast
  • Competitive

4 favourite tracks:

  • Rowrah
  • PFI
  • Shenington
  • Larkhall

3 Favourite drivers:

  • Lewis Hamilton
  • Jenson Button
  • Daniel Riccardo

2 Memorable moments:

  • Winning 2012 LGM Series
  • Racing senior X30 for the first time

1 goal:

  • To do well in Super One this year


Mark Baines 5-1

5 words to describe yourself:

  • Hardworking
  • Passionate
  • Dedicated
  • Loyal
  • Fun

4 favourite tracks:

  • Rowrah
  • Wombwell
  • Kartodromo Valencia
  • Larkhall

3 Favourite drivers:

  • Jonny Edgar (hardworking and amazing attitude)
  • Thomas Turner (started off so shy but has an amazing talent)
  • Jordan Baines (never had a budget but so talented and amazing work ethic)

2 Memorable moments:

  • Winning British championship in 2012 with Thomas Turner
  • Jordan’s first ever win such an emotional moment

1 goal:

  • To help people achieve their goals and to prove to people how good a team we are.


Written by Bethanie Lawson

Images courtesy of Stu Stretton and Marc Quinlivan


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