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Tech Tuesday: The Crankcase

Combustion in the combustion chamber acts on the piston with a pressure (force when multiplied by the piston head area) which generates a linear movement of the piston. This movement is then transformed into a rotating one since the piston is mounted on a reciprocating mechanism consisting of the crankshaft and conrod. The crankshaft rotates with the support of spherical ... Read More »

Prepared to win: The military call it the 7p’s…

I’ll paraphrase slightly as this is a family magazine and give you the 6p’s… Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Top teams will tell you that races are won and lost in the workshop as often as they are on the track. Or to quote the other time-worn adage… To finish first, first you have to finish. Working space It’s all terribly exciting getting into karting, but ... Read More »

Female Focus: Does Sexism Still Exist in Karting?

As I mentioned briefly in my first article karting is an incredibly unique sport. It is one of very few activities out there that lets us females and males compete against each other on a level playing fi eld. Motorsport began as primarily a male dominated arena where males would flaunt their new vehicles and take part in lengthy ‘staged ... Read More »

Tech Talk: Transmission Ratio

Transmission ratio is determined by the gears of the engine and the rear and front sprocket. In KF classes only front and rear sprocket act on transmission ratio. What happens is that torque generated by the engine on the crank-shaft acts on front sprocket. Since torque is equivalent to a force multiplied by a length we can consider the force ... Read More »

Competition Mind: Identifying Stress in Children

Several times in this series of articles we have looked at the implications of placing undue stress and pressure on children, and we have also looked at ways of communicating with children. In this month’s article we are going to look at some of the signs that your child may be suffering undue pressure and stress that very often go ... Read More »

Tech Talk: Machining Transfer Ducts and Ports

We can analyze a big difference in tuning possibilities after having studied in the last two issues the diverse solutions used for the surface of the cylinder: cast iron or chrome bore. With cast iron it is possible to machine the cylinder. This is done when the cylinder liner surface has to be renewed, after a seizure and also when ... Read More »

Marussia Virgin F1 to sponsor KGP

The Marussia Virgin Racing Formula One team is to support new karting category Formula KGP with effect from this season. Virgin F1 driver Jerome D’Ambrosio took part in a launch test at PF International on 26th February and was delighted with the kart. Special Projects director Marc Hynes said “We’ll have trouble getting him out of the kart and to the Barcelona test next week!” Formula KGP is a new ... Read More »