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A&D Driver of the Year

A&D Driver of the Year

A&D Driver of the Year 2016 Results

This award was shortlisted and judged by a panel.

Winner – Tom Golding

Tom has had a great year by anyone’s standards. Tom won the Club100 Lightweight championship, the DMAX light heats, Dmax Light Enduro, Daytona 25 hour as part of Sign Logic also taking pole position, and winning our driver of the month competition.


Highly Commended – Brandon Williams

Brandon has had a great season winning the Covkartsport championship overall and in the lightweights, plus he won the British 24 hour at Teesside as part of Cosley Cougars, and had sucess in the NKL championship at Whilton Mill.

Brandon Williams Whilton mill

Highly Commended – Joe Holmes

Joe has had another fantastic season and has been quite dominant in Club100 this year. He’s been nominate for our A&D Driver of the Month award on more than one occasion.

Joe Holmes Club100 Ellough

Highly Commended – Steve Brown

Steve’s consistency in the Club100 Elite championship brought him the title a round early at Ellough. rarely off the podium and never outside the top 10 he gave us a mater-class in A&D karting this year, and then helpfully posts all of his races on his YouTube channel, literally showing us how its done. Plus that drive in the Round 11 final at Buckmore from 9th to 1st was something else!

Steve Brown Club100 whilton

Editor’s Special Mention – Jack Goldsmith

The introduction of the A&D Driver of the Year Award this year has been great. Arrive and Driver Karting is a massive part of British Karting and after our A&D Column launched this year I started to realise just how big it actually was. The Driver of the Month prize got a great response and off the back of that we wanted to take it one step further and do an award for the driver of the year. Being a fairly late decision I haven’t been able to line up all the prizes I wanted to, but that will certainly change for next year!

If this award was judged by votes then Jack Goldsmith would have been the clear winner. He had a lot of support to his page attaining a total of 237 likes to this page. He won the Brentwood Karting Club Championship this year and had success with the ‘Brentwood Banta’ team elsewhere.

Jack Goldsmith Brentwood 2016 bust

2016 Shortlist

In alphabetical order 

Andy Spencer

Bobby Trundley

Brandon Williams

Jack Goldsmith

Joe Holmes

Matt Luff

Michael Crees

Sam Foster

Steve Brown

Tom Golding