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Photo of the Year 2016

Photo of the Year 2016

Photo of the Year 2016 Results

This award was decided by a public vote.

Winner – Jay Adair

Jay has taken the Photo of the Year Award for a second year running after pulling in 538 votes to take the Award comfortably. It’s fair to say he had a great entry this year after capturing a fascinating moment at Wigan with an axle failure. That combined with his constant efforts online were enough to see him take back to back wins. Well done Jay!


Highly Commended – Marc Quinlivan

Marc really put himself on the map after taking some fantastic shots at the IAME International Final and this photo was no different. His entry of David Malukas praying on the grid before a race saw him get 364 votes on his first attempt at the Karting magazine Awards.


Highly Commended – Paul Babington

Paul has featured several times on our website this year after providing reports and images for clubs including Bayford Meadows and Buckmore Park. His entry of the F100 grid at Buckmore Park was certainly different from most of the other entries and that edge helped him to be highly commended.


Highly Commended – Vovtsok Olga

It was a photo that went viral on social media after capturing quite a rare moment of a driver going on the grass. I think right place, right time is the best way to describe this photo. That’s for Vovtsok of course…


Editor’s Special Mention – Slawek Piskorz

Before I go into my special mention it’s fair to say overall the standard of this years Photo of the Year category was drastically raised and Jay certainly had a run for his money with Marc and Paul not too far behind. I think it’s fair to say we had all the best photographers on the shortlist bar one obvious one in Chris Walker. We had nominees from outside the UK entering and I hope we are able to reach out to more photographers next year.

My special mention has to go to Slawek Piskorz. A racer himself of the Arrive and drive scene, Slawek will always cover a meeting through the camera even if he’s racing himself. With the images he is producing including his entry, it won’t be long before Slawek may find himself too busy with photography commitments to race himself!



2016 Shortlist

In alphabetical order 

Andy Webb

Bethanie Lawson

Chris Middleton

Ian Georgeson

Jack Mitchell

Jay Adair

Marc Quinlivan

Paul Babington

Reece Mcilwraith

Slawek Piskorz

Stu Stretton

Steve Wood

Vovtsok Olga


Previous Winners



Jay Adair

Highly Commended:

Stu Stretton

Bethanie Lawson