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Tech Tuesday: Carbs

The purpose of a carburettor is to mix the fuel with air which it does by metering fuel through adjustable “jets” and drawing the fuel into a venturi using a vacuum effect caused by air rushing through the venturi. We race in X30 and so use the Tillotson HW-27A but these principles apply to other diaphragm carbs – please check ... Read More »

Tech Tuesday: Seat mounting and adjustment

The first step when using a new chassis is definitely seat choice. In terms of shape, stiffness, and positioning it is the most important set up choice you can make to a new kart, affecting both performance and comfort of the driver. With the help of one of the most experienced companies specialising in kart and car seats, Tillett, we ... Read More »

Circuit Guide: Whilton Mill

Turn 1 and 2 – Oblivion Oblivion is a corner in which the braver, stronger driver can pull an advantage out on their competitors. With the fast nature of the last corner the run into oblivion is a quick one, the driver must therefore be both patient and strong with the steering. Using the entire track on the right hand ... Read More »

Tech Tuesday: Axles

It all starts with the right preparation – checking your kart is safe and that nothing is going to impede your rapid progress to the front of the pack. Starting with the axle assembly we’ll go through each element of a well-maintained kart. This is a key stage of kart preparation done by professional teams between races and test days, ... Read More »

Super One Driver Louis Harvey at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Malmesbury’ s rising racing driver Louis Harvey had a number of dreams come true last weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed including the opportunity to chat about kart racing and Formula One with championship contender Valtteri Bottas. “He was really great” said Louis “He started in karting with his dad just like me and made it to F1. He ... Read More »

Circuit Guide: Buckmore Park

Buckmore Park near Chatham, Kent is one of the best and most well known circuits in the UK. Since its launch in the 1960’s there have been quite a few changes and improvements to the circuit, however it still retains its ‘old school’ feel and technical layout. Since the circuit was bought by John Surtees CBE back in summer 2015 ... Read More »

Super One Series GYG – Ones to Watch

IAME Cadet – William Macintyre The young Fusion Motorsport driver has been super impressive so far this season and is a dark horse in the rookie championship. He’s currently racing Samuel Shaw and Freddie Slater for that rookie title and is sitting 8th in the championship. He’s my one to watch to keep that run going at GYG where he ... Read More »