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Young’Uns Cadet Karting Column

Can Nick Tandy change Cadet racing?

On May 10th, 1970, a former Swedish karting champion called Ronnie Peterson made his F1 debut at the Monaco GP. He was the first driver to reach F1, having risen from karting’s ranks. Many others followed shortly aft?erwards, including Britain’s Roger Williamson and Tony Brise who were both killed within a few months of their F1 debut appearances. Peterson, too, had ... Read More »

Cadet Update

At kart meetings throughout Britain, “respect” is a word that’s being bandied around. This follows on from campaigns at football grounds where the primary aim was to stamp out racism. Of course it’s desirable that drivers of all ages should be encouraged to respect race officials and their fellow competitors. I’d add that this works both ways. Clubs and race officials ... Read More »

Cadet Update

Several days aer the ABkC “O” Plate entries officially closed at Rowrah, only 16 IAME cadets had shown interest. However, a spate of late entries pushed up the number 23 contenders. Fortunately such tardiness wasn’t reflected in race pace. Dexter Paerson topped the charts in Timed Qualifying for IAME Cadet, but he was outpaced by Jonny Edgar in both Heats. ... Read More »

Zip Kart still dominant

51 years ago I first set eyes upon a Zip-kart. It turned up at a Rowrah race meeting in the hands of Jim Benoit. Back then the kart was designed and marketed by Alec Booms. Martin Hines and his father Mark were Zip agents, although I have a feeling that this particular one had been purchased from Motor Karts in ... Read More »

Cadet Column

Mike Mills is a worried man right now. While other championship promoters might be concerned about insufficient entries, the Little Green Man Series organiser has been confronted with a massive problem. “I predicted that LGM numbers would be running at around 100 for each round,” says Mike. “This was based upon an expectation of 50 cadets turning out, with single ... Read More »

Young’Uns – A look at the Honda Cadet class

Ask any of today’s top motor racing drivers to recount their first karting experiences and there’s a strong probability that the Honda GX motor will have been involved. Low initial cost, renowned durability and ease of operation make this ubiquitous engine a firm favourite amongst rental kart operators throughout the world. With the MSA’s “Let’s Go Karting” scheme becoming increasingly ... Read More »

Cadet Column – Little Green Man Championship

“It’s just a piddling Little Green Man Championship, after all.” That was how one parent described last year’s LGM Series. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but I suspect that most of the drivers taking part would have heartily disagreed. No less than 58 IAME cadets participated in last year’s Series and there’s been an increase of 14 this time ... Read More »