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Every engine covered – TKM column

TKM offers a world leading choice for every driver – direct drive, clutch or TAG. Grahame Butterworth examines which might be best for you… In TKM you really can have whatever you want – all you have to do is decide.  But it’s a question that needs careful consideration. For a Junior stepping into a more powerful kart after a ... Read More »

TKM Insight

Should I buy a proven second hand old engine or a new one? Grahame Bu?erworth helps with the decision… Ask around the paddock if you are looking at joining the class and you’ll get conflicting views on the way to go with an engine. Some will say old is best. Others new. Big help, eh?! At first sight the TKM ... Read More »

TKM Insight

The saga of droopy noses goes on but TKM takes a stand. Grahame Bu?tterworth explains… Only a month ago it seemed like the droopy nose disaster had been averted with the CIK stopping its use a?er serious doubts and accidents. But no sooner has that happened and another version pops up to be used. Virtually no one in this country ... Read More »

TKM Club Champs

The TKM Club Championships – backed by Karting Mag – have moved on at a pace since our last edition with two rounds in the Midlands, the first ever Southern and a second round in the North. The front runners are beginning to show. In the Midlands, the area where the first trend se?ing championship was run back in 2012, ... Read More »

TKM Insight

 TKM have introduced a new component to help extend the life of older engines. Grahame Buerworth reveals the details. The big end crank-pin is a small component which takes on a massive job and if it fails can result in a nasty repair bill. Over the years the use of the TKM BT82 has seen its maximum rev usage continually ... Read More »

TKM Insight – 2015 TKM Regulations

2015 TKM Regulations have been largely set in stone. The good news is that the changes for 2015 are aimed at making life easier for everyone Whether driver, engine builder, or scrutineer the new rules should not cause concern for anyone. Arguably the most significant change centres on something that will affect many but hopefully in a positive way. It ... Read More »

TKM Insight

Two small changes have been made to the engine regs for TKM you might just have missed. Grahame Butterworth explains. If you’ve read the 2015 regs and engine fiche, you’ll have spotted these changes. But for everyone else, here’s a quick insight. First to pistons on Junior engines. For many years we have had a situation where the Extreme 115cc ... Read More »