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Off Track: RAC/MSA good for British karting?

Ask me whether or not the RAC/MSA has been good for British karting and I’ll give you an equivocal response. Many positives have undoubtedly arisen from their involvement but critics can point to quite a lot of negatives, also. RAC control resulted from a hastily arranged meeting of interested parties chaired by Dean Delamont back in September, 1959. This followed ... Read More »


“Putting on the agony, Putting on the style, That’s what all the young folks, Are doing all the while, And as I look around me, I sometimes have to smile, Seeing all the young folks, Putting on the style!” Belting out those words almost 50 years ago, Lonnie Donegan topped the Hit Parade and established himself as the new king ... Read More »

Off Track history

When Nicolas Deschaux stood down as the CIK President last year, he was succeeded by His Highness Sheikh Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain. Not a lot of people know that. The Commission Internationale de Karting was established in 1961 as an FIA sub-committee. Its first president was Jean-Marie Balestre who sprang to prominence 17 years later as head ... Read More »

A look at the Wombwell circuit

They were about to start the most important race of their lives. Cameras flashed in unison and members of the world’s press made hasty notes. 10 seconds later it was all over and Wilma Rudolph from Tennessee had established her place in history as the world’s fastest woman. The venue was Rome 46 years ago. Rudolph had just won her ... Read More »

Off Track – Emerson Fittipaldi

On October 4th 1970 a young Brazilian driver called Emerson Fittipaldi won the US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. Fittipaldi had been drafted into the Lotus team as a replacement for Jochen Rindt who’d been tragically killed at Monza four weeks earlier. Very few of us realised it at the time but Emerson’s victory would be another of those defining ... Read More »

OFF TRACK – Costly motoring

About 40 years ago, a Jaguar saloon car bearing the number plate NAB 1 was observed swerving in and out of traffic forcing other vehicles to take evasive action. It then went the wrong way round a roundabout, narrowly avoiding an oncoming lorry and causing further chaos. This incident wouldn’t normally have made national headlines, but the vehicle’s owner happened ... Read More »

Off Track – Clerk of the Course

Many moons ago, my father allowed himself to be suckered into becoming a Clerk of the Course. To my amazement he was actually very good at the job, although maybe I’m a little bit biased. His philosophy was simple. He believed that competitors turned up essentially to race and so everything else should be dispensed with in the shortest time ... Read More »