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Karting in the year 2001: a history

JANUARY 2001 The first ever Rotax Grand Finals were held on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico with 67 entries from 18 countries. At that time the event was only for Seniors and drivers used their own chassis with the pooled engines. The Rotax 125 MAX DD engine was unveiled.Paul Di Resta won the JICA ‘O’ Plate at Rowrah. Fraser ... Read More »

Karting in the year 2000: a history

JANUARY 2000 Following the success of Rotax MAX for Seniors it was announced that a dedicated engine without powervalve would now be produced for Juniors. There was some consternation at the news that water-cooled engines would soon begin appearing in the Formula A and ICA classes in the UK. Mugen of Japan were set to start producing gearbox karts using ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1999: a history

JANUARY 1999 Johnny Herbert had a go in a twin 100cc engined kart at his charity event at The Raceway at King’s Cross. One engine was a JICA Vortex, the other a 100C PCR. Gianluca Beggio won his 4th Formula C World title in a row at Charlotte in the USA. George Robinson track tested two BRM chassis for the ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1998: a history

JANUARY 1998 We tested the Rotax FR125 MAX engine prior to it becoming an official class. Our man raved about its combination of low noise, high speed and reliability. Also tested in this issue were the latest Biz Pro-Kart, PVP’s Formula E and the Ecomoto 250cc 4-Stroke. Mike Spencer and Paul Di Resta won the JICA and Cadet ‘O’ Plates ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1997: a history

JANUARY 1997 The CIK North American Champs were held at Charlotte in North Carolina. Marco Du Pau was found to be underweight in Formula Super A and so victory went to Sweden’s Milton Ryttarbris (Birel/Rotax/Dunlop). A diesel engine powered rental kart was spotted at a Belgian show. Denis Davidson, father of Super Aguri F1 driver Anthony, detailed his son’s impressive ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1996: a history

JANUARY 1996 We took a look inside an Ital Sistem MV21 100cc motor following the Italian company’s double World Championship success. A comparison of the Honda GX160 Pro-Kart motor and a new 200cc unit concluded that there was little difference in lap times and it would be better to stick with the existing motor. The CIK North American Champs were ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1995: a history

JANUARY 1995 KARTING magazine visited the famous Tony Kart factory at Prevalle in Brescia, Italy.Despite the cost, data logging continued to be used by more and more competitors to improve the setting up of their equipment.Nine years after the disastrous World Champs at Jacksonville, the CIK returned to the USA for the first CIK North American Champs. Jarno Trulli, winner ... Read More »