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Karting in the year 1987: a history

JANUARY 1987 Tal-Ko were preparing to start production of a water-cooled 125cc gearbox motor to join their range of 21 different non-gearbox TKMs. Dario Franchitti won the Global Cup in Juniors at Rye House. We visited Gillard Engineering’s premises in Stansted, Essex. The company were developing a kart for the new 60cc Cadet class, had just produced a slide carb ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1986: a history

JANUARY 1986 Gianni Morbidelli, who would later graduate to F1, won the 135cc CIK EUR-AM Cup at Las Vegas with a DAP kart and Komet motor. Andover Norton brought news of the latest mods to the 125 and 250cc Rotax gearbox motors. Brian Lord contributed an assessment of the 50cc Motori Minarelli P4 gearbox engine for possible use by the ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1985: a history

JANUARY 1985 World Champion Jorn Haase won in Japan, John Pizarro won the Asian-Pacific in Australia and Mike Wilson was victorious in Hong Kong.The Long Circuit Review covered the 125cc and 250 Int. classes.ART announced a new foam carburettor filter and Surespeed a replacement Rotax clutch basket machined from Dural.The team comprising Kooyman and Bedingfeld won both the ‘A’ and ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1984: a history

JANUARY 1984 The cover photo was of junior racer Emily Newman. The Asian-Pacific Championships were held in Perth, Australia. The winner of the International Seniors was Sweden’s Lars Forsman with Mike Wilson second. Stefano Modena, now a Formula 1 jockey was handicapped by delays in clearing his equipment through customs. Current Grand Prix star, Michael Schumacher, was in the Juniors ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1983: a history

JANUARY 1983 A feature article went into the background preparations leading to Mike Wilson’s win at the World Champs.The Championship of the Balearics was held at Palma de Mallorca with Senior being won by Steve Fox on a Sirio Parilla.Rye House staged the All-England Championships with Darron Gibbs winning Britain and Mark Tredwell taking the National class honours.The NIKA Road ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1982: a history

JANUARY 1982 The magazine leader article referred to an increase in track side brawls and the resultant shortage of officials, a similar situation to that of today, 20 years later. 2001 British Touring Car Champion and TV Presenter, Jason Plato, won Junior Britain at Felton. The Balearic Islands of Mallorca and Menorca enjoyed sun-blessed kart racing with the support of ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1981: a history

JANUARY 1981 The televised Race of Champions at Rye House attracted an excellent star-studded entry from overseas. Martin Smart set the fastest time using a Hewland motor but the eventual winner was Terry Fullerton on a Zip DAP.Exhaust power valves were at the leading edge of technology at this time for racing two-stroke motors and were estimated to add £1000 ... Read More »