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Karting in the year 1980: a history

JANUARY 1980 Haydock Park Motorcycles marketed the Honda CR125 in air and water-cooled forms with six speed gearbox. The Lane Aerospace kart with two bearing 30mm rear axle sold well abroad, with a large consignment going to Japan. Inter-club race meetings were in vogue, with British Kart Club beating Guernsey and Scotland in Guernsey, and the London and Borders clubs ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1979: a history

JANUARY 1979 We reported on a day at Tilbury equipped with timing gear, tyre temperature gauge and a durometer to see the effect of various adjustments to a Lynx Sport chassis fitted with a TKM motor. An article covered basic fuel testing for scrutineers. After many months, Neil Hann was finally confirmed as having won both the 100 Britain and ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1978: a history

JANUARY 1978 There were a record number of engines applying for CIK homologation at a time of world recession. There were models from the USA, France, Germany, Japan, Britain (Hewland, Zip, Fieldhouse-Upton and TKM) and, of course, Italy. We reflected on what had gone on behind the scenes at the World Champs at Parma. In a team match against Holland ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1977: a history

JANUARY 1977 Our reflections on the World Champs at Hagen revealed some of the behind-the-scenes rivalry between the five drivers in contention for the title. The CIK announced that the European Championship for 1977 would remain a team event and was not open to anyone that had finished in the top 10 in the World Champs in the last ten ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1976: a history

JANUARY 1976 The sport was in a furore over whether the introduction of a 250cc twin cylinder motor, the Suzuki, was detrimental to safety. Eventually the RAC decided to introduce inlet restrictors to limit performance. We ran an article on how to set up a Tillotson carb and gave details of the Rowena accelerator pump conversion for any Tillotson with ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1975: a history

JANUARY 1975 The RAC homologation for 250 International included the Suzuki GT250, Bultaco Mk 8 and the KTM. Nigel Mansell won the 210 National class at Shenington and he was said to be’unbeatable in the wet.’ On the1985 anniversary of this modest success, he would win the F1 Australian GP. The Dutch beat the British team at Eefde. An analysis ... Read More »

Karting in the year 1973: a history

JANUARY 1973 Victory went to Arnoux, Birel Komet K88, at the Trophy of Latin Countries at Estoril when the Italian teams were delayed at the Spanish Customs.The RAC homologation included the Montesa MX250VR, the Bultaco 250cc D5 and the McCulloch MC91B. There was an ugly rumour circulating at the time that 1 million lire would be available to anyone who ... Read More »