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Mike Wilson – The favourite son returns

“Pronto…?” The voice at the end of the phone beckoned in a relaxed, Italian accent. “Mike?” I asked. “Oh hi – how are you?” The accent seamlessly changed to the warm, distinctive tones of Barnsley. I was talking to Mike Wilson – six time World Kart Champion, hero and former favourite son of the Birel factory. Mike won three of ... Read More »

Drew Price Engineering AKA Arrow Karts

Drew Price has been exclusively involved with the kart industry for the past 32 years. The name is known, but perhaps not really understood here in the UK and Europe, DPE is the biggest name in Karting in Australia bar none. There are 7500 licence holders in Australia, which makes their ASN substantially more numerate in kart terms than the ... Read More »

Dave Bewley talks to Barrie Williams

It had been a long day at the 17th International Kart Show and it was almost time to start packing things away. A distinguished looking gentleman made his way rapidly towards the historic karting stand where a 1960 Fastakart/Villiers was being displayed by its owner, Steve Greaves. “Do you know, my father used to make these things,” he exclaimed delightedly. ... Read More »

SIMPLY THE BEST: Mike Wilson interview

The dialect was distinctly South Yorkshire and his appearance could only be described as nondescript. He was there beside the Delta Karting stand in his Parka jacket, looking like a market stall trader who had perhaps strayed into Donington Park by accident. One or two eminent personalities, including Paul Carr and Ricky Grice engaged him in animated conversation. However, 90% ... Read More »