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Dexter Patterson: I am very pleased to be racing with the BirelART Factory Team

At this weekend’s WSK Champions Cup former British Cadet Champion, Dexter Patterson, will make his debut with the BirelART Factory Team after signing with them late last year.

Dexter had a great Cadet career winning both Super One and Formula Kart Stars titles, before moving up to the Mini Max class last year. Dexter didn’t have the best start to his 2016 season, but his move to Strawberry Racing saw him have a turn in pace which inevitably brought better results.

Dexter Patterson edit
Dexter wrapping up the 2015 FKS Championships]

He was able to win the MSA Kartmasters British Kart Grand Prix, but couldn’t manage higher than 5th in Super One. However that mid season improvement clearly didn’t go unnoticed with Dexter catching the attention of BirelART.

“We were invited to test with BirelART and, following a successful day on track, the team offered me a place as a Factory Driver with a great package. Despite budget constraints this package has given me the opportunity to race in Europe in 2017.”

The young Scot will head out to compete on the World stage this year in the OK Junior class in what are arguably the toughest championships in the World.

Dexter Patterson racing in 2016
Winning on home soil

“I feel very privileged to be racing in the WSK Super Master Series and the CIK-FIA European Junior Championship as they have some of the best drivers in the World!”

Dexter’s first race will be this weekend in the WSK Champion Cup. I don’t know how well prepared Dexter is for the event, but he’s making the same jump up as fellow Brit Jonny Edgar. The BirelART chassis did very good in the hands of Caio Collett last year who finished 4th in the WSK Super Master Series, but I’m not expecting those kind of results straight away. If he stays out of trouble he should get a decent result this weekend! We asked Jonny how it feels to be joining such a well known team within the Karting industry.

“I am really pleased to be racing as part of the BirelART Factory Team because they are a very experienced and well known team throughout the Motorsport world. I am looking forward to helping the team further develop their chassis and we are hoping to achieve some top results. We have already shown some great pace in testing despite being new to the tracks, kart and engine.”

Dexter with his Strawberry teammates, Jenson Butterfield & Mark Kimber

So what about racing in the UK? I imagine he’d be back for the CIK-FIA World Championships at PFI, but what about Super One or Kartmasters?

“We hope to compete in the UK this year if our already busy calendar allows. There are many different junior classes in the UK at the moment but I’m hoping by next year the race options will be a bit clearer.”

I for one hope to see Dexter back in the UK, but part of that decision will of course lay with the team. I was never a factory driver myself, so my last question was how does it feel? Especially at Dexter’s tender age of 13 years old.

Kartmasters 2016

“I feel very prepared and ready for the new challenges that face me in the 2017 season and I’m looking forward to my first race of the year.”

You can follow the progress of Dexter and all the Brits at this weekend’s WSK Champions Cup right here on #kartingmag as we will bring daily updates!

It’ll be interesting to see how he gets on this weekend!


Written by Chris McCarthy

Images courtesy of Chris Walker, Kartpix

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Jonny Edgar on his new venture with Forza Racing

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Jonny Edgar on his new venture with Forza Racing

Jonny had a strong end to his 2016 season which took him to 2nd in the Super One Mini Max British Championship. Now the former Coles Racing driver is heading for Europe as he is set to contest in all of the WSK and CIK-FIA Championships with British Team, Forza Racing.

Jonny has had a very strong 2016 as he chased Jenson Butterfield in the British Championship to crown himself the Vice Champion. That result won him a ticket to the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals out in Sarno, Italy where despite a strong performance an incident in the Final saw him finish 17th place. Other noticeable results in 2016 include a 2nd in the British Open Championship and a 6th in Kartmasters.

Out in the States, Jonny had success in the SKUSA Spring Nationals and he also returned to Las Vegas for the Supernationals later in the year.

Jonny racing in Super One
Jonny on his way to victory at Super One, Fulbeck

However, now Jonny is stepping up to compete on the super competitive WSK and CIK circuits with Forza Racing. The team, headed up by Jamie Croxford, have had success in the afore mentioned series’ with fellow Brit George Russell in 2012 and more recently Frederik Vesti in 2015. Last year Kiern Jewiss also joined the Forza team and showed impressive pace despite never quite making the top step whilst with the team.

Along with the WSK and CIK-FIA Championships, Jonny will also be competing in Super One and with it will be bringing back Forza Racing to the UK.

The move was announced in December, but with the first race of 2017 taking place next weekend, in the shape of the WSK Champions Cup at Adria, we spoke to Jonny to see how he was feeling ahead of the season.

I’m really looking forward to racing with Forza this year. They are a really good team and one of the best out there so for us they were the best choice. I’m looking forward to racing at a lot of new tracks against new competitors too. It’s going to be a tough challenge, I know qualifying can be hard as you have to judge your flying lap right. If you don’t back off enough you might get held up and if you back off too much you might not get the amount of laps in you want. I know there is usually not a lot in it either so two tenths could cost you 10-20 positions and this makes the racing really close!”

On the top step
On the top step

Reflecting on his 2016 season Jonny told us how some races in particular could help him this year and who he thinks the ones to watch are.

“I think the experience I had racing in America will be really useful. The karts were slightly quicker than a Junior X30 and the tyres were more grippy too so I think that’ll really help. I’ve had a few tests so far at PFI and some other tracks. There wasn’t many other OKJ drivers there so it’s hard to know where we are at the moment, but I was happy with how it went. The official test this weekend will tell us where we are as everyone racing in WSK should be there. The new CIK rules have seen a lot of people moving up to Seniors so I don’t really know who the ones to beat are. I think Harry Thompson will be quick, but I’m not sure about any others yet.”

Finally Jonny talks about races he is looking forward to the most and his hopes for the WSK Champions Cup next weekend.

“All the tracks look really awesome, but I’m looking forward to the World Championships at PFI later in the year. I’ll know the tracks a lot better than others which should give me an advantage. This weekend I’d love to be in the top 10, I don’t know how many drivers are entered yet, but a top 10 finish would be a great start to the season.”


Written by Chris McCarthy

Images courtesy of Chris Walker, Kartpix & Phil Askey

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Harry Moore – Super One’s first Rookie Champion

In 2016 Harry Moore broke a Super One record and became the first Rookie to ever become British Champion in TKM Extreme. We caught up with him to find out his past karting career, how he managed to win in such a talented grid and his plans for this year.

Harry began by telling us how he first got in to Karting:

“When I was 16 went to a friends birthday party at ‘Full Throttle Raceway’ (indoor), I very much enjoyed it and it kicked off from there. I did some rental karting at EPEC and EKL (Teesside). I then jumped into TKM Extreme 3-4 years ago for my first 2 stroke experience”

Some drivers start karting at such a young age yet Harry was 16 and he is now British Champion, to me this shows his natural talent within the sport. Harry only did club rounds at both Shenington and Rissington for his first two years karting and he also did the TKM Festival when he came off his novice plates in 2015. He said he never did as well as he would have liked within these two years

“I never did too good and I usually finished mid-pack which isn’t where I wanted to be. I could set a good lap but it took me a couple years to become more consistent, it was only towards the end of last year where we became more competitive but I didn’t think it was anything special”

Looking back at some of Harrys results from 2015, he had a few races where he was in the front pack and showed potential but for example at the Festival, he didn’t make the Elite final where as the likes of Sproat were just outside the top 10.


When asked why he made the decision to enter Super One this year, the Jade driver, Harry responded

As soon as I got my A license, I wanted to do Super One to learn off my competitors, I like jumping into the deep end as in my opinion it is the fastest way for me to learn. My goal and dream for last year was always to win, but realistically my aim and expectations were to finish within the top half of the grid, being top 10 would have been a good enough result for me!

I’m sure I wont be the only one who at the start of the season mainly saw Harry as name rather than a big contender in TKM Extreme especially with such a strong grid

“The first round at Rowrah went so much better than I expected when I finished in the top 5, so I thought there could be a good chance to make it on to the podium in the future. However it was at Llandow when I got pole and scored maximum points for the round where I realized anything could be possible”

Harry was on pole for Llandow Super One, in the race footage below Harrys performance was described as an “amazing performance by a rookie in a massive field” by Jake Sanson and Alan Taddei”. They also said “whoever wins the championship this year in TKM extreme is not only one of the most skilled drivers in this country but is going to have to be one of the most consistent.” They described his victory as “fantastic” victory. ” Harry stated in his interview at Llandow that “it doesn’t matter who’s around you, you just have to focus on your own race” which I believe is great advice to anyone in his position.

I asked Harry what he thought his best and worst rounds were throughout the 2016 season to which he replied that Llandow was by far his best round especially as he had only done half a test day on the welsh track in his whole career.

“GYG was my worst round because quali wasn’t the best and I ended up outside the top 10, then my engine seized in one of the heats”

Going in to the last round at PFI, the points were close as they had been all year, however Harry had a good lead (39 Points) ahead of competitors Matt Taylor and Kyle Sproat and just needed to concentrate on his own race and let the others take the risks.

“I was trying not to think about the championship and just concentrated on getting the best result I possibly could”

I personally can not imagine the pressure Harry must have been feeling and I have to say, he dealt with it extremely well! He was lucky however that he was in a position where he just had to get decent points to win the championship! He started off great,  5th in qualifying, but after the second qualifying session the  110% rule came in to place meaning he started  7th in the heats and managed to finish within the top 5. In the pre final, he got himself upto 3rd but as the track dried out he found himself going backwards and ended up with a bumper penalty. In the final he started 16th just kept himself clean, “I didn’t want to do anything stupid, I got into 8th but dropped back on the last lap and didn’t try to get it back, to avoid any penalties”


After winning Harry told us:

“Going into Super One for the first time as a rookie I never expected to win the championship, especially with all the talent on the grid. Everything has just clicked this year and its an amazing feeling. Its been a hard fought season with a different winner at each round which has kept the points close till the end. I couldn’t have done it without the support of Jade Karts, DK tuition and junction6 commercials who have helped me a lot throughout this season so id just like to say a massive thank you to them especially.”

In my opinion, Harry deserved the title in 2016 with his talented and consistent driving. I think its an amazing achievment to be Super One’s first Rookie Champion and that this makes him one of the best.

“The 2016 season was  a steep learning curve for both Harry and I, he being a Super One TKM Extreme Rookie and me being a Super One TKM Extreme Rookie mechanic! The results Harry has achieved far exceeded our hopes and expectations. Two major highlights of the season were a clean sweep of wins at Llandow and later in the year with the championship going down to the last race ending up winning the title at PFi. We are both looking forward to defending the title next year!”
Harrys Dad


Harry is doing Super One again this year in TKM Extreme with Jade Karts. “I’m feeling excited for the season to start and a lot more confident” and when asked if he thinks he could become British TKM Extreme champion again in 2017 and defend his title… “Yeah I should hope so, I’m becoming more and more experienced so I should be stronger this year”

Harry is feeling confident about defending his title but this could be made difficult with some of the quick juniors moving up, such as Bradley White (Junior TKM British Champion 2016) and his  Tal-ko team mate Adam Sparrow, and if we see the return of names such as Kyle Sproat, Phil Smith, Mathew Taylor and indeed any other driver who finished in the top 10 in 2016 I think the podium places at each round at for the championship at the end of the year will be fiercely contested. Its going to be another exciting season ahead and I predict just like last year anyone could win.


I was with Harry when he was waiting for the final results to be published at PFI to confirm he had won the championship and he refused to believe he has won until he had that results sheet in front of him, I think this shows how genuine Harry is and after his performance during the 2016 season, I think he has the potential to go far.

So what about you, do you think you’ll be able to set any Super One records this year?


Harrys 5-1

5 words to describe yourself?

  • Determined
  • Motivated
  • Focused
  • Positive
  • Consistent

4 of your favourite tracks?

  • Rowrah
  • PFi
  • Buckmore
  • GYG

3 drivers that have inspired you?

  • Fernando Alonso
  • Ayrton Senna
  • Dean Hale

2 memorable moments in your career?

  • Pole and maximum points at Llandow Super One,
  • Winning Super One as a rookie

1 goal for the future?

  • To win Super One again


Written by Bethanie Lawson

Images courtesy of Bethanie Lawson Photography & Chris Walker, Kartpix

Videos courtesy of TDi Media


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Jac Maybin’s road to Le Mans

At the 2016 IAME International Final British driver Jac Maybin almost found himself standing on the podium of a World Final after an almost perfect weekend saw him line up 4th on the grid for the Final. Despite running in 3rd for a long period he unfortunately crashed out late in the Final, but it was a weekend that saw him become a respected driver on both the British and European karting circuits. Last month we caught up with Jac to find out more about his journey to Le Mans.

Remember the name.

Let’s start from the beginning…

“I first jumped in a kart when I was 9 years old. It was at an indoor circuit called Formula Fast in Banbury. I loved it straight away and went there for a while coming across drivers including Elliot Harvey and Matthew Graham.”

With Jac now hooked it was time for something faster and that’s when he got his MSA licence and started racing in Mini Max.

“I was 12 years old when I had my first MSA race. I’d say it was always a regret starting at that age there were lots of drivers who had a head start on me, but it was great to be out there running as a Privateer with my Dad.”

With Jac running slightly over weight he moved up to Junior Max as quickly as possible continuing to run as a Privateer at Whilton Mill and Shenington.

Back in the Mini Max days…

Then came the X30…

Once the X30 engines came out, with it looking the cheaper option we decided to give it a go straight away. We did a test day with Jack Dex Racing and shortly after Jac joined Jack’s team now racing on the MS Kart.

“I gained a lot of confidence when I started racing on the X30 with JDR. With everyone learning about the engine I was able to get up to pace straight away and that was largely down to Jack who’s taught me most of what I know. He was great and I really enjoyed racing with him.”

In 2014 Jac did his first national race in the LGM Series at Shenington and continued to do Whilton and Shenington Club Events. In 2015 the Formula Kart Stars championship returned and with the ‘level playing field’ format Jac decided to give it a go.

Jac winning at a Whilton Mill club event with JDR

Formula Kart Stars

“FKS went really well for me, I was running at the front right from round one and it definitely gave me a lot of confidence. I had lots of good rounds, but one or two bad rounds and an injury saw me pull out from the series early. That was probably the first place where I started to get results worth shouting about.”

That year Jac also became Whilton Mill Kart Club Vice Champion finishing 2nd to Callum Bradshaw. 

At the end of 2015 Jac decided to move team joining the dominant BKC Racing.

Correcting some oversteer in FKS

“BKC Racing were really successful in the X30 classes with Callum Bradshaw, Philip Hanson and Sam McDonnell in 2015 so it was for that reason we decided to join them for our 2016 season. Although Jack Dex was fantastic we just felt we needed a change.”

Now with BKC Racing Jac planned to do Whilton Mill and Trent Valley Kart Club events along with selected LGM rounds and Kartmasters. 

Jac is certainly known as one of the friendliest drivers in the paddock

Jac becomes champion

Last year was certainly the year where Jac became a confirmed front runner. Everywhere he raced he was quick and he was pretty successfully too! He wrapped up the Whilton Mill Kart Club Championship with ease and had good results at PFI too finishing runner up to Ethan Hawkey with LGM going well at the rounds he took part in.

“Winning the Whilton Mill Kart Club Championship was great, the experience has helped and I always went out to win it. I had no real pressure in terms of the title at the last round so I wanted to end it in style with a win and beat some of the new Junior drivers.”


Kartmasters Podium

Perhaps Jac’s best result of 2016 was at Kartmasters

“Kartmasters I think went very well. Me, Callum (Bradshaw) and Sam (McDonnell) were all very quick all weekend, but I don’t think we expected a podium lock out. I qualified on pole for the Pre Final and finished 2nd to Callum, I was very happy with a front row start and set my eyes on victory for the Final.”

A BKC Racing podium lock out at Kartmasters 2016

The Final was a similar story for Jac, for most of the race he his followed team mate, Sam around before they were joined by Callum and Oliver York for a two lap shoot out. York won the race, but was later penalised which handed the victory to Callum and 2nd to Jac. 

“I was a bit gutted not to win Kartmasters, but I can’t complain with 2nd and losing out to Callum isn’t bad. The result meant I had qualified for the World Finals and from there it was about building up to Le Mans. We pulled out of some LGM and Club races to save some money for the event.”

Le Mans preparation begins

The entry list for the ‘qualification only’ IAME International Final was a staggering 120+ with some of Europe’s biggest Factory drivers turning up in the hope of glory.

“With no testing before the meeting I expected to just make the A Final at best, but in the end we almost got a podium!”

All week Jac was arguably the surprise package of the event. He qualified on the second row for the Pre Final before lining up 4th for the Grand Final.

Jac racing at the World Finals

“I tried to treat the Final like any other race. I was around some drivers I ran back in the UK so I didn’t put too much pressure on myself. I raced against the like of Callum and Oliver York in the UK so I knew I had a chance in Le Mans.”

As for the Final Jac had himself in a battle for a podium position before crashing out with a handful of laps to go. It was a bitter blow with his chances of standing on the Le Mans podium evaporating, understandably Jac was gutted but on reflection he was able to realise what he had achieved. 

“I was disappointed at first but looking back on the week for my first European race I didn’t think I did too badly at all. I was one of the most consistent over the week so I can’t really complain to be honest. I think it’s raised my profile and more people know who I am now.

Team change for 2017

“Next year I’m going to be racing with Piers Sexton Racing. I’m also going up to Senior X30 and I’m looking at Super One and maybe the Trent Valley Kart Club and Whilton Mill Kart Club Championships, but it’s obviously dependant on budget.”

“I’m excited to be moving up to Senior X30 and to be racing alongside the likes Oli Hodgson, Danny Kierle and Mark Litchfield. It will be a tough challenge! The opportunity with PSR is great, Piers has a proven pedigree of working and delivering results with top drivers and taking them to world championships!”

We also spoke to Jac’s new Team Manager, Piers Sexton who commented:

“I watched Jac at various races last year and saw how quickly he had progressed, his pace looked really good and his driving style looked good too. I thought with some driver tuition in certain areas he could get to a very high level. After talking for a while Jac decided to join the team for the year. We’ve decided to move up to Senior X30 and Jac will be competing in Super One and selected European events along with the World Finals later in the year. I think we can start by aiming for top ten finishes and after some work I think top five finishes, podiums and wins are certainly achievable. Jac has a really good attitude towards his racing and he’s at the right age to really move forward. I think our main focus will be working on decision making during a race. He’s got the pace to win, but I think decision making has let him down in or or two races this year. The Senior class contains a lot of professional and experienced drivers which will make it harder for Jac. Our first race together will be the PFI club meeting in February.”

It’s an interesting move for Jac. Piers Sexton has been very successful with the X30 engine especially in FKS where he won the Junior class with Tom Wood. He’ll have plenty to teach Jac moving up to the tougher Senior class, but is he the person to take him to that next level to see Jac going from a Club Champion to a British or World Champion? Only time will tell, either way Jac Maybin will be one to watch this season!


Jac joins APSM

Jac has also joined forces with Andy Priaulx Sports Management and will be mentored by three times World Touring Car Champion Andy Priaulx
“I’m extremely happy to announce that Jac Maybin will be joining the APSM Junior Programme in 2017.  Jac will be racing Senior X30 again this year, he is a very quick and determined driver our aim is to ensure that he has the tools and support to enable him to become a genuine Championship contender”

Final word from Jac

“I’d like to thank everyone at BKC Racing for 2016 including Rob Dodds and Alex Ferris, they’re both so experienced and helped me get up to speed. I’d also like to thank all my loyal sponsors; Angle Consulting Ltd, Silverstone Paint Technology, Aspire Sports, CES Europe Ltd, 4 Front Interiors, Teng Tools & not forgetting my Gran & Grandad!”

“Most of all I’d like to thank my Dad for putting in the time and money and being my mechanic at every race along with all my other family and friends.” 


Written by Chris McCarthy

Images courtesy of Stu Stretton, Chris Walker (Kartpix) & Marc Quinlivan


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Josh Irfan’s secrets to quick success

In 2016 Josh (Coskun) Irfan was the new kid on the block in British Cadet Karting and caused one or two upsets as he quickly rose from being a novice to a race winner with impressive performances in the British championships too.

Josh has picked up some trophies in Super One this year

At just 8 years old and small in stature, to many Josh may not have looked a threat, but in my LGM Series ’The Dark Horses’ feature back in April I had him down as the dark horse in the fiercely competitive IAME Cadet class. The feature read…

“Despite being fairly new to the sport, Coskun had shown some seriously impressive pace over the winter months and has put himself on podiums at Whilton Mill with grids of 30+. He may lack the experience when it comes to national level racing but as the year goes on I think Coskun could start to creep into the top 10 and if luck were to be on his side he may even be on for a top 5 finish towards the end of the season. He should be looked at more than just a name on a sheet!”


Now he’s taken wins at club level and had a 4th in Super One at Fulbeck in Honda Cadet. Competing in both Cadet classes Josh says he looks up to Harry Thompson who won both British Championships this year subsequently becoming the 2016 Karting magazine Driver of the Year.

Josh himself was labelled ‘Highly Commended’ in the Rookie of the Year category and before Christmas I caught up with him to find out his thoughts on the 2017 season.

Last year Josh’s Dad, Tony, told me he will be competing in Super One and LGM in both the IAME & Honda Cadet classes. Josh remains with Global Karting in Honda, but has made a switch in the IAME class from AIM to Fusion.

“We decided to give the Fusion Team a go, they have been so successful for so many years and Josh fitted into the team straight away. He’s really enjoying being around the drivers in the team and he’s hit the ground running taking some podiums at PFI and Whilton Mill.”

Josh found immediate success with Fusion at Whilton Mill

How did he get so quick so fast?

One thing I was keen to find out is how Josh has been able to compete with 12 year olds at just 8 so quickly. I know he had done Bambino’s for a while, but it still is seriously impressive! His Dad said:

“Josh does a lot of training away from the circuit and works very hard. I always find him wanting to do more sim work and more fitness work too. He’s also a very good listener. I think karting is good at teaching kids social skills and Josh is very comfortable speaking to adults. He always listens to mechanics and coaches and applies their suggestions on track and that’s what he’s done. It really impresses me.”

Josh taking advice from Fusion Motorsport Team Owner, Dan Hazlewood

I was feeling exactly the same way as Tony when I put the same question to Josh. He said:

“I found myself always getting tired during long races so I asked my Dad if I could do some fitness work. We had some equipment at home so I started using it and really enjoyed it. I try to train t least three times a week and it’s really helped me over a race weekend. It’s also helped my driving position which has made me faster.”

He’s won in style this year

For an 8 year old Josh really does have a fantastic attitude and he was very good and responding to questions I was answering him and I couldn’t help think of how similar he was to Harry Thompson. I asked Josh had he ever thought about achieving what Harry did in 2016?

“This year I just want to get two seeded numbers, if I can do that I will be happy.”

So clearly Josh isn’t thinking too far ahead, but asking the same question his Dad he said:

“He’s still only 8 years old so he’s got a few years until he’ll be the same age as Harry. It’s hard to say where he’ll be by then, but if he keeps working hard then he should be fine. I always tell Josh not to worry about his age, other drivers may be older but once your out on track that doesn’t matter. He should treat all of his competitors the same.”

Josh is also part of Arden’s Young Racing Driver Academy also known as YRDA

One challenge Josh will be facing this year is the new tyre is the Cadet classes. Josh didn’t seem too worried about it so I asked his Dad Tony what he thought about it:

“I think the new tyre being brought in is a good idea. It’s being brought in to try and keep cost down and I think that’s a good thing. We’ve tested it and the only problem with it is there seems to be a drop off after two days which isn’t ideal and it does take a while to come on which may suit some drivers more than others, but we’ll see how it goes.”

Getting in the zone

Interview Review

It was great to speak to Josh and it’s hard not to admire his passion and desire to be successful at just 8 years old. I thought he would have been around 12 when speaking to him on the phone, he really does seem like a hard worker and a real talent. His Dad said to me “He’s not just talented, he’s also hard working. When he started he was one of the slowest on track.” When I first watched him I thought he was just a great talent, but to hear that is great.

It’s great to also find out one driver he looks up to along with Nico Rosberg is Harry Thompson. Any time I ask that question to drivers you usually find they reply with professional racing drivers, but to hear a Cadet mentioned was great. The driver Josh most looks up to, however, is Harrison Scott. Harrison, who race in F3 and Formula Renault last year, has done lots of work with Josh and his since become his favourite driver.

Harry Thompson should be someone Cadets look up to he’s been the most successful in history last year being more successful than the afore mentioned F1 drivers. Karting is a sport of it’s own and Josh seems to be treating it that way, could that describe his rapid rise up the order?

Josh looks up to some of his Fusion teammates…

I think two seeded numbers is a good target for Josh next year, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he takes a win or two along the way.

Still 8 years old, I see a big future for Josh. He may just match that record of Harry’s one day and for British karting it would be fantastic if he did!

Look out for the name in 2017…


Written by Chris McCarthy

Images courtesy of Stu Stretton & Chris Walker, Kartpix

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Bradshaw and Hoggard on their World Championship experience

Callum Bradshaw and Johnathan Hoggard, recently raced at the CIK-FIA World Championships in Bahrain in the OK and OKJ categories. Running in the most prestigious race of the karting world was, for them, the prize for having won the CIK-FIA Academy Trophy and the British Karting Championship.


Vortex, as the sole engine supplier for the two championships, CIK-FIA Academy Trophy and British Karting Championship, at the beginning of the season had offered a great prize for the respective winners, the opportunity to attend the World Championship in OK and OKJ class as official Vortex drivers.

Thanks to the agreement between Vortex, CIK-FIA and the MSA, two emerging young drivers Callum Bradshaw and Johnathan Hoggard, were included in two of the most renowned teams in the world, the Tony Kart Racing Team and the Kosmic Kart Racing Department.


Callum Bradshaw ran on the Bahrain International Circuit in OKJ category with the Tony Kart Racing Team and Johnathan Hoggard was in the Kosmic Kart Racing Department colors, making his debut in the OK category.

Both drivers performed very well, showing their skills and getting good results. Bradshaw and Hoggard entered into their final, beating off extremely tough competition. This shows that the categories from which they come both, CIK-FIA Academy and BKC, are an excellent investment for the future of karting.


Callum Bradshaw – Academy Trophy 2016 Champion
“I really enjoyed my experience in the Vortex and Tony Kart Racing Team in the OKJ world finals in Bahrain which was an unbelievable prize. The support and advise I received from the team was invaluable and was pleased that I was able to showcase my skills and in particular my speed all week. I would like to thank the whole team who were extremely friendly and welcoming and special thanks to Mr Robazzi and Mr Corona for making this exciting experience happen for me. I hope our paths might one day cross again as I continue my journey in this incredible sport.”


Johnathan Hoggard – Campione OKJ British Karting Championship
“Vortex offered me an amazing opportunity to race with the Kosmic Racing Team at the CIK FIA World Championships in Bahrain – something I was determined to grab with both hands. It was always going to be tough at my first OK senior race meeting against the very best drivers in the world. The extra speed of the OK engine and grip in the Vega tyres took time to get used to, but a solid set of heat results offered confidence going into Saturday’s finals. A p9 finish in my pre-final meant I had achieved my objective of qualifying for the main final. The p17 grid start gave me confidence that I could challenge for a top 10 finish in the World Final. Unfortunately it was not meant to be! At the start of the race I was tagged by another driver in turn 1, forced off of the track and was firmly in last place at the end of lap 1, eventually finishing 28th. That is the ups and downs of motorsport…. I am really pleased with my results over the week and would like to offer a huge thank-you to Kosmic Racing Team and Vortex engines for the opportunity, superb equipment and all of their help and
advice throughout the meeting..”


Report and Images courtesy of OTK

Interviews Interviews Interviews Interviews Interviews Interviews Interviews Interviews

Caden McQueen on Zip Karts and Super One

Caden McQueen had his best season to date in Super One this year as he finished 3rd in the Honda Cadet Championship missing out on 2nd by just eight points.

Caden has always been on the Zip Kart chassis which has taken the MSA British Cadet Championship 14 times in the last 16 years, and is still the most popular cadet chassis in the UK. Last week I spoke to Caden to find out his thoughts on the chassis and the Super One season.

"The Awning Company Super One" #Kartpix, #theawningcompany, #superoneseries
“The Awning Company Super One” #Kartpix, #theawningcompany, #superoneseries

Did you aim to win Super One this year?

“We set out to win the championship this year, I felt I was quick and experienced enough to do it, but Harry Thompson and Oliver Bearman were both very quick and some bad luck along the way meant I just missed out on 2nd.”

What were your bad rounds?

“Buckmore was probably our worst round and Shenington wasn’t so great either. The last round wasn’t the best either as we were battling for 2nd with Bearman and we just missed out which was a shame.”

How were the team to race with?

“We didn’t race with Zip Karts for the whole year, we did some rounds as a Privateer, but they have been really helpful throughout the whole season.”

Were you the top Zip chassis in Super One?

“I was the top Zip chassis this year, but Alex Eades and Lucas Ellingham in 4th and 5th also ran on the Zip chassis so there were more Zip’s than any other manufacturer in the top 5.”

Caden McQueen

Is the chassis good enough to win the series?

“Zip Kart is always quick enough to win a championship on and this year proved that. Finishing 3rd with the bad luck I had proves it’s definitely good enough to win Super One on.”

How long have you been racing on the Zip chassis for?

“I’ve been on a Zip since I started racing. They have been really good to me as with everyone on a Zip. They’re always happy to help out and just want the drivers to do the best they can. If we have any questions they’ll always help out.”

Are they making any upgrades over the winter?

“I believe they are making improvements to the chassis for next year, but I’m not sure I’ll be testing it out or not as I’m moving up to Junior X30. I’ve heard great things about it though and by the sounds of it the Zip chassis will be hard to beat next year.”

Ben Barnicoat
Ben Barnicoat winning Kartmasters on the Birel-ART chassis

As Caden suspected Zip Karts will be making improvements to their Cadet chassis with a new one set to be on the market very soon and guess what? We are going to test one! Of course it won’t be me who tests it out, but we’re going to be putting someone in the kart with a full review to follow right here on Karting magazine.

The other news is that the Zip Kart team will be running drivers in the X30 classes as well as Cadet. This makes it perfect for any driver making a transition in class to be able to do it within the same team. In the X30 classes the use the Birel-ART chassis which won Kartmasters last year in Senior X30. It’s also been handy this year in Super One in the hands of Easykart star, Sam Faulkner.

Other teams to look out for using the Zip chassis are AIM Motorsport, Next Gen, Eclipse Motorsport, JDR and KMS in IAME Cadet and Global Karting in Honda Cadet.


Proven product

Over the years Zip Karts has won 98% British cadet titles since the turn of the century . Drivers that have raced on the Zip chassis and with the Zip Kart Team  include:

Lewis Hamilton
David Coulthard
Gary Paffett
Jason Plato
Martin Hines
Oliver Rowland
Jake Dennis
Ben Barnicoat

With Zip Karts you know you are going to get a chassis that can win you titles every year, along with that they have the most experience in the Cadet class and are always on the other end of a phone or at the track to assist any users of the chassis.

Lewis Hamilton on his Zip Kart in 1997 at Clay Pigeon
Lewis Hamilton on his Zip Kart in 1997 at Clay Pigeon

Test one yourself

If you’re interested in testing a Cadet or X30 on a Zip or Birel-ART chassis you can do so with Zip Karts from £125.00 +VAT.

Race with Zip Karts

The Zip Team is the most successful kart team in the UK with over 50 years of success, winning multiple World, European and National titles in all kart classes from Cadet to Super Kart.

Join the list of legends who have raced for this team and manufacturer steeped with history and add your name onto the same list as Lewis Hamilton and David Coulthard.

To register an interest with Zip Karts please email

#Kartpix, #TVKCpfi

Click here to visit the Zip Kart website

Written by Chris McCarthy

Images courtesy of Chris Walker, Kartpix


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