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Starting Karting Tips

A Beginner’s Diary: Part 4 – Into the Fray

Leaving the pits for my first race heat seemed a pretty comfortable experience. After the practice of the previous day, there was a familiar routine to getting the kart round on cold tyres while keeping up the pace with the drivers ahead. The “Esses” at Forest Edge in Hampshire were no longer the obstacles of dread. So as the karts ... Read More »

Where to race: Arrive and Drive kart racing

Many people are telling us that MSA owner-driver racing is far too complicated and expensive, but there is definitely still a demand for racing and for higher performance than the traditional corporate karts. Our tester Laurence Curran raced Rotax Max, 100 National and Prokarts several years ago and is now looking to get back into the sport. While he decides ... Read More »

Where to race: Old School karting for a new age

Last month we looked at the various top end arrive and drive options. This month we’ve moved on to owner-driver racing but we’re looking at classes where people have had the vision to try and make racing easier for busy drivers. KGP The BMB HAT 125 is a relatively new engine from Birel’s BMB engine company, and is imported and ... Read More »

Karting Tips: Driver Feedback

throughout this post, we want to take a look at the subject of driver feedback, both from the driver and given to the driver as this is an area little understood for its importance, good feedback is also the way in which you are likely to create more trust and confidence between the relevant people involved with a driver and ... Read More »

Setting yourself a target for next season

So, you’re either at the end of the season and thinking about next year or you might be in a winter series or testing. What happens next year depends on a number of factors, one of which is how you think and what goals you set yourself? What is a goal? Well it’s a target, its something that focuses our ... Read More »

Confidence is key

We all talk about confidence all the time and usually in the correct context, I’ve brought the word into virtually every article, we say things like “he/she doesn’t look very confident in overtaking on the hairpin” or “he/she attacks that curb with confidence” but do you actually know what the definition of confidence really is, how you have it, how ... Read More »