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Starting Karting Tips

Controlling your nerves – Part 2

This is the second article on nerves and anxiety, if you had read the first one in the March issue you will now have the tools to help you get a good night’s rest the evening before a competition, in this month’s we are taking a look at the signals that you body and mind give you to tell you ... Read More »

Competition Mind: Jealousy in sport

The fine art of jealousy is a game that many competitors play with their own minds which slows down their own progress. Jealousy is something that eats away and very often can keep the driver stuck, becoming more and more frustrated by continually measuring their performances against those of others in their class who they see as being better and ... Read More »

Rough Justice?

Have you ever been blamed for something you have not done as an adult if you have experienced this in your life I can bet that you got pretty angry if you had to endure the injustice of absolutely knowing full well that you were innocent? Even if you are unable to recall a situation where you were being blamed ... Read More »

Mind & body ready to race

Over the last four years we have covered a great deal of varied information and subjects, so we thought it would be a good idea to do an “in a nutshell” article that summarizes everything on one page that has been put to you so far, along with a couple of other pointers before we expand on the subject of ... Read More »

Cohesive Teams

It’s that time of year where most drivers who run with a team rather than independently will either be testing with their new team or going through the process of selecting a new team. That is of course assuming that they aren’t staying with the same team that they had last year, in any event the subject of this column ... Read More »

The art of visualisation

In previous articles we have mentioned in despatches about the images that we get in the mind, we have also touched on the fact that we have an unconscious and a conscious part to our minds. So for this article we want to bring all of that together and teach you the art of visualisation, or as some call it ... Read More »

Getting Your Head In The Game Before A Race

This feature has come about as a result of conversations with a professional counsellor who helps people with their problems on a daily basis. She works with clients of all ages and handles everything from drug abuse through school truancy. Daily she meets people who appear to have had every opportunity yet seem to fail at every turn, others who ... Read More »