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Starting Karting Tips

Superstition Or Routine?

We have all heard of stories of bizarre rituals or routines that some competitors have in preparation to compete; one well known one is that of Ayrton Senna who used to wear his race gloves inside out, everyone will at some time or another have developed or will develop a routine or ritual, some will be beneficial whilst others will ... Read More »

Avoiding Slumps In Performance

Is it possible to stay at an absolute continuous level of results all of the time without having weekends where it doesn’t all go to plan? No. is it possible to improve every single time you race and never have a drop in performance or something happen that affects results? No. We all suffer the occasional slump or drop in ... Read More »

Beginners Diary – Southern Championship

Whatever possessed my head to invest in a black race suit was coming back to haunt me on the hottest weekend of the year so far. Blistering temperatures greeted drivers and spectators to the Southern Championships at Forest Edge in Hampshire, a first for me and another milestone on my fascinating journey into motorsport. The Wright Technology Centre was awake ... Read More »

Karting: A Beginner’s Diary

I have a superb little “factoid” to begin my column this month — one which is bringing a smile to my face. Here it is: Percentage Off the Pace of the Leading Driver Chris Partridge, opening season, 177 Max,  FEKC 4.2% (source: FEKC data) Fernando Alonso, opening season, F1 4.4% (source: Autosport magazine) Yes! I am measuring my times against ... Read More »

Absolute Beginners – Tyres

Ask most members of the public why tyres grip the surface of the road and they’ll reply that it because there is tread moulded into them. You and I know that this is false, it doesn’t. On a dry road or track a tread pattern moulded into or cut into the surface of a tyre reduces the amount of grip ... Read More »

Karting Tips: Choosing The Right Senior Karting Class

We’re demystifying karting and proving that it is still a simple sport with something for everyone. We’re starting with the senior classes for over 16s. If you’ve only done corporate karting, doing some races in a two-stroke arrive and drive championship like DMAX is a very good idea. You will get to drive similar karts to what you may eventually ... Read More »

Beginner karter tips

Three very different drivers were at the start of their careers at Kimbolton this spring. So how did they get into it? We spoke to a Cadet, a Junior and a Senior within their first year in MSA owner-driver racing to find out how and why they got started. Thinking going racing or in your first year? Then read on… ... Read More »