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Starting Karting Tips

Karting Tips: The Mind And Body

There are many branches and camps in the field of working with the mind and one in particular works on the premise that the mind and the body are in fact one system rather than two separately functioning entities, it is said that “whatever goes into the mind affects the body and whatever goes into the body affects the mind”, ... Read More »

Karting Tips: Thinking Through Injury

Injury is something that almost every competitor will face at some time or another, hopefully never, but we have to be realistic about these things because it does happen, and if we have the knowledge and understanding of what typically happens as a result and some of the many things that we can do to help ourselves then we are ... Read More »

Karting Tips: Overanalyzing

The best results come when a driver is in the zone, that is to say that the driver isn’t consciously thinking, that it all seems to flow effortlessly, they feel relaxed, they are able to read what is going on in front almost as if they can predict what is going to happen before it actually does, the entire race ... Read More »

Competition Mind: Stress Busters

Competition can be stressful. Pressure from yourself or pressure from outside influences such as the team, the event, other competitors, sponsors, spectators, difficulty with kart set-up, when demands exceed one’s own perceived ability, uncertainty or even having to chase a certain result can cause stress. When stress builds it can become the primary focus of attention, that is to say ... Read More »

Competition Mind: Fresh Start

For many of you, the new year will be a fresh start with a new team or new class, or even changing mechanics and the way you run. For some it will be all of the above, many will have changed at the end of this season and will be busy testing and preparing for the major championships ahead. From ... Read More »

Tips: Racing in the wet

UNLESS you’re on an indoor track with sprinklers, wet racing means venturing outdoors, and more often than not this could mean racing in the rain on slick tyres! Racing on wet tyres is not every driver’s idea of fun to start with, so to do so when on slicks is an art in itself. Unless as a driver you are ... Read More »

Getting into 125 Open Superkart racing

Written By: Damien Sleep The 125 Open class is enjoying a welcome surge in its numbers this year on the long circuit with regular grids of over 25 competitive drivers in the British Championship events to date. It is expected that at Snetterton 300 on the 14th and 15th July the grids will swell further to at least 30, maybe ... Read More »