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Starting Karting Tips

Karting Secrets: How to drive faster

There can be a number of reasons why a driver steps into a kart and competes on track: whether it is simply for the pure adrenaline rush of racing wheel-to-wheel without having to consider cost, or to intend on racing at the highest level of the sport. Whatever the reason maybe, every driver wants to be fast, but how exactly ... Read More »

10 Go Karting Tips from Former British Champion Mike Simpson

Mike Simpson has done almost everything there is do in the world of go karting. He’s a former eight-time British Grand Prix champion, four-time British champion and vice world champion. Mike now works for Ginetta, one of Europe’s biggest race car manufacturers. He’s head of Ginetta’s commercial team and their factory driver, so he travels the world helping customers on ... Read More »

Starting Karting? Try iZone

“Don’t set out with the target of winning the championship or the meeting or even the race, these targets are not useful. What happens during race day is in the lap of the gods, if something fails or another idiot punts you off there is nothing you can do about it, don’t take it too hard, there is always another ... Read More »

Jack Partridge: Champion Going Places

Written By Mike Hayden “From the age of four years when I used to get pushed around by the marshals, at my Dads and Grandad’s local Indoor Kart Circuit (Anglia Indoor Karting), I have always found a love for motorsport.” Jack Partridge dug deep in 2012, and undoubtedly found a new love for the sport, when he was crowned as ... Read More »

Making a start

By Mary-Ann Horley In the last 12 months, there have been several high profile accidents causing serious injuries, both in the UK and abroad. Brad Shaw broke his back at La Conca in the WSK Master Series in October, Jake Dawson suffered head injuries at the Shenington club meeting in February, and Swedish driver Anton Haaga was rushed to hospital ... Read More »

Sponsorship: The unvarnished truth

By Jerry Thurston ‘Publicity, darling. Just publicity. Any kind is better than none at all.’ Rhonda Farr (1933) If only we had some sponsorship… It would make such a difference. How many times have I heard that? Although the middle of a recession has got to be the worst time to be looking for somebody to pay for your racing ... Read More »

Testing, testing 123

By Jerry Thurston “We are going testing this Thursday “, it’s a snatch of conversation often heard in Karting circles. Although many use the words testing and practice in an interchangeable manner, if you want to be pedantic (and in this case we do) we need to realise that they are two different things. Practice is about refining the driver, ... Read More »