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Karting Track Guides

Circuit Guide: Grand Prix Karting Birmingham

Situated just one-mile from Birmingham city centre, the circuit runs two layouts and also offers a Cadet circuit. They’ve also just added a new fleet of BIZ karts. Here’s how to nail a fast lap. Turn 1 Cross the start finish line, staying to the left side as you approach. Turn 1. This is a difficult turn as it has ... Read More »

Circuit Guide: PPiK Leeds

  Start/finish straight to end of the  Chicane: Crossing the start/finish line you should be close to the right side barrier. Heading towards turn #1 (right hand hairpin) you need to be as far left as possible, break as late as you can in a straight line and turn in sharply, get on the  power as soon as you can ... Read More »

Track Guide: Thruxton

    Allard Approach this right hander at 108 mph in 4th gear. The turn in is late and the corner is taken flat pulling 10700rpm with the DRS activated through the corner. You need to keep off the inside kerb as it is quite high. Let the kart run out wide on the exit and grab 5th gear. Keep ... Read More »

Bayford Meadows: Circuit Guide

        The circuit has a lot of long, mid or late apex corners, which makes it difficult to overtake, but does allow for great racing. It’s also very flat and has little gradient change. Owner-driver teams love this particular layout because it is perfect for testing and setting up a new kart. You can really push on ... Read More »

Track Guide: Bishopscourt

Turn 1 I approach this left-hander at 130mph in 5th gear pulling 11,000 revs, moving to the right hand side of the straight just after the pit road exit. Using the full width of the circuit, I turn in to the corner as smoothly as possible to maintain the speed and hug the inside kerb trying to stay as far ... Read More »

Track Guide: Cadwell Park

Coppice As you approach this uphill left-hander at approximately 110mph you should have grabbed 6th gear where the short circuit comes in from the right hand side. Keep to the right hand side of the track and start to turn in between the service road and the marshals post. Aim for a late apex holding 6th gear and allow the ... Read More »

Track Guide: Castle Combe

Folly I have just changed up to 5th gear across the start and finish line to gain as much speed as possible. This sets you up for the approach to Folly and the fastest part of the track. The right hand kink does not create any difficulties to the engine or the steering and there is little adjustment to be ... Read More »