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The Max Column: May 2004

By: George Robinson Since first writing this column almost five years ago it has sometimes been necessary to go over the same subjects again and indeed to update as the MAX has evolved. There have been reports of poor performance recently and, as usual, the engine gets the blame. In most cases the cause of an unexplained drop in performance is ... Read More »

The Max Column:February 2004

By: George Robinson The MAX Column has been running for four and a half years. During that time much has changed and a lot of MAX engines have been sold to every kind of customer. The British Isles remain firmly at the top of world sales along with France and Australia. Over 5,000 engines have been sold to date in the ... Read More »

The Max Column: January 2004

By: George Robinson Iis cold and it’s wet so we know it must be about time for the International Kart Show. The second year at the new Telford venue was a great advert for the health of the British kart industry. I believe there were almost 70 exhibitors and there had been a lot of effort expended to put on a ... Read More »

Track Guide: Cadwell Park

Coppice As you approach this uphill left-hander at approximately 110mph you should have grabbed 6th gear where the short circuit comes in from the right hand side. Keep to the right hand side of the track and start to turn in between the service road and the marshals post. Aim for a late apex holding 6th gear and allow the ... Read More »

Track Guide: Castle Combe

Folly I have just changed up to 5th gear across the start and finish line to gain as much speed as possible. This sets you up for the approach to Folly and the fastest part of the track. The right hand kink does not create any difficulties to the engine or the steering and there is little adjustment to be ... Read More »

Track Guide: Lonato

  The South Garda kart track was built in 1988 by Geometri Corberi and is situated near Lonato, east of Milan in Northern Italy.With a length of 1010m and a width of 9m, the track which is CIK FIA homologated, every year plays host to many International competitions – such as the Winter Cup and in past seasons, the European ... Read More »

Track Guide: Blackbushe

    Start/Finish Straight Whilst the 125m start/finish straight is driven as a straight line, the original circuit construction was completed with meandering circuit edges. 40m before the first corner there is a slight right hand kink in the straight, which drivers often cut to create a ‘straight line’ braking zone into Turn 1. This driving line can prevent opponents ... Read More »