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Rotax Max Column

Tech Tuesday: Rotax Max Jetting and carb setup

If you have an EVO, you need to read our Rotax Max EVO article. There are several different brands of software available like the Jet-Tech Max program that can really help save a lot of time when you go to the track. However the software needs to be calibrated to your engine and carb. That is when you need to ... Read More »

The Max Column

The strength of the Rotax Max engine has always been one of its greatest marketing tools. As the Rotax classes became more and more competitive, so the Service Centres became more concerned with the life expectancy of internal components. It is true to say that most Service Centres would rather change components and give a warranty on those parts, than ... Read More »

The MAX Column

JAG Engineering have launched a Buy-Back scheme for any Max owner who is looking to upgrade to a new engine. Any Rotax Max engine that is in working order and has a JAG seal will a?ract a trade in value of £550 for Seniors and £525 for Juniors. The scheme is available through the Rotax Approved Service Centre network. Who ... Read More »

Rotax Electrics Explained

  The vast majority of Max engines across all their classes are used by Club level drivers that keep the same unit for years and have it serviced annually. The market for these products remains the strongest single product that the sport of Karting has ever seen. New parts are covered by the unique BRP-ROTAX warranty. There are however many ... Read More »

Rotax EVO Engine – the facts

Following the announcement of the Rotax EVO engine upgrades there has been much speculation and opinion flying around the Karting World. BRP-Rotax have never introduced any changes that completely obsolete previous production engines or components. The Rotax Max EVO range of engines is designed to be the basis of future production for the next 15 years. The MAX has already ... Read More »

Rotax Regional Championships

The new season is upon us and for the first time there will be Rotax Regional Championships taking place at a Club near you. There are five regions in total covering all the main catchment areas of the UK Mainland. The Scoish and Cumbrian will be based around Larkhall and Rowrah. The Northern will be Fulbeck, Wombwell, Wigan
and Hooton Park. ... Read More »

Rotax Driving tips

The art of driving a Max powered kart is always made to look easy by those who are really good at it. Much like any sport, the people at the top appear to apply the minimum of effort to achieve what looks to be impossible. There is usually one common thread that helps to unravel the secret. They all, whatever ... Read More »