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Karting Technical Tips

Tech Talk: How Float Bowl Carbs Work

Next month we’re going to cover the software solutions available for setting up your carb, but now I thought it would be a good idea to talk about how fl oat bowl carbs like the Dell’Orto actually work. I know there are more than a few people out there who know that the carb mixes the fuel and air to ... Read More »

Tech Talk: Jetting A 2Stroke Engine

Last month I said I would talk about how to set up your carb when at the track. Jetting a two stroke engine correctly is one of the more challenging things in karting to get right, but providing your carb and engine are kept in tip top condition the process for setting up the carb is rewarding and becomes easier ... Read More »

Tech Talk: Karting Tyres Technical

Inconsistency between batches of tyres causes much consternation and muttering with the most recent victim being Michael Simpson at the Larkhall Super One. “We were going alright until we put the race tyres on,” said Andy Cox as he and Michael consoled themselves with a Scottish breakfast. He isn’t the only one it’s happened to and it’s by no means ... Read More »

Tech Talk: New Rotax Clutch Tested

With such a major element of the drive train heading for a complete change, it is easy to imagine the vast amount of speculation there has been. Although the new clutch was officially launched at the KartMania exhibition at the end of November, knowledge of its existence had been no secret for  some  months.  As the existing clutch assembly seems ... Read More »

Tech Talk: Tyre Softness And Driving Technique

Tire softness and driving technique A very interesting and important aspect in kart racing is how driving technique changes when tires change. It is in fact true that a tire can have a more or less rigid structure and a softer or harder compound rubber. Let us see what changes, and why, with different kinds of tires. It is all ... Read More »

Tech Talk: Compression Ratios

One extremely important parameter of an engine, both for performance and reliability, is the compression ratio and the shape of the combustion chamber. Combustion phase and shape of the combustion chamber Combustion chambers can have different shapes that are defined to obtain the best combustion of the mixture entering the cylinder, avoiding any phenomena that can lead to engine seizure ... Read More »