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Karting Technical Tips

Tech Talk: Tyre Pressure And Temperature

Once structure and tire compound are defined parameters such as tire temperature and pressure can change. Pressure can be set at the beginning of a race or test session whilst temperature will depend on tire pressure, asphalt temperature and track type. Tire pressure Internal tire pressure is the only parameter that can be regulated at the beginning of a race, ... Read More »

Tech Talk: Fitting Your Rotax Clutch

Following last month’s article on the new Rotax clutch assembly, the fi rst examples are now out and in use. Initial impressions from the new lucky owners are good. However, a couple of points have come to light regarding the safe and effi cient fi tments of the new units which need to be shared with you. The retrofi t ... Read More »

Tech Talk: How Float Bowl Carbs Work

Next month we’re going to cover the software solutions available for setting up your carb, but now I thought it would be a good idea to talk about how fl oat bowl carbs like the Dell’Orto actually work. I know there are more than a few people out there who know that the carb mixes the fuel and air to ... Read More »

Tech Talk: Tyre Softness And Driving Technique

Tire softness and driving technique A very interesting and important aspect in kart racing is how driving technique changes when tires change. It is in fact true that a tire can have a more or less rigid structure and a softer or harder compound rubber. Let us see what changes, and why, with different kinds of tires. It is all ... Read More »

Tech Talk: Compression Ratios

One extremely important parameter of an engine, both for performance and reliability, is the compression ratio and the shape of the combustion chamber. Combustion phase and shape of the combustion chamber Combustion chambers can have different shapes that are defined to obtain the best combustion of the mixture entering the cylinder, avoiding any phenomena that can lead to engine seizure ... Read More »

Take the guesswork out of jetting

Written By James Hobbs Have you ever changed a main jet to go leaner but been convinced that you actually went richer? You were probably right and it leads to confusion and loss of valuable testing laps. I have thought this many times throughout the years and decided to investigate further. I consulted a company that manufactures high performance components for ... Read More »