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Karting Technical Tips

Tech Talk: Kart engine tuning. Squish – part 2

The squish band has been a very important technical solution for two-stroke engines. It has increased performance, reliability and combustion efficiency (also reducing fuel consumption and pollution). When tuning an engine we can surely start with a good check of the squish band. Types of squish Squish bands can be of different shapes, like oval or circular, can vary in ... Read More »

Tech Talk : Asphalt – part 2

We have seen how asphalts are made and laid on the ground, and also the different types of asphalts depending on the kind of stones (inert) and bitumen (binders) that are chosen. The different types of asphalts are selected according to the needs and particular uses that have to be made: asphalt for racing tracks, roads, highways, draining asphalts. Characteristics ... Read More »

Tech Talk: Kart engine tuning – Part 1

Intro One of the most interesting and mysterious topics in the kart World is engine tuning. Two stroke-engines are so simple yet have so many parameters to tune and optimize. Performance can change from engine to engine, and from a simple new engine to a tuned one. What is true though is that engine tuning, done of course by keeping ... Read More »