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Karting Technical Tips

Tech Talk: Engine Tuning Part 4

Reed valves are surely an important element of the engine and must be regulated and chosen to obtain a good tuning of reed valve engine. Performance but also reliability are determined by the use of a reed valve or another. Materials, thicknesses and shapes Reed valves seem to be a simple element, but are not. In fact they differ in ... Read More »

Tech Talk: Cooling Systems Part 2

The average temperature of a kart engine is a balance between the heat produced by combustion (which heats up the engine’s parts) and the sum of heat expelled by the cooling system and the quantity ‘absorbed’ by the cool fresh mixture entering the combustion chamber (heat that exits the engine). In particular, some elements and volumes of the engine need ... Read More »

Tech Talk: Chassis Tuning Part 2

Technology, weight distribution and seat positioning Even though many parameters determine the grip on each tire, everything is finally led to the vertical force acting on each wheel. The greater such downward force is and the more the grip between the tire and the asphalt. Centre of gravity The centre of gravity is the point of a system (chassis plus ... Read More »

Effective Data Logging and Analysis

Part 3: Wheelspeed We have now covered the background to data logging and analysis as well as looking at the main sensors of the most common data logging packages. I had intended to look at soft-splits and analysis a bit further but instead I am firstly going to dedicate the whole article to a small but essential part of the ... Read More »

Track testing: Front carriage setup

One of the first parameters to work on when tuning a chassis is front carriage width. Because of Hackerman’s angles front width regulation generates strong effects on front grip. Increasing front grip offers better speed entering curves, but can be an obstacle exiting them. It is always a matter of balancing your kart to shift vertical force generated by weight ... Read More »

New FK engines get first major outing

After three years, the second generation of KF engines have now been homologated and the Winter Cup was the first international competition of the year where Europe’s major factories and tuners were pitted against each other. The weather conditions at Lonato weren’t conducive to showing a true picture of engine performance, and Vortex in particular struggled to match their reliability ... Read More »

Tech Talk: Chassis Set-Up

The behaviour of a kart chassis depends on the forces acting on it and through it to the tyres. Sideways and vertical forces on the tyres determine the movement of the kart and its capacity to follow the line steered by the driver. Of course, forces also come from the acceleration of the kart horizontally and by gravity vertically. Both ... Read More »