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Cumbria Kart Racing Club

CKRC Championship Round 4

Championship Round 4, Cumbria Kart Racing Club, 10th May 2015 TKM Northern Championship competitors joined Rowrahs championship members along with RAF premier drivers for the 4th round of the club championship. It was an easy final for Ethan Alia in IAME cadet, he started on pole and got a great start then kept pulling away from Charlie Walsh in 2nd ... Read More »

CKRC Championship Round 1 – 2015

After a foggy start, the first meeting of the year got underway at Rowrah with what looks like being an excellent championship, with some exciting racing in 2015. Piers Henderson dominated in IAME cadet, winning all heats and going on to start in pole position in the final then winning by 3.15s. Charlie Walsh finished 2nd aer starting 4th and ... Read More »

CKRC Christmas Fun Round, 14th December 2014

A snowy practice day led to a wet and windy Race day for the Christmas fun round at Rowrah. The December meeting at CKRC saw a trial of CIK-FIA judicial procedures which went well with no complains. Dexter Paerson started on pole for the IAME cadet final with Jonny Edgar and Joseph Taylor behind him. There was some very close ... Read More »

CUMBRIA KRC Championship Round 11

It was a wet and windy day for the last round of the CKRC Championship Superone driver Jonny Edgar started on pole for the IAME cadet final but dropped to 4th during the first lap. He got back up to 2nd until Joseph Taylor took the place from him on the last lap. Dexter Paerson kept the lead and went ... Read More »

CKRC Championship, Round 10, 2014

Round 10, Cumbria Kart Racing Club, 12th October 2014 A sunny day of racing took place at CKRC for their penultimate round of the 2014 championship There was some Excellent racing in the IAME cadet final, with Ethan Allia passing Charlie Walsh and pole man Jake Triggs by the end of the first lap. Triggs and Allia battled for 1st ... Read More »

Cumbria Kart Racing Club Championship Round 1

Lewis Thompson pulled away from the field in the IAME Cadet final, finishing 3.8s ahead of Owen Hardy, then Harry Riches 3rd who had dropped back from pole. Riley Banks also pulled away from James Walker in the Honda Cadet race. Cameron Fisher led the Junior TKMs home after 2nd-placed Jak Watson dropped out after two laps. Cameron Sharpe was ... Read More »