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CKRC Championship Round 4

Championship Round 4, Cumbria Kart Racing Club, 10th May 2015

TKM Northern Championship competitors joined Rowrahs championship members along with RAF premier drivers for the 4th round of the club championship.

It was an easy final for Ethan Alia in IAME cadet, he started on pole and got a great start then kept pulling away from Charlie Walsh in 2nd through out the race, they finished with a 7.3s gap between them. Jake Triggs took the last place on the podium.

The Honda Cadet final included more action than the IAMES final and was a good race to watch. James Walker started on pole and led up to lap 5 where Justin Breward who started 5th passed him. They continuously swapped places throughout the remainder of the race but it was Walker who crossed the line first, Breward finished in 2nd with only 0.04s between them and Will Murdock finished in a close 3rd a?er a ba?le with Max Edmundson towards the end of the race.

Rhys Hunter took pole In Minimax, a?er ge?ing good results In the heats, he led the race up until lap 8 where Gordon Mutch made a move and led till the flag. Hunter finished in 2nd and Samuel White finished where he started in 3rd

There was some excellent driving from Craig Wade in the Junior Max final, he started in 3rd but by lap 2 he had passed both Abigail Ross and pole man Jack Brailsford to take the lead and go on to win the race. Brailsford finished 2nd a?er a ba?le with Reece Dixon who took 3rd.

Kristian Brierley started on pole and led the grid of 16 in the Junior TKM final but was passed by Robbie Wozencro? early in the race. Wozencro? went on to win the race with Brierley 3.3s behind him. Ethan Hammerton finished in 3rd. The fastest lap went to Cameron Sharpe who started 10th a?er some unlucky heats but managing to get up to 4th by the middle of the race and keep that position until the flag.

The Senior TKM final was one of the most exciting races of the day with pole man Kyle Sproat and Lewis Raine swapping places continuously throughout the race and although Raine set the fastest lap, it was Sproat who crossed the line first. Lewis Main finished 3rd and Joe Taylor 4th.

Oliver Waind and Simon Hilton led the grid from flag to flag in the RAF Premier final with Waind in first and Hilton in 2nd. Ma?hew Daniel finished 3rd a?er starting 5th and having a great start. Troy Cole had an amazing race, starting 14 and finishing in 4th place.

The Senior Rotax final was dominated by Abbie Carruthers, she started on pole and led from flag to flag winning by 6.2s and also se?ing the fastest lap. Tom Wood too the 2nd place on the podium and Carol Van Beusekom took 3rd.

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CKRC Championship Round 1 – 2015

After a foggy start, the first meeting of the year got underway at Rowrah with what looks like being an excellent championship, with some exciting racing in 2015. Piers Henderson dominated in IAME cadet, winning all heats and going on to start in pole position in the final then winning by 3.15s. Charlie Walsh finished 2nd aer starting 4th and Dylan Hotchin finished in 3rd.

There was some good racing in the Honda Cadet final with Samuel Thwaytes, James Walker, Harvey Edmundson and Will Murdoch all baling for a place on the podium. Walker took first by the end of the first lap from pole man Thwaytes, but Thwaytes managed to get it back by lap 5 and then hold it to the end, he went on to win by 2.17s. Walker took 2nd and Edmundson 3rd. Results are provisional pending scrutineering checks. In Junior Max, Lucy Fulton took 1st from pole man Michael Macpherson during the start of the race, they baled up until the middle of the race when they crashed, meaning both were out of the race, leaving Sam Kirkpatrick to take an easy win. Shaun Davidson took 2nd and Daniel Lamport 3rd.

After some very close racing between Cameron Sharpe and Kristian Brierley, Sharpe took pole in the Junior TKM final only to be passed by Brierley early on in the race. hey both drove well and kept their positions to the end of the race. Ethan Hammerton took the last place on the podium in his first race off his novice plates.

In Minimax, pole man Chris Lulham retired in lap 5, leaving Tom Wood to take the lead and win. Gordon Mutch took 2nd and Alex Mcdade 3rd. The Senior Rotax final was cancelled due to a shortage of day light because of the late start, due to the fog. The results are based on the positions from the heats. Stuart Middleton would have started on pole for the final aer winning 2 out of the 3 heats so he took first, Thomas Wood 2nd and Abbie Carruthers 3rd.

CKRC Christmas Fun Round, 14th December 2014

A snowy practice day led to a wet and windy Race day for the Christmas fun round at Rowrah. The December meeting at CKRC saw a trial of CIK-FIA judicial procedures which went well with no complains. Dexter Paerson started on pole for the IAME cadet final with Jonny Edgar and Joseph Taylor behind him. There was some very close racing but aer only changing positions twice, they ended in the same order as they started. In the Honda Cadet final, James Walker did exceptionally well starting pole behind the IAME grid and went on to race with the Iame’s. Samuel Thwaytes passed Jorja Kay on the first lap to finish 2nd. Meaning Kay took 3rd. The Minimax final got off to an exciting start with Riley Banks taking the lead in lap one from 4th, only to have taken back off him by pole man Fin Kenneally during the 2nd lap. Alex Mcdade and Samuel White had a good battle for 2nd place, until White retired during lap 9 meaning Mcdade took 2nd and Banks took 3rd. Craig Wade dominated in Junior Max, fastest in timed qualifying and in both heats. He won the final. Novice Tom Taylor took 2nd. In the Junior TKM final, Cameron Fisher started on pole only to be passed by Jack Davidson a few laps in. Davidson went on to win the race by 5.44s. Cameron Sharpe finished in 3rd place aer passing Ian Sisson early in the race. It was good to see the return of a healthy TKM Extreme gird
at Rowrah with 10 entrys. Kyle Sproat had an easy win in, starting on Pole, getting a good start and then going on to win the race by 3.87s. Lewis Raine finished in 2nd place and Joe Taylor in 3rd, in his first senior race after having mechanical problems earlier in the day. Stuart Middleton took pole in the Senior Rotax final and went on to win the race. Abbie Carruthers took 2nd place on the first lap and kept in until the end. James Johnson finished in 3rd.


IAME Cadet Honda Cadet Mini max Junior Max Junior TKM TKM Extreme Senior Rotax
1 Dexter Paerson 2 Jonny Edgar
3 Joseph Taylor
1 James Walker
2 Samuel Thwaytes 3 Jorja Kay
1 Fin Kenneally 2 Alex Mcdade 3 Riley Banks
1 Craig Wade
2 Tom Taylor (N)
1 Jack Davidson
2 Cameron Fisher 3 Cameron Sharpe
1 Kyle Sproat 2 Lewis Raine 3 Joe Taylor
1 Stuart Middleton 2 Abbie Carruthers 3 James Johnson

CUMBRIA KRC Championship Round 11

It was a wet and windy day for the last round of the CKRC Championship Superone driver Jonny Edgar started on pole for the IAME cadet final but dropped to 4th during the first lap. He got back up to 2nd until Joseph Taylor took the place from him on the last lap. Dexter Paerson kept the lead and went on to win the race after passing Edgar on the first lap. After a disappointing last race of the season, Harry Riches won the championship. Once again Riley Banks started Pole for the Honda Cadet final after winning 2/3 heats and went on to win the race. After a disappointing final Kai Hunter dropped from 2nd to last within the first couple of laps, he finished in 7th but thanks to a good season, still managed to win the championship. Lewis Gilbert finished 2nd in the final with novice Will Murdoch in 3rd after getting an amazing start.

There was some excellent driving in the Minimax final as Kiern Jewiss, in his first appearance in Mini max at Rowrah, gained first place by the second lap. He kept the lead to take the win, Fin Kenneally finished 2nd and Connor Mcarthy 3rd. Championship winner Mathew Easton finished 6th in the final. The Junior Max final finished under a red flag following an accident. Superone driver Jack Mccarthy started on pole after winning 2/3 heats and went on to win the race, from flag to flag. Craig Wade and Jack Brailsford had some close racing throughout the season and both went in to the weekend with a chance of winning the championship. Brailsford finished 2nd and Wade 3rd meaning they had joint points in the championship. Brailsford won the championship after dropped scores were brought back in to play.

In the Junior TKM final, Kristian Brierley started on pole, he managed to hold on to 1st position for a couple of laps before Cameron Fisher took the lead. An incident during lap three of the race meant the Battenberg flag was brought out. Racing resumed on lap seven and Jack Davidson took 2nd place, dropping Brierley to 3rd. The jnr tkm final results and championship points are provisional pending an appeal to the MSA. Brendan Speight had no challenges in TKM Extreme, he took the win leaving Daniel Pepper to take second. Meaning Speight won the championship by 169 points.

In his first weekend of being in seniors, Jonathan Paylor started on pole for the Senior Rotax final, only to be passed by Ryan Garvey on the first lap. Garvey then went on to win the race, with Paylor
in 2nd after Tom Shipman (Championship Winner) and Abbie Carruthers retired earlier in the race. Martin Fisher finished in 3rd.


1 Dexter Paerson 2 Joseph Taylor
3 Jonny Edgar
1 Riley Banks
2 Lewis Gilbert
3 Will Murdoch (N)
1 Mahew Easton 2 Gordon Mutch 3 Rhys Hunter
1 Brendan Speight 2 Daniel Pepper
1 Jack Mccarthy 2 Jack Brailsford 3 Craig Wade
1 Ryan Garvey
2 Jonathan Paylor 3 Martin Fisher
PROVISIONAL: 1 Cameron Fisher
2 Jack Davidson
3 Kristian Brierley

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CKRC Championship, Round 10, 2014

Round 10, Cumbria Kart Racing Club, 12th October 2014

A sunny day of racing took place at CKRC for their penultimate round of the 2014 championship

There was some Excellent racing in the IAME cadet final, with Ethan Allia passing Charlie Walsh and pole man Jake Triggs by the end of the first lap. Triggs and Allia battled for 1st place whilst behind them Walsh and Harry Riches battled for 3rd with Aston Brown in the mix as well, making it a very interesting race with Walsh winning the battle for 3rd.

After winning all three heats Riley Banks started Pole for the Honda Cadet final and pulled away from the rest of the grid within a few laps and led the whole race to win with a lead of 9.45s. Kai Hunter finished in 2nd place extending his lead in the championship with Lewis Gilbert in 3rd place after Samuel Thwaytes got a 5-place penalty.

Minimax pole man Alex Mcdade traded places throughout the race with Rhys Hunter and Gordon Mutch. Mcdade came out on top and Hunter a close 2nd, all 3 drivers crossed the line within 0.4s.

Super one driver Sam Kirkpatrick dominated all three heats and the final in Junior Max, leaving Craig wade and Jack Brailsford to battle for 2nd position, after some very close racing, Wade took 2nd in the final.

In the Junior TKM final, Lewis Murray led the grid of 20 from start to finish. By lap 6 Super one drivers Cameron Fisher and Kristian Brierley had raced their way in to 2nd and 3rd respectively. Murray went on to win by 2.44s.

In TKM Extreme, after winning all three heats, pole man Brendan Speight was forced to retire from the race 5 laps in with mechanical problems leaving Daniel Pepper to take the win.

Abbie Carruthers started on pole for the Senior Rotax final with Tom Shipman and Ryan Garvey behind. Shipman took the lead from Carruthers in the first lap but by the 4th lap she had regained the lead and kept it until the checkered flag.

Cumbria Kart Racing Club Championship Round 1

Lewis Thompson pulled away from the field in the IAME Cadet final, finishing 3.8s ahead of Owen Hardy, then Harry Riches 3rd who had dropped back from pole. Riley Banks also pulled away from James Walker in the Honda Cadet race.

Cameron Fisher led the Junior TKMs home after 2nd-placed Jak Watson dropped out after two laps. Cameron Sharpe was 2nd after inheriting the place from Watson.

Thomas Turner led most of the Minimax final but Samuel Gerrard overtook two laps from the end although Turner stayed on his bumper. Stuart Middleton took home the Junior Rotax trophy after passing Will Shaw early on.

Cameron Brown had a massive lead over Katie Brown in Senior Rotax after early leader Abbie Carruthers retired. Brendan Speight finished top out of the two TKM Extremes in the race.