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Lotus Cup

Lotus Cup April Race Report

Saturday April 2, 2016  Rye House Kart Raceway ‘Brothers “Poole” the points’ Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this month as I was away celebrating my dear Uncle and Auntie’s Golden Wedding anniversary. Talking about anniversaries, most people would think all the interesting and exciting stuff occurred on April 1st — The ‘Fools’ Day’. But no! Not only, did Leonard ... Read More »

Lotus Cup Round 1 Race Report

March 6, 2016 ZUKAS REIGNS SUPREME IN RAIN LASHED LOTUS CUP OPENER An impressive grid of twenty drivers turned out for this first round of the Rye House open Adult championship — the first regular Rye House Championship to try out the all-new superb Biz Le Mans hire karts, The 35-strong fleet was launched just a week earlier at the ... Read More »