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Shenington Kart Racing Report Round 11

Shenington Kart Racing Report Round 11, 29 October 2017

With many on holiday the entry was a little subdued on normal, and no gearbox racing this time.  The sun shone all afternoon, albeit with a cold wind and with darkness descending earlier everything was finished by 4pm.  Joseph Reeves-Smith and James Pashley repeated their success of two weeks ago with victories in TKM Extreme and Junior TKM respectively, their fights no easier.


Honda Cadet was the largest class  where Archie Walker picked up the lead on the opening lap over Connor Clifford, Kean Berta and Antonis Sofroniou.  The latter came off coming into Café corner whilst Lorenzo Kordal joined in the lead battle.  Meanwhile Clifford had taken up the lead, Walker dropping to fourth but working his way back to the front.  Berta was next into the lead but he and Clifford had a coming together in the chicane on the last lap allowing Kordal to capitalise and slip past both for the win over Roman Bilinski, Berta and Walker.

In Junior X30 Will Layton vaulted into the lead over Caleb Marshall and Zak Bowen, holding them off for a few laps.  This developed into Layton having a massive fight with both Bowen and Marshall, all three taking turns to lead.  Marshall recovered from third to win over Teddy Pritchard-Willams whilst Layton slipped behind Jonathan Robertson only to be disqualified for driving in a manner incompatible with general safety.

The IAME Cadet class was brought to a premature halt when Daniel Dudfield crashed in the chicane.  Before that Luke Watts made a great start by taking both Bradley Beavers and Joe Sheppy and was thereafter never headed.  Sheppy was soon ahead of Beavers, these two fighting for supremacy in the club championship.

Joseph Reeves-Smith sliced into the TKM Extreme lead over Josh Sherriff at the first hairpin and initially stretched a small lead over Sherriff who was destined for retirement.  That left Chris Goffin leading the charge but by the flag he was usurped by Luke Ogden.  Reeves-Smith had to defend hard against both, the winning margin being 0.26s.

In the Junior TKM category Pashley is fighting for the club championship against Zak Taylor and Zak Oates with one round remaining.  Pashley swooped past both Oates and Dan McKeown on the opening lap but Taylor leapfrogged McKeown for third.  Taylor’s pace took him into the lead and McKeown lost touch with the lead trio.  A super move into the first hairpin clinched victory for Pashley with Oates following.

Jack Salmon took honours in the MinX class, whilst Callum Tanner worked his way past Michael Davey and Jake Robertson for second.  Chris Chater led the TKM Clubman economy class until Suk Sandher sliced underneath at Park corner on his second attempt, the first strongly rebuffed.  As Sandher stretched out a lead of 7s, Chater fell victim to Chris Yates, the pair trading second until Yates came off at the Stratford hairpin. Chater then just managed to hold off Clive Carpenter for second.

Report By Graham Smith

Photography by TSR Productions

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Shenington Kart Racing Report Round 10

Shenington Kart Racing Report Round 9, 15 October 2017

Unseasonably warm weather heartened everyone for a great day’s racing for Round 10 of the club championship with around 140 entries.  It was a teeny bit damp at the start but the sun came out for the afternoon’s finals. 


The always well supported Cadet classes had Lorenzo Kordal swiftly demoted from the Honda Cadet lead to fifth as Daniel Guinchard led.  Much trading of all the top five places ensued with Kean Berta briefly leading and in the end the order was Guinchard, Berta, Kordal, Connor Clifford and Roman Bilinksi.  The IAME 2-stroke Cadet class resulted in a good fight between Coskun Irfan and William Macintyre as they managed to push each other clear of Leo Robinson and Maximus Hall.  But Robinson cut across Hall’s kart firing him into the barriers at the start line which would result in a later exclusion.  Hall managed to extract himself to finish 15th.  That elevated Bradley Beavers to third holding off Ella Stevens and Joe Sheppy.  At the front Irfan and Macintyre swapped twice on the last couple of laps, Irfan getting the winning position at the last corner. 


The 210 Challenge were a visiting championship having their last round of the season and Luke Whitehead stormed off in the lead ahead of Dan Bury.  Tom Whyte would claim the national title as he leapfrogged Paul Fowler then took Bury for second.  Tony Bury staggered around nursing a problem a pitstop did not cure, then retired.  Rob Perkins was another late on retirement out of fifth place.


In the Junior TKM James Pashley was sporting his new number 2 as the National vice-champion, and set off in the lead.  That was extended when Zak Taylor was demoted from second to fourth in favour of Dan McKeown and Zak Taylor.  Gradually Oates crept up then passed Pashley for the lead leaving Taylor and McKeown trading fourth ending in Taylor’s favour.  Pashley made a great move to regain the lead into the chicane on the last lap, somewhat to Oates’ annoyance.  The MiniX winner Charlie Typaldo-Cole built on a good start and was soon mixing it amongst the concurrent Junior TKM backmarkers ending 13th overall.  Nearest to him was Bowen Morris-Kent just ahead of Jack Salmon but there were six Junior TKM between first and second.

Alex Rees led the senior TKM Extreme from the start tracked by Joseph Reeves-Smith.   E Plated Harry Moore leapfrogged into third ahead of Josh Sherriff but he was demoted back by Sherriff and had to fight to restore third by the chequer.  Reeves-Smith sliced under Rees at Park Corner to regain the lead and just hold off Rees on the finish line.  In the TKM Clubman economy class Chris Chater managed to stay clear of a big second place battle between Marcus Edmonds, Suk Sandher and Chris Yates.  Yates reached second putting pressure on Chater until Edmunds managed to retrieve the spot, gifting Chater a one second cushion to the finish. 


The KZ UK 125cc gearbox heats had seen a battle between Lee Ward and Tom Longfield, two wins to one in Ward’s favour and pole position.  Although Ward made the best start in the final Longfield struck back on the first lap and led for a few more.  But with a couple to go, Ward found a gap at the first hairpin and in his efforts to take the win Longfield’s attempt in the chicane resulted in a spin and non-finish.  That elevated Luke Child to runner-up.  In the Junior X30 Luke Whitehead took a massive lead from the off, but gradually Zak Bowen closed the gap to give a real challenge at the end.  Jack Williams battled with Tom Nippers and once clear momentarily passed Louie Short for third, but Short retrieved the final podium place by the chequered flag.


Report By Graham Smith

Photography by TSR Productions

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RLK Formula 270 Round 8 Report

Round 8 of the Formula 270 started with keen interested from the championship regulars and Covkart hopefuls due to the arrival of the brand new fleet of Biz Karts. Generously Red Lodge Karting had extended qualifying from just a 1 lap shoot out to a 4 lap qualifying session to let everyone get used to the new karts. The newer karts appear wider and now have the typical closed rear wheels of corporate karts now with the wrap around bumper. However, the chassis was a vast improvement on the slightly tired karts of the previous round. As usual the field was split in half, the lightweight drivers starting first with those 80kg and over watching from the side lines with one eye on the timing screens. 

Aaron Lask puts it on pole with a respectful 52 second lap doing what he needs for his championship campaign. The race starts dry and with a minor tangle with George Parker and Bob Willis at the first corner there positions barely change. The whole field manages to keep within 10 seconds of each other, with the top 3 of Aaron Lask, James Rose and Josh Adams on his debut, less than a second apart. However on lap 10 the rain began to fall and chaos ensued. With the top 3 running so close it was inevitable contact would happen, with Aaron Lask taking the brunt of it. Jacob Heyne-Ford running in 4th almost a second behind takes full advantage by swooping into the lead on the last lap with James Rose holding onto 2nd and Aaron taking a commiserating 3rd. 

In the heavies it was Covkart Race Director and Red Lodge Regular Chris Daines on pole, with Will Gibbs creeping into the 80kg class this time around in 2nd. At the start of the now dry track Jono Holland got off the line quickly to take 3rd from Paul Turland. The top 3 then pulled away from the field as Charlie Tatum demoted Paul Turland further to lead the chasing pack. The lap times were only a second off the best which was impressive on a damp to drying track. On lap 7 Jono Holland took a punt for 2nd place but couldn’t make it stick, so the positions remained unchanged with Chris Daines taking the win, Will Gibbs second and Jono Holland 3rd, 12 seconds in front of the chasing pack. 

Heat 2’s reverse grid saw 2016 Formula 270 Champion Lewis Nurse start pole due to a penalty in the previous heat that put him a lap down. Making up for the contact in the previous round George Parker took advantage of being at the front overtaking Mathew Rout on lap 2 and leader Lewis on lap 3. In the midfield Covkarters Dante Dhillon and Greg Smith (3rd in F270 Championship 2016) were changing places lap after lap, but Aaron Lask had the better of them coming through from the back. Jake Taplin was doing well in 4th until a chain snapping ended his race early on lap 10 which seemed to set off a chain reaction releasing Aaron Lask and Charlie Pickering to both demote Lewis Nurse and Mathew Rout out of the top 3. By this time George Parker was out of reach, winning by 8 seconds with Aaron Lask runner up and Charlie Pickering close behind in third.

In the reverse grid for the Heavies Will and Chris stormed from the back with Covkart’s Jason Keeler mixing it with the regulars. This time Will Gibbs was leading Chris Daines with Jason Keeler in toe, but it would appear there were still some teething issues with the new karts. Chris Daine’s stuttered to a halt on lap 10, with a pursuing Charlie Tatum demoting Jason Keeler to 3rd. This seemed to wake up the midfield too who scrabbled for position just two laps from the end. It finished this time with Will Gibbs in first, Charlie Tatum second and Jason Keeler third. Because of this though the heavies, bar the top 2 of Will Gibbs and Andy Cornish, were separated by just 2 points. 

Heat 3 was the most competitive of the night with the whole field separated by just 5 seconds. Jake Taplin made up for his failing kart in the last heat to start on pole, leading the first 3 laps being pursued by Jacob Heyne-Ford and Josh Adams. Jacob took the lead on the next lap hoping to make it two wins for the night with Josh Adams following him through a lap later into second. After finally making his way from the back of the pack to the front Aaron was poised to take the lead, and on lap 10 just the tap 2 thousands of a second behind Jacob. A lap later it was done and it was Aaron atop the podium once more, with Jacob 2nd and Jake slipping down the order meant James Rose was 3rd. To top off his win Aaron also got the fastest lao of the evening being the only driver to make it into the 51 second bracket. 

The Heavies was just as lively as the final trophy was to be decided by our finishing position. Will Gibbs made it a repeat of starting at the back and slicing his way to the front into second place, with Charlie Tatum in the lead and Jono Holland in 3rd. The Black and White flag was being well used by race controls as drivers bumped each other into the hairpin, shuffling the order, promoting Rafal Wolski to 3rd. However it wasn’t long before Andy Cornish took 3rd place off him and Jason Keeler taking a further place into 4th. The battle between Will and Charlie intensified swapping places over 4 laps but Will eventually made it stick to take a second win, Charlie 2nd, Andy 3rd.  

Overall in the lightweights Aaron Lask took the win with 102 points, an impressive 9 points ahead of James Rose, who himself was just 1 point ahead of Jacob Heyne-Ford. In the 80kg it was Will Gibbs in 1st with 106 points, Andy Cornish in 2nd on 94 and Jason Keeler’s 4th place in the last heat took the final podium position on 89. In the 90kg category it was Charlie Tatum first on 86, David Lask second with 78 just one point ahead of James Oakley with 77. 

In the Championship Aaron Lask was now on 781 points after 23 heats with George Parker second with 747 over 24 heats, and Charlie Pickering 3rd with 707. In the 80kg Andy Cornish now made it mathematically impossible for anyone to catch him with 776. Paul Turland in second on 656 points is now unable to surpass that total, as winning the last 6 heats would only give him 758 points. However second place is yet to be decided with Jono Holland now just 18 points behind on 638. In the 90kg championship it is all to play for as James Oakley leads with 692, David Lask on 626 and Charlie Tatum on 589. Only the top 25 heats count out of the 30 for the year so the next round will only gather more points for some drivers if they better their previous results – although with some drivers experiencing DNFs and last lap spins there are plenty of points to be had. 


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Buckmore Park Kart Club Summer Championship Round 6 Report


Round 6 of the BPKC summer championship incorporated the final rounds of the Kent Kart Championships and also the British F100 series. If that wasn’t enough for karting fans, the MSA Bambino championship runners also packed out the Chatham parkland circuit.

Kristian Brookes had the legs on Bradley Hardy in Mini X30

Eden Spanswick takes MSA Bambino trial race win

Thirteen young Bambino drivers took part in a trial MSA race day at Buckmore Park on Sunday and the outcome proved to be a resounding success. The circuit commentator – Allan Smallman thoroughly enjoying the on track action from the diminutive and combative pilots. The Grand Final was won by Eden Spanswick, his margin of victory was just over 6 seconds after 10 laps, outlining his phenomenal pace. Jack Cunningham came through the field from the back to finish 2nd, a very accomplished drive amongst his fellow competitors. Mason Bishop was 3rd from Fraser Anderson in 4th. 5th went to Henry McCarthy from the fastest lap holder Freddie Housley in 6th. Completing the runners were – Archie Clark, Laith Khan, Benjamin Clark, Freddie Duncan, Jack Sant, Joshua Humpherston and Kristian Stefanov.

Theo soars to debut circuit win in Honda Cadets

Having watched Theo Micouris many times being the bridesmaid in the Honda Cadet class, it was wonderful to see him turn up and dominate on Sunday, leading every competitive lap during the day. His commitment was evident on every lap as he tucked his body in behind his #74 kart’s steering wheel on the exit of every corner. His immaculate Tiger Prints Teamware livered kart was almost caught over the last lap by Louis Horsley, who was a mere 0.48seconds behind over the line. Horsley had suffered a huge crash during one of Saturday afternoon’s testing sessions, leaving him with a wrecked crash helmet, cut shoulder and feeling battered all over. With that in mind it was a superb recovery drive by the #38. Sebastian Bloch had a great opening lap and enjoyed a great dice with Horsley, Justin Breward and Ronnie Mansfield until Horsley broke clear.

Onto the last lap Bloch and Mansfield slowed each other down at hairpin 2 allowing Zach Ripley through, he finished 3rd on the road behind Micouris and Horsley but then cruelly received a 10 second drop nose penalty, hurting him greatly in the championship. So the Ambition #9 of Bloch took third from Mansfield in 4th. Frankie Elwell had towed along behind Ripley for much of the race and finished 5th. Oscar Teuten was in the mix in 6th, Mitchell Gibbons 7th, Declan Russell 8th, Breward ended up 9th from a bruised Zach Walters in 10th, who had a heavy impact with the Champion barriers earlier in the day. Fastest lap went to the unfortunate Ripley who was eventually classified 14th.

Theo Micouris pulls clear in Honda Cadet

Oliver Appleby takes race and championship in Junior Max

The damp qualifying session caused KPi’s Oliver Appleby a few problems in the morning, leaving him languishing near the back of the competitive Junior Max field. He made up for that with a storming drive in heat one, when he finished behind the Project One kart of James Wharrier. He then won the Pre final and the Grand Final in style, holding off his rivals by just enough over the 16 lap race. The Project One team drivers of Wharrier, Jack Steadman and Declan Lee had enjoyed racing amongst themselves all day, come the final Lee had the pace over his teammates charging through to 2nd behind Appleby. Steadman was 3rd from Wharrier in 4th.Tom Rotherham finished 5th with Thomas Lawson in 6th. Ryan Chapman, Max Goodwin, Sam Sanders and Lewis Boret completed the top 10. Wharrier set the fastest lap on lap 15. Save of the day went to Josh Wellard who had his axle snap leaving him reversing down the hill on the opening lap, scattering those behind across the track in avoidance!

Oliver Appleby took a classy win in Junior Max

Freddy Simpson-Stacey takes close win in JX30, Kristian Brookes victorious in Mini X30

Seven karts made it out for the JX30 final, with two Mini X30s sharing the track for their class battle. Once underway two drivers lapped the 17 laps of the final as one, Freddy Simpson-Stacey leading away from pole with Alfie Brookes shadowing his every move. Behind a good race developed, between Daniel Gale, Ben Cowley, Finley Cross, Scott Sumpton and Charlie Sladden, giving us the excitement the class has often promised. In the Mini X30 class Bradlley Hardy couldn’t match the pace of Kristian Brookes and eventually retired from the race, leaving Brookes to take the win. Back at the front the Roalf racing kart of Alfie Brooks made his move on the Evolution kart of Simpson-Stacey on the penultimate lap at turn 1. He could only hold down the lead as far as the bottom end of the circuit though, when his adversary took the place back. Over the final lap Brooks had a try around the outside of hairpin 2 but it was never going to come off, even though he had briefly edged in front as they turned into the tight left hand corner. Simpson-Stacey took the win and fastest lap, Brooks just 0.009 seconds behind as they crossed the finish line. Behind Gale had secured 3rd place a few laps from home finishing 6 seconds behind the leading duo, Ben Cowley won the battle for 4th, from the new Kent champion Finley Cross in 5th. Scott Sumpton was 6th and Charlie Sladden 7th. The winner also took the race’s fastest lap.

Alfie Brooks tries to go around the outside of eventual Junior X30 winner Freddy Simpson-Stacey

Callum’s race, Riley’s championship in Junior Subaru UK

32 Junior Subaru UK drivers arrived at the circuit for round 12 of their championship, marking another record breaking entry milestone, for the popular junior 4 stroke class. With the circuit starting off very damp in places, wet tyres were the favourite choice for the morning qualifying session and making the most of the conditions, putting a new face to the top of the leader board was Ross Hastings, his LICA kart setting pole position for heat 1. Callum Gunning took the other front row slot, from Harvey Roffe, Owen Hizzy, Tom Emson and Poppi Stephenson completing what was an unusual looking top 6 grid. Poppi’s championship elect brother Riley languished way back down in 26th after gambling on slicks, although he didn’t seem too perturbed at all by this according to his anxious mum!

Junior Subaru UK karts fill the grid for their final

Hastings flew off the line to lead away heat 1 from Gunning with Hizzy and Roffe settling into 3rd and 4th. At the end of lap 2 Gunning’s DNL kart had a good run up the hill and ran alongside Hastings through Café bend, something had to give and the two made contact, sending the LICA kart briefly off the track and facing in the wrong direction, before recovering now way back in 23rd spot. Gunning from then cruised to an 8 second victory taking the heat win comfortably. Behind the Ambition kart of Zac Spence usurped Roffe and Hizzy to take 2nd place, in 3rd amazingly was Stephenson! His well driven Clarke kart scything its way up 23 places through the pack, setting the fastest lap along the way too, it had been a breathtaking drive. The top 6 was completed by a frugal James Black, Hizzy and Tom Emson, with Roffe slipping to 8th behind Josh Pullen in 7th.The Pre Final was a more settled affair with Gunning leading every lap, soon to be shadowed by Stephenson who had dispatched Spence down to 3rd  eventually over four seconds behind the leading two. Black continued to show good pace in 4th, from Hizzy 5th and Tom Emson 6th.

The Grand Final was a two part affair after a nasty incident on the run up the hill on the 6th lap binging out the red flag; thankfully all the drivers involved were okay, though Novice and newcomer Kieran Ives was worse affected, he soon vowed to return his Sait run kart to the series. At the time of the red flag Gunning had led from Stephenson and after a single file restart they continued their two man fight at the front. With his recent impressive Birel Art debut under his belt, also at the same circuit, Callum’s consistent pace was effortless, Riley though knew that just finishing on his rivals bumper would assure him of the outright championship win, this he did perfectly. Zac Spence completed a good day at the office with a fine 3rd, from a charging James Tomsett, who had fought his Sait kart back from earlier nose fairing penalties to take 4th. Hizzy capped a good competitive day with 5th, another to fight his way up was Joe Hunt in 6th, Ross Hastings made a good recovery to finish 7th, James Black was bundled back to 8th after an unexplained power loss, Josh Pullen was 9th and Louis Barker 10th.

The fastest lap once again went to Stephenson’s rocket Clarke kart, on lap 13 of 14.

Callum Gunning was on top form to take the Junior Subaru UK final win

Leon Frost back to winning ways in Clubman, while Macauley Bishop wins in IAME

Leon Frost had a rough time of things during his last visit to Buckmore Park, for this month however he put those demons behind him and took a thoroughly deserved win, he led the race for 7 laps until he fell behind a Virtus mounted Joseph Knight, who was revelling in his new kart. The Clarke kart of Frost though timed his move right, snatching back the lead on the last lap to take the win. Jack Matthews (KPi) moved up from 6th on the grid to 3rd at the finish just in front of a very competitive and fastest lap holder – Macie Hitter (Virtus) in 4th. Vinny Lloyd took a good 5th ahead of last month’s victor Max Solarski, who had a real up and down day in 6th. Jack Theobald took 7th, Christopher Doble 8th, Nathan Marques 9th and Josh Rudd in 10th. Macauley Bishop finished ahead of the only other IAME runner Jakub Jakoniuk.

‘Frosty’ took the Clubman win from the #88 of Jo Knight

Elliot Rice takes Senior Max thriller, Ayers cruises to X30 win

The Senior drivers enjoyed their usual 3 heats and a final format with no qualifying to determine their grids. After the trio of frantic heats Elliot Rice sat on pole position, at the circuit where he has always shone. Championship leader Lewis Brown sat alongside him on the grid, Luke Freestone capped some good heat results with 3rd position and Daniel Devereaux started from 4th on the 19 kart grid. Henry Ayers and Michael Hafford were the only X30 entrants; they started some distance behind the Rotax runners. The opening few laps saw Rice and Brown pull clear until they were joined by Charlie Turner, who had started from P10 which he promptly proved wasn’t a deterrent. Devereaux fell back from the leaders after a flying start; Freestone also fell back behind Lewis Ridd. By mid-race Turner was ready to make his bid for the lead, firstly passing Brown on lap 5 and then Rice for the lead on lap 7. Rice and Brown didn’t let Turner go though and returned the pressure that he himself had put on them. Rice grabbed the lead back on lap 10 of 12 and then managed to fend off Turner to the flag, the last two laps being particularly fraught between the threesome. Rice was delighted to have ended the championship with a win after an indifferent run earlier in his campaign; Turner had tried everything to take the win but ultimately had to settle for 2nd, with Brown on his tail, in doing so securing the title. Lewis Ridd took a fine 4th; Harry Gent up 4 places to take 5th, Devereaux was 6th, Freestone 7th, Troy Beswick 8th, Drew Holmes 9th and Harry Smithson 10th. Mark Figues took the 177 class win finishing 12th overall. Henry Ayers comfortably won the X30 class from Michael Hafford.

For Buckmore Park the day wasn’t over as the British F100 and MOD 160 classes ran into the evening, entreating those left clearing up in the busy paddock.

Elliot Rice leads Charlie Turner and new champion Lewis Brown in Senior Max

Report and images courtesy of Paul Babington


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RLK Formula 270 Round 7 Report

The 7th Round of Red Lodge’s Formula 270 started promptly with all 23 drivers having competed in at least two events before, efficiently making their way through the briefing to get out on track. Again there was a good grid of lightweights and Heavy drivers from 14 years old to those nearing 6 decades, but that didn’t seem to have any impact on the competitiveness of the drivers with tightly knit racing. For the first Heats the random grid gave Will Gibbs pole position who promptly drove it into the lead and off into the distance. Charlie Pickering pursued him for a couple of laps before being overtaken by George Parker who set his sights on catching Will. By lap 4 George was less than half a second behind but couldn’t make a move stick, edging closer and closer each time. By lap 9 of 13 the gap was around a quarter of a second and on lap 11 it looked like the pass could happen. But some stellar defending by Will kept George behind at the finish with Charlie Pickering taking the final podium position.
For the Heavies it was another Red Lodge regular Charlie Tatum on pole who looked set to make it a copy of the previous lightweight heat with David Lask hunting him down in second place. Paul Turland was hanging on to the 3rd before Andy Cornish demoted him to 4th on lap 3. Andy set his sights on David and eventually caught him by lap 7 with Richard Kemp taking inspiration and doing the same a lap later. It all looked like the racing was over as Andy caught the back of Charlie on the penultimate lap, however a mistake by Charlie let Andy slip by into the lead and onto his first win of the night. Charlie took a commiserating second place with Richard Kemp in third.
The second Heat saw John Padley start on pole and a tangle between Derek Taplin and Ash Connor saw them both tumbling down the field. This was to Derek’s son’s advantage as Jake Taplin followed George Parker through avoiding the chaos. The grid was so tightly packed there were barely any overtakes with Championship hopeful Aaron Lask and James Rose making places through the pack. On lap 7 though saw Bob Willis tumble through the pack as his chain snapped, meaning previously heat winner Will Gibbs moved up at least one place. And while that drama was unfolding Jake Taplin had managed to make a pass on George for second place. John Padley took the win with George unable to pass in third.
The Heavies second heat had Steve Yanusaukas start from his first pole position which he held on to from Richard Kemp in second place before Andy Cornish in third denied Richard second place on lap 3, and Steve the lead a lap later. Andy disappeared into the lead as the tightly formed pack jostled for the final podium positions. Lap 8 is when it all got interesting with David Lask coming from fourth to second in two laps with Richard Kemp to retire just 2 laps from the end gifting Steve Yanusaukas his first podium in third.
For the final lightweight heat Bob was blessed with good luck in a new kart and lead from pole to the finish with Jake Taplin in his usual place snapping at his heels in second. Aaron Lask was unable to get any closer in third so had to settle ahead of the chaos that ensued behind him. From the sidelines it all looked like good clean fun as Will Gibbs went from 7th down to 9th and then finally back up to 4th, with Ash Connor ahead of him at first then somehow behind. Matthew Rout was unlikely to make a mistake that saw him drop almost to last with the same fate happening to Ethan Hall 2 laps later; the two had a battle between them selves with Matthew getting the better of Ethan a couple of laps later, although both now out of the top 10.
Heat 3 for the Heavies saw Andy Cornish starting in third position, ideally poised to get his first hat trick of the year. The rest of the 80kg category were level on points so the results of this race would decide the final podium places. Andy Cornish waisted no time in taking the lead on lap one with Jono Holland in pursuit, followed by James Oakley, Richard Kemp and Paul Turland desperate to deny him the second place trophy. Andy was pulling almost a second a lap on Jono as James Oakley slipped down the order pass by Paul then Richard. Paul was on a roll though and managed to take second from Jono with 4 laps to go, Jono settling for 3rd.
The pass for second in the lightweights Heat 2 meant that Jake Taplin took the overall win, now one race less than championship contender Aaron Lask. George Parker’s consistency meant he was second with Aaron Lask back in the top 3 in third. Andy Cornish was the dominate force in the 80kg group winning all 3 heats and 108 points towards his unconquerable championship lead. Paul Turland’s pass on Jono Holland meant he had the one point he needed to beat him to second, Jono left with third. In the 90kg David Lask took his first win of the year with Charlie Tatum in second and James Oakley third.
Overall in the Championship Andy Cornish is leading, 3 points ahead of Aaron Lask, however dropping their 5 lowest results (as per the championship rules) Aaron is still 16 points ahead. Jake Taplin is second in the lightweights 26 points behind Aaron Lask and only 3 points ahead of Wills Gibbs in third. In the 80kg Andy Cornish is way out in front, 83 points in front of second place Paul Turland, who is 16 points ahead of 3rd place Jono Holland. In the 90kg category James Oakley is leading Charlie Tatum by 27 points with David Lask 10 points behind in third. With 36 points for a win and 9 Heats left for the year the lightweights and 90kg championship is still up for grabs. The 80kg looks almost certain to land to Andy Cornish but the runners up spot is not yet certain. Tonight was the last night for Red Lodge’s current Biz Kart fleet with the new karts due to arrive soon. The next round also coincides with a Covkart weekend so expect a very full grid for the next round!

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Shenington Kart Racing Report Round 9 & MSA IAME X30 E Plate

Shenington Kart Racing Report Round 9 & MSA IAME X30 E Plate 17 September 2017

Matthew Graham and Alessandro Ceronetti, both local drivers, took the senior and junior honours respectively as Shenington hosted the IAME X30 English Open Championships, the E Plate.  They both won free entries to the IAME International Finals to be held at Le Mans on 15th October.  Amongst a total entry over 170, the morning was overcast but the sun appeared in the afternoon.  The day’s racing was punctuated by a number of red flags for various reasons.

Matthew Graham set off in third place in the X30 Senior final, watching as Macaulay Walsh and Sam Stansbury vied for the lead.  Seeing a chance for himself he was briefly leading before being pushed wide out of the Stratford hairpin and falling back to third.  Stansbury then got the upper hand but Walsh once more regained first.  Rob Wheldon reached fourth but was squeezed wide in the chicane and lost four places. His drop favoured the charging Piers Prior, grabbing fourth. A big last lap sort out gave Graham his chance to win, followed by Owen Byatt and Stansbury as Walsh fell to fifth.

In the Junior final Caden McQueen led Will Layton and Ceronetti, until Ceronetti leapfrogged into the lead putting McQueen third.  McQueen was soon back to second, then took the lead as Ceronetti dropped to third albeit swiftly vaulting back to first.   Ceronetti and McQueen had pulled clear of the rest until Zak Bowen came to third and led the charge to close the gap.  A swift move put Bowen into second but Ceronetti came back through, Bowen then briefly regaining second from McQueen at Café Corner.  Ceronetti held on to the lead from McQueen and Bowen with Layton haven fallen behind Kaleb Marshall.

The Honda Cadet final was punctuated by an early red flag stoppage but once underway again Lorenzo Kordal, Daryl Tayfor and Connor Clifford swapped the lead dropping Nathan Clifford a few kart lengths back.  Teddy Thomas had been running up to tenth but an incident dropped him a lap.  Later Mikhail Singh was excluded.  Going three abreast into Café Corner on the last lap Taylor came out ahead for the win, following by Connor Clifford and Kordal.

Jude Fernhough took the MiniX win despite having to wrest the lead back from Bowen Morris-Kent whilst Jack Salmon was disappointed to have a spin on the first lap.  He got back to fourth behind novice Charlie Thompson.

James Pashley led much of the Junior TKM final although twice having to regain the lead from Zak Taylor.  As the race wound down Lucy Boulding in novice X30 class from the back of the grid overhauled them but Pashley took Junior TKM honours over Taylor, Zak Oates and Spencer Stevenson.  Pashley is provisional MSA Junior TKM National vice-champion.

Nathan Tye’s crash at the chicane gave Alfie Baxter-Davies a huge cushion over Bradley Beavers, who had just passed Maximus Hall in IAME Cadet.  The pack eventually caught Baxter-Davies leading to a huge battle for the win.  Baxter-Davies was put back several places but fought hard to regain the lead over Beavers whilst Joe Sheppy bounced over the kerbs in the chicane, falling to an eventual fifth behind Ella Stevens.  Beavers was dropped out of second to twelfth for his part in an incident, promoting Kordal to second over Hall.

Josh Sherriff dominated TKM Extreme putting over six seconds on Alex Kennedy who had a race long exchange with Colin Morris. As in the Junior TKM, the X30 Senior novices were off the back as not eligible for the E Plates and Boris Yeung stormed through to the front, Sherriff waving him past at the end.  But he chose to push Alex Jones off the track on the finish line, thus getting excluded.  Sherriff, right behind, had to take avoiding action. In the concurrent TKM Clubman economy class Chris Dymond settled into an unassailable lead from Samuel Baker, the latter coming to a stop halfway through in the chicane, an incident also putting out Suk Sandher.

Despite a start into third position from pole Dan Kelly had proved his speed in the heats in the KZ UK 125 gearbox class, and wasted little time leapfrogging Tom Longfield and Lucas Vaus for the win.  Malcolm Smith did not start the final after a fire in the last heat caused when another kart hit him and knocked the fuel pipe off.  Luckily the damage was minimal.

Report By Graham Smith

Photography by TSR Productions

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Bayford Meadows Kart Club Championship Round 8 Report


Subarus sizzle at September club event

Some welcome early autumn sunshine welcomed the competitors to Sittingbourne’s Bayford Meadows on Sunday for round 8 of the club championships. The Junior Subaru UK class proving to be the highlight of the day with an excellent 28 kart entry.

Reg Heywood tops the times in Bambinos

Reg Heywood topped the results for the three timed runs, this after the fastest competitor in the 2nd and 3rd runs – Mason Bishop was excluded post event. Antony Parfett who finished second twice in the three runs got the closest to Heywood, finishing 0.27 seconds behind in the 2nd run. Mikey Walker finished 3rd behind Parfett in the first two runs and then 2nd in the third run. Charlie Warren and Laith Khan were 4th and 5th in all three runs, Sebastian Minns, Kristian Stefanov and Sonny Mortensen shared the remaining positions.

Reg Heywood fastest over the timed runs in the Bambino class

Nathan Marques in control of the Clubman class

The Cadet Clubman class began the afternoon’s finals and with Joseph Knight and Reece Lomax taking a Pre Final win each; leaving us anticipating a close final between the two. Nathan Marques had other ideas though as he took the lead on the second tour of the 13 lap final. Lomax who had led the first lap latched onto the back of the Project One kart of Marques and appeared to be waiting for his chance to pounce. Behind Knight slipped back, unable to match the leading duo’s pace and had one of his season long rivals – Leon Frost breathing down his neck. Ian Marginean who had looked a threat after the Pre Finals, sat just behind the Knight/Frost pairing, just unable to tow around with them. As the race progressed we waited for Lomax to make his move on Marques and as we went into the final lap he looked set to strike, Marques though, a product of the Bayford Meadows Bambino class, held his cool and took a narrow win, with Lomax just 0.083 seconds behind. Trailing these two just under two seconds back was the duo of Knight and Frost, even when working together they couldn’t close down the two leaders. Marginean finished a comfortable 5th, a little further back Luke Hayward looked set to take a fine 6th until novice Ethan Barford snatched the place on the last lap, this being a fitting reward after his kart was virtually written off last time out at Lydd. Behind Hayward was Finley Watson 8th, Josh Rudd 9th and Vinnie Lloyd 10th. Nathan Marques completed his successful day by taking the fastest lap on the 7th tour.

Declan Lee delivers in Junior Rotax while Scott Sumpton takes solo win in JX30

Project One’s Declan Lee had the perfect day at Bayford Meadows on Sunday, taking wins in both Pre Finals and then a comfortable victory in the Grand Final, although he missed out on the fastest lap to cap it off. Lee pulled away from the start and then controlled the race pace over the next 14 laps. Behind Thomas Lawson held off a spirited challenge from Lee’s teammate Jack Steadman, who took the fastest lap during his challenge. There was never much between the pair who finished 1.5 seconds behind the winner. Benjamin Boras was 4th from Jake Kolosowski in 5th .Dillon Stepney was 6th from a troubled karting returnee Max Goodwin in 7th. Scott Sumpton enjoyed mixing it with the Rotax runners as the only JX30 entry in his Virtus run kart.

Declan Lee leads Tom Lawson and Jack Steadman in Junior Rotax
Junior X30 class winner Scott Sumpton

Zach Ripley romps to crushing Cadet win

The Cadet class was once again the property of one driver, driving his Evolution run kart Zach Ripley dominated both Pre Finals before romping away to win the Grand Final in style. Having already been out testing in the Mini X30 class for next year, he was keen to see off his last few Cadet races in style, his 4.7 second margin of victory was proof of that. Behind Ripley a hot battle was played out under the warm sunshine between James Higgins and Ronnie Mansfield. The duo had taken a 2nd place each in the Pre Finals and their battle continued into the final. Initially Mansfield had the runner up spot covered until Higgins, still a relative novice in the class, made his move on lap 4, managing to hold on over the remainder of the race. Oscar Teuten, Matthew Hyde, Declan Russell and Louis Horsley squabbled over the remaining positions finishing in that order from 4th down to 7th. Jai Lawrence and Jamie Perilly had their own little entertaining dice over 8th and 9th, Perilly actually spinning out of the last corner in his efforts to beat Lawrence. Not unsurprisingly winner Ripley took the fastest lap.

Zach Ripley romped to victory in Cadets

Lewis Ridd returns and takes Senior Max win

The Senior Rotax class looked a close run affair up until the first corner of the Grand Final. Birthday boy Jack Wall’s kart refused to fire up on the dummy grid, despite some vigorous attempts to cure the fault by GMS team members, taking out one of the challengers on the spot. Two more contenders were eliminated at turn 1, when Steve Crow and Troy Beswick argued over the same piece of Bayford Meadows real estate! Both were left on the outside of the corner shaking their heads. This gave pole man Lewis Ridd a comfortable lead on his return to the club championship, also securing the two Pre Final wins. Stephen Bouffe found himself in 2nd place, a remarkable effort after suffering two engine failures over the weekend, he was ahead Mike Ashby in 3rd, the two beginning a race long battle of the fifty somethings. In the 177 class Paul Williams and Karl Mepham continued their day long rivalry with the latter leading initially, until Williams managed to find a way pass, thankfully without the two making contact as they had done earlier. Mepham later retired leaving an easy class win to a delighted Williams. With two laps to go Ashby driving with a swollen hand (after earlier Pre Final contact with Mepham), had dropped off the back of the LICA kart of Bouffe, he now had his hands full of keeping the recovering Crow and Beswick, behind him. Ashby stoically defended and held onto his well-deserved 3rd place, behind the absolutely chuffed Bouffe, who now claims be the oldest 2nd place finisher in the class at Bayford Meadows! Crow and Beswick were left wondering what might have been in 4th and 5th, especially as the GMS kart of Beswick took the fastest lap, Williams finished 6th.

Junior Subaru UK

With a bumper 28 kart entry the Junior Subaru UK class required a B Final, of which the top four finishers progressed into the main Grand Final later in the proceedings. Joe Wood took a comfortable 2 second win over Jono Dalton, who along with Owen Hizzy in 3rd, had had a dreadful day thus far. Hizzy had earlier been involved a frightening looking accident at one of the fastest parts of the circuit, thankfully he was released from the on circuit medical team and cleared to race on. The final qualifier was Novice Max Lee. Catlin May, Oliver Martynski, a frustrated Lewis Deacon and Tom Richards with front bumper penalty missed out.

Callum Gunnning leads the Junior Subaru UK final

Grand FinalStephenson digs deep to take a valuable win

With the drivers split into A,B and C groups each had two Pre Finals. The top 3 in each were Callum Gunning from James Tomsett and Harvey Roffe in the 1st, James Tomsett, from Riley Stephenson and Gunning in the 2nd, the third Pre Final having Stephenson winning from Joe Hunt and James Black. Surprise pole man for the Grand Final was James Tomsett, the SAIT Motorsport driver really standing out as one to watch for the race win. Championship rivals Stephenson (Clark karts), Gunning (DNL) and Black ( SAIT) lined up next on the grid. The 23 four stroke karts blasted off over 13 laps of the 1000km twisty Swale circuit, still under warm sunny skies, snaking their way through the fast turn 1 and down into the tight right handed first hairpin, making for a spectacular sight. Early on Gunning had his head down as he pushed to the front, relegating Tomsett and Stephenson, after 4 laps though it was clear that he wasn’t going to pull a lead on this particular day, as Tomsett grabbed the lead back. Gunning and Stephenson then continued their earlier Pre Final battle, with a superb display of close and clean racing, letting Tomsett pull away. Stephenson’s determination eventually shone through as he cleared Gunning and set off after the leader.

Junior Subaru winner Stephenson leads , Gunning and Tomsett

Gunning held his position but just could not match the pace of Stephenson at this stage of the race. Behind this trio Black had held a comfortable 4th until his brake started to bind, forcing him to slip back in the train and eventually to retire, a disappointing end for him after an excellent build up to the final. The battle train for 4th place was pretty hectic, with place changes galore, initially Ross Hastings took over from Black’s demise until he slipped back, giving the place to DNL’s Lewis Berry, who held on until two laps from the end when a charging Leon Clark usurped him to make the place his own, this after starting from the rear of the Pre Finals due to a qualifying disaster, a commendable effort. Berry held onto to a stellar 5th just in front of two drivers who had started back in 14th and 15th, Joe Hunt and Lewie Weaver, fine recovery drives from both. Back at the front Stephenson’s determined effort had brought him onto the tail of Tomsett and he took the lead on lap 8, he then managed to pull clear to the tune of 1.14 seconds at the finish, his jubilation was clear to see as he crossed the finish line, setting down a real marker to his championship rivals. Tomsett was delighted with 2nd, Gunning probably a little bemused in 3rd. The remaining top 10 at the finish were as follows – Clark 4th, Berry 5th, Hunt 6th, Weaver 7th, Hastings 8th, Roffe 9th and Zac Spence in 10th. Owen Hizzy recovered well from his earlier crash by taking the Plus class, Hastings took the Inters and Joe Gethin finished as the top novice in 15th overall.

Joe Hunt grabbed the fastest lap during his progression up through the field. It had been a cracking final, great to watch with exciting racing throughout, as the class goes from strength to strength. Next month the championship visits Buckmore Park on 15th October for what should be another closely fought event.

Riley Stephenson wins in Junior Subaru UK

Report and images courtesy of Paul Babington


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