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Club Reports

Shenington Club Championship Round 5

  Blessed with good weather and lots of track time (near 40 minutes) there was some great racing and a welcome to the Max 177 drivers. For the youngest drivers in Honda Cadet, Zak Oates had been quick to relieve Lewis Foster of the lead whilst Samuel Baker and Robert Boucher spun towards the back. A bit of bumping and ... Read More »

SHENINGTON Round 2, 15 February 2015

Amongst the 160 entries for the Sunday afternoon finals the Honda Cadets were out first on what had been a dry track all day with Caden McQueen’s lead short lived in favour of Klaas Kooiker and then Oliver Bearman as the youngsters chopped and changed about. McQueen regained the lead, only to be put back to third but he worked ... Read More »

CKRC Championship Round 1 – 2015

After a foggy start, the first meeting of the year got underway at Rowrah with what looks like being an excellent championship, with some exciting racing in 2015. Piers Henderson dominated in IAME cadet, winning all heats and going on to start in pole position in the final then winning by 3.15s. Charlie Walsh finished 2nd aer starting 4th and ... Read More »

SHENINGTON 18th January 2015

The 130 drivers were lucky to find the track free of ice on Sunday morning, and it dried out to enable slick tyres to be used from the second heats. Amongst the large IAME Cadet field Finlay Bunce and Lorcan Hanafin sped clear of Thomas Smith, all the while swapping places until the penultimate lap when Bunce regained the front ... Read More »

CKRC Christmas Fun Round, 14th December 2014

A snowy practice day led to a wet and windy Race day for the Christmas fun round at Rowrah. The December meeting at CKRC saw a trial of CIK-FIA judicial procedures which went well with no complains. Dexter Paerson started on pole for the IAME cadet final with Jonny Edgar and Joseph Taylor behind him. There was some very close ... Read More »

CUMBRIA KRC Championship Round 11

It was a wet and windy day for the last round of the CKRC Championship Superone driver Jonny Edgar started on pole for the IAME cadet final but dropped to 4th during the first lap. He got back up to 2nd until Joseph Taylor took the place from him on the last lap. Dexter Paerson kept the lead and went ... Read More »

SHENINGTON KC Championship, 7th December 2014

The last meeting of the 2014 season was sadly lower in entries than usual due to clashes with other clubs but still gave rise to some great racing. The gearbox grids have held up well, and were enhanced by former British champion Bobby Game having his first race in the category, acquitting himself very well. The morning was damp from ... Read More »