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PFI Pro Kart

PFI Pro Kart Series Round 8 Race Report

October 23, 2016 Overview Turnout  at half-term fixtures are always unpredictable, especially when the meeting date has been moved from its regular slot, but on this occasion numbers more than held up with forty-two in the GX200 Extremes and twenty-three Extreme Cadets. Made all the nicer with some unseasonal hot and sunny weather! Driver of the Day was awarded to ... Read More »

PFI Pro Kart Series Round 7 Race Report

September 18, 2016 Overview This was a bounce-back month with the largest ever GX200 Extreme grid for this meeting at fifty one and a respectable Extreme Cadet grid of twenty one.  Alas, no formal GX160 ProKarts, but Tony Feasby returned – a lone ProKart in the Extremes seemingly enjoying seeing how far up the ranks he could progress from the ... Read More »

PFI Pro Kart Round 6 Race Report

August 28th 2016 Overview The August meeting had been postponed to later in the month and coincided with the Bank Holiday weekend which can sometimes work in your favour, but not this time, with numbers down a third.  Sadly, Richard Day was the only GX160 ProKart to attend and with no-one to race against, preferred to spectate.  Let’s hope this ... Read More »

PFI Pro Kart Round 5 Race Report

July 24, 2016 Overview The meeting took on a new format this month as numbers were down for the first time this year.  Gains and losses in the Extreme Cadets netted off to a good grid of twenty one but the GX160 ProKarts were horribly thin and therefore amalgamated into the GX200 Extreme grid, making forty two in all. There ... Read More »

PFI Pro Kart Round 4 Race Report

June 26, 2016 Overview Once again, the meeting was dominated by the GX200 Extreme grid – a magnificent 49 – but the GX160 ProKart grid was also enlivened by the visit of the Modified 160 Sprint Championship tour. With no permanent home of their own, they seem to enjoy the nomadic life. The rasp of sixteen modified 160 engines overwhelmed ... Read More »

PFI Pro Kart Round 3 Race Report

May 22, 2016 Overview Another splendid turnout on a dry, sunny day: forty five GX200 Extremes, nineteen Cadets, and seven GX160 ProKarts keeping the flame alive for their class. We came within touching distance of a Junior ProKart grid this meeting, but numbers were just shy of the minimum required, so efforts will be redoubled to make it viable from ... Read More »

PFI Pro Kart Series Round 2 Report

April 17, 2016 Overview Round 2 was once again dominated by the GX200 Extremes: at forty seven, inching its way towards fifty plus month by month.  The Extreme Cadets were also solid at nineteen and produced some very lively racing from top to bottom.  There’s plenty of room for more GX160 ProKarts however, and for the time being, the proposed ... Read More »