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RLK Formula 270

RLK Formula 270 Round 9 Report

The penultimate round of Formula 270 started in complete darkness thanks to the end of daylight saving, but an unusually mild day kept the temperatures just into the double figures. A rather light field of just 18 drivers started the night, however this allowed both lightweights and heavies on the track together, separated by a 30 second staggered start of ... Read More »

RLK Formula 270 Round 8 Report

Round 8 of the Formula 270 started with keen interested from the championship regulars and Covkart hopefuls due to the arrival of the brand new fleet of Biz Karts. Generously Red Lodge Karting had extended qualifying from just a 1 lap shoot out to a 4 lap qualifying session to let everyone get used to the new karts. The newer ... Read More »

RLK Formula 270 Round 7 Report

The 7th Round of Red Lodge’s Formula 270 started promptly with all 23 drivers having competed in at least two events before, efficiently making their way through the briefing to get out on track. Again there was a good grid of lightweights and Heavy drivers from 14 years old to those nearing 6 decades, but that didn’t seem to have ... Read More »

RLK Formula 270 Round 6 Report

Round 6 opened the second half of the championship and started just like Round 1 with a completely soaked track. This time the lightweights and the heavies were to be separated to keep the racing more even and started with qualifying. Ash Connor was the first to leave the pits and to leave the track as he went straight on ... Read More »

RLK Formula 270 Round 5 Report

At the half way point in the championship the racing gets turned on its head at Red Lodge as the circuit is run in reverse, which is actually the traditional clockwise direction. This makes Round 5 particularly challenging in the hot and humid conditions. The random grids always make it interesting mixing the differences in weight and abilities of the ... Read More »

RLK Formula 270 Round 4 Report

Red Lodge Karting’s Formula 270 4th Round started dry after the previous days rain, however the strong wind continued its presence. 26 drivers in two groups started with a one hot lap of qualifying to decide the grid for their first heats. In Group A Jake Taplin took pole with Aaron Lask and George Parker keeping him in toe. Aaron ... Read More »

RLK Formula 270 Round 3 Report

Round 3 of Red Lodge Karting’s Formula 270 saw 31 drivers compete over 6 random heats in the overcast conditions. The first heat Championship leader Aaron Lask started at the back of the grid but muscled his way to the front and was 4th after one lap. Francis Hughes was leading on his Formula 270 debut until Aaron Lask decide ... Read More »