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RLK Formula 270 Round 9 Report

The penultimate round of Formula 270 started in complete darkness thanks to the end of daylight saving, but an unusually mild day kept the temperatures just into the double figures. A rather light field of just 18 drivers started the night, however this allowed both lightweights and heavies on the track together, separated by a 30 second staggered start of random grids over 18 laps. The extra five laps and a full field of karts would make for a congested track, meaning the ideal weather for fast lap times could be hindered by traffic. 

In the first Heat Ash Connor started on pole with Aaron Lask hoping to clinch the title with a round to spare, behind him. Wasting no time Aaron grabbed the lead on lap 1 with Josh Adams and Jake Taplin making their way to the front a lap later. However Jake couldn’t make the move on Ash who defended 3rd place. Bob Willis was making good progress from the back of the grid and muscled his way to the front of the pack – however Ash held on to 3rd by just 0.1 seconds. The lap times were well into the low 52s with eventual winner Aaron and second place man Josh setting exactly the same fastest lap of the heat 4 laps apart, half a second faster than the last round. 

In the Heavies it was David Lask on pole with Jono Holland lined up in second. Jono with a generous 10kg advantage was off the line quicker than David, but being on the outside was out of position for the first left hander. Paul Turland and Andy Cornish were off the line quicker than their 90kg counterparts but Charlie Tatum in 3rd was preventing them from making any further progress up the road. David and Jono pulled a fairly safe 3 second gap from the chasing pack and Jono tried everything he could to slip up the inside of David but to no avail. David Lask took his first heat win of the year, with Jono Holland second and the defensive tactics of Charlie Tatum helped him to secure third. 

Heat 2 saw Aaron Lask starting at their back of the grid and Josh Adams on pole, However Jake Taplin and James Rose were able to deny Josh the advantage and demote him to 3rd. Aaron Lask was making his was through the field with George Parker in tow who was hoping to get a better result in this heat by leapfrogging Aaron and John Padley on lap 5 for 4th. Two laps later he had managed to catch and pass Josh. George kept up the progress by catching James in 2nd on lap 9, however this time it wouldn’t be so easy and two laps later James retook 2nd place, although now a second behind Jake in the lead. George looked like he was going to make it into 3rd but on the penultimately lap a watchful Josh passed for third place leaving George to settle for 4th, albeit ahead of Aaron in 5th. However it wasn’t all lost as George Parker set a new lap record for the series at 51 seconds exactly, more than half a second faster than the winner. 

For the heavies Paul Turland started on pole and took the advantage at the the start with Andy Cornish making his way into second in pursuit. James Oakley fed through the rest of the pack to lead the chase in 3rd from Rafal Wolski and Jono Holland, before contact demoted them both to the back of the grid. Not wanting to take a penalty Jono relinquished the place to Rafal but in doing so had meant the lightweights were starting to catch up. The blue flags then came out and the slower heavies started to slip further away from the top 3. With just 5 laps to go Andy made his move on Paul and into the lead with James Oakley in 3rd. Charlie Tatum finished 4th with the rest of the heavies being a lap down to the rest of the field. 

For the final heat George Parker had the advantage of a front row start along side pole sitter Ethan Hall. On lap 1 he was into the lead but Aaron Lask starting towards the back was already into second place by lap 2. By the half way point Aaron had cut George’s advantage down to less than a second with a safety margin of 3 seconds behind Jake Taplin in third. However George was just too fast this time and held on to the lead from Aaron with less than a quarter of a second between them. Jake had gotten a second closer but couldn’t close in on those last 2 seconds whilst keeping an eye on the very fast James Rose behind him in 4th. 

The heavies started with James Oakley on Pole with Andy Cornish alongside him, both keen to take the maximum points they could to cement their position as category leaders. This left Mathew Hall leading the rest of the pack with David Lask poised to pounce which he successfully did on lap 3 to take third place. This left Jono Holland to try and do the same, and although faster was unable to sneak by. It looked like it was never going to happen with 3 laps to go, and a wide lunge at the fast left handed of the Esses ensured it wouldn’t as Jono dropped a tyre onto the grass and pirouetted into last place. It finished with James Oakley beating Andy Cornish in second and David Lask finishing a very successful round in 3rd. 

On the night Aaron Lask got the lightweight win with 100 points from Jake Taplin in second with 97. One point behind him was Josh Adams on his second ever F270 round who himself was just one point ahead of 4th man James Rose. In the 80kg category it was another dominant victory for Andy Cornish with 101 points. Paul Turland took 2nd with 93 and Jono Holland taking 3rd place, level on points with Mathew Hall but Jono clinching the trophy due to setting the fastest lap in Heat 1. In the 90kg James Oakley beat David Lask by just one point with Charlie Tatum taking the 3rd spot. 

In the Championship this confirmed Aaron Lask as the Overall and Lightweight Champion for 2017. The last round already confirmed Andy Cornish as the 80kg Champion and now James Oakley was confirmed as the 90kg Champion. However, none of the categories have confirmed runner up spots with George Parker 2nd and Jake Taplin 3rd in the lightweights, Paul Turland 2nd and Jono Holland 3rd in the 80kg and David Lask 2nd to Charlie Tatum 3rd in the 90kg. And for added drama the final round of the series will be run with the circuit backwards! 

Images by Janet Taplin

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RLK Formula 270 Round 8 Report

Round 8 of the Formula 270 started with keen interested from the championship regulars and Covkart hopefuls due to the arrival of the brand new fleet of Biz Karts. Generously Red Lodge Karting had extended qualifying from just a 1 lap shoot out to a 4 lap qualifying session to let everyone get used to the new karts. The newer karts appear wider and now have the typical closed rear wheels of corporate karts now with the wrap around bumper. However, the chassis was a vast improvement on the slightly tired karts of the previous round. As usual the field was split in half, the lightweight drivers starting first with those 80kg and over watching from the side lines with one eye on the timing screens. 

Aaron Lask puts it on pole with a respectful 52 second lap doing what he needs for his championship campaign. The race starts dry and with a minor tangle with George Parker and Bob Willis at the first corner there positions barely change. The whole field manages to keep within 10 seconds of each other, with the top 3 of Aaron Lask, James Rose and Josh Adams on his debut, less than a second apart. However on lap 10 the rain began to fall and chaos ensued. With the top 3 running so close it was inevitable contact would happen, with Aaron Lask taking the brunt of it. Jacob Heyne-Ford running in 4th almost a second behind takes full advantage by swooping into the lead on the last lap with James Rose holding onto 2nd and Aaron taking a commiserating 3rd. 

In the heavies it was Covkart Race Director and Red Lodge Regular Chris Daines on pole, with Will Gibbs creeping into the 80kg class this time around in 2nd. At the start of the now dry track Jono Holland got off the line quickly to take 3rd from Paul Turland. The top 3 then pulled away from the field as Charlie Tatum demoted Paul Turland further to lead the chasing pack. The lap times were only a second off the best which was impressive on a damp to drying track. On lap 7 Jono Holland took a punt for 2nd place but couldn’t make it stick, so the positions remained unchanged with Chris Daines taking the win, Will Gibbs second and Jono Holland 3rd, 12 seconds in front of the chasing pack. 

Heat 2’s reverse grid saw 2016 Formula 270 Champion Lewis Nurse start pole due to a penalty in the previous heat that put him a lap down. Making up for the contact in the previous round George Parker took advantage of being at the front overtaking Mathew Rout on lap 2 and leader Lewis on lap 3. In the midfield Covkarters Dante Dhillon and Greg Smith (3rd in F270 Championship 2016) were changing places lap after lap, but Aaron Lask had the better of them coming through from the back. Jake Taplin was doing well in 4th until a chain snapping ended his race early on lap 10 which seemed to set off a chain reaction releasing Aaron Lask and Charlie Pickering to both demote Lewis Nurse and Mathew Rout out of the top 3. By this time George Parker was out of reach, winning by 8 seconds with Aaron Lask runner up and Charlie Pickering close behind in third.

In the reverse grid for the Heavies Will and Chris stormed from the back with Covkart’s Jason Keeler mixing it with the regulars. This time Will Gibbs was leading Chris Daines with Jason Keeler in toe, but it would appear there were still some teething issues with the new karts. Chris Daine’s stuttered to a halt on lap 10, with a pursuing Charlie Tatum demoting Jason Keeler to 3rd. This seemed to wake up the midfield too who scrabbled for position just two laps from the end. It finished this time with Will Gibbs in first, Charlie Tatum second and Jason Keeler third. Because of this though the heavies, bar the top 2 of Will Gibbs and Andy Cornish, were separated by just 2 points. 

Heat 3 was the most competitive of the night with the whole field separated by just 5 seconds. Jake Taplin made up for his failing kart in the last heat to start on pole, leading the first 3 laps being pursued by Jacob Heyne-Ford and Josh Adams. Jacob took the lead on the next lap hoping to make it two wins for the night with Josh Adams following him through a lap later into second. After finally making his way from the back of the pack to the front Aaron was poised to take the lead, and on lap 10 just the tap 2 thousands of a second behind Jacob. A lap later it was done and it was Aaron atop the podium once more, with Jacob 2nd and Jake slipping down the order meant James Rose was 3rd. To top off his win Aaron also got the fastest lao of the evening being the only driver to make it into the 51 second bracket. 

The Heavies was just as lively as the final trophy was to be decided by our finishing position. Will Gibbs made it a repeat of starting at the back and slicing his way to the front into second place, with Charlie Tatum in the lead and Jono Holland in 3rd. The Black and White flag was being well used by race controls as drivers bumped each other into the hairpin, shuffling the order, promoting Rafal Wolski to 3rd. However it wasn’t long before Andy Cornish took 3rd place off him and Jason Keeler taking a further place into 4th. The battle between Will and Charlie intensified swapping places over 4 laps but Will eventually made it stick to take a second win, Charlie 2nd, Andy 3rd.  

Overall in the lightweights Aaron Lask took the win with 102 points, an impressive 9 points ahead of James Rose, who himself was just 1 point ahead of Jacob Heyne-Ford. In the 80kg it was Will Gibbs in 1st with 106 points, Andy Cornish in 2nd on 94 and Jason Keeler’s 4th place in the last heat took the final podium position on 89. In the 90kg category it was Charlie Tatum first on 86, David Lask second with 78 just one point ahead of James Oakley with 77. 

In the Championship Aaron Lask was now on 781 points after 23 heats with George Parker second with 747 over 24 heats, and Charlie Pickering 3rd with 707. In the 80kg Andy Cornish now made it mathematically impossible for anyone to catch him with 776. Paul Turland in second on 656 points is now unable to surpass that total, as winning the last 6 heats would only give him 758 points. However second place is yet to be decided with Jono Holland now just 18 points behind on 638. In the 90kg championship it is all to play for as James Oakley leads with 692, David Lask on 626 and Charlie Tatum on 589. Only the top 25 heats count out of the 30 for the year so the next round will only gather more points for some drivers if they better their previous results – although with some drivers experiencing DNFs and last lap spins there are plenty of points to be had. 


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RLK Formula 270 Round 7 Report

The 7th Round of Red Lodge’s Formula 270 started promptly with all 23 drivers having competed in at least two events before, efficiently making their way through the briefing to get out on track. Again there was a good grid of lightweights and Heavy drivers from 14 years old to those nearing 6 decades, but that didn’t seem to have any impact on the competitiveness of the drivers with tightly knit racing. For the first Heats the random grid gave Will Gibbs pole position who promptly drove it into the lead and off into the distance. Charlie Pickering pursued him for a couple of laps before being overtaken by George Parker who set his sights on catching Will. By lap 4 George was less than half a second behind but couldn’t make a move stick, edging closer and closer each time. By lap 9 of 13 the gap was around a quarter of a second and on lap 11 it looked like the pass could happen. But some stellar defending by Will kept George behind at the finish with Charlie Pickering taking the final podium position.
For the Heavies it was another Red Lodge regular Charlie Tatum on pole who looked set to make it a copy of the previous lightweight heat with David Lask hunting him down in second place. Paul Turland was hanging on to the 3rd before Andy Cornish demoted him to 4th on lap 3. Andy set his sights on David and eventually caught him by lap 7 with Richard Kemp taking inspiration and doing the same a lap later. It all looked like the racing was over as Andy caught the back of Charlie on the penultimate lap, however a mistake by Charlie let Andy slip by into the lead and onto his first win of the night. Charlie took a commiserating second place with Richard Kemp in third.
The second Heat saw John Padley start on pole and a tangle between Derek Taplin and Ash Connor saw them both tumbling down the field. This was to Derek’s son’s advantage as Jake Taplin followed George Parker through avoiding the chaos. The grid was so tightly packed there were barely any overtakes with Championship hopeful Aaron Lask and James Rose making places through the pack. On lap 7 though saw Bob Willis tumble through the pack as his chain snapped, meaning previously heat winner Will Gibbs moved up at least one place. And while that drama was unfolding Jake Taplin had managed to make a pass on George for second place. John Padley took the win with George unable to pass in third.
The Heavies second heat had Steve Yanusaukas start from his first pole position which he held on to from Richard Kemp in second place before Andy Cornish in third denied Richard second place on lap 3, and Steve the lead a lap later. Andy disappeared into the lead as the tightly formed pack jostled for the final podium positions. Lap 8 is when it all got interesting with David Lask coming from fourth to second in two laps with Richard Kemp to retire just 2 laps from the end gifting Steve Yanusaukas his first podium in third.
For the final lightweight heat Bob was blessed with good luck in a new kart and lead from pole to the finish with Jake Taplin in his usual place snapping at his heels in second. Aaron Lask was unable to get any closer in third so had to settle ahead of the chaos that ensued behind him. From the sidelines it all looked like good clean fun as Will Gibbs went from 7th down to 9th and then finally back up to 4th, with Ash Connor ahead of him at first then somehow behind. Matthew Rout was unlikely to make a mistake that saw him drop almost to last with the same fate happening to Ethan Hall 2 laps later; the two had a battle between them selves with Matthew getting the better of Ethan a couple of laps later, although both now out of the top 10.
Heat 3 for the Heavies saw Andy Cornish starting in third position, ideally poised to get his first hat trick of the year. The rest of the 80kg category were level on points so the results of this race would decide the final podium places. Andy Cornish waisted no time in taking the lead on lap one with Jono Holland in pursuit, followed by James Oakley, Richard Kemp and Paul Turland desperate to deny him the second place trophy. Andy was pulling almost a second a lap on Jono as James Oakley slipped down the order pass by Paul then Richard. Paul was on a roll though and managed to take second from Jono with 4 laps to go, Jono settling for 3rd.
The pass for second in the lightweights Heat 2 meant that Jake Taplin took the overall win, now one race less than championship contender Aaron Lask. George Parker’s consistency meant he was second with Aaron Lask back in the top 3 in third. Andy Cornish was the dominate force in the 80kg group winning all 3 heats and 108 points towards his unconquerable championship lead. Paul Turland’s pass on Jono Holland meant he had the one point he needed to beat him to second, Jono left with third. In the 90kg David Lask took his first win of the year with Charlie Tatum in second and James Oakley third.
Overall in the Championship Andy Cornish is leading, 3 points ahead of Aaron Lask, however dropping their 5 lowest results (as per the championship rules) Aaron is still 16 points ahead. Jake Taplin is second in the lightweights 26 points behind Aaron Lask and only 3 points ahead of Wills Gibbs in third. In the 80kg Andy Cornish is way out in front, 83 points in front of second place Paul Turland, who is 16 points ahead of 3rd place Jono Holland. In the 90kg category James Oakley is leading Charlie Tatum by 27 points with David Lask 10 points behind in third. With 36 points for a win and 9 Heats left for the year the lightweights and 90kg championship is still up for grabs. The 80kg looks almost certain to land to Andy Cornish but the runners up spot is not yet certain. Tonight was the last night for Red Lodge’s current Biz Kart fleet with the new karts due to arrive soon. The next round also coincides with a Covkart weekend so expect a very full grid for the next round!

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RLK Formula 270 Round 6 Report

Round 6 opened the second half of the championship and started just like Round 1 with a completely soaked track. This time the lightweights and the heavies were to be separated to keep the racing more even and started with qualifying. Ash Connor was the first to leave the pits and to leave the track as he went straight on at turn 1 highlighting just how slippery this race was going to be.

Heat 1 for the lightweights saw a dominant performance for the two championship contenders Aaron Lask and George Parker, both using the wet lines on the sodden track. The position at the front changed as they both searched for grip in a first heat that seemed to last for ages. It was Aaron across the line first with George fastest with a 1:13 lap but unable to sneak past. Bob Willis beat the rest of the pack to third.

Heat 1 for the heavies saw Andy Cornish qualifying on pole with David Lask in the 90kg beating Jono Holland to second. At the start Jono got the jump on David, but it was short lived as a wheel on the grass in the fastest part of the track saw Jono spin onto the grass, rejoining only to spin again on wet grass covered tyres. James Oakley slipped passed into second place and battled with David and Charlie as Andy Cornish disappeared into the distance. At the mid point the battle for the final podium places intensified as Jason Avilles joined the 4 way battle for 2nd to 5th. Jason and James swapped places several times but it was Jason who grabbed 2nd, James settling for 3rd.

Heat 2 for the lightweights the results were reversed and although the rain had now stopped, the track was still just as wet and the results similar to the first Heat with Aaron and George muscling their way to the front. Aaron took full advantage though and ended up at the front, with Bob Willis taking second and Charlie Pickering just beating George to third.

Heat 2 for the heavies Jono Holland took advantage of being out of position in the reverse grid and went straight into the lead. Paul Turland battled his way through to deny him on lap 4, however it didn’t end there before Charlie Tatum managed to squeeze passed Paul into the lead at the halfway point. Jason Avilles and then worked his was up to the top 3 but slipped back through the field as James Oakley and David Lask displaced the rest to finish second and third respectively.

Heat 3 for the lightweights with a drying track saw a much more jumbled pack. We had several different leaders for this heat and it looked set to be a Bob Willis win until he had an off onto the wet grass and slipped down the field allowing George Parker to become the frontman. George almost got the lap time to under 1 minute as he was pursued by James Rose in second. This time Ash Connor was able to keep his third place ahead of Aaron.

Heat 3 for the heavies saw Jono Holland and Andy Cornish working their way through the field with Andy making a pass on Jono to beat him to the front with Steve Yanusauskas keeping up in the still wet conditions to complete the top 3. However it was Charlie Tatum again showing his speed in the wet, making his was through the field, pursued by James Oakley. At the mid point Charlie made a move on Jono to demote him to third, he fell further as he was passed James just three laps from the end.

This meant overall Aaron Lask beat George Parker by 2 points to win the night and Bob Willis third with his best round of the year so far. In the 80kg category rainmaster Andy Cornish was 13 points ahead of second place Jono Holland, who in turn was 3 points ahead of Paul Turland. In the 90kg category Charlie Tatum took the overall win by 2 points from James Oakley, and David Lask in third. In the championship there is still much to play for with the top 3 of leader Aaron Lask, George Parker and Charlie Pickering separated by less than a race win. In the 80kg its a little more settled at the front with Andy Cornish 3 wins ahead. James Oakley is still leading in the 90kg however Charlie Tatum appears to be reading him in slightly as we enter the second half of the season.

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RLK Formula 270 Round 5 Report

At the half way point in the championship the racing gets turned on its head at Red Lodge as the circuit is run in reverse, which is actually the traditional clockwise direction. This makes Round 5 particularly challenging in the hot and humid conditions. The random grids always make it interesting mixing the differences in weight and abilities of the 22 drivers attending. Heat 1 of 5 saw a chaotic start with everyone swapping places with Andy Cornish muscling his way into the lead with Jake Taplin for company. Jack Reid led the rest of the field with Richard Kemp hoping to make a pass, which he eventually did on lap 6 in pursuit of the front two. Jake kept Andy on it to the flag but unable to take the lead finishing less than 0.2 seconds behind and Kemp a further 2 seconds in 3rd.

Heat 2 was a little more sedate with most of the action happening in the midfield where 3 into one didn’t go. James Oakley ended. up in the tyres and needed rescuing with Jono Holland being deemed the culprit for the crash and receiving a 10 point penalty. Will Gibbs was unchallenged in the lead with James Rose and Jake Taplin swapping places in second and third. However it was Jame’s turn to finish second this time around, catching Will towards then end for a close finish, Jake settling for 3rd 5 seconds behind.

Will Gibbs didn’t have it as easy in this heat staying midfield while the positions swapped around him, but after everyone had settled down he had managed to pick off the pack and was in the lead by lap 6. Charlie Pickering had been at the front until then and now slotted into second position. Aaron Lask who had missed his first heat was keeping himself in to top 3 and secured himself a podium with 3rd.


The random grid for Heat 4 chucked out an interesting grid with the front made up of mostly 90kg drivers, plus the reigning F270 Champion Lewis Nurse returning for a one off race. However it was Jake Taplin who had picked up a 3rd and 2nd in the last heats desperate to complete the hat-trick and finish in first place, pushing James Rose who was leading down to second. However Lewis wasn’t going to go easy on him and denied him another second place and having to settle with third.

In Heat 5 it was a relatively clean start with the field being lead by Charlie Pickering, pursued by Jono Holland. On lap 2 however as Holland made a pass on the straight he was forced off the track by Pickering and fell down to 7th – Karma for his collision with Oalkey in Heat 2 maybe. This made way for Aaron Lask to capitalise on some points and pursue Ash Connor who was leading the field into second place. James Rose also in hot pursuit of the win then did the same a lap later and demoted Ash into third but unable to make the pass on Aaron who took the win.

Overall this meant Jake Taplin took the win from Will Gibbs even though they were joint on 102 points, with Jake having the fastest lap. James Rose lined up in 3rd just 2 points behind. Andy Cornish won the 80kg and Jason Aviles won the 90kg group. In the championship the top 3 have jumbled up with Jake Taplin leading from Will Gibbs and Aaron Lask, who has dropped to third.

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RLK Formula 270 Round 4 Report

Red Lodge Karting’s Formula 270 4th Round started dry after the previous days rain, however the strong wind continued its presence. 26 drivers in two groups started with a one hot lap of qualifying to decide the grid for their first heats. In Group A Jake Taplin took pole with Aaron Lask and George Parker keeping him in toe. Aaron and George worked together early to make the pass on the pole sitter Jake and the top 3 made a sizeable gap from the rest of the pack, lead by 90kg driver David Lask. Ethan Hall and James Rose managed to break through at the half way point to pursue the top 3 who were now 10 seconds up the road, but to no avail. It wasn’t all set at the front though as George Parker was caught by Jake Taplin for second place although a little too late to catch Aaron. in 1st. Group B saw Will Gibbs on pole, however this was short lived as Charlie Pickering took the lead on lap one and stayed their until the end. Will eventually finished second with Andy Cornish 3rd and the rest of the field a further 10 seconds behind.

Heat 2 Richard Kemp looked set to take the lead on the opening lap until a yellow flag left over from the first corner halted his move. After the barrier was replaced he managed to sneak past at the 180 pursued by James Rose and Aaron Lask. His lead was short lived as they both slipped past and dropped him to 3rd with George Parker demoting him to 4th on the next lap to complete the top 3. George was able to take 2nd place from James this time and only 0.1 of a second of Aaron Lask who took his second win on the trot. For group B this was surely the closest race of the night with the whole field keeping within 12 seconds from the leader to last. John Barson looked good on his Formula 270 debut to stay in 2nd for 5 laps before a spin at the 180 demoted him all the way to 8th. Andy Cornish won the heat by just 0.1 seconds from John Padley and Charlie Pickering settling for 3rd.

Heat 3 saw a sprinkling of rain at the start but it soon stopped and by lap 3 the lap times were comparable to a dry lap. Drama on lop 3 saw contact between Ethan Hall, David Lask and Rafal Wolski who took the brunt of the impact by shearing two boys of his right rear after connecting with the spinning David Lask. This then gave us a replica top 3 of the first heat albeit with a different winner of Jake Taplin, Aaron having to settle for 2nd this time around in front of George in 3rd. The excitement was clearly too much for the official timings for Group B as the computer crashed, probably because it was just as packed as the previous heat. However it was Will Gibbs finishing first pursued by Andy Cornish in 2nd and Ash Connor rounding up the top 3.

That meant on the night Aaron Lask as winner, equaling his points total of the opening round, just 2 points off the maximum with 106. Andy Cornish made his second century in a row with 102 (while also taking the 80kg win) and a huge 15 point gap to 3rd place man Ash Connor. James Oakley once again took the 90kg win to complete his unbeaten run, however this time by just one point.

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RLK Formula 270 Round 3 Report

Round 3 of Red Lodge Karting’s Formula 270 saw 31 drivers compete over 6 random heats in the overcast conditions. The first heat Championship leader Aaron Lask started at the back of the grid but muscled his way to the front and was 4th after one lap. Francis Hughes was leading on his Formula 270 debut until Aaron Lask decide to deny him the lead half way through. The top three was finished of by Charlie Pickering in 3rd.

Heat 2 had a front row of F270 newbies who managed to keep the faster regulars behind as the squabbled over the midfield, with 3 penalties being dished out. It was eventually won by John Padley who was fastest out there with Jake Taplin taking second and James Rose in 3rd.

Heat 3 started with a fresh sprinkling of rain however this was of no concern to Andy Cornish who built up an impressive lead of 13 seconds halfway through the race and lapping 5 seconds faster than James Oakley in second. Lewis Bonwick set his fastest lap soon after and slipped into second place, demoting James Oakley to third.

Heat 4 was now dry again with Aaron Lask and Will Gibbs fighting at the front with a pursuing Sam Howe snapping at their heels. Aaron and will then pulled out a gap from Sam who was left to fight off the pressure from George Parker. Aaron denied Will the lead on 5 and the two disappeared off ahead. George Parked had managed to get passed to complete the top 3 although wasn’t able to get up to Aaron and Will. The heat was won by Aaron Lask by less than 3/4 of a second from Will Gibbs and George Parker in 3rd.

Heat 5 had Aaron Lask and Andy Cornish starting at the front who took no time to lead from the front. Aaron managed to get a 5 second gap from Andy in second who was defending from Bob Willis. The top 3 pulled almost 9 seconds away from the rest of the congested midfield and finished in their respective positions, Bob just 0.3 seconds behind Andy.

Heat 6 was another simple affair with the fastest drivers starting at the front and pulling cleanly away. There was more action in the midfield to the benefit of Jake Taplin who came through after 5 laps into 3rd. The heat was won by George Parker, Ash Connor in second, Jake Taplin just holding onto 3rd.

Overall with Aaron Lask winning all of his heats he went away with the maximum 108 points. Also making a century was Andy Cornish in second overall and easily winning the 80kg class. George Parker was 3rd overall with 95 points. James Oakley was once again the 90kg winner.

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