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10th May, W-plate meeting, Wombwell

The weather was a nice for the SYKC “W” Meeting and there was a very healthy entry list.

The “W” plate is a special meeting in memory of Brian Wilson, Brian was an active member of SYKC from 1970 until his untimely death in 1992. Brian got involved in Karting because of his 11 year old son Mike Wilson who at the age of 18 moved to Italy to become a team driver for Birel and he went on to win 6 World Championships.

SYKC decided to hold an annual event and Mike decided to donate one of his World Championship trophies that is awarded to the driver of the day chosen by Brian’s wife Eileen.

The winner of each of the classes get to use the “W” plate for the year.

Iami Cadet once again had the biggest grid and they did not disappoint anyone with the racing in all of the heats. Pole was taken by Joe Beecroft who won 2 of the heats and Joe Ellison joining him on the front row, Joe Ellison took the win from a very close Joe Beecroft with Jenson Parker taking 3rd with only half a second between the 3 of them. Jay Holtby taking first Novice trophy.

Once again the smaller classes give the best racing for the spectators and the Honda Cadet class did not let anyone down. Heat wins were taken by Cian Ketteringham in heat 1 and Caeson Gibson heats 2 and 3. Pole position was taken by Maurice Henry who had a 2nd, 4th, 3rd in the heats. After some close racing all the way down the grid the win was taken by Caeson Gibson and Jajay Cook taking the Novice trophy.

Mini Max gave some good entertaining races for this big crowd. Jack Martin took wins in heats 1&2 but Teddy Pritchard-Williams and Oliver Smith made him work for the wins, heat 3 was won by Teddy Pritchard-Williams. Jack Martin was on pole with Oliver Smith joining him on the front row. Jack Martin won the final with Teddy Pritchard-Williams les than a tenth of a second behind. Mathew Bonnett taking the Novice Trophy.

Junior Max had a disappointing entry but Adam Batty and James Parish did not let anyone down, Adam won all the heats and went on to win the final from pole position with James finishing a very close runner up.

Junior X30 grids are getting stronger every meeting and the racing was very close all day, Josh Rafferty won heat 1 with River Hughes second, Tom Rafferty won heat 2 with Josh Rafferty second, heat 3 was won by River Hughes with Steven Dixon second so everyone new this was the final to watch. Josh Rafferty was on pole with River 2nd and Tom 3rd. the start was good and Josh and Tom Rafferty set about racing each other with the lead swapping many times before the flag, the spectators could not believe the result. a first for SYKC it was a DEAD HEAT and when the times came out they had both done the fastest lap, Josh on lap 8 and Tom lap 5, what a good race by the Rafferty Brothers.

Senior Max looked like a clean sweep by James Lingard who won all 3 heats from Ryan Turner, Nathan Chafer was was a late entry and drove well to qualify 3rd from starting at the back in all the heats. The final was a light to flag win for James Lingard with Ryan Turner 2nd

The X30 grid gets better and better and the quality of the drivers are also getting better. Jordan Baines won the first two heats with Peter Sharrocks taking the win in the third heat, Peter was on pole because of his consistent heats, Jordan and Peter made a good start and battled for the first half of the race and Peter took the win from Jordan close behind. Novice trophy was won by Murray Behrens.

The Driver of the day was given to Mini Max Jack Martin. The free tyre draw for Rotax classes sponsored by

Strawberry Racing were:

Mini Max: Matthew Bonnett Junior Max: Luke Wingfield Senior Max: Ryan Turner

South Yorkshire Kart Club – Wombwell

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September 2014 – Wombwell

The South Yorkshire Kart Club were pleased to host the 6th round of the NKF championship with its September club meeting at Wombwell. As usual the NKF brought a large number of drivers to bolster the grids, even resulting in a B Final for the IAME cadet drivers, it was going to be a busy schedule for all.

JuniorRotaxwere on track for the first final of the day with James Parish on pole from NKF championship leader Jack Brailsford. Brailsford making the better start from the outside as they turned into the tight turn one, as local championship contender Thomas Wood slid wide onto the grass, with others following suit the leaders edged away. Brendan Pattison closing in to challenge the lead pair but his challenge looked to be over as he dropped back to 5th but he would find his way back to 3rd by the flag. Parish took the lead from Brailsford only for it to be overhauled in the dash for the line – ultimately is was a very close finish with Brailsford crossing the line 0.1 ahead of Parish. The Novice trophy going to Daniel Kilburn ahead of Morgan Gray.Next up were the Honda cadets, with 4 novices in the field there would be trophies for all to fight for. Once again it was the more experienced NKF drivers at the head of the field. At the first corner Connor Garner and Caeson Gibson clashed, once untangled they would be left dead last. Up front Riley Banks narrowly led from Archie Swinscoe and Kai Hunter. Further back the battle for honours in the novices was between Max & Harvey Edmundson who were inseparable throughout, finishing a very creditable 4th & 5th respectively. Swinscoe just held on to the lead by the narrowest of margins from Banks at the flag.

The Bambino time Trial came out next, always a pleasure to see the club racers of the future fi nding their feet, all deserving of a mention and suitably given a medal at the presentation, the drivers being Oliver Wright, Chance Benne€ , Harley Keeble, Max Jordan, Oliver Brooke, Ella Stevens & Nathan Tye.OntoMinimax where Rhys hunter claimed pole ahead of Adam Ba€ y who knows Wombwell as well as anyone, it looked like a close race in the making, but as Hunter and Ben Summers were clean through on the inside line Ba€ y took a nudge and off he went along with 3 others who were le’ to struggle back through the fi eld, Ba€ y would see his advantage cut in the championship as he only fi nished 8th. Hunter and Summers would be locked together throughout, Hunter staying calm and fought back a’er Summers slipped by and from thereon he gave no chances in claiming this win, Jae Dale was just over a second behind the lead duo in a race of his own waiting in vain for an error from the leaders.

Good to see a grid of Jnr TKM’s back at Wombwell, with Lewis Murray returning to a track where he drove in cadets, it must have given him great pleasure to claim pole from Connor Stephenson. Murray making an early gap to Stephenson, but he could not maintain his lead and Stephenson ominously closed in, until they exchanged the lead a couple of times before Stephenson took the flag. Always good to watch are the IAME cadets and with a full grid of competitive young drivers the winner couldn’t be predicted. Teddy Williams held pole, with Wombwell returnee Joe Beecroft alongside. After a first lap incident at the hairpin the race was restarted and immediately Beecroft took the lead that initially looked comfortable as he moved away from Williams who was challenged by Callum Hattersley& Oliver Brooke. Brooke eventually worked through to 2nd and closed the gap to the leader, but he ran out of laps as Beecroft raised his first in celebration. Further back Tilly Goundry drove excellently to take the novice trophy – finishing in a very creditable 10th overall.

Senior Rotax final was very much anticipated with a full grid and a number of quick drivers, but could they challenge the NKF championship leader Jay Taylor who had claimed pole ahead of James Lingard. The front of the grid made a nice clean start, but towards the back there was contact at turn one leading to a tangle of several karts who would continue but now out of contention. By now Taylor had opened a gap over Ryan Turner and James Lingard, Lingard was pacing his run as he steadily closed in taking Turner and challenging Taylor. During the final couple of laps there would be contact and although Lingard took the flag he would receive a 5 place penalty handing the win to Jay Taylor ahead of Turner. The third podium spot going to Tom Shipman after a steady srive.

Last final was for the Senior X30’s where Harry Winkfield was dominant despite the best efforts of Peter Sharrocks and Justin Clarke.

South Yorkshire Kart Club – Round 5

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South Yorkshire Kart Club, Round 5,July 13th 2014

The sun shone once again on Wombwell for the July meeting of the South Yorkshire kart Club which included the competitors from the NKRA Northern championship.

Wombwell has always been a popular circuit to begin karting, the trend continues with novices throughout the field including a number who had only taken their ARKS test on the Saturday, but more important was the fact that they were not all cadets – but spread through all classes including seniors.

Senior X30 (including Snr Blue) set the finals under way, Peter Sharrocks once again showing his local knowledge as he came through to take the win after a race long dice. Robert Smith taking the novice trophy, whilst Nigel Pritchard took the honours in Snr Formula Blue.

As ever the IAME cadet grid was awaited with anticipation, it certainly did not disappoint and with 5 novices in the pack, there were in effect 2 races to be won. At the head of the pack a quartet of MBM drivers had to hold of the hard charging Jensen Parker, could he break the run of victories that Joe Ellison was on. The lead 3 drivers of Ellison Parker and Callum Hattersley soon broke free and in typical cadet style they drove faultlessly inches apart whilst exchanging positions but once again it was Ellison who held his nerve to take the flag. Further back the battle for the honour of first novice home was excellent – the trophy eventually falling to Alicia Goundry, no doubt her sister will be after revenge next meeting.

Nice to see Sam Holgate back at Wombwell in a Minimax where he was right on the pace challenging the regulars. Adam Batty definitely knew that he had a fight on his hands this month, but no matter how he tried Holgate could not find a way through, watching and waiting for a mistake by the lead duo was Tamzyn Buckley, and the Novice trophy going to Will Drydal.

Senior Rotax once again had everyones attention with a closely matched pack on the tight confines of wombwell it was non-stop action, close but clean – wherever you looked there was a dice to be seen. For the last few months Ryan Turner has been on the brink of his first win, could today break his duck? Also now on the pace and challenging for a podium was James Towell. Once again we had a number of novice drivers. The overall honoures would eventually fall to Ryan Turner ahead of James Towell and the W plate holder Scott collinge.

Once again great to see Honda cadets with a grid, it may have only been a small grid but the race for the lead between Maurice Henry and Daniel Holdsworth was as close as could be – whilst Sam Pattison stayed in touch hoping for an error by the lead duo, but that was not going to happen as Henry held out for another win. Again we had 2 novices in this class – in fact a brother and sister and although during the day they had each had misfortunes in the heats, come the final they were having a right good family dispute, girl power prevailing with Gracie Holdsworth taking the novice trophy ahead of brother Daniel.

The Jnr Rotax final closed the day, recently Thomas Wood and Brendan Pattison have been the favourites for the win, but Joe Stables has recently matched that pace and we were treated to a 3 way fight for the lead, it would again go the way of Pattison, but it wont be long before we see a new winner in jnr rotax at Wombwell. Sharing the track were the Jnr X30’s where River (rubber) Hughes was the victor ahead of Thomas Neill.

South Yorkshire Kart Club – Wombwell

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Northern-PattisonThe heat results at Wombwell were Scott Collinge 1 – James Lingard 2 in Senior Rotax at Lingard went on to win the final 4.2s ahead of Steven Burdass with Collinge 3rd.

Brendan Pattison won two Junior Rotax heats and then the final with the other heat winner Thomas Wood coming in 2nd with a big gap to Chris Haigh in 3rd. Adam Batty was at the front of Minimax all day, winning the final by 0.8s from Mason Walker.

Lots of Bambino graduates in the IAME class and James Taylor took two heat wins to Joe Beecroft’s one. Beecroft was fastest as the day went on though and took the final win ahead of Taylor with reigning club champion Joshua Rattican 3rd.

Peter Sharrocks and Jack France shared the X30 wins, but problems in heat 3 ended France’s day so Sharrocks had a relatively easy time, and beat Tom Limer by 4.2s, 0.2s a lap faster.w

South Yorkshire Kart Club, Wombwell – Winter Series Round 1

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Photo 23-01-2014 20 02 34A small but perfectly formed club, Wombwell punches above it’s weight in terms of drivers produced, including the most successful karter ever, Mike Wilson.

Strawberry Racing are to sponsor the 2014 Rotax championship for all three classes with prizes of 1st £750, 2nd £500 and 3rd £250 for the championship top three. Strawberry have also agreed to give a set of tyres for a free draw at all the summer championship rounds for all the Rotax classes.

Scott Collinge and James Lingard won the Senior Rotax heats between them, with two going to Lingard. Lingard was the final winner too, 0.7s ahead of Ryan Turner while Collinge was 7s behind.

Junior and Minimax went out together with Brendan Pattison winning two heats and Thomas a Wood one. Mason Walker and Adam Batty shared the Minimax heat victories. The final win went to Wood from Pattison with Batty the top Minimax.

Wombwell was another club to have a grid of X30s and there were actually more there than the Senior Rotaxes. There has still only been modest numbers but different people each time. Peter Sharrocks won two heats to Garry Butcher’s one but the final went to John Rogerson a massive 7s ahead of Butcher while problems for Sharrocks put him back to 5th.

12 IAME Cadets and one Honda lined up and Josh Rafferty and Joshua Rattican were the heat winners. Rafferty won the final just a tenth ahead of Joe Ellison with Rattican 3rd. The Honda, Scott McIntyre, finished 8th overall.