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TVKC Winter Series – Round 2

Jamie RogersFor the second round of the club Winter Series, TVKC again ran with the qualifying and two finals format to maximise the racing in the short daylight period. The track was wet and icy to start with and barely dried all day.

After a late start for de-icing the two grids of IAME Cadets qualified first with the second session being faster and topped by Kiern Jewiss. Jewiss also won the first Prefinal and Tom Wood took the second, then for the final Wood pushed Jewiss along before digging into his reserves to take the lead and pull away by 2s. Lewis Thompson’s kart came on towards the end and he took 2nd, with Jewiss having to work hard to stay ahead of the pack.

The Honda Cadets “raced” through qualifying, more entertaining to watch than the strategic approach, and BRK’s Tom Canning and Mark Kimber took 1st and 2nd. Jamie Rogers, who had qualified 3rd, and Myles Apps produced a spectacular final with Apps just winning on the line after a check of the timing system.

The X30 classes had their UK debut in January with seven Juniors and ten Seniors taking to the track. The Senior field was small but select, including double European KFJ Champion George Russell, Mach 1 factory driver John Norris, and the very experienced Danny Cruttenden. Russell was fast but never quite a match for Cruttenden, particularly after bending his kart in qualifying. Glenn Guest was taken to hospital after hitting the bridge in the final but thankfully only had mild concussion.

Arran Mills won Junior TKM from Alex Forward, with Stephen Letts 3rd, the only one to brave slicks. He was fastest too but too far behind after the start. X30 Junior went out with the Junior TKMs with some regular TKM drivers swapping class, including the eventual 2nd-placed Matthew Round-Garrido. Daniel McAuley had mastered the new kit best to take the debut class win.

In Minimax Dean Macdonald dominated from start to finish with Lucas Vaus the best of the rest and behind that Thomas Turner, Rory Hudson and Elliot Harvey battling.

The Junior Max field was full and evenly matched with Tom Harvey, so nearly the Junior Max World Champion, on pole. Harvey couldn’t get the set-up right for the final though and was 4th after battling Stef Charalambous. The winner was the very assured Josh Skelton who took the lead on the last lap ahead of Tom Gamble and Cameron Roberts.

Nathan Aston was fastest in Senior Max qualifying while single-seater star Jake Dennis took 2nd in fully wet conditions. Aston went on to win both finals, with the main final taking place on slick tyres. Thomas Arme was Aston’s closest rival and was closing up slowly but ran out of laps. Irishman Odhran Henry took 3rd just ahead of local hero Matthew Hirst. Dennis didn’t finish the Prefinal but made up 16 places in the final for 13th.

IAME Cadet
1 Tom Wood Zip
2 Lewis Thompson Zip +1.99s
3 Kiern Jewiss Zip +1.54s
4 Zac Robertson Zip +0.25s
5 Dexter Patterson Zip +0.10s

Honda Cadet
1 Myles Apps Zip
2 Jamie Rogers Project One +0.01s
3 Harry Thompson BRK +0.64s
4 Jenson Butterfield Project One +1.61s
5 Mark Kimber BRK +0.37s

1 Dean Macdonald Kosmic
2 Lucas Vaus Tony +5.03s
3 Rory Hudson nmhvbbbbbvfcbggvggTony +3.40s
4 Elliott Harvey ART +0.28s
5 Thomas Turner Alonso +0.43s
Junior Max
1 Josh Skelton Tony
2 Tom Gamble Tony +0.89s
3 Cameron Roberts Tony +1.18s
4 Tom Harvey Tony +2.95s
5 Stef Charalambous Tony +3.57s

Senior Max
1 Nathan Aston Tony
2 Thomas Arme Kosmic +1.66s
3 Odhran Henry Kosmic +6.05s
4 Matthew Hirst Tony +0.19s
5 Josh Price Tony +11.89s

X30 Junior
1 Daniel McAuley Tony
2 Matthew Round-Garrido Tony +2.43s
3 Bryony King Tony +7.01s
4 Harry Whittaker Tony +4.86s
5 Philip Hanson Tony +0.20s

Junior TKM
1 Arran Mills Tony
2 Alex Forward DSG +1.99s
3 Stephen Letts Tony +1.32s
4 George Sutton DSG +3.42s
5 Harrison Smith Tony +1 lap

X30 Senior
1 Danny Cruttenden ART
2 John Norris Mach 1 +8.86s
3 Jack Dex MS +5.51s
4 Chris Trott Tony +4.07s
5 Ryan Green DR +0.14s

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Bahrain results 2013

World Championship KF & KFJ Bahrain 231113KF

1 Tom Joyner Zanardi/TM

2 Karol Basz Tony/Vortex +2.311s

3 Armand Convers Kosmic/Vortex +3.065s

4 Ben Hanley ART/TM +4.796s

5 Tuomas Tujala ART/TM +6.848s



1 Tom Joyner Zanardi/TM 29

2 Ben Hanley ART/TM 29

3 Max Verstappen CRG/TM 25

4 Karol Basz Tony/Vortex 25

5 Nicklas Nielsen Kosmic/Vortex 20


KF Junior (provisional)

1 Lando Norris Alonso/Vortex

2 Alessio Lorandi Tony/Parilla +2.508s

3 Robert Shwartzman Tony/TM +2.897s

4 Leonardo Pulcini Tony/Vortex +4.912s

5 Niko Kari Alonso/Vortex +5.269s



1 Alessio Lorandi Tony/Parilla 40

2 Leonardo Pulcini Tony/Vortex 38

3 Robert Shwartzman Tony/TM 32

4 Lando Norris Alonso/Vortex 25

5 Enaam Ahmed Alonso/Vortex 21