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2016 Rotax Max Euro Challenge concludes at Salbris

The 13th season of the ROTAX MAX Euro Challenge is history: In Salbris Europe’s popular ROTAX Series held its last round of the 2016 season, ascertaining the winners of the big finale and equally crowning the new champions of the three categories of junior, senior, DD2  as well as the special classification of the DD2 Masters. Although the temperatures went a little bit down, the weather made for a hot summer day again, making the heat a lot easier to bear.

Junior prefinal winner Enzo Valente

Closely before the Pre Final start of the Junior’s, a surprising small summer rain shower made for a slippery tarmac. That changed the conditions for the slick tyre equipped field completely and shuffled the ranking in the first stage of the race distance. One who obviously felt comfortable on the slippery – and later on drying – ground was local hero Enzo Valente (Valente Pascal). Having picked up the race from sixth place he established himself on the top quite early and managed to defend it up to chequered flag. Yet that was no walkover for the Frenchman, who crossed the line by a small winning margin of only 0.074 seconds ahead of pole sitter Dylan Buys (JJ Racing). Third place went to Lukas Dunner (JJ Racing) who had started the race from tenth place only, while German’s Tamino Bergmeier (JJ Racing), coming from twelfth place, finished fourth ahead of Jean Nomblot (Nomblot). The vice title aspirants Mark Kimber (Strawberry Racing) and Olli Caldwell (KR Sport) dropped back to seventh and twelfth position, respectively, which did not settle the runner-up position for the championship yet.

Junior final winner Dylan Buys
Junior final winner Dylan Buys

Enzo Valente was the one setting the pace in the beginning of the final, but soon Dylan Buys made his way to the top. In the following, he headed away metre by metre and won the race by a gap of more than seven seconds. Valente on the other hand was able to defend the second position, which was not easy at all, since up to five opponents kept pressuring from behind. In the end Mark Kimber saw the flag in third place saving the vice championship. Jean Nomblot followed in fourth place in front of Oli Caldwell who complemented the top three of the championship.

Junior race podium
Junior race podium

In the Senior Pre Final, Lars Lamborelle (Dan Holland Racing) showed a strong performance again. But at first the Dutchman had a moderate start into the race, making him watch Denis Mavlanov (Bouvin Power) and Rinus van Kalmthout (RR Racing) sharing the lead for the majority of the distance. But as the race approached the end Lamborelle caught up and regained the top, being able to defend it up the finish line. Mavlanov followed in second spot ahead of van Kalmthout, while Jordan Brown-Nutley (Dan Holland Racing) and Berkay Besler (Bouvin Power) completed the top five positions. After the race van Kalmthout received a time penalty, which threw him back to twelfth place losing the vice title to Gary Donnelly (Strawberry Racing).

Senior start

The Final seemed to be a clear matter for Lars Lamborelle again. But soon Adrien Renaudin (Patrice Renaudin), who came from fifth place, was at his heels. The duo pulled away from the grid and arranged the win amongst themselves. In the last lap Renaudin made a successful move, but Lamborelle counter attacked only a few metres later and took the win ahead of the Frenchman. Third place was decided on the last metres, too. Here Jordan Brown-Nutley (Dan Holland Racing) made it onto the podium ahead of the new vice champion Gary Donnelly and Swedish girl Jessica Backman (Daems Racing). Josh White (Coles Racing) who finished the finals in 14th and eighth place, completed the top three of the championship podium.

Senior race podium
Senior race podium

Constantin Schoell (Daems Racing) had the best start into the DD2’s Pre Final. Yet the Austrian could not keep up his pace. He had to leave way to championship leader Kevin Ludi (Spirit Racing). The Swiss drove in his own sphere and took the lead soon. Being the fastest man on track, he controlled the race and saw the chequered flag first, marking his most important win ever, for it equally meant the total triumph in the championship at last. Constantin Schoell finished the Pre Final in second place ahead of the beaten title defender Ferenc Kancsar (VPDR). The latter fought hard but finally his remarkable third place was not enough to stop Ludi in the overall ranking. As for the further positions, Ville Viiliainen (Vaisanen Heikki) and Mick Wishofer (VPDR) took fourth and fifth place in Pre Final.

DD2 Champion Kevin Ludi
DD2 Champion Kevin Ludi

The plot of the Final is told shortly: Kevin Ludi retired from the final, so as not to endanger his overall win by a potential exclsuion. Thus Constantin Schoell seized his chance and celebrated a clear start-finish-win which rewarded him the vice crown in the end. Behind the Austrian, Ville Viiliainen took a secure second place ahead of Dzianis Slavinski (Dan Holland Racing), Cosimo Durante (Franco Durante) and Alexis Coursault (Coursault). Due to used tyres Ferenc Kancsar dropped back to twelfth place only, which eventually made him drop back to third place in the championship.

DD2 final winner Constantin Schoell
DD2 final winner Constantin Schoell

In the DD2 Masters category Slawomir Muranski (Wyrzykowski Motorsport) had a solo. He was the only Masters driver at Salbris and consequently won the event unrivalled. Yet his start granted him enough points to take the runner-up position in the championship.

In the evening the race winners were not the only being rewarded for their performances but the 2016 champions, too: Axel Charpentier (junior), Nicolas Schoell (senior), Kevin Ludi (DD2) and Martin Pierce (DD2 Masters) are the ones who earned a place in the Euro Challenge’s hall of fame. In addition to the coveted trophies, nine tickets for the ROTAX MAX Grand finals at Sarno (IT) were distributed to the top three championship drivers of junior, senior and DD2. Moreover even the parents had the opportunity for a big prize, as RGMMC raffled a luxury stay for a family of four at Feline Fields in Botswana.

Dzianis Slavinski won a family trip to Botswana
Dzianis Slavinski won a family trip to Botswana

Although this year’s season of the ROTAX MAX Euro Challenge is over now, there is one more major event promoted by RGMMC: The ROTAX MAX International Open will be held from 5th to 9th of October 2016 on the modern karting circuit of the Adria Raceway. This special event in Italy offers the last six tickets to the ROTAX MAX Grand Finals at Sarno (ITA). More information regarding reports, photos, results and live TV stream are available on the official websites or

2016 Champions and Grand Final qualifiers
2016 Champions and Grand Final qualifiers


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Rotax Max Euro Challenge crowns first Champions

  • Axel Charpentier wraps-up the Junior Championship
  • Jordan Brown-Nutley wins on the Line in Seniors
  • One-Man-Show of Ferenc Kancsar


The season halftime of the 2016 ROTAX MAX Euro Challenge has been passed: From July 18th to 24th the Circuito Internacional de Zuera in northern Spain was venue of the third round of Europe’s unique ROTAX racing series. The summer race heralded the final spurt for the championship which proved to be closer than ever at Zuera. The 1.700 metres long high-speed track made for thrilling slipstream manoeuvres and race action that was unpredictable until the chequered flag. Besides a heated racing program on the tarmac, the Spanish sun contributed aestival and hot temperatures off the track, setting another challenge to the drivers of the well-stocked categories of junior, senior and DD2.

Qualifying quickest

Junior: Axel Charpentier wraps-up the championship

In the qualifying session the Brits set the pace: On the top Olli Caldwell (KR Sport) drove the fastest time by 1:05.513 minutes, being 0.054 seconds faster than his fellow countryman Mark Kimber (Strawberry Racing) in second place. In third position followed the championship leader Axel Charpentier (Strawberry Racing) ahead of Tom Canning (KR Sport) and Dutchman Dylan Buys (Team TKP).

Ollie Caldwell took pole in qualifying
Ollie Caldwell took pole in qualifying

During the heats on Saturday Mark Kimber, Axel Charpentier and Dutchman Glenn Van Berlo (Hugo Motorsport) shared the wins. However, most consistent driver of the trio was Axel Charpentier, which is why he gained the lead of after the heat’s merge. In second place, Germany’s Tamino Bergmeier (Team TKP) celebrated a personal record performance ahead of Spain’s Kilian Meyer (CRG SPA) in third place. Glenn Van Berlo, Mark Kimber and Friday’s quickest Olli Caldwell complemented the grid for the prefinal on Saturday.

After the start of the Pre Final Axel Charpentier left no doubt and defended the lead, while his next chaser Tamino Bergmeier lost ground at an early stage. But Axel Charpentier was far away from having a walkover. The title aspirant was in control for the first laps but quickly almost half of the grid was at his heels. During the race distance Mark Kimber and Glenn Van Berlo managed to conquer the top as well until Axel Charpentier counterattacked successfully towards the end, thus taking the maximum points for the championship table. Second place actually went to Glenn Van Berlo. But after the Dutchman got a penalty for a bad manoeuvre, he dropped back to 17th place. So Mark Kimber inherited the second place ahead of Olli Caldwell, Dylan Buys and Lukas Dunner (Team TKP) from Austria.

Junior Max 2016 Champion, Axel Charpentier
Junior Max 2016 Champion, Axel Charpentier

In the final Axel Charpentier, Olli Caldwell, Mark Kimber and Dylan Buys were the pace setters. Besides Kimber, each of them was able to lead the race at least once. Although there were some attempts of breaking away from the group none of the four was able to. The fight climaxed towards the end and after a real carnage, Axel Charpentier took the top in the penultimate lap, bringing it home by a fraction of only 0.050 seconds ahead of Olli Caldwell. Dylan Buys actually saw the chequered flag in third place but a time penaltiy for unfair driving threw him back to twelfth place. Consequently Mark Kimber completed the podium in third place ahead of Finland’s Lauri Leppa (Hekki Vaisanen) and Spanish driver Adrian Schimpf (Schrimpf).

Axel Charpentier had a double reason to cheer after the race. By his double win he already wrapped-up the championship. Due to the drop score system he is uncatchable during the next round at Salbris (FRA).

Podium Juniors

Senior: Jordan Brown-Nutley wins on the Line

A big surprise was reserved for the senior’s qualifying. Lady driver Jessica Backman (Daems Racing) set the benchmark and upstaged their male opponents. But the decision was a close one: Only 0.001 seconds separated the Swedish girl from her next chaser, which was championship leader Nicolas Schoell (Strawberry Racing) from Austria. Dutchman Lars Lamborelle (Dan Holland Racing), Spanish local hero Lluc Ibanez (Binakart) and Belgium’s Glenn van Parijs (Bouvin Power) followed right behind after the qualifying.


In the heats Berkay Besler (Bouvin Power) took command. After being in seventh place of the qualifying, the Turk really stepped up and won all heats. Undoubtedly the freshly crowned X30 Euro Series champion asserted himself on top after the heats merge. Lars Lamborelle followed in second place ahead of Nicolas Schoell, Jordan Brown-Nutley (Dan Holland Racing) from the UK and Glenn van Parijs. Pole sitter Jessica Backman could not tie in with his performance from Friday. She dropped back to seventh place of the ranking and was not supposed to play a decisive role for the final phase.

Berkay Besler, Nicolas Schoell and Glenn van Parijs formed the leading trio of the prefinal, which was able to pull away from the rest of the grid. Besides a brief change of lead in favour of Nicolas Schoell the order was settled. But then the race was stopped by red flag due to an incident in the back of the grid. After the re-start Nicolas Schoell did not wait long in order to make another move on Besler: Two laps to go, the Austrian boosted himself to the lead and defended it up to the finish line. Behind him the fight was really close and a lot of drivers struggled for the chasers’ positions: Finally it was Jordan Brown-Nutley who showed an impressive final spurt rewarding him with second place ahead of Berkay Besler and Glenn van Parijs. Championship contender Gary Donnelly      (Strawberry Racing) gained important points in fifth place.

Senior final winner Jordan Brown-Nutley (252)
Senior final winner Jordan Brown-Nutley (252)

In the final, Nicolas Schoell, Jordan Brown-Nutley and Berkay Besler pulled away from the grid in the first laps, occasionally changing the lead. By halftime distance another group of drivers was able to catch up and disturbed the peace at the top. That was when Nicolas Schoell had to fight most: the Austrian could not keep the pressure and dropped back to fifth place in the end. On top Jordan Brown-Nutley established himself in the lead and got rear cover from his teammate Lars Lamborelle, who had started the race form sixth place. The Dan Holland drivers then broke away and arranged the win amongst themselves. Towards the end Lars Lamborelle made a successful move and seemed to defend his position up to the chequered flag. But literally on the finish line, he was caught by Jordan Brown-Nutley. In a last minute action the Brit drew out of the slipstream and took the win by only 0.016 seconds over Lars Lamborelle in second place. Berkay Besler completed the podium in third spot ahead of Glenn van Parijs and Nicolas Schoell.

Berkay Besler
Berkay Besler

When it comes to the championship Nicolas Schoell could celebrate the overall victory. Since the championship aspirants Gary Donnelly and Rinus van Kalmthout (Daems Racing) experienced a topsy-turvy weekend with rather moderate race and point results, Schoell gained enough points to secure the European title before the big finale in France. Only very extraordinary circumstances could influence the championship at Salbris.

Podium Seniors

DD2: One-Man-Show of Ferenc Kancsar

The reigning champion Ferenc Kancsar (VPDR) left his mark in the qualifying. The man from Hungary was the quickest driver by a time of 1:03.096 minutes while Constantin Schoell (Daems Racing) from Austria, Dzianis Slavinski (Dan Holland Racing) from Poland and Ville Viiliainen (Heikki Vaisanen) from Finland took position two to four. Fifth place went to title contender Kevin Ludi (Spirit Racing) who thereby had a big advantage over championship leader Lukasz Bartoszuk (CRG S.P.A.). The Pole had to be satisfied with place 17 and was not supposed to play a decisive role throughout the event. That did not apply to Ferenc Kancsar, who remained unbeatable during the heats, too: By a clean record he was victorious in every race defending his pole position superiorly ahead of Kevin Ludi, Constantin Schoell, Ville Viiliainen and Italy’s Cosimo Durante (Franco Durante).


Ferenc Kancsar continued his walkover in the prefinal: He took a clear start-finish-win, which was never really in danger. Behind him, Constantin Schoell defended the second place quite some time but eventually he had to leave way to his opponents and dropped back to fifth place. On the other hand Kevin Ludi drove a tactical race and managed to take the second place ahead of Dzianis Slavinski, who had picked up the race from ninth place only. Cosimo Durante, who partially was in second position, had to be satisfied with fourth place.

As expected Ferenc Kancsar showed no weakness in the final, either: He kept his opponents at bay and completed his perfect weekend by another triumph. More open was the decision for the following positions. Up to four drivers fought for the podium. By halftime Kevin Ludi prevailed and pulled away from the group securing the second place up to the finish line. Cosimo Durante defended the third place against Ville Viiliainen and local hero Oriol Dalmau Caballero (Motor Club Deportivo Creixell).


Having a look at the championship table, the situation changed dramatically. By his double triumph Ferenc Kancsar reduced his gap and improved to second place in the table. Equally Kevin Ludi conquered the top again. The Swiss leads by 12 points ahead of Kancsar while Lukasz Bartoszuk dropped back to fourth place – even behind Constantin Schoell who is third now.

DD2 double winner Ferenc Kancsar
DD2 double winner, Ferenc Kancsar

As for the special classification of DD2 Masters, Slawomir Muranski (Wyrzykowski Motorsport) from Poland set the best time in the qualifying session. But the heats brought the change of the guard: Martin Pierce (Uniq Racing Team) took the reins and that was not supposed to change any more. The Irishman finished tenth and eleventh in the finals and took the Masters wins clearly, while Frenchman Christophe Adams (Adams Christophe) and Euripidis Hatzistefanis (Daems Racing) followed in second and third place in both finals. After Zuera, Martin Pierce increased his championship lead and is now uncatchable in front. Under normal circumstances his overall victory is sealed already.

DD2 Masters Podium
DD2 Masters Podium

Now the Rotax Max Euro Challenge approaches the great season final. At Salbris (FRA) the series will hold its last round from August 24th to 28th, finally crowning the remaining 2016 champions and vice champions. The big finale is a non-miss event, everybody is invited to join: RGMMC offers a full range with live streaming, live timing and social media coverage. More information regarding reports, photos, results and live TV stream are available on the official websites or



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Historical Finale of X30 Euro Series

  • Titles for Lulham, Besler, Garcia and Oberg
  • – Successful season debut of a prosperous Series
  • – Planning for 2017 in full Swing

From July 14th to 17th Zuera was venue of the finale of the X30 Euro Series, which made history by crowning its first champions ever. Following its successful debut in Castelletto Di Branduzzo in Italy the brand and highly prosperous series again welcomed about 50 drivers from almost 20 nations for the second and last stop of the year.


The 1.700-metres-long Circuito Internacional de Zuera in Spain’s North, presented some big challenges to the drivers: on the one hand, hot weather demanded physical fitness from the competitors, while on the other hand the track’s special characteristics marked another task: many high-speed passages made the slipstream a decisive factor which determined victory or defeat. Talking about victory, it was not only the race wins, the drivers headed for but the championship titles! Consequently the tension was high in the categories of junior, senior and Super Shifter. The latter had not been available for sign up for the season opener but made its debut in Spain, equally replacing the Super X30 for the big showdown.

Sernior start

Junior: Win for Westover, Title for Lulham

Louie Westover (Fusion Motorsport) set the best time in the qualifying session on Friday. By only 0.004 seconds the Brit boosted himself onto the top while his teammate and championship leader Chris Lulham (Fusion Motorsport) followed in a promising second place. Behind the top two drivers, Ruben Moya Lopez (LTP Competicion), Oscar Palomo Ortiz (Team Ivan Racing) and Kilian Meyer (CRG SPA) formed a Spanish Armada by taking positions three to five.

The heats on Saturday mixed up the ranking again. In the end it was Kilian Meyer who conquered the lead. Though not winning a heat, Meyer showed a very solid and consistent performance in all three heats, which was enough to keep his opponents at bay. Title contender Ben Wooldridge (Vital Motorsport) from the UK improved to second place after he had been only in seventh place after the qualifying. Third place went to Chris Lulham who had to compensate a penalty due to unfair driving throughout the heats. Ethan Hawkey (Vital Motorsport) from the UK and Louie Westover followed on fourth and fifth spot before the prefinal.

Junior Pre Final winner and Champion Chris Lulham
Junior Pre Final winner and Champion Chris Lulham

In the Pre Final, pole sitter Kilian Meyer could not tie in with his performance from the heats. After leading the race shortly, he dropped back one position after the other and ended up in sixth place only. On the top, Ben Wooldridge, Chris Lulham and Louie Westover were the pacemakers. The trio pulled away from the rest of the pack, settling the win in the very last lap – or more precisely – on the last metres. Side by side the three drivers crossed the finish line and by a gap of only 0.035 seconds it was Chris Lulham taking the win ahead of his title rival Ben Wooldridge and Louie Westover, who only missed the victory by 0.061 seconds. Fourth place went to Frenchman Milan Petelet (Praga) ahead of Oscar Palomo Ortiz, who in the end both were close at the leader’s heels, too, being separated by less than one second from the race winner.

After a close and thrilling Pre Final, the championship was not decided between Lulham and Woodridge and the conditions before the all-decisive final could not have been more exciting. And indeed the spectators should not be disappointed. Ben Wooldridge, Chris Lulham, Louie Westover and Milan Petelet were the protagonists of the race. They pulled away from the rest of the grid and kept changing their positions permanently. Each of them was able to lead the race at least once during the race distance. But due to the leader’s fighting, another group of drivers caught up and stirred up the action. Finally the last lap developed into a real carnage, which Louie Westover mastered best. He took the win closely in front of Oscar Palomo Ortiz and Ethan Hawkey, while the championship contenders – Chris Lulham and Ben Wooldridge – had to be satisfied with seventh and eighth place respectively. Equally this result meant that Lulham took the overall victory in the championship ahead of runner-up Ben Wooldridge and Kilian Meyer in third place.

Junior Final winner Louie Westover
Junior Final winner Louie Westover

Senior: Berkay Besler first Champion

Although racing at Zuera for the very first time, that handicap did not bother Berkay Besler (Bouvin Power) much. The Turkish driver who headed for Spain as championship leader set the benchmark in the qualifying session. By a time of 1:04.478 minutes he was 0.101 seconds faster than the Spanish drivers Carlos Leon (LTP Competicion) and Mauricio van der Laan (LTP Competicion). Hugo Ellis (Vital Motorsport) from the UK and Taylor Greenfield (PDB Racing) from Peru completed the top five before the heats on Saturday.

The heats did not go according to plan for the pole sitter: Berkay Besler did not call the tune anymore. Mainly a time penalty due to a misaligned front fairing cost him important positions throwing him back to fourth place. On the top Mauricio van der Laan did not leave any doubt. He won all heats thus taking the lead in the intermediate ranking. Behind him his teammate Carlos Leon followed in second place ahead of UK driver Brett Ward (MLC Motorsport). Being the runner-up in the championship table, Ward preserved his chances for the title, which applied to Ellis Hugo who complemented the top five.

Senior Final winner Carlos Leon
Senior Final winner Carlos Leon

Pole Sitter Mauricio van der Laan set the pace in the first laps of the Pre Final. But the Spaniard could not keep up the speed and was pushed back a few positions, leaving the lead to his teammate Carlos Leon. But the win was not his to take. After some fighting he dropped back to fifth place behind Frenchman David Beaumann (Jacob Beaumann). Equally the championship contenders Berkay Besler and Brett Ward moved up the order and showed a breath-taking duel on the top. But in the last lap Mauricio van der Laan recovered, caught up and stole the show from the leading duo. By a last minute manoeuvre, Mauricio van der Laan won the Pre Final in front of Brett Ward and Berkay Besler who consequently were separated by only one point in the championship table before the big final.

Mauricio van der Laan and Berkay Besler were the driving forces in the final. Both headed away from the grid and arranged the win amongst themselves. While Mauricio van der Laan led the race most of the time, Berkay Besler lurked behind, waiting for a strike towards the end of the race. Equally the chasers closed the gap, which suddenly made the race explode to life for the last two laps. Mauricio van der Laan could not defend the top any longer and ended up in fifth place, while Berkay Besler and Carlos Leon struggled for the win, which closely went to the Spaniard. But the Turk had reason to be happy, as well: he took the triumph in the championship ahead of vice champion Brett Ward, who saw the chequered flag in Zuera in third place.

Senior podium
Senior podium

Super Shifter: Eduardo Garcia wins on Home Soil

The gearbox category of the X30 Super Shifter made its debut within the X30 Euro Series. The honour of marking the very first pole position had Constantin Schoell (Daems Racing). The Austrian drove a best time of 1:00.712 minutes and was only a blink of an eye quicker than local hero Gerard Cebrian (LTP Competicion) from Spain who missed the top by only 0.013 seconds. Dutchman Rinus van Kalmthout (RR Racing) proved his all-round skills in karting and managed the third place of the shifters ahead of Belgium’s Frederic Op de Beek (Kart Club Sambrea) and Spain’s and Eduardo Garcia (LTP Competicion).

During the heats pole sitter Constantin Schoell was without luck. He had to retire each of the heats and consequently dropped back the order dramatically. On the other hand Rinus van Kalmthout was in good shape. After a third and a second place, he won the last heat and established himself on top of the heat ranking. Gerard Cebrian celebrated two heat wins but he had to retire in the last race. Yet he gained enough points to finish the day in second spot of the heat’s merge. The Spaniards Eduardo Garcia, Euripidis Hatzistefanis (Daems Racing) and Toni Forne Tomas (Toni Forne Tomas) followed in the chaser’s roles behind.

Shifter Final winner and champion Eduardo Garcia
Shifter Final winner and champion Eduardo Garcia

In the Pre Final pole sitter Rinus van Kalmthout did not manage a good start, he lost ground and did not play an important role during the race. Right the opposite applied to Gerard Cebrian who boosted himself into the lead while Eduardo Garcia followed on his heels. Finally Gerard Cebrian did not show any weakness, he took the victory ahead of his teammate who defended his position closely against Constantin Schoell, being the fastest man on track. Frederic Op de Beek and Rinus van Kalmthout followed in fourth and fifth place.

Eduardo Garcia was the man of the final. By a brilliant start, he shot to the front. Lap by lap he was able to enlarge his lead, which he controlled easily up to the finish line. Thus the local hero did not only win the race but took the championship victory on home soil, too. In second place Gerard Cebrian completed the Spanish double success for LTP Competicion. Constantin Schoell made his way onto the podium in third spot ahead of Rinus van Kalmthout and Frederic Op de Beek.

Shifter podium and champions
Shifter podium and champions

Super: Viktor Oberg victorious

Not being offered at Zuera, the X30 Super class had already been decided during the round in Italy: Viktor Oberg (PDB Racing) gained the most points which granted him the championship title. Behind the Swedish driver, his teammate Taylor Greenfield completed a double triumph for PDB while Dutchman Rinus van Kalmthout (Daems Racing) took the third place in the overall ranking.


X30 Euro Series even bigger in 2017

After a remarkable season debut of the X30 Euro Series one is already looking ahead. RGMMC is proud to announce that the X30 Euro Series will continue in 2017 with an even bigger concept. ”RGMMC and IAME decided that the X30 Euro Series will be the official European Series for X30 IAME classes in 2017. We plan to set new standards to the Super X30 class and aim to create a platform for the Mini categories, too. All told the X30 Euro Series will comprise four races”, says RGMMC CEO Roland Geidel.

Shifter Pre Final winner Gerard Cebrian
Shifter Pre Final winner Gerard Cebrian

The season opener will be held from March 23rd to 26th March 2017, followed by round two from May 18th to May 21st. The second half of the season will start from July 20rd to 23rd while the finale is planned from September 14th to 17th. The dates are subject to the CIK/FIA and the world motorsport council approval. The tracks will be announced shortly. More information regarding reports, photos, results and videos are available on the official websites or

Senior heat winner Mauricio van der Laan
Senior heat winner Mauricio van der Laan


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CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship Rounds 3 & 4 Report

Donington Park 5th June 2016


Reigning European Superkart champion Adam Kout collected two more wins in the series but had to deal with the close attentions of Liam Morley and Peter Elkmann.

In the opening qualifying session Kout set the quickest time of 1m 27.278s in the closing moments to take pole position from Morley by 0.244s. Dan Clark used home knowledge to put the Redspeed VM into third place with Marcel Maasmann next quickest. Jason Dredge was fifth fastest and was on a quicker lap when a water pipe came off and dumped fluid onto his rear tyres at McLeans causing him to spin off, fortunately without too much damage. Elkmann only managed five laps before a gearbox problem exiting Goddards caused him to park the MS Kart alongside the pit wall with a time of 1m29.580s for sixth fastest. Rookie sensation Yannick De Brabander didn’t managed a lap when he spun off at the Fogarty Esses on the opening lap and couldn’t restart his MS Kart VM. “I saw Kout in the distance and wanted to close on him to get a good run. I need to cool down then everything will be ok.”

The second session wasn’t as fast as earlier in the day. Kout was running older tyres but was happy with the chassis set-up and held onto his pole position. Morley decided not to go out and retained his front row grid position while Elkmann was quickest in the session to move upto third overall but was 1.198s behind Kout. Clark didn’t go quicker but held onto a second row grid slot. Maasmann headed row three while De Brabander recorded a time of 1m 28.965s to take sixth place. In the Mono Cylinder Cup Jordan Ford found the perfect set-up on his Anderson DEA to take 11th overall and the quickest in class. Paul Platt was second quickest while Gavin Bennett improved on his earlier time despite a fuel pressure problem to be third in class.

Superkart GP 2016 - Elkmann leads Clark & Kout in race 1
Superkart GP 2016 – Elkmann leads Clark & Kout in race 1

Elkmann got the best start in race 1 and led into Redgate from Kout, Morley and Clark. De Brabander was keen not to let his rivals from Ledenon get away and he moved into third at the end of the opening lap with Morley demoted to fifth. Clark moved into third place on lap 2 and then caught and passed Kout on lap 5 to take second place. But Kout responded and passed both Clark and Elkmann to take the lead. Morley passed De Brabander at Melbourne Hairpin on lap 4 and started to close on the trio ahead. On lap 7 he was ahead of the Redspeed driver and two laps later he had demoted Elkmann. The chase was on. He closed the gap slightly, setting fastest race lap in the process, but the exhaust broke in the closing stages Kout had enough of a buffer to take the win. Elkmann had chassis problems towards the end and had to settle for third place while Clark lost the brakes in the final laps and lost ground. De Brabander’s early charge evaporated when the gearing on the VM motor was not right. In the Mono Cup Ford and Bennett had a good scrap and swapped positions on several occasions. They were side by side through Redgate on lap 8. But in the closing stages they got mixed up with the twins of Dave Harvey and Stefan Malm. This provided Ford with the opportunity to beat his rival by 0.984s.

Race One (13 laps)

1 Adam Kout (MS Kart DEA)
2 Liam Morley (Anderson DEA)
3 Peter Elkmann (MS Kart VM)
4 Dan Clark (Anderson VM)
5 Yannick De Brabander (MS Kart VM)
6 Marcel Maasmann (Anderson VM)

Fastest Lap Morley 1m 27.688s (102.11mph)

It was much the same in race 2 with Kout at the head of the field after one lap. Elkmann held second place from De Brabander, Morley and Clark.  De Brabander moved into second place on lap three, but Kout was already 2.9s up the road. This increased to 4.9s on the next lap when De Brabander made a mistake and dropped back to fifth allowing Morley into second spot ahead of Elkmann and Clark. The positions swapped again in the next couple of laps and this allowed Kout to move further away. In the end it became easy for him and at the flag Kout was 11.209s ahead. “That was a good race. Everything was nice and safe with the engine.” The double has extended his championship lead and he looks favourite to retain the title at Assen in August. Morley kept up the chase and was joined by Clark until the Redspeed driver had a big end failure on lap 11 and pulled off at the end of the pit lane. Elkmann began to string some quicker laps together and after passing Clark and De Brabander started to close the gap on Morley. The British driver was running low on fuel in the closing stages but held on to beat Elkmann by 1.618s. In the Mono Cup, Jordan Ford had carburation issues and was into the pits at the end of the opening lap. He went out again but had dropped to the back of the field. Up at the front of the class it was Paul Platt and Gavin Bennett who scrapped it out. The lead changed several times but in the closing stages they got mixed up with Dave Harvey on the twin. This gave Bennett some breathing space to take the win by 3.639s. Barry Weston drove a great race to finish third in class.

Superkart GP 2016 - De Brabander holding second place in race 2
Superkart GP 2016 – De Brabander holding second place in race 2

Race Two (13 laps)

1 Adam Kout (MS Kart DEA)
2 Liam Morley (Anderson DEA)
3 Peter Elkmann (MS Kart VM)
4 Yannick Be Brabander (MS Kart VM)
5 Marcel Maasmann (Anderson VM)
6 Laurens Westerdijk (MS Kart VM)

Fastest Lap Kout 1m 27.836s (101.94mph)

CIK FIA European Superkart Championship Points (after 4 rounds)

1 Adam Kout                    91pts
2 Peter Elkmann               73
3 Yannick De Brabander      64
4 Liam Morley                           51
5 Marcel Maasmann           44
6 Dan Clark                     29

Written by Gary James

Images courtesy of Nick Purdie


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F450 British Superkart Grand Prix

X30 Euro Series Castelletto Report

The 2016 X30 Euro Series kicked off it’s two weekend championship at the 7 laghi circuit in Italy with three classes taking part, including the Junior’s, Senior’s and Super X30 class. This was the first ever X30 Euro Series event which meant there were plenty of unknowns as to who might be quick, which made the racing ever more exciting.

LRN_8089 - edit

Junior – Brits share the spoils

Although the title may hint this was a weekend dominated by British drivers, a huge chunk of it in fact saw the French man, Milan Petelet look an unstoppable force! Friday’s qualifying saw Chris Lulham take pole with Callum Bradshaw 2nd then came Petelet in 3rd. The top 15 at the end were covered by just 0.5 seconds!

But as we moved into the heats Petelet hit some form and took the first two wins with ease as others started to fall off and run into trouble around him. In heat three he seemed happy to let Ben Wooldridge take the victory as he cruised home in 2nd to take pole position for Sunday’s Pre Final. He would be surrounded by Brits though with Bradshaw, Lulham and Wooldridge rounding out the top four.

LRN_59721 - edit

The Pre Final saw a mixture of tyre strategy. Bradshaw and Wooldridge went new with Petelet and Lulham going old. Unsurprisingly Wooldridge cleared off to win by just under three seconds with Bradshaw hitting terminal engine problems on lap five. Behind Petelet did a sterling job to hold on to 2nd with Ethan Hawkey in 3rd unable to pass despite being on new tyres.

Petelet looked in good shape for the final but the front row had not faired well for Bradshaw up until this point. As expected the drivers on the inside got the better of the starts and it was Lulham who looked quickest early on passing Wooldridge with ease who looked to lack some pace. Petelet eventually got through to 2nd with Spaniard Killian Meyer going with him.

Milan Petelet
Milan Petelet

The duo were within a second of the Brit and the chase was now on! Meyer was patient but after successive laps with no impact made on Lulham’s lead he went past. Further back Wooldridge was flying with the new tyre effect wearing off and he was chasing Petelet hard! Up front despite Meyer’s best efforts Lulham held on to victory, but behind Petelet lost a podium spot going into the final chicane with Wooldridge coming through and taking fastest lap!

Lulham now leads the championship with 85 points with Wooldridge just one behind! In 3rd on 83 points is Kilian Meyer with Milan Petelet on 82. Rounding out the top five is Oscar Palomo Oritz on 76 points.

LRN_8196 - edit

Senior – Hard work pays off!

From the start of the weekend it became clear that this was going to be a two horse race between Turkey’s Berkay Besler and Great Britain’s Brett Ward. Although in fairness other drivers featured very strongly throughout the weekend! In qualifying the afore mentioned pair were split by just 0.009 seconds with Ward taking pole. On row two for the heats would be Greek driver Efstratios Galanopoulos and David Beaumann from France. Two Brits formed row three in the shape of Hugo Ellis and Sam Marsh.

During the heats Ward hit some tremendous form making some fantastic starts to go on and win all three by a minimum of a second. Besler seemed to struggle on the outside at the start and had to work very hard for his two 2nd’s and a 3rd. He was replaced in 2nd by Sam Marsh in heat one. Also picking up good points in the heats were Ellis and Ollie Varney who would start 3rd and 5th for the Pre Final with Marsh splitting them.

L - edit

The Pre Final cooked up what was the closest race of the weekend! Ward got away once again at the start, but the longer race distance allowed Besler to close in forcing Ward to defend on the last lap to hold onto his victory. Ellis took a creditable 3rd with Marsh 4th and the French pair Loussier and Beaumann were 5th and 6th on new tyres.

Ward was definitely worried about Besler’s pace for the Final and for the first time all weekend he was unable to escape at the start with Marsh and Ellis both briefly leading. All this allowed Besler to catch up to make it a four-way scrap for the win. It took Besler two attempts to take the lead, but once he got there he was never seen again as he cruised off in the distance to win by 3.7 seconds.

Brett Ward
Brett Ward

Ward managed to hold onto 2nd despite the pressure from Elis behind. Unfortunately, Marsh had a problem on the left front of his kart which saw him retire mid race. Saul Robinson took 4th despite missing qualifying on Friday for an exam and a mention must go to Alessandro Di Cori who gained seven places to finish 5th.

That leaves Besler in the lead of the championship on 88 points, two points behind is then Ward with Ellis on 82 and well within the fight. Beaumann sits on 4th on 76 points with Robinson in 5th on 75.

LRN_9250 - edit

Super – PDB Racing come through when it matters!

The Super X30 class threw up a weekend which was turned on it’s head in terms of the battle for the lead come Sunday where the points are distributed. On Friday nine drivers were left scratching their heads when Rinus van Kalmthout set pole by a staggering 0.392 seconds with the Swede Viktor Oberg next along. His PDB Racing team mate Taylor Greenfield from Peru was a further 0.1 seconds back.

Saturday saw no real changes to proceedings although Oberg and Greenfield closed the gap to van Kalmthout to almost nothing. But despite that the Daems Racing driver still took all three heats with relative ease with Oberg the best of the rest. Next along in 4th was Giacomo Rossi with Constantin Schoell rounding out the top five.

LRN_4771 - edit

Oberg and Greenfield revealed they were working together to try and close van Kalmthout down and that work paid off come the Pre Final on Sunday. Overnight the pole sitter seemed to lose some pace and a poor first half of the race saw him drop to 6th before he eventually recovered to finish 4th. That left Greenfield to take victory up ahead with Oberg just in behind and Rossi pedalling the Zanardi in 3rd.

Everyone was now questioning if van Kalmthout even had the pace to challenge the PDB Racing team mates, but those thoughts were quickly silenced as the three broke away at the start of the final. They were also being joined by Schoell, van Kalmthout’s team mate but his inclusion was short lived as he then dropped back.

LRN_6757 - edit

It was the next lap where the race defining moment came though! Van Kalmthout’s move on Taylor Greenfield cost him 1.2 seconds on the leader, which with Oberg’s pace was always going to be hard to close down. Van Kalmthout gave it his best shot though and got within half a second of the Swede but he couldn’t get any closer and had to settle for 2nd with Greenfield finishing 3rd. Finishing 4th was an improving Schoell with Rossi recovering to snatch a top 5.

So that leaves Oberg in the championship lead four points ahead of Greenfield. A further point back is van Kalmthout and Rossi and Schoell round out the top five with 80 and 79 points consecutively.

LRN_8939 (1) - edit

The second and final round of the 2016 X30 Euro Series takes place at the Zuera circuit in Spain on the 14th – 17th of July and ENTRIES ARE NOW OPEN! Head to for more information. To catch all the action from the weekend head to where you can also read our ‘Paddock Magazine’.



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X30 Euro Series Castelletto Finals Report

It was yet another glorious day at the 7 laghi circuit and the scene was set for finals day where the points for the weekend were to be distributed. Up to this point none of the weekend’s events had counted for any points so a good or bad day here could really turn a weekend around.

LRN_2856 - edit

Juniors – Lulham wins the tyre strategy

One of the big talking points of the day was tyre strategy and to bring you up to speed here’s how it worked. Two sets of tyres were given to each driver at the start of the weekend and they of course would use one of those for qualifying and the heats. But the second set could be used at anytime on Sunday, so you could do the Pre Final on an old set and save new for the final or vice versa.

Starting on pole for the Pre Final was Milan Petelet from France. He got his race off to go a good start before Ben Woodridge was past after his charge through from 4th on the grid. That was the last anyone ever saw of Wooldridge as the British driver, who’d opted for new tyres, drove off to win by a comfortable 2.9 seconds.

LRN_5129 - edit
Ben Wooldridge was on fire all weekend

Behind Petelet did a good job to hold onto 2nd on old tyres with Ethan Hawkey on a new set trying everything he could to get past. Killian Meyer who finished 4th and Chris Lulham 5th, both also saved a new set for the final. Going backwards unfortunately was front row starter Callum Bradshaw after his engine seized on lap 5.

As the final got underway Lulham quickly took advantage of his new tyres to shoot his way up to the lead in just over two laps with the last man on his list being Ben Wooldridge. The latter than went backwards as Petelet, Meyer and Oscar Palomo Oritz all came through in quick succession.

Milan Petelet
Milan Petelet struggled on the new tyre in the Final

The new tyres were clearly working for Lulham as he was clearing off in the distance but Petelet was struggling to show the same kind of pace and lost 2nd to Meyer on lap 10. Behind Wooldridge was starting to find the kind of form he showed in the Pre Final as he was now passed Palomo Oritz and was after a podium.

At the front despite Meyer’s best efforts he could not get closer then four tenths of a second to Lulham and had to settled for 2nd with the Brit taking victory. Behind there was action on the last lap with Wooldridge passing Petelet on the exit to steal a podium setting the fastest lap in the process. Palomo Oritz took 5th and credit has to go to Callum Bradshaw who came from 15th to 6th.

LRN_9151 - edit
Junior X30 podium celebrations

Seniors – Besler takes long awaited victory

Most drivers opted for the old tyres in the Pre Final bar one or two. Berkay Besler got another poor start from the outside of the front row dropping to 5th with Hugo Ellis and Ollie Varney coming through.

The Turkish driver quickly got himself back on his feet though and passed Varney the next lap before passing Ellis five laps later. This left him within half a second of leader Brett Ward and seven laps to make a potential pass but despite his best efforts he could not find a way past the Brit who had to defend on the last lap. Ellis held onto 3rd and 4th after a bad start was a recovering Sam Marsh for Dan Holland Racing.

LRN_3933 - edit

The top four were all on old tyres, but behind were the first on new tyres in the shape of Paul Loussier and David Beaumann who passed Ollie Varney on their way to a top six finish, with Varney on an old set.

As the final got underway yet again Besler was hung out to dry at the start and was as low as 5th before quickly recovering to 4th. Up ahead Sam Marsh was flying and passed Ellis and Ward in quick succession to take the lead. Behind Ellis saw a gap on Marsh and took it but in going forwards he quickly found himself back in 4th with Marsh, Ward and Besler all coming back through.

LRN_8663 - edit
Besler celebrates long awaited victory

It was apparent the Brits surrounding Besler were worried about his pace as in his first attempt to take the lead he was passed straight back by Marsh. Besler then took a lap to prepare himself before going back in on the DHR driver being successful this time with Ward going through a lap later.

Things got worse for Marsh as he retired with a problem to the left front corner of his kart which allowed Ellis and Saul Robinson, who was flying, to all gain places! Up ahead and now in the lead Besler cleared off to win by 3.7 seconds with Ward simply having no response. Ward in the end had to defend his 2nd from Ellis with Saul Robinson taking 4th. A good result considering he missed qualifying on Friday due to school exams. In 5th was another hard charger in the shape of Alessandro Di Cori who gained seven places.

LRN_9250 - edit
Senior X30 podium

Super X30 – Perfect day for PDB Racing!

If you had followed the weekends action you would not have believed your eyes whilst watching the Finals on Sunday. Rinus van Kalmthout was unbeaten to this point but things fell apart by his standards during the Sunday finals.

In the Pre Final things got off to a good start for van Kalmthout who held his lead on the opening lap, but it wasn’t long before he was going backwards and in the space of five laps he lost five places dropping to 6th. Up ahead PDB Racing team mates Taylor Greenfield and Viktor Oberg were making the most of the situation by clearing off in that order.

LRN_4771 - edit
Daems Racing team mates Rinus van Kalmthout and Constantin Schoell

Behind it wasn’t long before van Kalmthout was coming back through, first taking Marnik Battryn and then his team mate Constantin Schoell a few laps later. Filling 3rd place in all of this was Giacomo Rossi and he was able to hold the position despite van Kalmthout setting fastest lap. Up ahead Greenfield and Oberg took the flag in that order separated by just 0.2 seconds across the line.

In the final van Kalmthout got a good start and moved straight into 3rd place passing Rossi who was hung out to dry. Up front things also changed with Oberg moving past his team mate on lap four.

LRN_8939 (1) - edit
Viktor Oberg celebrates a hard fought victory

It was the next lap where the race defining moment came though! Van Kalmthout’s move on Taylor Greenfield cost him 1.2 seconds on the leader, which with Oberg’s pace was always going to be hard to close down.

Van Kalmthout gave it his best shot though and got within half a second of the Swede but he couldn’t get any closer and had to settle for 2nd with Greenfield finishing 3rd. Finishing 4th was an improving Schoell with Rossi recovering to snatch a top 5.

LRN_9346 - edit
Super X30 Podium

Round 2 of the championship will take place at the Zuera circuit in Spain on the 14th – 17th July and entries are now open! You can enter via All the action from this weekend, including extra videos, can be found at


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X30 Euro Series Casteletto Qualifying report

X30 Euro Series Castelletto Qualifying Heats report

It was a glorious day the 7 laghi circuit and ahead of us were nine heats between three classes to set the grids for tomorrow’s finals.

LRN_5872 - edit

Juniors – Brits closing in on Petelet

Most of the day was all about French driver Milan Petelet. His day got off to a perfect start in heat one where he cruised away to take victory by 2.5 seconds over Bradshaw who got hung out on the outside at the start with fellow Brit Ethan Hawkey 3rd.

Considering the French man started on the second row this came as a surprise to some but those thoughts were quickly silenced in Heat two as the Driver on the Praga driver repeated the result all be it by only 0.8 seconds this time.

LRN_5955 - edit

Finishing 2nd in Heat two was British driver Chris Lulham. The Fusion driver had a fairly poor result in the first heat by his standards finishing 6th, but an incident free race saw him take a good haul of points. Behind him was another Brit, Ben Wooldridge who had been involved in an incident in Heat one with Lulham which left him down in 16th. The driver making his appearance in a European championship for the first time took fastest lap and was closely followed by two more Brits in the shape of Hawkey and Bradshaw.

Heat three then saw Wooldridge’s pace confirmed as he picked his way through to the lead at a frightening rate of knots unsurprisingly taking fastest lap along the way. Finishing 2nd Milan Peletet who looked happy to see Wooldridge win, 3rd was Bradshaw with Kilian Meyer and Royce You both gaining two places to finish 4th and 5th.

LRN_59721 - edit

So the heats leave Peletet and Bradshaw on row one with Lulham and Wooldridge just in behind. Next along is Spaniards Oscar Palomo Oritz and Killian Meyer, Royce You and Ethan Hawkey form row four with Thomas Mialane and Sam McDonnell completing the top 10.

On his pole for the Pre-Final Milan Peletet commented: “It has been a very good day and I’m pleased with the result. The first two heats were especially good as we won them both from third position. The plan for tomorrow is to just try and get away from pole. I’d like to say a huge thanks to me team Praga and my mechanic.”


Seniors – Ward cruises to pole

From a distance it looked like a very easy day at the office for Brett Ward who took three victories with a combined victory of just over 4.5 seconds!

The MLC Motorsport driver started that in heat one by beating his country man, Sam Marsh, by just over a second. Marsh had a solid race by all accounts gaining three places, one of those being on Berkay Besler who finished 3rd. The biggest mover in the race was Saul Robinson who gained 11 places to finish 6th.

LRN_8089 - edit

In terms of the lead heat two was exactly the same although the action behind unfolded slightly differently. Berkay Besler was able to hold on to his front row start to finish 2nd with Hugo Ellis making good progress behind to finish 3rd. Galanopoulos and Marsh completed the top five with Alessandro Di Cori and Paul Louissier both moving forward nicely gaining six places.

The last heat saw Brett Ward run away at the front againand he was briefly being chased down by his team mate Ollie Varney. But as we entered the second half of the race Varney was passed by Besler and Ellis but was still able to hold on to a very creditable 4th.

LRN_5306 - edit

So the grid for tomorrow’s Pre Final will look like so, forming the front row will be Ward and Besler, with Ellis and Marsh on row two. Row three consists of Varney and Galanopoulos with Carlos Leon and Guillaume Barbarin just in behind and rounding out the top ten is Allesandro Di Cori and Saul Robinson.

On his pole position Brett Ward commented: “Today was fantastic, I couldn’t really ask for much more with three wins. I’m just looking to carry this form into the finals tomorrow. Towards the end of the day I was saving the tyres slightly as I’m not too sure on our plan tomorrow yet so it was just about controlling the gap. I’ve raced here for the last four years and there’s plenty of places to overtake so we’ll just have to keep an eye on that especially if Besler can get a good start. I’d like to say a huge thank to everyone at MLC Motorsport for a great job today!”

LRN_6108-2 - edit

Super X30 – Rinus untouchable

The PDB Racing team mates of Viktor Oberg and Taylor Greenfield seem to be running out of ideas in their attempts to beat Rinus van Kalmthout after trying and failing in all three heats, although they came very close on one occasion.

In heat one the Daems Racing driver unsurprisingly took fastest lap on his way to a 2.4 victory where behind the PDB Racing drivers were having a battle of their own. There was nothing to split Oberg and Greenfield who eventually followed each other home in that order.

LRN_6757 - edit

Heat two was a slightly different story. With van Kalmthout dropping back at the start, Oberg was allowed to lead for the first time and did so for some time! But eventually after five laps van Kalmthout took the lead back from him. But the Dutch man was unable to break clear and the PDB Racing team mates stayed with him although they never quite found a way past. Post race Greenfield was given a penalty which promoted Jeoffrey Rouchy to 3rd.

However, in heat three it was back to square one for PDB Racing with van Kalmthout taking a lights to flag victory with fastest lap. In 2nd was Oberg with Greenfield 3rd.

LRN_5786 - edit

So that unsurprisingly means our top three will van Kalmthout, Greenfield and Oberg in that order but who is next along? Well completing the second row is Giacomo Rossi who’s been impressive all day. Row three see’s Constantin Schoell and Bruno Ponte, who’s also been impressive coming through. Row four contains Jeoffrey Rouchy and Marnik Battryn with Eric Chapon and Giueseppi Pierotti rounding out the field.

On his pole for tomorrow Rinus commented: “I’m very happy, I had a perfect day with three wins and three fastest laps! The kart felt great and I was able to take the lead straight back anytime I lost it. Although the grid this weekend is small there is some very experienced drivers who will be hard to beat tomorrow. This is just my second race in X30 and I really like the class! I’d like to say a huge thanks to my team, Daems Racing, who have done a great job for me today!”

LRN_8248-2 - edit

All the action tomorrow can be seen LIVE via with grid walks for the finals also included! There are plenty of other videos on the website for you to enjoy including the new ‘Pint in the Paddock’, driver interviews, mechanic interviews and also an inside exclusive on a driver’s preparations before qualifying which features Super X30 driver Rinus van Kalmthout.


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