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TW Steel DMAX Endurance Champs 2016 Round 10 Report

Heavy Qualifying

 Conditions were overcast and damp, with a wet circuit following overnight rain as the heavies headed out for the first session of the day. Early lap times were well over 90 seconds as drivers struggled to get to grips with the conditions. Chris Munro put himself out in front on lap 3 with a 1:35.791, however his lead was short lived. As the drivers acclimatised it was Thomas Pughe who gained an advantage with a 1:35.334, Zaustowicz and Lee Witney followed him up the leaderboard into the top 3 with a 1:34.939 and a 1:35.049 respectively.

With 10 minutes of the session gone, drivers were still experimenting, with many having spins and few drivers improving on their times. That was until Zaustowicz stormed into the lead with a

1:33.948 with just over a minute to go. Munro followed him through with a 1:34.403. It looked like that would be enough to secure a front row slot on the grid, until with just one lap remaining Pughe stormed back into the lead, with a 1:32.962, finding substantially more grip than any of his competitors. The conditions led to a larger gap between most drivers than usual, with 4 seconds separating the top 10. Zaustowicz completed the front row, with Munro and Witney on row 2, and Adam Nakar making a late surge to round off the top 5.




As the karts were prepared for the race, the rain began to hammer down once again, meaning that any dry lines created in qualifying were destroyed. The reports from the race observers were that turns 8 and 6 looked particularly slippery as the drivers headed round for their warm up lap.  It was Pughe who got us underway, running slightly wide at turn 1, which allowed Munro through to the lead from 3rd. Zaustowicz followed through into 2nd, with Adam Daly making a fantastic start, gaining 6 positions on lap 1 moving up to 3rd. Pughe was the big loser, dropping down to 7th.

Zaustowicz looked to be finding more grip on circuit as he looked inside and out as they came up the back straight and into turn 9, Munro doing well to hold onto 1st. Pughe looked to be finding his feet as he passed Nakar and Vinod Hirani, moving back into 5th. Daly then lost control into turn 10, dropping him down to 6th at the end of lap 3.


Lee Witney was all over the back of Nakar for 3rd as they crossed the start line for the 5th time, with Pughe setting a fastest lap, a 1:33.468, to try and join the battle for 3rd. The pressure told, with Witney spinning at turn 5 dropping him back into 5th. The rain had stopped, and the track was beginning to dry out, with Pughe moving through the pack and back into 3rd, setting a new fastest lap in the process, a 1:31.804, substantially quicker than anyone on the circuit with 15 minutes gone. Zaustowicz was also finding grip on circuit, with a look around the outside, only to switch back and pass Munro up the inside of turn 5. However his lead was short lived, with Munro throwing his kart round the outside of 9 giving him a better line for 10 to move back through to the lead. It was Pughe who seemed to be in a league of his own, setting a 1:31.460 as he passed Zaustowicz for 2nd.

Witney and Nakar continued to battle it out 8 seconds back from the front 3, for 4th and 5th. Pughe then made a move to pass Munro for the lead on lap 12, Munro tried to look for a gap into the final corner, but Pughe held on and was seemingly too quick for his competitors, as he pulled out a slight lead in front. Further back down the field, Daly and Tommaso Ammendola both span battling for 7th and 8th. Blaise Sienko and Chris Peberdy, not to be outdone, also both span battling for 9th.

Pughe’s hard work was all undone on lap 14, as he lost control at turn 8, allowing Zaustowicz and Munro back through, with Zaustowicz into the lead for the 2nd time on the day. On their 17th lap, Pughe and Munro swapped position 4 times as they battled for 2nd. As they hit the halfway mark, Pughe finally made a move stick, as the leaders lapped Richard Newton at turn 9. He was into his rhythm, setting a new fastest lap a 1:30.828, lapping over a second quicker than anyone else on the circuit as he hunted down Zaustowicz yet again.

Sienko and Ammendola had a big knock through the final 3 corners as they battled for 7th, but the race observers, taking the conditions into account, decided not to take any action. Hirani was ahead of the pair in 6th, lapping very consistently to remain 2nd in the Super Heavy class. Back at the front, Pughe and Zaustowicz ran side-by-side for the 2nd half of lap 24, with Pughe finally making a move stick at turn 10, to move back into the lead. Daly passed Ammendola, but cut him off illegally at turn 6, so allowed him back through, which the Race Director took into account as he gave him a warning flag rather than a penalty.

Munro and Zaustowicz were held up as Daly was slow to respond to the blue flags on circuit, the traffic led to a change of position, as Zaustowicz was visibly frustrated, gesticulating to the marshals as he crossed the start-finish line. The next driver to be lapped was Ammendola, with Zaustowicz again feeling hard done by as he lost more time than his rival Munro getting through. With just 10 minutes remaining, Pughe had pulled out a 5 second lead from the pair of them, with Witney and Nakar back in 4th and 5th respectively, having remained consistent following an action packed opening 15 minutes.

The drivers seemed to all be settling down for the final few minutes, only for Ammendola to lose control into turn 2 with 2 laps remaining, losing 8th to Daly. But up at the front, Pughe brought it home for a fantastic win, showing substially better pace than any of his rivals throughout, despite a couple of spins. Munro came home in 2nd, from Zaustowicz in 3rd. With Witney and Nakar holding on for 4th and 5th.

Heavy Podium


Lights Qualifying

Some of the drivers were caught out as qualifying started on time, with 2 or 3 still standing in the pit lane and missing the beginning of the session.

It was Steve Moody who set the early pace with a 1:32.162, only to quickly be bettered by the two youngsters, Joshua Craft and Max O’Shaughnessy who were up to 1st and 2nd respectively after 5 minutes. O’Shaughnessy and Craft continued to swap best lap times, until Ben Leslie put in a fantastic lap, storming into the lead by 8 tenths with a 1:30.848 as the drivers acclimatised, and the circuit began to dry out following a busy morning. It was then Cobb and Leslie who began to trade best lap times, with Leslie the first man under 1:30.00 for the day.

Harrison Pughe showed a turn of pace, moving up to 3rd with a 1:31.532 with 5 minutes remaining.  Some drivers were clearly getting used to conditions quicker than others, with yellows out at regular intervals as there were spins at turns 6 and 10. The rain than began to fall again with just 2 minutes remaining, making it difficult to improve their times. But that didn’t hold Leslie back, as he put in a 1:29.200, a full 1.5 seconds clear of Cobb in second with a 1:30.702. Max O’Shaughnessy held on for 3rd, with Craft joining him on the 2nd row with Pughe 5th holding off Jake Butler behind.



The drizzle had continued before the race start, so the circuit remained wet as Leslie led the pack away for the race start. Cobb ran wide, allowing O’Shaughnessy into 2nd. Despite the close quarters racing, all drivers made it safely through the first 2 sectors. O’Shaughnessy and Leslie had a fantastic duel at the front, as the lead changed hands 5 times over laps 2 and 3 the two side by side, swapping positions 3 laps in a row across the start / finish straight. Graeme Cobb was holding off Butler for 3rd, Butler having made his way passed Pughe on lap 4. Craft was back in 6th, with Seb Goldsmith, Steve Moody, Cameron Noble and Karlis Elmanis rounding off the top 10.

The absolutely fantastic racing continued up front, with O’Shaughnessy and Leslie wheel-to-wheel, continuously swapping positions and doing a great job of avoiding one another despite the tricky conditions and close proximity of the racing.

As they crossed the line for the 7th time, O’Shaughnessy looked like he had finally begun to pull out a slight gap. Further back, Craft was making a charge, setting a fastest lap, a 1:30.487, as he passed Pughe at T5 for 5th position. Pughe then had a moment off the circuit at T1, but did well to keep it out of the tyres, not losing any positions in the process.

Craft then continued his great drive, passing Butler for 4th as he charged through the pack. Leslie set a fastest lap after 15 minutes as he closed the gap to O’Shaughnessy and passed him at the final corner. They then touched wheels at t4, both doing well to keep their karts pointing in the right direction, before O’Shaughnessy got back through for the lead. In the battle for 3rd, Craft briefly passed Cobb, with Butler joining them in a 3 way tussle for position, Butler trying a double move into 4, only to lose out on the exit. Next time around, on lap 13 Craft made the move stick, with Cobb holding Butler back in 4th. However the respite was only brief, with Cobb feeling the pressure, and losing control into T9, spinning his kart and dropping down to 6th, promoting Butler to 4th. Whilst this was happening, Kameron Khan span at T6 dropping down to 14th.

T6 was proving precarious, with Moody also going off, and dropping from 6th to 14th. As Leslie tried to close the gap at the front setting a new fastest lap, a 1:29.518, just 3 tenths off his qualifying lap. Further back in the pack, the battles continued to rage, with just 8 seconds separating 8th and 13th, Dean Thomas leading the group, from Moody, who had just passed Charlotte Manton in just her 2nd DMAX round, with Sam Bennett and Elmanis rounding off the group.

At the half way stage, there were possible reports of damage to Leslie’s kart, with reports from observers of excessive kerbing leading to a potentially damaged sprocket. Moody’s day went from bad to worse, as, having begun to make his way through the pack, he span out of the last corner and then used his hands to try and push himself back onto the circuit, an illegal manoeuvre, which led to a black flag being issued by the Race Director.

Khan then pulled off the circuit with 25 minutes remaining. He had been off the pace, and decided enough was enough, bringing it into the pits before deciding to retire and watch the rest of the action from the side-lines.

Having had a quiet day up until lap 24, Cameron Noble spun out of the last corner, allowing Thomas to catch and pass him, but Noble was quickly back up to speed, passing him through into T4. Further up the field, Cobb was not giving Pughe a moments rest, as he pressured him for 4th position.

On lap 35, O’Shaughnessy reasserted his dominance, setting the fastest lap of the day, a 1:29.149 to increase his advantage to over 8 seconds, looking like he had done enough to secure victory if he could keep it pointing in the right direction. The track was really beginning to dry out, with 2 minutes remaining, O’Shaughnessy pumped in consecutive fastest laps, ending up as the only driver under 89 seconds, on a 1:28,904. He came home for a comfortable victory with a gap of 10 seconds following a great drive from Leslie in 2nd. Craft held on for 3rd, with Butler coming home in 4th, and Pughe holding off the advances of Cobb to round off the top 5.

Light Podium

Inter Qualifying

As the Inters began the final endurance qualifying of the day, the track continued to dry out as those watching expected to see lap times tumbling throughout the session. It was Mike Coppin who got out of the block quickest, starting off proceedings with a 1st flying lap time of a 1:33.074. But his lead did ’t last for long, Trundley, with a 1:30.659 as the timing screens were lit up green as all drivers set new fastest laps as they got used to conditions on circuit.


With the track still extremely slippery, and following a strong qualifying, Coppin span his kart on the warm-up lap, having to let all drivers through, with J Conroy making the same mistake further down, ensuring an interesting race as 2 of the quicker drivers would have to make their way through the pack as Cousins moved through and took the lead.

Mahony span at the first corner as the field parted around him, an unbelievable scene followed as Series Director Jim Graham realised he was the nearest Race Official and had to run over to rescue Mahoney’s stranded kart. Mahony span again at T5 to find himself right at the back of the pack. On an unbelievable 1st lap, J Conroy went from 21st to 6th, and Coppin went from 22nd to 10th with some amazing passes and opportunistic driving from the both of them.

Trundley then moved back passed Cousins at the end of lap 2 with a fantastic move around the outside of the final corner, going on to set a fastest lap, a 1:28.437 to cement his place in the lead.  Coppin continued his fantastic start, passing Tempest and Cook to take 4th position on lap 5. Cook then lost 3 positions on lap 6, with James Perry moving through and battling side-by-side as they crossed the start / finish line. Amidst the bustle of the first few laps Stuart Shearman was shown a warning flag for contact at T6, it was deemed an advantage by contact, but the Race Director decided against a penalty, as he let his rival back through, with neither driver deemed to have lost significant time or any positions.

There were battles up and down the field with a busy midfield. Andrew Tempest, Cook, J Conroy and Tim Ellis were locked in an extremely close battle for 7th; whilst at the front of the field, Cousins and Trundley were exchanging fastest laps, with Trundley setting a new quickest on lap 11, a 1:28.218. Richard Allison then heated up the battle for 1st, having a spin in front of the leaders, with both of them having to take avoiding action, with Cousins seeming to lose slightly more time than Trundley. Ellis was the next driver to take an excursion from the circuit, damaging some tyre barriers on the outside of T9, and requiring rescuing by the track marshal team.

Cousins then dropped to 5.5 seconds back from Trundley as he had a half-spin at T5, allowing the champion to build up a fairly sizeable lead. However, Trundley was then held up by Shearman as he tried to pass through briefly allowing Cousins to close up. At the halfway mark, Mahony was shown a warning flag following excessive use of the kerbs, but regardless he was making a good showing of scything back through the pack, up to 12th place.

Further back, J Conroy moved into 7th position, as he passed Cook, lapping quicker than most drivers around him, his eyes now fixated on Bourke, 9 seconds up the road. Mahony then received another warning for excessive use of the kerbs, as he moved passed Stobart for 11th, chasing down a place in the top 10.

Over the next phase of the race, most drivers seemed to settle into their rhythm, with less drivers taking excursions from the circuit, and many beginning to lap on similar times, therefore nullifying the threat of those around them. An exception to the rule was Peacock in 3rd, who continued to improve his lap times, setting a 1:27.694, the second fastest time of the day, as he pushed to secure his place on the podium, with Coppin 8 seconds back down the road, though, without any failures or serious mistakes, it looked unlikely he could improve on that, with 30 seconds the gap to Cousins and less than 15 minutes remaining. Ollie Kemp had a spin with 10 minutes remaining in 20th position, with the Daytona test driver having to take urgent avoiding action to avoid a collision. Trundley took half a second from his fastest lap, but Cousins quickly followed up with a new fastest lap of the race as they crossed the 50 minute mark.

Nigel Foot beached his kart on the exit of T5, causing localised yellows which bunched much of the field together, the gaggle of drivers was directly infront of the leaders as the race entered its final 5 laps. And that was the last action of note for Trundley, who brought it home safely for another fantastic win in testing conditions. Cousins had a strong showing for 2nd place with Peacock also deserving of the final spot on the podium. A fantastic recovery drive, following his mistake on the warm-up lap earned Coppin 4th place, with Perry holding onto 5th. Bourke and J Conroy crossed the line side-by-side, with the former doing just enough to hold onto 6th spot.

Inter Podium

 If you would like more information about The Daytona DMAX 2017 Championships Series, then please call Mark on 033 033 278 70.


TW Steel DMAX Heats Championship Round 10 Report

Light Heat 1

The first light heat of the day was started off with Pughe and Leslie on the front row, with a good start from both, and Cobb holding on for 3rd. At T5 Leslie made a move up the inside for the lead. Khan did well to pressurise the drivers ahead and tried to make a move around the outside of 7. The move worked and he moved up to 2nd. Cobb was unlucky as too many karts tried to turn into T10 at the same time, getting spun around and dropping to last. O’Shaughnessy made quick work of the rest of the pack and moved through to 3rd position, Craft losing out at T6 dropping from 4th to 6th on lap 2. However he quickly made those positions back, while coming under pressure from Cameron Noble and Nat Thomas.

Khan set a 1:27.161 in his pursuit of Leslie as the 2 broke away from the pack, he pulled right onto the back of Leslie as they crossed the line for the 3rd time, O’Shaughnessy and Craft had also pulled out a gap on the drivers behind, but were glued together on track themselves. Khan then made a fantastic pass on Leslie on the inside of T5, getting a better exit and pulling away into T6. Noble and Pughe were also jostling for 5th position, with Noble holding track position well.

That was how it finished, with Khan producing a dominant display, leading in Leslie, with O’Shaughnessy 3rd, and Craft and Noble rounding of the top 5.

Light Heat 2

On the warm-up lap, Ben Leslie lost control and had to drop to the back of the grid for the heat start. It was Elmanis and Butler who led the field away, Butler got held out on the outside, with Bees making a great move and straight into the lead, Elmanis keeping the pressure on around 5. Craft also made a good start along with Sam Hampshire, with both moving through to 2nd and 3rd, but Elmanis kept the pressure on in 4th.

Things then got extremely messy at the end of lap 2, with not enough tarmac for the karts heading into T9, with Butler losing out the most, ending up facing the wrong way at the back of the pack. At the front, Craft, Bees and Khan were escaping at the front. Leslie also got through cleanly, with Hampshire holding off the rest of the pack behind, all of whom were warned for too much contact. Bees and Khan touched as they battled for 2nd, with Khan eventually making a move stick on the exit of T7, his attention then turned to Craft ahead, getting a great run out of the final corner, only to be run wide by Craft, but bravely holding his foot in and making the move stick around the outside into T2.

From there he brought it home for the win, with Craft holding onto 2nd. Leslie did well to pass Bees for 3rd, with Noble passing O’Shaughnessy and Hampshire to bring it home in 5th

Light Heat 3

Michael Tillett started on pole, with O’Shaughnessy 2nd, having won the heats at his last visit to Daytona MK. O’Shaughnessy made a great start, looking like he’dmoved into 1st , only for Tillett to come back at him into T2. Moody moved up to 3rd, with Noble and Khan both making charges through the field. Noble overcooked it into T10 and Manton made it through. Khan continued his fantastic afternoon with a move into 5th, Manton tried to keep the pressure on Moody, only to lose position to Khan and then be passed by Craft, who also started at the back of the grid.

The top 3 were off up the road with O’Shaughnessy and Tillett swapping the lead twice at the end of lap 3, Tillett ending up somehow in front having carried more speed around the outside of T1. Khan was using the battles ahead to catch up with the leading 3.

O’Shaughnessy made a great move stick up the inside of T11, while Khan set a new fastest lap in pursuit, 1:24.886. Khan was all over the back of Tillett and straight through at T10. Unbelievably he was almost 2 seconds quicker than the leader. O’Shaughnessy showed some fantastic defensive driving holding off Khan’s advances to bring home the win. Khan 2nd, Tillett 3rd, Craft making it through to 4th, and Noble ending up in 5th.

Light Podium


Light Final

Kameron Khan started on pole from Max O’Shaughnessy in 2nd. The young pair finishing off a fantastic season from the them both at the front of the pack. And they led the field through the first few corners, with Craft moving passed Leslie for 3rd. Matthew Bees received a black flag for contact at T7. O’Shaughnessy waspressuring Khan at the front, the duel allowing Craft to at h up for a 3 way battle for the lead.

Noble moved passed Leslie for 4th while Butler set a fastest lap down in 8th. Bees’ decided to retire upon receiving his penalty. O’Shaughnessy reeled Khan back in, but some robust defensive driving held O’Shaughnessy round the outside of 7, the 3 were near enough side-by-side into the last section of corners, all 3 doing well to keep it together despite Khan running wide out of T1. Butler was up to 6th and showed that he did have the pace on the day in the drying conditions. O’Shaughnessy made a great move past Khan across the start line after 7 laps. At the same time, Leslie made a great move passed Craft and Noble for 3rd, with Craft somehow holding off Noble on the exit of the 1st corner.

An exhilarating final 2 laps, with multiple changes of positions, ended with the 2 side-by-side across the line with just 0.052 seconds between them. Khan pipped it at the line. Leslie finished 3rd, from Craft, with Butler doing well to take 5th.


Inter Heat 1

It was Coppin who led away the first inter heat, with Purton alongside him on the front row and Championship Leader Lee Hollywood wedged behind them. And it was Hollywood who made the strongest start with Purton caught napping in 2nd. Luke Cousins was holding off Trundley in 3rd as the 2 Championship contenders were once again acting like magnets to each other on circuit. Xander Mahony showed his true pace for the day, making a move on Purton at T7 to try and move into 5th, Purton doing well to hold him off until the 1st corner of lap 3, when he finally made a move stick. Hollywood tried to go defensive, but to no avail, as Cousins moved passed him at T5, with Trundley following him through on the exit of T7.

Coppin was seemingly lost in the distance at the front of the pack, with Cousins doing his best to chase the leader down. The title rivals were locked together battling for 3rd, however Trundley seemed to be dropping Hollywood, who began to come under serious pressure from Mahony in 5th.  Mahony was trying everything as they began their final lap. Coppin won the heat at a canter, with Cousins, setting a new fastest lap in the process, a comfortable 2nd, Trundley came home in 3rd, with Hollywood 4th and Alcock making a late move on Mahony to take 5th.

Inter Heat 2

Richard Lacey led the pack away with Alcock alongside him on the front row. Lacey held the lead and led the pack through, with Alcock doing the same. Further back, Mahony ran wide, allowing Trundley through into 5th, with Hollywood next ahead in 4th.

The front 5 were moving away from the rest of the pack. Alcock and Cousins touched at T10 on lap 2, which allowed Hollywood through and held Trundley behind. Coppin, having made his way through the back markers, made a great move on Trundley into 9, with Alcock back to 6th, Trundley 5th and Coppin 4th. Hollywood was a man on a mission, hunting down the lead driver and setting a new fastest lap in the process, a 1:27/079. He then made a fantastic move, switching back to pass him on the exit of 5.

Trundley made a great move on Coppin for 4th, while Cousins set a fastest lap of his own and also moved passed Lacey, moving up into 2nd in pursuit of Hollywood. But he didn’t have enough time, and it was a big win for Hollywood, with Cousins 2nd from Lacey in 3rd, Trundley held Coppin behind him to secure 4th.

Inter Heat 3

Andy Stobart and Ollie Kemp led the pack away for the final Inters heat, with Trundley and Mahony behind in 3rd. Trundley made a great start, almost up in to 1st by T2, with the move finally being made at T5. Hollywood started dead last but was already up to 6th by the end of the 1st lap, only to spin his kart at 3 having taken too much kerb, losing him 5 positions. Trundley was leading from Mahony at the other end of the field. Coppin then made a move on Mahony for 2nd, but rather than trying to take it back, Mahony was looking over his shoulder at Cousins.

Lacey was dragging Hollywood back through the field, moving into 8th and 9th respectively as they finished their 2nd lap. Lacey made contact with Alcock and let him back through, all of which allowed Hollywood passed for 7th. Trundley was comfortably off at the front, setting consecutive fastest laps as the track continued to speed up – a 1:23.584 his latest.

Behind him Coppin looked secure until Cousins passed Mahony and began to apply the pressure to the 2nd place man. Hollywood made 2 more passes on the penultimate lap to move through to 7th.  Trundley came home for the win, with Coppin holding off Cousins, Mahony 3rd and a good recovery drive from Hollywood to secure a big 5th place in terms of the Championship.

Inter Podium


Inter Final

On the warm-up lap Mahony span his kart, with Coppin leading the pack from Trundley. Hollywood was starting in 4th, well aware that 8th or better secured the title.

Coppin ran wide out of the 1st corner, with Trundley trying to get through but struggling. Hollywood made a great start and made a fantastic move on Trundley round the outside of T6.

Hollywood and Coppin then made contact at T9, which was deemed fair, but allowed Trundley through into first as the rest of the pack battled behind. As they crossed the line for the 3rd time, Hollywood ran wide trying to push for the win and spun, dropping him down to 7th as the leaders raced off. But a fantastic recovery lap got him passed Alcock, Mahony and Lacey to get back up to 4th position.



Heavy Heat 1

That was how it finished, with Trundley storming home for the win, Cousins making a fantastic move on the last corner of the race to secure 2nd from Coppin. Hollywood came home in 4th to secure the Championship, with Alcock finishing 5th, and with the fastest lap of the day, a 1:18.797.

The first heat was led away by Andy Barr and Tom Pughe, the 2 drivers did well to hold onto the top spots, but it was Chris Carter who made the best start, going from 5th to 3rd with a great move up the inside of Zaustowicz into turn 2, he then went on to make light work of Barr as he moved into 2nd.

Zaustowicz followed him through into 3rd with a move up the inside into T. Pughe’s ka t ut out, making a mistake out of 4, and he held his foot on the break, so lost time as he struggled to get it going again, this allowed Carter through into the lead. Zaustowicz moved into 2nd, with Munro up into 3rd and pressuring the title contenders. Witney was back in 5th having passed Sienko, doing well to hold onto the coat-tails of the top 4.

Carter began pumping in consecutive fastest laps, a 1:28.379 on lap 4 extending his lead to 7 seconds. Witney then passed Barr for P4 at T4 as they entered their final lap. Carter brought it home for a comfortable victory, with Zaustowicz 2nd from Munro in 3rd, Witney consolidated 4th with Barr holding on for 5th.

Heavy Heat 2

Chris Munro and Lee Meayers made up the front row of the 2nd heavy heat, with Sienko making a good start, moving up into 3rd, Pughe also got a great start and made it up into 2nd. In the jostling behind, it was again Zaustowicz and Carter who made the early gains, battling up to 4th and 5th respectively. In the early stages of lap 2, Carter got a great run out of 5 to pass Zaustowicz, only for Zaustowicz to get the switchback done at T9. At T5 Pughe made a move on Munro which gave him the lead, Sienko still holding onto 3rd as the title battle raged behind him for 4th.

Further back it was Witney who had moved through the pace of those above the back markers and up into 6th, but he had little answer to those ahead.

Zaustowicz and Carter made contact at T1 with Carter lucky not to spin the Championship leader, only to make a move stick going into t6, again they were extremely close as Zaustowicz ran wide at T9 trying to make a move back through. At the front, Pughe was continuing his great form, setting a fastest lap 1:27.367 the 5th time around. Witney lost control on the final lap, but avoided losing any spaces. Pughe took the win from Munro in 2nd, Sienko, Carter and Zaustowicz 3rd 4th and 5th.

 Heavy Heat 3

It was Lee Witney leading the pack away for heat 3, with Carter, having had a last minute kart swap in the pit lane, alongside him in 2nd. Those 2 got away cleanly, however there was an incident at the 2nd corner with Richard Newton earning himself a stop-go penalty for causing a collision.

Carter then made a great move on Witney into T5, which gave him the lead, and left Zaustowicz struggling back in 5th. Munro kept himself pointing in the right direction, and found himself in 3rd position, behind that Zaustowicz had moved up to 4th passed Purtak. Meayers and Barr then came together at T7, both losing positions as a result.

Pughe set a fastest lap as he moved up to 5th, a 1:27.411, following that the next lap with a 1:25.688 as he began to catch Zaustowicz, who was struggling to make inroads into the gap with Munro in 3rd.  Carter brought it comfortably home, with Witney in 2nd. Munro 3rd and Pughe setting another fastest lap (1:25.543) – a massive 2 seconds quicker than anyone else, making a huge move on Zaustowicz who finished in 5th.

Heavy Podium

Heavy Final

Chris Carter started on pole for the Heavy final following some strong results in the heats, all he required for the Championship was to beat Zaustowicz back in 5th. Munro was alongside him in 2nd. Zaustowicz made a position up at T2, moving into 4th, but Carter led the pack away from Pughe who was once again setting the pace. Munro held 3rd from Zaustowicz who had Sienko for company.

Pughe was all over the back of Carter as they moved into their 3rd lap, setting a 1:25.394 to close the gap to under 2 tenths. Zaustowicz was making little impression on Munro who was fairly comfortable in 3rd. Sienko was 5th from Witney who had lost positions on the 1st lap. Purtak, Barr, Newton and Meayers rounded off the field. The pressure told with Zaustowicz, who ran wide off the circuit at T2 and lost position to drop back to 5th, with Sienko moving through.

Carter at the front pumped in a 1:23.298, the fastest heavy lap time of the day, quickly followed by a 1:22.845 for Pughe. Carter went faster again on the penultimate lap, but Pughe stuck with him, and overtook to win the race. Carter who came home to win the championship, pipped by less than 5 hundredths at the line.

The 2016 Awards Night takes place in the Pavilion at Daytona Milton Keynes on Saturday 3rd December. If you would like more information about the Awards Night or about The Daytona DMAX 2017 Championships Series, then please call Mark on 033 033 278 70.



TW Steel DMAX Heats Championship Round 9 Report


Heat 1

Sheridan Shepherd started on pole for the first heat, leading the pack into the first corner with Josh Craft alongside him on the front row. O’Shaughnessy, Conroy and Cobb found themselves 3 wide round the first few corners as they jostled for P4. Jake Butler passed both front runners to go from 3rd to 1st. He was followed through by Conroy, who continued to show his pace following on from the Enduro earlier on. Shepherd fell down the order, as Cobb, and O’Shaughnessy both made their way through on lap 3, with Noble beginning to pressure him from 6th.

Craft was in 7th, holding off the advances of Khan and Golding behind. Conroy passed Butler at at Turn 5 on lap 4 to take the lead. After a frustrating enduro, O’Shaughnessy looked to make amends by piling the pressure on Cobb, meanwhile Golding made a great move on Khan at the last corner to move up to 8th, only to lose the position on entry to turn 1, with Craft being pressured for 6th by the pair of them. On lap 7, Khan made the move and Golding followed him through as Craft dropped to 8th at Turn 5. Conroy did well to hold off the advances of Butler as they moved into the final lap with just 2 tenths separating the pair. There was nothing Butler could do on the final lap as Conroy kept his cool to post a fastest lap last time around, 56.334. Butler crossed 2nd, awith O’Shaughnessy 3rd, Cobb 4th and Noble rounding off the top 5 despite the best efforts of Golding and Khan just behind.

Heat 2

Nat Thomas and Ethan Souter made up the front row for heat 2. With Thomas holding his lead through turn 1, with Khan and O’Shaughnessy making great starts, moving into 2nd and 3rd respectively. O’Shaughnessy then made 2 more spaces through turns 3 and 4, and up into 1st. Golding made progress towards the end of the 1st lap, making up 5 places on the lap to move into 2nd. Noble made a great move stick on Souter at turn 8, as Souter dropped back to 8th, with Moussa-Zadeh the next kart onto his tail. Conroy, having passed Khan the lap before set a fastest time, 56.735 on lap 3 to consolidate 3rd place. Golding continued his fine form of the day as he looked for ways past O’Shaughnessy for the lead, finally making it stick at turn 3 on lap 5, having just also set a new fastest lap, a 56.609. Noble and Bees were locked in a fantastic battle for 6th, with Bees just managing to hold off Noble through the final sector. O’Shaughnessy wasn’t in any mood to let Golding walk away with his new-found lead, as he wrestled away the fastest lap, setting a 56.535 in his pursuit of the win. Noble finally made a move on Bees stick at Turn 9 as they moved into their final lap. Golding did well to hold on for the win, followed home closely by O’Shaughnessy and Conroy, less than 7 tenths separating the top 3. Khan took 4th, with Thomas holding on for 5th place.

Heat 3

For the final heat of the day it was Cobb who led the pack away, with Michael Tillett completing the front row. Bees made a great start and passed both Cobb and Tillett for 1st at Turn 3. Golding was slow off the line, but the moves of Bees ahead allowed him to quickly close the gap to those ahead. Further down the pack, Noble, made a great move round the outside of T10 as Moussa-Zadeh and Cobb squabbled, holding each other up. Khan showed his pace, making some great moves to take himself up to 5th as they crossed the line for the 2nd time. Cobb’s heat went from bad to worse as Jake Butler made it passed him for 6th in the final sector of lap 3. Bees couldn’t hold on to his lead, as Golding continued his imperious form and took 1st place, he was quickly followed through by Noble, with Bees demoted to 3rd on lap 4. Tillett tried his best to hold off Khan, who looked both ways before making a move into the Esses following a stronger exit from the 1st corner. O’Shaughnessy showed he still had the pace in the middle of the pack, setting a 56.151, the quickest of the heat, as he tried to pass Conroy for 7th. Khan continued his push through the pack, as he too squeezed passed Bees at T9. In the middle of the pack, Bees O’Shaughnessy, Butler and Conroy all tried to sqeueeze into T6, only for Conroy to get hung out to dry on the ouside, dropping to 11th. Golding was comfortable up front, and crossed for the win, from Noble and Khan, with Bees and Tillett holding on for 4th and 5th in an high octane, mid-pack battle.


Lights Final

Golding qualified on pole for the final, with Conroy 2nd from O’Shaughnessy and Noble. O’Shaughnessy got a great start only to be put under pressure from Khan into the first few corners, who had a great 1st lap, gaining 2 positions up to 3rd. Butler and Tillett further down the field exchanged paint miultiple times on lap 2 and 3 as they battled for 8th. Golding pumped in a fastest lap, a 56.582, as he extended his lead to a second on lap 3. No more than 4 tenths separated any of the drivers between 5th and 10th, as once again the midfield battle proved extremely tight. O’Shaughnessy’s bad luck for the day continued, seemingly flooding his engine coming out of the final corner and slowing to a stop across the startline, dropping him to the back of the back, before getting his kart going again and returning to the pits.

Conroy refused to let Golding storm away with the win, as he closed the gap back up to just 4 tenths to Golding in 1st at the end of lap 7, with the gap back to Noble in 3rd up to 3.5 seconds. Josh Craft and Kamran Moussa-Zadeh also ended their races early, as they came in to the pits at the end of lap 8. Bees, Tillett and Butler all continued their midfield scrap onto lap 10, with the karts seemingly attached to one another with string, with nothing to separate them. Whilst Conroy didn’t let the gap at the front grow, Golding looked calm and composed as they moved into their final lap of the final. And it proved enough for Golding, he crossed the line to round off a fantastic day, with 4 wins out of 5 across the 2 Championships. Behind, Khan kept the pressure on Noble right to the last, trying everything he could on the last lap to pass, in the end, losing out by less than 2 tenths for 3rd place, with Bees crossing the line in 5th.


Heat 1

The front row was made up of Chris Alcock and Jonathan Purton, who pulled away from the front of the pack. Pritchard forced people wide at the last corner lap 3, with Mahony, Curtis, Trundley, Hollywood battling for position. Pritchard lost out, with Trundley and Hollywood annoyed. Cousins set a fastest lap from 3rd, 57.591 on lap 4. Alcock and Purton began to pull out a gap, in the clear air, with just half a second separating the pair. Mahony, Trundley and Hollywood had a great battle for 4th as they went into the penultimate lap. Mahony lost out as Trundley and Hollywood got through. Alcock and Purton held on for 1st and 2nd having led from the front. They crossed the line with just 2 tenths separating them. Cousins, Trundley and Hollywood rounded off the top 5.


Heat 2

Xander Mahony and Alex Pritchard started on the front row. Trundley got a great start passing both Curtis and Pritchard for P2 at Turn 3 on lap 1, whilst Mahony pulled a gap on lap 1 as the others fought behind. Hollywood was next to pass Curtis, getting onto the back of Cousins for 3rd, and passing him on lap 2, with his sights set ahead to Trundley and Mahony up the road. Trundley made it through to the lead on Lap 3, as Hollywood put pressure on Mahony, with a fastest lap, 56.798 on lap 4. There was contact between the pair at Turn 9 as Mahony held the spot for the time being, but only until Turn 6 of the following lap as Hollywood moved through into 2nd. The battle allowed Cousins to close the gap to less than a second to Mahony for 3rd. Hollywood was already looking ahead, pumping in a new fastest lap, 56.718, to close to within a second of the lead. Alcock was applying pressure to Curtis for 6th as they crossed for the last time, but for little reward following some robust defensive driving. Trundley had enough of a gap to bring it home for victory, with Hollywood 2nd, Mahony 3rd, Cousins and Curtis rounding off the top 5.

Heat 3

Lee Hollywood looked to capitalise from Pole in the 3rd Inter heat of the day. Cousins was alongside him in an allstar front row. Trundley passed Curtis for P3 on the 1st lap, and went on to make light work of Cousins, with Hollywood leading the pack through the Esses on lap 3. Mahony was looking to pressurise Curtis for 4th having made his way passed Purton. At the front, the 3 leaders began to pull away from the pack with their bumpers seemingly glued together, with less than a second separating the 3 of them. Trundley tried everything he could to get passed Hollywood, but to no avail. Alcock hadn’t allowed Mahony out of his sights, and kept the pressure up into the final lap. But the order remained as they were, with Hollywood pipping Trundley and Cousins for the win, with Curtis and Mahony rounding off the top 5.

Inters Final

Trundley led the final away with Hollywood alongside on the front row. The pair got away cleanly, as did all drivers behind them. Alcock was the best of the rest in 3rd, as he managed to pass Cousins on lap 1. Trundley and Hollywood were in a titanic battle at the front, with the 2 battling side by side through the final sector of lap 3. The pair’s battle allowed Alcock to close the gap, moving himself up to within a second of them. Mahony was also dragging himself into the battle, as there was nothing to separate the top 3. Hollywood set a new fastest lap on lap 5, a 56.388. Further back, Cousins had pulled away from Purton and Curtis, who were battling for 6th position, with Pritchard and Welch, who was giving a very good account of himself in the final of his 1st DMAX round, just behind . At the front, despite Hollywood’s best efforts, he could not find a way past Trundley who was doing extremely well to keep his pace up despite defending his position. The increased pace meant that the trio, including Alcock, had begun to move away from Mahony who was having a lonely race in 4th. In a dramatic finish, Hollywood got the better run out of the complex and Trundley had to defend the inside line down to the final hairpin. This allowed Hollywood to get a wider and faster run into the hairpin so the two drivers exited the final bend side-by-side. At the finish line, Hollywood took the win by just ninety-four thousandths of a second. Alcock followed in 3rd, with Mahony and Cousins rounding out the top 5.



Heat 1

Richard Newton and Robert Purtak led the pack into T1 for the 1st Heavy Heat of the day. Purtak got away slowly and lost out quickly to Zaustowicz and Sienko who moved up from the second row of the grid. The front 3 went 3 wide round T5, with Zaustowicz coming out on top, moving into the lead. Purtak then lost out into the final hairpin, Carter crashed into the chaos created and both lost serious time and were demoted to the back of the grid. Zaustowicz began to pull out a lead, pumping in consecutive fastest laps. Until Carter responded with a fastest time of his own from down in 8th. Richard Newton made a great move on Witney on lap 3, only to lose control himself at the last corner, falling to 8th position. Carter began to move through the pack, passing Chris Peberdy and Munro on lap 4 to move into 5th.

With all those in front of him seemingly falling off the circuit, Sam Harris kept it facing the right direction, and found himself in 4th. Zaustowicz had a comfortable lead as they crossed for the penultimate time. At the same time, Carter moved passed Harris for 4th, with an aggressive move earning him a warning from the marshals. Witney and Sienko were the next in Carter’s sights, but they were also vying for position themselves. There was contact between all 3 of them as they came round the last corner, allowing Harris to slip through. As the drivers came through Turn 3 for the final time, Carter looked to have the run on Harris into Turn 4 but didn’t quite make up enough ground to pull alongside leading to Harris being turned around and Witney getting caught up in the melee. The result being a black flag for Carter (and a post-race 60 second penalty). As the chequered flag dropped, Zaustowicz took the win followed by Sienko in 2nd and Munro 3rd with Harris and Newton rounding off the Top 5.

Heat 2

Harris was hoping to make up for his misfortune in the last race from pole, with Zaustowicz alongside on the front row. Harris lost out to Zaustowicz and then was swamped by Witney, Carter and Munro to find himself 5th after 1 lap. Sienko had Peberdy for company, as they led a snake of 4 drivers through the Esses. Carter had the pace, but couldn’t get passed Witney, being warned for contact at the end of the 2nd lap. Zaustowicz used this to his advantage, setting a fastest lap and extending his lead. At the end of lap 4, Carter did make a brilliant move into the final hairpin stick, and moved himself up to 2nd place, but with seemingly to much to do to reel in Zaustowicz, who was 5 seconds ahead. Sienko lost control at Turn 4 dropping him behind Peberdy, Newton and Purtak. Zaustowicz remained calm and brought it home for victory, with Carter holding off a resurgent Witney for 2nd, with Munro and Harris rounding off the top 5.


Heat 3

Peberdy and Super Heavy Munro led the grid away for the final heat. Witney muscled his way through at T1 into 2nd place. Munro wasn’t rolling over, and quickly took back the position, with Carter and Zaustowicz following him through, forcing Witney down to 5th. Munro got down the inside of Peberdy into T1 and the two of them touched along the first half of the straight. Carter had a good run out of the first corner, but rather than tuck in behind Munro & Peberdy, Carter left the circuit, driving across the grass alongside the Esses to pass both of them. He was subsequently black flagged for overtaking whilst exceeding track limits. He decided to retire from the race rather than continue. Meanwhile Zaustowicz moved to the front of the pack with a move on Peberdy for the lead. Munro also made a great move further back on Harris at T3 on lap 5. Zaustowicz extended his lead with a fastest lap, 56.677. Harris did then make a move on Munro, forcing Munro back to 5th. And then went one further, passing Peberdy for 3rd. Zaustowicz completed what was, in the end, a comfortable victory, with Witney 2nd and Harris 3rd; Peberdy and Munro rounded off the top 5.

Heavy Final

The big news for the Heavy Final was Chris Carter deciding not to take part following his third Championship Black Flag – as he would be scoring zero points from Round 9 – meaning that his title rivals had the opportunity to gain an advantage. Zaustowicz led off cleanly from the start with Witney alongside him, applying pressure to the polesitter straight away, with the 2 doing well to stay on the circuit side-by-side at Turn 4. Sam Harris did well to consolidate 3rd place from Munro, only for Munro to make a fantastic move on the 2nd lap to move up to the final podium spot. The front 2 moved clear of the rest of the pack with some fantastic driving, exchanging fastest laps in the early stages. The field further down seemed to be pairing of as well, with Munro and Harris in 3rd and 4th, and Peberdy and Sienko battling for 5th, and Purtak and Newton for 7th. Harris swerved from side to side as he looked to make a move, which he did at the penultimate corner, only for Munro to make a fantastic move round the outside of t1, carrying more speed through the corner than his rival. Newton was next to make a move, with he and Purtak completing the final sector side by side, however Purtak managed to hold onto the position. Witney was not ready to give up on the chance of a win, setting a fastest lap on the 10th crossing, with a 57.024 moving him within 7tenths. And that was how it finished, with Zaustowicz coming home for a great victory. Munro somehow managed to hold off Harris for 3rd, despite Harris looking for gaps at every corner. Peberdy also held off Sienko’s advances for 5th position.

Report and Images courtesy of Daytona Motorsport

The final round of the 2016 TW Steel DMAX Championships will be held on 20th November at Daytona

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TW Steel DMAX Enduro Championship Round 9 Report

Daytona Tamworth

Light Endurance


For the start of qualifying the sun was out and the track was bone dry, with the drivers looking to make the most of the conditions; and after a strong practice session earlier in the morning it was Championship contender Tom Sibley who set the pace early, after the first 3 laps, 2 tenths clear of young Kameron Khan in 2nd. Daytona Tamworth regular, Charlotte Manton was holding her own early on, sitting in 7 th after 4 laps of her first TW Steel DMAX Champs quali fier. 5 laps in, Khan moved quickest, with Cameron Noble following him up the leaderboad with a 57.089. Khan, Sibley and Manton then quickly became the first 3 drivers under 57 seconds, before the course was neutralised under full course yellows as the field was deemed to have not be slowing down sufficiently for localised yellows at turn 4. As the yellows were cleared no one was getting close to Khan’s time of 56.678. That was until Golding powered in a 56.462 his 12th time around, a time he bettered next time round with a 56.405, 2 tenths clear of the chasing pack with just 2 minutes left of the session. Graeme Cobb stormed up into 2nd with a 56.638, demoting Khan into 3rd with an unimproved time. That is how the top 3 finished, with Sibley and Ben Leslie rounding off the top 5 after an action packed qualifying.

As the lights went green for the start race, Golding led the pack away, following a slow getaway from Cobb, Khan moved through into 2nd at turn 4. It was at that corner on the first lap that Joseph Conroy’s kart stopped on circuit, he was forced to run back to the pits for a swap, resulting in a full course yellow. At the getaway, Khan got the jump on Golding at the startline, briefly moving into 1st, but only until turn 4 as Golding slipped back up the inside. Sibley had a slow start to the race being pushed down to 6th, with Cobb 3rd, and Leslie and Manton rounding off the top 5 after 5 minutes. Having had his issues at the restart, Golding began to pull out a gap at the front , pumping in a fastest lap time of a 56.475 the 6th time round. The 4 drivers from 4th -7th were all separated by less than a second, as Sibley moved his way through into 4th , with some good moves on lap 8. Cameron Noble joined that battle having caught the drivers battling for position.

Khan was then pul led into the pits as his exhaust developed an issue on circuit, following a promising start, he decided to retire from the race at that stage. This bumped Sibley into 3rd, and Noble 4th, as he swept passed Manton. Further down the field, the 2 young drivers Max O’Shaughnessy and Joshua Craft had moved up to 7th and 8th respectively, with Harrison Pughe and Sam Bennett rounding off the top 10 at the 15 minute mark. Having missed the previous 3 rounds, Kamran Moussa-Zadeh had a slow start to the day, but began to apply the pressure to Tom Pughe on lap 16, as he closed the gap to less than a second. Following his kart swap, Conroy was running in last place at the 20 minute mark, a lap down on the rest of the pack, until Golding lapped Dane Christensen in 16th , bringing Conroy back within sight of the pack. On lap 21 O’Shaughnessy pulled into the pits with a kart issue, dropping him to the back of the field, as he spent over 2 minutes in the pits.

Back at the front, Sibley and Noble continued theie charge moving passed Cobb into 2nd and 3rd, but it remained extremely close as Cobb latched onto the back of Noble and tried to regain the las t podium spot. Manton used the battle ahead to catch back up with Cobb, and all 4 drivers found themselves within 3 tenths of one another as they crossed the line on lap 26. Manton was pushing hard, continuously looking up the inside into heavy breaking zones, forcing Cobb to defend, which allowed Sibley and Noble to pull away from them, though they themselves were still separated by less than a kart length. On lap 30 Manton made the pressure tell, with a great move up the inside at turn 4, having faked to the outside as they moved through the long right hander of 3. Just a lap later, Noble also made a brilliant move, getting a better run out of 4 and passing into turn 5. Manton used the battle to reclose the gap and latch onto the back of the pair.

The distraction allowed Sibley to get back through into 2nd, with Manton quickly following him through as she carried greater speed through the Esses, making the move stick at turn 3. The extremely tight race for 2nd had allowed Golding to pull out a gap of 12.7 seconds as the drivers crossed the line for the 39th time, in the 38th minute.

Moussa-Zadeh then struggled to get out of the way as Sibley and Manton powered through, with Manton losing out through traffic. Meanwhile, Conroy moved up into 14th, as he showed his true pace for the day, holding onto the back of Golding at the front of the field, and using the blue flags being shown for Golding to his advantage. Josh Craft was also having a strong race, as he sat comfortably in 6th, having missed the earlier battles, and began to close the gap on Cobb to around 1 second with just over 15 minutes remaining. Golding proved why he was at the front of the field on lap 45, pumping in a new fastest lap, 56.214. With just over 10 minutes remaining, the father and son, Harrison and Tom Pughe, were in 8 th and 10th respectively with just Sam Bennett separating the duo.

Though it was Tom, usually a heavy driver, who found himself under pressure from Tim Ellis in 11th, with the pair split by just 0.4 seconds as they crossed the line for the 50th time. Further up the field, Craft had closed the gap to Cobb to less than a second, with both keeping their eyes on an opportunity to apply pressure to Noble in 4th. Up the road, following a lull in their battle, Manton found a second wind and latched onto Sibley’s bumper, as s he attempted to move up to the second step on the podium. Behind, Craft made the pressure tell, with a brilliant move up the inside of turn 9 moving him up into 5th. Into the last few minutes of the race, and Conroy set the fastest lap of the race, just pipping Golding’s earlier time with a 56.213.

Tom Golding passed the start line for the last time on lap 63, as he cruised home with a 17 second gap down to Sibley in 2nd, Manton kept the pressure up right to the last, crossing the line just 13 hundredths down in 3rd. Noble, Craft and Cobb followed in close behind. With a more substantial gap down to Leslie in 7 th, with H Pughe, Bennett and T Pughe rounding off the top 10.

Inter Enduro


The weather had changed overnight, with heavy rain in the run up to qualifying. The track was wet, but drying as the drivers took to the circuit. Having tested in the pouring rain the night before, Trundley set the early pace, with a 1:16.729, which was over 3 tenths quicker than the rest of the pack, as drivers struggled to findgrip on circuit. However, as expected, times quickly began to tumble lap on lap, as all drivers acclimatised, and the track began to dry. Just 2 laps later, Trundley’s time had dropped by over a second. However, as conditions developed, it was Cousins who got to grips with the circuit, taking the lead at the halfway stage, with a 1:14.870.
Mahony then came into the mix, with 5 minutes remaining, he set a 1:14.757 to move 1 st, only to be passed seconds later by Trundley who set a 1:14.733. Surprisingly, Trundley then brought his kart in for a swap, despite being the quickest driver on circuit. Due to the changeable conditions, the gaps were appearing across the field, with 4 seconds across the 14 drivers, a much higher gap than the DMAX drivers are used to seeing in dry conditions. With just 40 seconds of the session remaining, Cousins re-asserted his dominance with a 1:13.825 over 7 tenths quicker than anyone else on circuit. No one could respond to that time, with Trundley ending the session on 1:14.377, and Mahony, following a mistake at the final corner, 3 rd on 1:14.757. Nuno Costa and Richard Wade rounded off the top 5.

The whole grid seemed to get away fine, with no changes of position through turns 1 and 2, until Richard Wade lost control at 3, running wide and damaging his kart, resulting in a kart swap after just 1 lap, demoting him to last place. At the front, the early signs were for a 2 horse race, with Cousins and Trundley pulling away from Mahony and Costa in 3rd and 4th. Michael Coppin found himself alone in 5th, followed by a group of 4 drivers all battling for 6th 2 seconds further back, led by Matthew Conroy. On lap 4, Martin Bourke made a move stick on Conroy to take that position, as Alex Pritchard and Allan Curtis kept the pressure on in 8th and 9th. On lap 5, Cousins set a fastest lap, a 1:13.063, allowing him to pull out a gap of 1.4 seconds. On the same lap, Costa made the pressure pay, passing Mahony at Turn 4 to take 3rd position. On lap 7 Coppin lost control at the same corner, sliding off the outside of the circuit, moving him back to 9 th. Conroy managed to pass Bourke on the same lap, only to lose the position 2 laps late, as Bourke repassed him at the action corner, Turn 4.

Times continued to tumble, with Cousins setting a 1:12.292 as he extended his lead over Trundley. It wasn’t the same case for 3rd, with Mahony sticking to the rear bumper of Costa, and looking for a way round at Turn 11, only to be denied, as the 3rd placed driver picked his line well. Conroy manged to squeeze back passed Bourke on lap 12. In his efforts to regain 5th, Bourke lost control of his kart and lost 2 further positions, with Curtis and Coppin the beneficiaries. On the 20 minute mark, the battle for 3rd showed no signs of ceasing, as Mahony and Costa went side by side through the final sector, only for Ma hony to make his move stick at Turn 11. Bourke continued to slide down the field, as he lost control a t Turn 5 on lap 20, leaving him beached and awaiting the help of the marshals, finally re-joining the circuit in last place. Meanwhile, Coppin was moving in the other direction, with a brave move round the outside of Curtis at Turn 10 moving him up to 6th, and quickly following that with a move on Conroy for 5th. At the halfway mark, Richard Wade held 9th position, pulling out a gap of 10 seconds over Macauley Pond in 10th. Seb Cook was the next driver to find himself beached at Turn 5, the marshals worked hard to get him moving as quickly as possible, but he still saw himself slide behind Bourke into last position.

Further up the field, Curtis slid passed Conroy, and managed to hold the position, despite the pair being shown blue flags as Trundley moved through on his way to a new fastest lap of a 1:10.092, however on the drying circuit, Cousins soon went faster, with a 1:09.808, the first time under the 1:10 mark, in the process extending his lead to 15 seconds. On lap 30, Coppin’s charge was quickly brought to a halt, as he damaged his sprocketrunning wide at Turn 3, forcing him into the pits for a kart swap, and dropping him behind Curtis and Conroy. Hoewever the change wasn’t for long, as Conroy’s battery became disconnected in the 1 st sector, dropping him down to 10th.

Following a strong 45 minutes, Stuart Shearman lost positions quickly as he fell off the circuit at Turn 6, knocking him down 3 positions. Further up the field, Coppin made up for his earlier error, and showing that he still had the pace on circuit, re-passing Curtis for 5th. Conroy was also trying to move back through the pack, passing Pond on lap 37 for 9th position. With 10 minutes remaining, and with the circuit drying out, Trundley began to close the gap on Cousins, closing the gap by around a second a lap, and bringing the gap down to under 8 seconds as he hunted down the lead driver. Calamity then for Cousins on lap 46, as he flew off the circuit at Turn 6 allowing Trundley, who was still lapping faster, to latch right onto his bumper. With less than 5 minutes remaining, Trundley made a move stick into the penultimate corner and quickly stretched his lead, opening up a gap of nearly 2 seconds as they crossed the line for the 48th time. Following a great recovery drive, Coppin once again fell off the circuit at Turn 3, and remained there for around a minute as the marshals worked hard to recover the kart, dropping him down to 9th place with just a minute remaining.

Trundley brought his kart home safely after a dramatic final 10 minutes, crossing the line for victory after 51 laps. Cousins was 3 seconds down the road in 2nd, with Mahony 3rd and Costa 4th. Richard Wade crossed 5th, after managing to keep his kart pointing in the right direction better than those behind him. Curtis was 6 th, followed by Alex Pritchard, Conroy, and a disappointed Coppin in 9th, with Pond rounding off the top 10.

Heavy Enduro


The track continued to dry as the heavies headed out in damp conditions for their qualifying. On Chris Carter’s 1st trip to Daytona Tamworth, he set the early pace, with a 1:11.638 on lap 2. However he was quickly surpassed by Zaustowicz, Lee Witney and Sam Harris as the drivers acclimatised. The first man below 1:09 was Zaustowicz, as he pumped in a 1:08.729 on lap 6 to go fastest. Blaze Sienko found his qualifying efforts hindered as he fell off at turn Turn 4, with the marshals forced to recover the kart. Meanwhile Nakar moved top with a 1:07.396, ahead of Carter who was up to 2nd, Witney in 3rd , and Harris and Zaustowicz rounding off the top 5. Late arrival Chris Munro joined the session with 5 minutes remaining, as Witney and Nakar exchanged fastest laps at the front. As the chequered flag was waved, Carter improved his time, but to no avail, as 1:06.674 was only good enough for 3rd. It was Nakar, setting a new fastest lap, a 1:05.665, who claimed pole, having made the most of the drying track, with Witney 4 tenths down in 2nd. Harris and Zaustowicz rounded of the top 5.


Witney got a fantastic start, finding grip on the outside of t1 and passing Nakar for the lead. As the karts moved into Turn 4, Carter was turned around by Sam Harris, pushing Carter down to last, and earning Harris a 30 second stop-go penalty. At the front Wiitney continued his fantastic start, with a fastest lap of a 1:03.133 as times tumbled from the qualifying session. Zaustowicz, who had gambled and changed his kart between qualifying and the race, moved passed Nakar, for 2nd position on lap 3. But Nakar held onto his rear bumper, proving that his quick qualifying time was not just a flash in the pan. Carter was a man on a mission following his 1st lap incident, quickly passing Robert Purtak and Richard Newton to move up into 6th. Sienko proved a tougher target, with the 2 running side by side through the middle sector only for Carter to pass at Turn 9. At the same spot on lap 7 Carter moved passed Munro to move back into 4th position. Nakar continued to keep the pressure on Zaustowicz, as he tried to make a move stick at Turn 6, there was contact between them, but no change of position following some boisterous defensive driving. Sienko closed the gap to Munro and tried multiple moves on lap 10 to no avail, only to bog his kart down by slamming on the throttle on the exit of the final corner, losing a position to Richard Newton in the process.

Newton was on a charge in his own right, closing the gap to Munro to under 10 seconds. Harris, frustrated by his earlier mistake, made quick work of passing Purtak at Turn 3 for 8th position. With the circuit now almost bone-dry, Zaustowicz had begun to lap on pace with the leader Witney, with a deficit of 8 seconds to close, however he also had to be wary of the threat from behind, with Nakar hanging on to his bumper, and setting a fastest lap, of a 1:01.208. Witney responded with a 1:01.111 to extend his lead further on lap 17. Carter then pulled into the pits for a kart swap, however as he was within 3 tenths of a lap of the leaders at the time, it looked like he may have made a mistake, as the move dropped him down to 8th. However he clearly did have the pace, as he quickly unlapped himself and pulled away from the race leader, in the process being the first man to break the minute mark, with a 59.735. He then passed Sam Harris for 7th as he began to work his way back through the field. Simultaneously Zaustowicz began to pull away from Nakar for 2nd. Richard Newton ran wide at Turn 3 losing time and positions as he dropped to 6th. Carter then made a mistake, losing time through excessive kerbing, allowing Witney back through to re-lap him.

Witney then looked visibly agitated as Carter got a warning for over aggressive driving towards the race leader in his attempts to unlap himself for the 2nd time. Carter, following Witney closely, made the most of blue flags shown for the race leader to pass Sienko, and then quickly moved around the outside of the final corner on Munro, back up to 4 th, before passing Witney to move back onto the lead lap.

Zaustowicz only had eyes forward as the clock hit 40 minutes, as he moved within 1.5 seconds of the leader. He then caught Witney and moved side-by-side through turns 6 and 7 only to be held off at the same spot for 2 laps in a row. The pair then swapped the lead multiple times through laps 41 and 42, with Zaustowicz seemingly finally making a move for the lead stick through turns 4 and 5. As the race moved into its final quarter, Whitney had no plans to let Zaustowic walk away with victory, keeping tight on his bumper, and setting a new fastest lap the 46th time of passing, with a 58.919. With less than 10 minutes remaining, the pair caught back up with Carter, who was quickly shown blues and moved over to allow the 2 leaders passed, having already sealed his overall Championship victory.

Further down the field, contact between Sienko and Harris led to the former losing 2 positions, with the contact being deemed a racing incident by the Race Director. With 5 laps remaining Zaustowicz set a new fastest lap, a 58.532, as he looked to cement his place on the top step of the podium. It proved to be enough, with an ecstatic Zaustowicz sealing victory, followed closely by Witney in 2nd, with Nakar having faded into 3rd. Carter followed in 4th, with Sienko, Munro, Harris, Newton and Purtak rounding offthe field.

The final round of the 2016 TW Steel DMAX Championships will be held on 20th November
at Daytona Milton Keynes – call Mark on 033 033 27870 to reserve your space on the grid.


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TW Steel DMAX Enduro Championship Round 8 Report

Whilton Mill – International 



Clear blue skies greeted the Lights drivers as they made their way onto the circuit to begin their qualifying session. Championship rivals Tom Golding and Tom Sibley were the early pace setters with times expected to tumble as the session wore on. Axel Slijepcevic joined the pair of them at the top of the timing screens with Golding managing to find a couple of tenths extra over Sibley in the first 5 minutes. Golding soon upped his pace and held an advantage of half a second over Sibley and Slijepcevic at the half way stage, breaking the 54 second mark. Sibley soon responded with a 53.971 but Golding came back at him with a 53.407 with Slijepcevic splitting the rivals with a 53.852.

Golding then posted a very fast 52.995 to go 8 tenths clear at the front to put one hand on pole position. Ben Leslie then jumped up into 2nd with a 53.581 to get ahead of Slijepcevic and Sibley. In the dying stages Slijepcevic and Leslie managed to find the speed that Golding had been enjoying all session and reduced the gap down to 0.107 and 0.142 seconds between the pair of them. It was not enough to knock Golding from pole however with Golding taking pole ahead of Slijepcevic. Leslie claimed 3rd on the grid ahead of Kameron Khan with Karlis Elmanis and Russell Horton completing the third row with Championship contender Sibley, taking 7th on the grid.


Tom Golding and Axel Slijepcevic led the field around the final corner on the rolling up lap and got the racing underway as the green flag waved to start an hour of racing. Golding and Sjiepcevic held position at the start with Kameron Khan jumping Ben Leslie with the top three getting a small lead by the time they exited Christmas corner with Leslie holding off the chasing pack. Tom Sibley was a man on the move completing lap 3 in 5th and right on the back of Russell Horton as he tried to get back on terms with Championship rival, Golding as Golding extended his lead over Sjilepcevic to 2.770 seconds by the end of lap 4. Khan was sitting on his own in 3rd, 1 second behind Slijepcevic but with Sibley now closing in on him in 4th. Golding extended his lead further with lap 6 seeing the first racing lap in the 52’s with a 52.922 with 3.356 seconds back to Slijepcevic. Sam Bennett, Graeme Cobb and Karlis Elmanis were all fighting for 8th place, lapping nose-to-tail as Sibley got onto the back of Khan with Leslie joining the pair of them having just posted a new fastest lap. Sibley lined up Khan into Christmas and got ahead with Leslie following him through on the run back down the hill to take 4th from Khan. Leslie now had Sibley in his sights and got the run up the hill into Christmas corner, making the move up the inside and grabbing 3rd from Sibley with Slijepcevic building a gap of 6 seconds over the battling pair behind as Khan got back on terms to make it a trio in the fight for 3rd.

After 20 minutes of racing completed, Golding’s lead was out to 7 seconds over Slijepcevic who was maintaining a lead of 7 seconds over Leslie as they matched each other for pace. Leslie had managed to drop Sibley and Khan as Khan continued to attack Sibley with a mistake from Khan into The Boot seeing him drop down to 7th and letting Sibley free to close the gap of 3 seconds to Leslie for 3rd. Golding posted yet another fastest lap on lap 26 with a 52.447 with Slijepcevic setting a personal best of a 52.585 to nearly match him. Khan was in recovery mode as he moved back ahead of Dean Thomas through Christmas corner with Sam Bennett now applying the pressure on Thomas for 7th as Khan quickly escaped up the road. Bennett got the run up the hill and tried a copy of Khan’s move, but ran wide allowing Thomas to cut back on the run back down the hill and regain the position, allowing Khan to get further up the road. Bennett recomposed himself and began to attack Thomas once more with a run onto the back straight forcing Thomas to go defensive on the way into The Boot, putting Bennett on the outside. Thomas went deep into The Boot with Bennett setting himself up for the cut back and getting the run out of The Boot and moving ahead into the final corner. A mistake from Bennett on lap 32 unfortunately saw Bennett drop down to 10th, undoing his good work against Thomas.

Khan was continuing with his recovery after his own mistake, now onto the back of Russell Horton in the fight for 5th as they lapped David Glover who let them through at Christmas. Horton held off Khan as they cleared Glover but Khan was looking very determined to make up for losing ground earlier on. Khan began to get a little impatient and tried for a move up the inside into The Boot, but couldn’t make it stick and lost momentum and 1 second to Horton. With 15 minutes remaining, Horton was still holding off Khan for 5th having briefly lost the position to Khan, but a successful move through The Boot saw Khan get through at the final corner with the pair seeing Thomas closing in on them from 7th. Golding’s lead was out to 14.5 seconds over Slijepcevic with 10 seconds now back to Leslie in 3rd. Sibley had held the gap to Leslie at 2.8 seconds for much of the race with a gap of 20 seconds over Khan thanks in part to the intense battle between Khan and Horton.

With Khan now through and settled in 5th, Khan began to put some daylight between himself and Horton to try and secure a solid 5th place finish with 10 minutes remaining as Golding continued to put in fastest lap after fastest lap. Golding started the final lap with a lead of 17 seconds over Slijepcevic and completed a comfortable final lap to take the chequered flag with his second dominant win in a row ahead of a well-deserved 2nd for Slijepcevic and another podium for Leslie. Golding’s championship rival came home in 4th to limit the damage done ahead of a recovering Khan in fifth.



Championship leader, Bobby Trundley, was the early pace setter at a warm and sunny Whilton Mill for Round 8 of the 2016 TW Steel Daytona DMAX Championship, with Luke Cousins sitting in 2nd ahead of Xander Mahony and Richard Lacey with Whilton Mill specialist, Oliver Peacock also expected to be in the mix. Trundley held provisional pole over Luke Cousins for the first half of the session, but Cousins responded to move ahead only for Trundley to jump back ahead by 0.114 seconds with Mahony a further 0.021 seconds to make it very tight at the top of the pile. Martin Bourke was looking good in 4th as Cousins moved back into provisional pole by 0.048 seconds with a 52.597.

Cousins bettered his time with Mahony slotting into 2nd, 0.092 off pole and 0.073 ahead of Trundley with Dan Sullivan sitting in 4th with one minute left. No one managed to improve as the final laps were put in meaning it was Cousins on pole ahead of Mahony with Trundley and Sullivan on the second row and Richard Lacey and Michael Coppin on the third row.


Luke Cousins made a textbook start from the rolling start pulling a few kart lengths as Xander Mahony had Bobby Trundley attacking him with Trundley stealing 2nd into Christmas. Cousins completed lap 1 0.980 seconds ahead of Trundley, Mahony, Richard Lacey, Dan Sullivan and Whilton specialist Oliver Peacock in 6th. Trundley took a tenth out of Cousins on lap 2 to edge closer to the race leader as Peacock moved into 5th through The Boot to get ahead of Sullivan. Lap 4 saw Peacock post a new fastest lap in his pursuit of Lacey as Trundley continued to close in on Cousins by a tenth of a second a lap.

Peacock was on the back of Lacey on the way out of Christmas as Cousins responded to Trundley’s pace to start building his lead back up as Peacock moved ahead of Lacey for 4th. Trundley dug deep and found some extra pace to once again, start reeling in leader Cousins by a fraction of a second a lap. Cousins and Trundley had dropped Mahony by 2.440 seconds as Peacock closed in from 4th in his pursuit of a third straight Whilton Mill win of the year. As the leaders began to make their way through the back markers with some blue flag assistance, Trundley was caught out at turn 2 and went for a spin, dropping him to 5th as Peacock got ahead of Mahony moving him into 2nd and 3.415 seconds behind Cousins. Cousins now enjoyed some breathing space, but had Peacock coming at him, taking a tenth a lap as the race approached the 20 minute mark.

The full course yellows were brought out at the half way stage to recover Seb Cook from The Boot with Greg Carlow and then Bobby Trundley judged to have driven too fast under the full course yellow with Trundley lapping 5 seconds a lap faster than those around him. The green flags waved with Carlow and Trundley serving their black flags and dropping the both down the order. Cousins and Peacock resumed their battle with Cousins getting the upper hand in the early stages of the restart and extending his lead over Peacock to 4.4 seconds as the race reached the 40 minute mark. Trundley chose to retire from the race giving Cousins and Peacock the chance to close the points gap to Trundley in the Championship.

Cousins and Peacock continued to trade lap times at the front with the gap hovering around 3.5 to 4 seconds with 10 seconds back to Mahony who was holding on to the final podium spot with Sullivan running on his own in 4th, 8 seconds off third and 13 seconds clear of Tor Ryan in 5th place. Alan Hindley and Tom Eastwood were enjoying the closest fight on track in the battle for 7th with Eastwood right on the back of Hindley and pressuring him for position with 10 minutes of the race remaining. Eastwood grabbed the position through the final corner with 3 minutes remaining having trailed Hindley for so long, but made the move stick when it counted. Cousins was held up with two back-markers despite blue flags allowing Peacock to get the gap down to 1.194 seconds as they started the final lap. Peacock pushed hard as the chequered flag was readied but Cousins held on to win Round 8 by 0.659 seconds from Peacock with Mahony completing the podium ahead of Sullivan and Ryan.




The Heavy drivers took to a warm and sunny Whilton Mill circuit to begin Qualifying for Round 8 of the 2016 TW Steel Daytona DMAX Championship with Chris Carter, Malcolm Clark and Tomasz Zaustowicz at the top of the timing screens in the early stages. Carter pulled into the pits from 3rd as Tomasz Zaustowicz moved to provisional pole with a 53.515 ahead of Adam Nakar with an identical time only to have Clark go 0.007 seconds faster. Zaustowicz moved back ahead but Nakar and Tom Pughe responded to move ahead of Zaustowicz.

Nakar posted a 52.897 to go 3 tenths clear of Pughe and Zaustowicz, but Zaustowicz soon halved the gap. Carter had been into the pitlane and was currently sitting in 7th as he wound himself up for another run at pole with 5 minutes to go. Zaustowicz reduced the gap further as Nakar struggled to beat his own lap time with Carter improving by 4 tenths to go 6th as his kart got up to temperature.

Nakar found an extra gear with a minute to go to extend his advantage. Zaustowicz responded as the chequered flag was readied to move into provisional pole by 0.034 seconds from Nakar with Nakar unable to get back ahead and claiming 2nd. Pughe and Clark claimed the second row with Carter and Rob Moore securing the 3rd row.


Tomasz Zaustowicz and Adam Nakar led the field away to start an hour of racing with Zaustowicz getting a good start and pulling a few kart lengths as Nakar came under attack from Rob Moore with Moore snatching 2nd with a move up the inside into Christmas. Chris Carter then grabbed 3rd from Nakar and set after Moore.

Carter was not hanging around and was eager to get on terms with Zaustowicz as Zaustowicz began to build an early lead. Carter got a run on Moore as they headed towards The Boot with Carter having to go for the outside and Nakar tucking in behind the pair of them. As they hit the brakes, Nakar locked up and had a half spin as Carter held on around the outside of Moore to give him the inside as they switched back through The Boot and into the final corner, giving Carter 2nd place as Tom Pughe had a look to pass the pair of them. Carter held the position however and set after Zaustowicz who was now 3 seconds up the road.

Carter was a man on a mission and was taking chunks out of Zaustowicz’s lead as he left Pughe, Moore and Malcolm Clark behind him. Carter was soon all over the rear of Zautowicz and a run out of Christmas and down the hill towards turns 4 and 5 saw him slip past and into the lead. Zaustowicz tried to come back at Carter, but Carter placed his kart well and kept Zaustowicz behind him. Clark moved into 4th, ahead of Moore at turn 5 and set after Pughe ahead of him in 3rd, with 4 seconds to close up as Carter tried to shake off Zaustowicz who had upped his pace since being passed by Carter. The leading pair were gapping Pughe in 3rd by 2 to 3 tenths a lap with Zaustowicz coming back at Carter as they completed the first quarter of the race.

Adam Nakar had been pushing hard in the first third of the race, setting the fastest lap with a 52.468 and move himself back up to 5th after his earlier spin with Clark as Nakar’s next target. Nakar was on Clark and didn’t waste time in getting ahead with lap 23 seeing Nakar get through and into 4th with Nakar’s pace more than enough for a podium and matching the leading pair, but with 14 seconds to leader, Carter, a chance of winning was going to be difficult. Nakar was still closing in on Pughe for a podium spot as Carter continued to extend his lead over Zaustowicz with a tenth or two a lap. Pughe now had Nakar close enough behind to start feeling the pressure for the final podium spot, but not succumbing to it just yet as he kept Nakar at bay. Carter and Zaustowicz were working their way through the traffic as the race approached half distance with Carter’s lead out to 4 seconds. Nakar managed to sneak past Pughe for 3rd with Nakar lapping a couple of tenths a second a lap quicker than Zaustowicz at this stage with the gap at 11 seconds.

With 15 minutes remaining, Zaustowicz and Nakar had hit a stalemate as they matched each other for pace and the gap hovered around 10 seconds. Carter on the other hand, was enjoying a leisurely Sunday drive, 11 seconds up the road from Zaustowicz. Pughe was running on his own in 4th as the field was relatively spread out by this stage. The closest fight on track was between Richard Newton and Ian Zumbuhl in their private battle for 14th and 5th in the Super Heavy category.

Moore was currently the leading Super Heavy, 6th overall, 8 seconds behind Clark. Carter posted a new fastest lap on lap 57 with a 52.149 with lap 58 seeing a 52.111. Nakar had found some extra pace and was bringing the gap down once again with 7.4 seconds between them and 8 minutes to go. Vinod Hirani had been closing on Blaze Sienko for 9th having lost ground after an earlier battle with Hirani now breathing down Sienko’s neck once again. Carter was under no such pressure however as the chequered flag was soon readied. Carter claimed the win, 18.179 seconds clear of Zaustowicz in 2nd with Nakar a further 6.991 seconds behind in 3rd despite his spin at the start of the race. Pughe and Clark rounded out the top 5.


The next round is at Daytona Tamworth on Saturday 15th October for Lights and Sunday 16th October for Inters and Heavies. Call Mark on 033033 27870 to reserve your space on the grid.

Report and Images courtesy of Daytona Motorsport


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TW Steel DMAX Heats Championship Round 8 Report

Light – Heat 1

Paul Cox led the field away, but soon lost out to Ben Leslie as Leslie grabbed the lead. Leslie then lost out to Axel Slijepcevic on the run down to turn 6 with a text book move up the inside, earning Slijepcevic the lead of the race. Leslie tucked into 2nd with Cox dropping back in 4th, but getting away from Max O’Shaughnessy and Joshua Craft.

Nat Thomas, Tom Golding and Jake Butler were now getting involved as well as the group headed into The Boot with Craft moving ahead of O’Shaughnessy briefly, only to have O’Shaughnessy get back ahead and for Craft to fall into the clutches of Butler and Golding. Slijepcevic was extending his lead at the front with 1.914 seconds in hand after 4 laps.

The top three were spread out and enjoying a drama free race, further behind however, it was far more frantic as Butler got ahead of Craft and set after O’Shaughnessy for 4th with Golding trying to move ahead of Craft. Butler was onto the back of O’Shaughnessy and looking for a way through and made the move on the final lap. Slijepcevic came around the final corner and took the win for the first heat, 4.443 seconds clear of Leslie and Cox with Butler and O’Shaughnessy completing the top 5.

Inters – Heat 1

Jonathan Purton and Ben Oliver led the field away with Purton leading the field away as Oliver came under attack from Oliver Peacock and Lee Hollywood. Purton completed the first lap still ahead, but Hollywood had quickly moved up from 12th into 2nd and was passed Purton for the lead into Christmas corner on lap 2.

Bobby Trundley had moved up into 3rd and was next onto the back of Purton with Peacock and Luke Cousins in tow. Trundley was very keen to get ahead of Purton to get on terms with his Championship rival, Hollywood, but Trundley had to balance attack with defence as Peacock wanted Trundley’s 3rd place. Hollywood was stretching his lead as Trundley, Lacey and Peacock got ahead of Purton after some good defensive driving from Purton. Xander Mahony, Cousins and Mark Ridout were next to line up behind Purton with Mahony sliding it up the inside into turn 6 as Cousins got turned around.

Chris Alcock was the offending driver, missing his braking point, and picking up a black flag. Simon Ross repeated Alcock’s mistake a lap later and picked up a 60 second penalty as time ran out to give the black flag out. Hollywood claimed the first win of the day ahead of Lacey, Peacock, Trundley and Stuart McKay.

Heavy – Heat 1

Chris Peberdy led the pack into turn 1, but as they emerged from turn 2 and shot up the hill, it was Rob Moore that held the lead. A few too many drivers then tried for the same piece of track into turn 6 with some drivers losing ground. Chris Carter certainly wasn’t as he completed lap 1 in 5th and then grabbed 4th on lap 2 ahead of Tom Pughe and on the back of Chris Munro. Malcolm Clark then ran wide out of the final corner and hit the barrier, resulting in a full course yellow. All drivers slowed down accordingly with gaps remaining as they were before the full course yellow.

The green flag got the racing back underway with Moore leading Tomasz Zaustowicz, Munro, Carter and Pughe. Zaustowicz was quick to close the gap to Moore and got a bit of a run on the straight up to Christmas corner and out-braked Moore from a kart length behind and just about made the move stick. Pughe then tried for a move at turn 6, but out-braked himself, knocking Carter and Munro with Pughe picking up a black flag as Zaustowicz started the final lap ahead of Moore and Carter with Pughe not yet serving his black flag. Zaustowicz took the win ahead of Moore, Carter, Munro and Lee Witney.

Light – Heat 2

Jake Butler got off to a good start and had several kart lengths as the field made their way up to Christmas. Joshua Craft muscled his way into 2nd ahead of Heat 1 winner, Axel Slijepcevic and Graeme Cobb. Slijepcevic closed the small gap to Craft on the remainder of the first lap and passed Craft for 2nd into Christmas on lap 2 as the chasing pack closed in. Butler completed lap 2, 3 seconds up the road from Slijepcevic, who had his own lead of 1.8 seconds over Matthew Bees, Craft, and Karlis Elmanis.

Butler was setting a searing pace at the front and was opening the gap up over Slijepcevic by fractions of a second each lap as Golding set a new fastest lap in 6th place. Slijepcevic soon responded with 2 and a half minutes left and dropped the gap to 2.5 seconds to Butler, but was rapidly running out of time. Bees was looking good in 3rd, but had Kameron Khan taking a quarter of a second a lap out of him with just a second between them and two laps to go. Butler cruised across the line to take the win by 1.281 seconds from Slijepcevic, Bees, Khan and Golding.

Inters – Heat 2

Tom Eastwood led away from pole but had Stuart McKay and Simon Ross breathing down his neck on the run up to Christmas. Eastwood held on and continued to lead the field as they made their way back down the hill. As they headed toward The Boot, McKay lost several positions as Eastwood completed lap 1 half a second clear of Ross.

Xander Mahony was on the move and slotted into 3rd and gave chase, setting a new fastest lap on lap 2, but had Lee Hollywood closing in. Hollywood soon grabbed 3rd from Mahony and was onto the back of Eastwood and Ross on lap 3 and managed to pass the both of them into turns 1 and 2. Mahony moved into 2nd, dropping Eastwood to 3rd with Ross dropping back in 4th and holding off Richard Lacey, Oliver Peacock, Bobby Trundley and Luke Cousins. Peacock tried to get Lacey into Christmas, but couldn’t get far enough alongside, slowing him down and allowing Trundley to have a go on the run down to turn 6.

Mahony had found some extra pace and was closing the gap to Hollywood as Peacock and Trundley got ahead of Lacey. Hollywood and Mahony started the final lap just 0.346 seconds apart as they matched each other for pace. Hollywood just held on to win as Mahony set a new fastest lap. Eastwood finished 3rd ahead of Ross and Peacock.

Heavy – Heat 2

Tomasz Zaustowicz led the field away with Carter in tow. These two quickly broke away from Tom Pughe and Lee Witney as Carter was right on Zaustowicz’s rear bumper. Carter set himself up for a move on Zaustowicz through The Boot, and got the move completed the through the final corner. Carter ran wide however, with Zaustowicz now having a run into turn 1. Carter was aware of this and held Zaustowicz off to secure the lead as they started lap 2.

Pughe was cruising up to the back of Zaustowicz as Carter broke away with Witney trying to hold on and get away from Rob Moore in 5th – up from last on the grid. Zaustowicz responded to Pughe’s pace to stabilise the gap and was just about matching Carter for pace, holding Carter’s lead at 1 second. A new fastest lap on lap 7 changed this however – a 53.033 – to move 1.4 seconds clear at the start of the penultimate lap. Vinod Hirani was holding 6th, just a quarter of a second ahead of Munro in their fight for 2nd in the Super Heavy class. Carter claimed the win in heat 2 as Zaustowicz set a new fastest lap in 2nd. Pughe took 3rd ahead of Witney and Moore.

Lights – Heat 3

Sam Hampshire held the lead into turn 1, but had Tom Golding and Levi Anderson on his rear bumper. Anderson quickly claimed the lead as Golding and Max O’Shaughnessy moved into 2nd and 3rd respectively on the opening lap with Hampshire now in 4th. Anderson was running well on his own at the front, pulling 1.4 seconds over Golding, but Golding soon responded to start matching Anderson as Ben Leslie set a new fastest lap in 4th.

Leslie was closing in on O’Shaughnessy and began putting him under pressure, snatching 3rd on lap 5. Axel Slijepcevic was on the move and running in 8th having started well down the order and looking for a solid result having taking a 1st and 2nd so far. Golding set a new fastest lap and started to take chunks out of Anderson’s lead as he got onto the back of Anderson as they started the final lap just 0.256 seconds apart. Anderson was now in defensive mode and was placing his kart just where he needed to. Anderson held on to win from Golding with Leslie, O’Shaughnessy and Ollie Ursell completing the top 5.

Inters – Heat 3

Luke Cousins held the lead from pole with Lee Hollywood following to take 2nd. Cousins and Hollywood quickly broke away from the chasing pack, but Hollywood’s early attack on Cousins began to slow them down and allowing Filippo Fiorini Miotti to close back up with Richard Lacey. Lacey moved ahead of Fiorini Miotti as Cousins continued to hold off Hollywood, bunching up the pack behind him. Oliver Peacock was now into 3rd and then got the better of Hollywood to take 2nd as Bobby Trundley moved into 4th and was next to try and attack Hollywood. Hollywood got a run out of turn 6 and got ahead of Peacock into turn 7 with Trundley following him through and dropping Peacock to 4th.

Lacey and Xander Mahony were just watching on a kart length behind as Trundley repeated Hollywood’s move a lap later with a tap from Peacock just aiding Trundley and took 2nd with Peacock moving back into 3rd. Hollywood regained 3rd through The Boot and immediately got back on terms with Trundley. Trundley got a run coming out of Christmas on lap 7 and was up the inside coming down the hill and through for the lead with Hollywood following through and holding Cousins out to dry as Peacock and Lacey also got through. Peacock then moved back into 2nd with a small gap appearing on the penultimate lap between the leading pair and the rest of the pack headed by Hollywood as Trundley started the final lap with a new fastest lap. Trundley took the win ahead of Peacock, Hollywood, Lacey and Cousins.

Heavy – Heat 3

Lee Meayers held the lead through the first two corners, but Vinod Hirani had a run up the hill towards Christmas, earning Hirani the race lead. Tomasz Zaustowicz was into 2nd by the end of the first lap and had Chris Munro for company. Chris Carter was into 4th by the time he got to Christmas on lap 2 as Zaustowicz looked for a way into the lead. Zaustowicz saw his chance into turn 7 and grabbed the lead from Hirani.

Zaustowicz was quick to escape up the road as Hirani now came under pressure from Munro and Carter with Carter passing the pair of them through The Boot to take 2nd and set after Zaustowicz. Zaustowicz was stringing together some fastest laps to extend his lead over Carter as Hirani continued to keep Munro behind for 3rd overall and the top spot in the Super Heavies. Tom Pughe was running 5th with Lee Witney just a kart length behind with a move into The Boot on Munro not paying off for Pughe and allowing Witney to sneak through. Witney then got onto the back of Munro and a lap later was passed Munro through The Boot to take 4th. Zaustowicz claimed the win, 4.406 seconds clear of Carter in 2nd. Hiarni held onto 3rd ahead of Witney and Munro.



Axel Slijepcevic and Jake Butler lined up on the front row and led the field around on the rolling up lap. Slijepcevic and Butler were side-by-side into turn 1 with Slijepcevic holding on as Golding and O’Shaughnessy gave chase. There were some spinners at Christmas as too many drivers went for the same piece of track. At the end of the first lap it was Slijepcevic from Butler, Golding, O’Shaughnessy and Matthew Bees with 1.6 seconds covering the 5 of them. Slijepecevic was building a small lead over Butler as O’Shaughnessy set a new fastest lap with Golding closing in on Butler and getting onto his rear bumper. A run out of turn 2 and up the hill almost saw Golding go for a move at Christmas, but he thought better of it as Slijepcevic continued to edge away – his lead out to 1.4 seconds after 4 laps as Golding, Butler and O’Shaughnessy completed the lap in very close company. O’Shaughnessy appeared to be the faster of the trio at this stage in the race with their battling aiding Slijepcevic’s bid for the win.

Butler was soaking up all of the pressure from the two drivers behind him as Golding had another look going into The Boot with O’Shaughnessy needing to get out of the throttle as a result and losing some ground. O’Shaughnessy quickly regained the time lost and was with the pair once more as Golding tried again to get Butler into The Boot, but Butler again held Golding behind. All the while, Slijepcevic was posting fastest lap after fastest lap, extending his lead further.

Golding snuck into 2nd on lap 8th with O’Shaughnessy nearly through passed Butler on the run into The Boot as Bees and Kameron Khan joined in. Slijepcevic was 4.5 seconds up the road by this stage which would be a tall order for Golding as he got away from Butler with O’Shaughnessy still looking for a way past. Despite breaking free of Butler, Golding was unable to make a dent in Slijepcevic’s lead as Slijepcevic continued to get away. A mistake from O’Shaughnessy saw him drop down to 9th, moving Bees into 4th and giving Butler some breathing space as Slijepcevic set yet another fastest lap.

Bees closed the gap on Butler in the dying stage and was through at turn 8 with Khan getting a run on Butler onto the back straight and giving him 4th into The Boot on the final lap. Slijepcevic claimed the win by 6.097 seconds from Golding and Bees with Khan and Butler completing the top 5.



Championship rivals Lee Hollywood and Bobby Trundley led the field into the first corners with Trundley taking the lead. Hollywod went for a move into Christmas but misjudged it and tapped Trundley wide and dropping Trundley down to 7th. Lacey inherited the lead ahead of Oliver Peacock as Hollywood was given the black flag.

Hollywood dropped back down the order as Trundley moved back up to 4th, just behind Simon Ross. Lacey was breaking away at the front, setting a new fastest lap with Peacock 3.5 seconds clear of the battle between Ross and Trundley with Luke Cousins just three quarters of a second behind. Peacock responded to Lacey’s pace and set his own fastest lap on lap 4 to reduce the gap to 0.733 seconds. Trundley had managed to get himself in front of Ross and into 3rd with a new fastest lap on lap 5 closing the gap to the two in front, but with 4.3 seconds still to close. Peacock was right on Lacey’s tail at the halfway stage as Cousins had Ross, Xander Mahony, Chris Alcock, Hollywood and Mark Ridout all lined up behind him.

Peacock was still shadowing Lacey around the circuit, but couldn’t get himself into a position to challenge for the lead. Trundley was still pushing hard and got the gap down to 2.832 seconds and knew if the two in front started to squabble for position, he could still challenge for the lead. Peacock began to ramp up the pressure on Lacey as Trundley edged further forwards them and the time began to tick away. The ‘Last Lap’ board went out and now was Peacock’s time to attack as Trundley got the gap down to a second. Lacey was keeping it clean, avoiding mistakes and Lacey held Peacock at bay, taking the win by 0.168 seconds from Peacock with Trundley recovering to 3rd. Hollywood finished 4th on track, but didn’t serve his black flag and Cousins crossed the line in 5th.

**Hollywood’s Black Flag was the third of his season meaning an automatic 0 points score for the round.**



It was the familiar site of Tomasz Zaustowicz and Chris Carter on the front row with Zaustowicz moving to cover Carter at the start and holding the lead on the run up the hill to Christmas. At the end of lap 1 it was Zaustowicz from Carter, Chris Munro, Rob Moore and Lee Witney. Carter initially lost ground to Zaustowicz but responded to get back on terms with him and start pushing to get into the lead. Carter was on the back of Zaustowicz on the run into The Boot and managed to steal the lead, completing the move as the pair headed into turn 1, giving Carter the race lead. Munro was still holding onto 3rd, but had Tom Pughe, Witney and Moore lined up behind him. Zaustowicz got the run on Carter out of Christmas and unexpectedly went through at the fast right hander at turn 5 and repassed Carter for the leader.

Pughe then out-braked Munro into turn 6 and was up into 3rd ahead of Munro. Pughe quickly broke away from the pack behind, but had a large gap to bridge if he wanted to catch the leading pair of Zaustowicz and Carter. Carter managed to get a late lunge into The Boot and caught Zaustowicz off-guard, getting ahead and reclaiming the lead with a gap of 1 second to Zaustowicz to go with it. Pughe posted a new fastest lap on lap 10 and got the gap to Zaustowicz down to 1.712 seconds with a chance of taking 2nd.

Munro was still driving the widest kart in the DMAX fleet as he kept Moore, Hirani and Witney behind him. Moore found a way through on lap 11 with a run out of Christmas getting him ahead at turn 6. Pughe was still posting fastest laps and was closing in on Zaustowicz, but with 0.921 between them and one lap to go, it was not going to be easy for Pughe. Carter claimed another win at Whilton Mill, 0.621 clear of Zaustowicz with Pughe completing the podium ahead of Moore and Munro.

The next round is at Daytona Tamworth on Saturday 15th October for Lights and Sunday 16th October for Inters and Heavies. Call Mark on 033033 27870 to reserve your space on the grid.

Report and Images courtesy of Daytona Motorsport


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TW Steel DMAX Enduro Championship Round 7 Report

Sandown Park Alternate Reverse



The Heavy drivers kicked off the day’s action, taking to the track in cool, overcast but dry conditions. Tomasz Zaustowicz was the early pace setter with times dramatically improving as the session went on with the drivers settling in to the new circuit layout. Adam Nakar hit the top of the pile ahead of Zaustowicz and Jamie Pender with the three of them separated by 0.044 seconds. These three continued to swap positions at the top of the timing screens with Championship leader, Chris Carter, sitting in 4th, just two tenths behind.

With Nakar getting ahead of Carter of track, Carter tucked in behind and followed, moving him up to 3 rd on the timing screens, just 0.087 seconds off pole and 0.003 ahead of Zaustowicz. Pender moved to the top of the pile with 5 minutes remaining with a 46.632 and the time appeared good enough for pole as the rest of the field seemed unable to match it. With 1 minute remaining, Zaustowicz dug deep, posting a 46.417 to take provisional pole. The rest of the field were unable to top it, earning Zaustowicz pole position for Round 7. Pender claimed 2nd ahead of Nakar, Carter, Adam Daly and Robert Purtak. 



Tomasz Zaustowicz and Jamie Pender led the field around on the rolling lap with the green flag dropping to start the first race of the day. Zaustowicz held the lead through turn 1, heading Pender with Chris Carter going around the outside of Adam Nakar to grab 3rd. Carter tucked in behind Pender down the main straight and pulled out to take Pender into Vale as the pair flicked to the left for the long, fast left hander. This gave Zaustowciz a small gap over Carter and Pender as Nakar held off Robert Purtak and Adam Daly. A incident into turn 5 saw Antony Unitt, Blaze Sienko and Rob Moore drop down the order with a couple of laps of local yellows to deal with the incident. Zaustwociz continued to pull a gap over Carter as Pender followed in his wheel tracks. Nakar took a couple of laps to settle in, but got into his rhythm after 5 minutes and began to reduce the gap to Carter and Pender in front with a string of fastest laps. Daly was running on his own in 5th but had Tom Pughe closing in as Pughe began to set some fastest laps.


Nakar caught the pair in front and was happy to sit behind them and pick his moment, choosing turn 5 after 10 minutes of racing to take 3rd from Pender with a text book out-braking move up the inside. Pughe had managed to snatch 5th from Daly and set after the battling trio ahead of him. Nakar was now pushing Carter for 2nd and repeated the move he pulled off on Pender, out-braking Carter into turn 5 and moving himself into 2nd. This allowed Zaustowicz to extend his lead and Pughe to close the gap further with 2.5 seconds still to close. Nakar was closing the gap to leader Zaustowicz and gapping Carter and Pender as Pender continued to lap on Carter’s rear bumper. Pughe then joined them to add to the pressure on Carter in the battle for 3rd. Pender finally got Carter into turn 1 on lap 22 with the move leaving Carter out of position through the next two corners and allowing Pughe to get ahead through turn 3 and onto the back of Pender. Pughe waited just a lap before attacking Pender and passed him into turn 3, completing the move and taking 3rd as the pair headed into Vale.

Nakar proceeded to reduce Zautowicz’s 2 second lead and was within 4 tenths of Zaustowicz as the race approached half distance. Pughe was 5 seconds off the race lead but was continuing to gradually reel them in, leaving Pender in 4th with a 2 second cushion over Carter in 5th. Zaustowicz was doing well to keep Nakar behind and was eager to take points off Carter, but would he risk slowing himself and Nakar down defending for the lead or would he let Nakar go and take the points for 2nd? Zaustowicz was maintaining his lead over Nakar as they negotiated their way through the traffic with Pughe still reducing the lead setting a new fastest lap –a 46.115 – on lap 42 with the gap now down to 4 seconds to leader Zaustowicz. Daly was scrapping with Diogo Silva for 6th with Silva nearly through with a move up the inside into turn 3, but Daly held on as they headed into Vale.


Nakar continued to trail Zaustowicz around the circuit as the race entered the final quarter with Pughe’s momentum seeming to come to an end as the gap between Pughe and the leaders stabilised at 3.5 seconds. Pender was still on his own in 4th with Carter also on his own in 5th , comfortably ahead of Daly who had seen off the challenge from Silva. Nakar lost some ground through the traffic with Zaustowicz’s lead going back up to over 1 second with 10 minutes remaining. Zaustowicz continued to extend this lead as Nakar appeared to be running out of steam as the race approached its conclusion. Zaustowicz held his advantage over Nakar at 2.4 seconds as Zaustowicz took the ‘last lap’ board and looking secure for the win. Zaustowicz took the chequered flag for Round 7, leading Nakar home by 2.224 seconds with Pughe joining them on the podium a further 2.987 seconds behind. Pender and Championship leader, Carter completed the top 5.




Qualifying got underway with a full course yellow early on for the Light drivers, with the green flags waving to resuming qualifying and allowing the drivers to push for their grid spots. Cameron Noble and Tom Golding were the early pace setters with Noble the first of the day to go into the 45’s with a 45.820. Golding and William Thomas quickly joined Noble in the 45’s with Golding hitting the top spot at the half way stage. Golding was in his stride, bettering his time by another tenth to lead Thomas, Noble, Sam Bennett and Tom Sibley.

Golding extended his lead over the field further with a 45.383 with Thomas bettering his time in 2nd almost immediately afterwards. Sibley had spotted his Championship rival behind him, waved him through and tucked in behind to follow him around the circuit and try and better his time. Times continued to tumble with the order constantly changing as the chequered flag was readied. After 15 minutes it was Golding who took pole, his Masterclass a week earlier clearly paying di vidends as he beat Noble in 2nd by 0.155 seconds. Thomas and Kyle Sagar would line up on the second row ahead of Bennett and Graeme Cobb.  



Tom Golding and Cameron Noble led the field out of the pitlane for their rolling up lap with William Thomas and Kyle Sagar lined up behind them on the second row. Sagar however had to dive into the pitlane after the field went around for another rolling up lap. Golding held the lead through the opening sequence of corners followed immediately by Noble, Thomas and Sam Bennett. Noble was all over the rear of Golding’s kart in the first couple of laps as they quickly looked to put some daylight between themselves and Thomas with Bennett dropping back and Graeme Cobb hot on his heels. Thomas responded to the pair in front and closed the gap back down, setting a fastest lap on lap 3 and was on Noble’s bumper.


Four laps in and Golding had found his rhythm setting the fastest lap and opening his lead up to half a second over Noble. The full course yellows then neutralised the race as Steven Cobb hit problems, but the top three were well behaved and maintained the gap. The race got back underway with the green flags waving for the leaders at the start/finish line with Noble coming under pressure from Thomas and Golding stretching his lead as his Championship rival, Tom Sibley, appeared to be struggling in 10th.

With a quarter of the race completed, Golding had pulled out a lead of 2 seconds over Noble and Thomas as Thomas continued to harass Noble for 2nd place, all the while, pulling away from Cobb, James Wickham and Harrison Pughe as they lapped in close company for 4th. Cobb began to put some distance between himself and the pair of Wickham and Pughe as Pughe really began to apply the pressure for 5th as the gap at the front between Golding and Noble hovered around 2.3 seconds. As Thomas ramped up his attack on Noble, Noble was forced to start defending, allowing Golding to extend his lead to 3.5 seconds. Noble eventually succumbed to the pressure from behind as Thomas slipped by into 2nd on lap 39 as they made their way through traffic. The big winner from the move was Golding as his lead went over 5 seconds for the first time in the race as the race passed half race distance.


Having cleared Noble, Thomas set after Golding and was eating into Golding’s lead, getting it down from 5 seconds to 2 with 15 minutes of the race remaining as Golding came across a group of back markers with Thomas making the most of it and continuing to close the gap with just one second between them as they headed into the final 10 minutes. With Sibley getting caught up with a backmarker, he decided to call it a day and leave Round 7 as a drop round having been out of his usual front running position. Noble was looking comfortable in 3rd with 16 seconds back to the battle between Cobb and Wickham as they continued to lap the circuit together in 4th and 5th respectively. Golding responded to Thomas’ pace to hold the gap at the 1 second mark as the time ticked away with Golding digging deep and crucially extending his lead to 1.4 seconds with 5 minutes of the race left to run. Golding and Thomas made their way through another group of backmarkers with some blue flag assistance as Golding continued to extend his lead over Thomas. Cobb and Wickham had been caught by Dom Whiting, giving Wickham the hurry up and taking 4th on lap 76 with Whiting quickly following through for 5th, dropping Cobb to 6th.

With the ‘last lap’ board going out, the full course yellow was subsequently brought out to assist Russell Horton as he hit problems at turn 3. This neutralised the race with the chequered flag greeting Golding who took the win in arguably, his most dominant and convincing performance of the season. Thomas had to settle for 2nd, unable to challenge in the final two laps with Noble completing the podium ahead of Wickham and Whiting.




With the skies overhead finally beginning to clear, the Inters drivers took to the track for their qualifying session and have their turn at tackling the Reverse Alternate circuit. Tor Ryan was the early pace setter after 5 minutes of running with a 46.584 to give him provisional pole, 0.007 seconds clear of Luke Cousins. Bobby Trundley soon split them as Ryan improved with Ronan McClintock jumping to the top of the timing screens with a 46.211, 0.066 seconds ahead of Ryan. Michael Coppin then moved into 3rd, ahead of Trundley as Ryan moved back to the top of the pile with a 46.156, pipping McClintock by 0.055 seconds with Trundley less than a tenth of a second further back in 3rd. As the time ticked away, drivers appeared to be unable to improve as the chequered flag waved after 15 minutes with Ryan taking a maiden pole position from McClintock. Trundley and Coppin claimed the second row ahead of Richard Lacey and James Perry.



Tor Ryan and Ronan McClintock led the field around the final corner for the start of the race with the green flag waving to get an hour of racing underway. Ryan held the lead with McClintock holding off a challenge from Bobby Trundley through the first three corners. Trundley had to wait until turn 5 before getting 2nd from McClintock with Michael Coppin slipping through for 3rd shortly afterwards. Ryan completed lap 1 with a comfortable lead over the chasing pack thanks to Trundley’s move with Ryan extending his lead over lap 2 as Trundley settled in for the hour.

Trundley was towing along Coppin, Richard Lacey and McClintock as they gapped Xander Mahony and Joseph Ellis with Ellis getting ahead on lap 5. Ryan posted a new fastest lap on lap 5 with a 46.276 to extend his lead to 2.6 seconds over Trundley as Coppin edged closer to the rear of Trundley’s kart. Lacey had his hands full with McClintock, Ellis, James Perry, Mahony and Tom Eastwood as they all lined up bumper-to-bumper with Luke Cousins closing in. Trundley was keeping Coppin at an arm’s length with Coppin having a go under braking into turn 1 on lap 13 with Trundley holding on around the outside and keeping 2nd through turn 2. This allowed the chasing pack, still headed by Lacey, to gain ground and Ryan to extend his lead further to 3.9 seconds. Coppin tried again to get ahead on lap 14 into turn 5 having had a run through Vale, but Trundley again regained the place as they made their way through turn 6. This put Lacey and Co. on the back of this battling pair with Ryan’s lead now up to 5 seconds.


Coppin continued to apply the pressure on Trundley and once again, tried into turn 1 with Trundley unable to get clearly ahead at turn 2 and finding himself out of position with Coppin and Trundley approaching turn 3 side-by-side with Coppin having to go around the outside of turn 3 and getting the run onto the Top Straight, giving him 2nd place as they headed into Vale. Coppin was now able to set after Ryan as he began to leave Trundley with Lacey, Ellis, McClintock and Eastwood. Ryan’s lead was approaching 9 seconds after 20 minutes with Lacey getting up the inside at the final corner and completing the move for 3rd into turn 1 on lap 27. Coppin was 2 seconds clear of Lacey by this stage but was still losing out to Ryan despite breaking free of the large train of karts behind him. Lacey was now breaking free as Ellis harassed Trundley for 4th with Ellis nearly getting ahead through Vale on lap 32 with Trundley just holding on into the hairpin at turn 5. Meanwhile, out front, Ryan was still extending his lead with a new fastest lap on lap 33, aiding him in pulling further away from Coppin in 2nd – his lead now out to nearly 12 seconds with half race distance in sight. Ellis had been patient and finally got his reward, passing Trundley under braking into turn 5 – a popular move – on lap 40, moving himself into 4th and dropping Trundley to 5th. Ellis proceeded to pull a gap immediately on Trundley and set after Lacey in front as Eastwood was next to attack the struggling Trundley. As the race approached the final 20 minutes, Trundley was held out to dry through turn 6, ending up on the grass and dropping to 12th as the pack headed by Eastwood and Cousins, moved ahead. Trundley decided to pit and swap karts with enough of a points lead to be able to drop the Round.


Out front, Ryan had no such issues as he continued to extend his lead with 17 seconds in his favour with just over 15 minutes remaining. Lacey and Ellis had been closing in on Coppin for 2nd, but with Ellis now on the coat tails of Lacey, Coppin could be off the hook with Lacey keeping a close eye on Ellis behind him as the race entered the final 10 minutes. Ryan had lapped Trundley who was now in 16th, but Trundley was holding onto the back of Ryan as they made their way through traffic as the fight for 2nd began to heat up between Coppin, Lacey and Ellis with half a second covering the three of them. Ellis lost a kart length or two on the exit of Vale as they made their way through some traffic. Ellis quickly closed the gap back up to the two in front of him as Lacey began to ramp up the pressure on Coppin for 2nd with Coppin, Lacey and Ellis going three-wide into the final corner on lap 72 with Lacey nearly through at turn 1 on lap 73, but Coppin holding on around the outside. This gave Ellis a run on Lacey through Vale and handed 3rd to Ellis on the exit and put him on the back of Coppin with Eastwood now joining in to make it a four-way scrap for 2nd place. Eastwood immediately passed Lacey for 4th through turns 1 and 2 and was onto the back of Ellis as Coppin continued to keep them at bay.


The fighting was allowing Cousins and McClintock to close in with a handful of laps remaining. Ellis saw his chance into turn 1 on the penultimate lap, but Coppin held on and Eastwood pounced on Ellis for 3rd into Vale as Ellis found himself out of position through turn 3. Lacey and Cousins also snuck through to drop Ellis to 6th with a move from Cousins into turn 3 on the final lap nearly seeing Cousins pass Lacey for 4th. Ryan claimed the win by a country mile as the battle for 2nd continued. Coppin held on for 2nd as Lacey lunged Eastwood through the final corner, setting up a drag race to the line. Eastwood held on for the final podium position by 0.009 seconds from Lacey with Cousins completing the top 5.


Report and Images courtesy of Daytona Motorsport


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