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Elite Karting League

Elite Karting League – Round 7 of 7

Round 7 of 7 at Teesside, Saturday 8th November 2014 It was a Titanic battle for the championship at a wet and cold Teesside but the racing was hot! The Saturday forecast was good for ducks that could stand the cold. A dryish spell was to be followed at lunchtime by a deluge and so it came to pass. This ... Read More »

EKL Round 5 Whilton Mill

Round 5 of 7 at Whilton Mill, 13 September 2014 The weather was warm and dry. Driver’s Briefing was a firm and assertive event with the usual description of prohibited actions and the penalties they attracted. Unfortunately, this needed reinforcing with a Red Flag race stoppage and a further spoken reinforcement during the day’s racing. 21 Titan Tornadoes have had ... Read More »

2013 EKL – Elite Karting League

Only the second year of operation and many teams were new to the concept.  There was a minimum weight which caught out a number of competitors throughout the series. Also, being in the right place at the right time meant that you had to be paying attention throughout the day. This all added to the fun and the drama.Teams of ... Read More »