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LGM Round 2 Report

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Kimbolton – 8th May 2016

LGM – Thompson remains unbeaten

The second round of LGM saw no change to the drivers who finished on the podium, the only thing that changed was the order they finished in. Harry Thompson got his day off to a fantastic start with three top four finishes, gaining a total of 35 places in the process, putting him on pole position for the Final.

Also going well was Jonny Wilkinson. The KMS driver also had three top four finishes and he was just three points off of pole position, which was good enough for a front row start. Funnily enough he had also gained 35 places over the course of his three heats!


The final was very much four horse race with Thompson and Wilkinson joined by Taylor Barnard and Bray Kenneally at the front of the field. From the inside of row two Kenneally briefly took the lead on lap three but Thompson was quickly back past with Wilkinson coming through to 2nd. Next it was Barnards turn to lead, but like Kenneally he was unable to hold it for long with Thompson eager to stay in control!

Barnard and Wilkinson followed Thompson through with Wilkinson then passing Barnard for 2nd a lap later. That’s pretty much how the order stayed until the last lap when Kenneally was able to take advantage of a big gap behind to pass Barnard for 3rd on the last lap. However post race Kenneally was given a 10 second penalty for ‘Gaining an unfair advantage’ promoting the GP pate back onto the podium.

Harry Thompson

Another fantastic win for Thompson as Wilkinson continues to impress with yet another podium. Three teams on the podium definitely makes this a wide open championship!

Mentions must go to Georgi Dimitrov and and Christopher Draper who both gained 13 places to finish 4th and 4th.

Biggest mover – The biggest mover of the day was Jamie Mead. He came through to win the B Final from 6th on the grid before gaining 16 places in the A Final to finish 15th. Fantastic performance!

Biggest loser – When will Zak O’Sullivan’s torrid luck change? The Fusion driver put himself 5th on the grid on the final and stayed there until his race ended on lap 10. A disappointing result but nevertheless great performance.

Harry Thompson

Junior X30 – York’s dominant season continues

After his spectacular recovery at Round one, where he gained 62 places on the Sunday, Chris Lulham looked to be set up nicely for victory at Kimbolton after taking pole position for the final. He would have round one winner, Oliver York, start alongside him with Ben Wooldridge 3rd and Henry Laws an impressive 4th after his 26th at PFI.

Before that we had the small matter of the B and C finals where some race winning contenders were eliminated.

Oliver York

The B Final was only an 8 lap race which really restricted drivers on time so a good starting position was key! Apart from that an incident saw some big names exit which included the likes of Taylor Bellini, Oliver Clarke, Elliot Harvey, Tom Smith, Alicia Goundry, Harry Platten and Ed Hack.

Qualifying through was Callum Bradshaw, Thomas Pegram, Mitchell White and Axel La Flamme.


A Final

Despite his pole position Lulham found himself slowly going backwards as York took control at the front of the field. The driver catching everyone’s attention was Nelson King. The privateer who found himself in the C Final at round one was on a charge from 11th on the grid and by lap 10 he found himself right on the tail of York.

Behind York and King were Wooldridge and Lulham and the next driver that started to make strides forwards was Ethan Hawkey.

Oliver York

As Wooldridge passed King for 2nd, Hawkey passed Lulham for 4th before passing King for 3rd a lap later. That crucially gave York and Wooldridge a gap at the front and they were left to battle for the lead on their own with Hawkey too busy defending for 3rd behind.

But despite Wooldridge’s best efforts he was unable to pass the Coles driver who went on to make it two out of two for the season with Hawkey rounding out the podium in 3rd. Morgan Porter took 4th and fastest lap with Lulham 5th.

Oliver York

Biggest mover – The biggest mover in the final was Dragan Pinsent who came through to 11th place from 25th on the grid!

Biggest loser – You’d have to say the biggest loser this month was Callum Bradshaw. After a second place at round one he looked it good shape to go one better but he had to come through from the B Final and was only able to finish 19th in the A Final. There’s no doubt he’ll be disappointed with that result.


Senior X30 – Lights to flag for Hodgson

A win, 5th and 15th were good enough to put Oliver Hodgson on pole position for the A Final on Sunday, but perhaps the most impressive performance throughout the heats came from Josh Thompson. After exiting in the B Final at round one he showed intent throughout the heats with a win and two 11th’s being good enough for a front row start.

Matt Davies and Daniel Russell formed row two with Mark Litchfield and Brett Ward shaping row three.

But before that we would have to say goodbye to 17 drivers in the B Final. Some of the big names to exit the B Final were Jay Rudd and Shaun Davidson, but the four drivers that made it through were Bradley Pennell, Jack Golding, Marcus Pett and Tye Mason.


A Final

As suggested in the title this was a very straight forward race for Hodgson, but it was far from comfortable. Matt Davies, who got his Super One campaign off to a flyer, was within half a second of the leader for most of the race but dropped back ever so slightly in the last few laps which may of been a sign of Davies settling for 2nd. Still a fantastic performance especially as the next driver along 3 seconds behind!

The battle for the last spot on the podium was tight to say the least. From the outside of row four Danny Kierle worked his way through the likes of Derek Morgan, Thompson, Ward and Litchfield. Kierle then had his work cut out as Litchfield and Ward mounted pressure but Kierle was able to do enough to just sneak a podium.

Oliver Hodgson

Further back there was impressive performances from Riki Christodoulou, Hugo Bentley-Ellis and Lewis King. Christodoulou, who has returned to karting this year after a 10 year absence, improved on his 10th place last time out to take 8th place from 11th on the grid. Bentley-Ellis made 10 places to finish 9th with King gaining 16 to finish 12th.

Biggest mover – The biggest mover in the A Final was Tye Mason, who started dead last after just qualifying through from the B. In the main final Mason gained a total of 20 places to finish 14th. Take a bow!

Biggest loser – The biggest loser in Senior X30 in my opinion has to be Jay Rudd. The Evolution driver got his season off to a fairly solid start at PFI but luck was not on his side, as despite a win in the heats, he was unable to make it out of the B Final.

Oliver Hodgson

Written by Chris McCarthy

Images courtesy of Chris Walker, Kartpix


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Record breaking grids at LGM opener!

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The 2016 LGM and X30 Tour Championship opened at PF International last weekend with it’s biggest grid in history! There were 207 drivers entered across the three classes meaning there would be A, B and C finals in the Junior and Senior X30 classes!

The format would see a timed qualifying session on Saturday afternoon with Pre-Finals and Finals taking place on Sunday. There would be three Pre-Finals on Sunday and a top 10 was needed to qualify straight into the A Final so there was no room for error in what could be considered a brutal race format!


LGM Cadet

With 45 drivers entered into the Cadet class the format was the traditional three heats and a final with randomly drawn grids. The heat wins went to Joseph Taylor, Alex Simmonds and Taylor Barnard who took two victories on the same track he won Kartmasters nine months ago.

The bottom 13 drivers after the heats would have to fight for the top four spaces in the B Final. Archie Mace and Christopher Draper qualified through comfortably with Cian Shields a lonely 3rd place. It was 4th where things got interesting as the two female drivers Alisha Roland and Tilly Goundry battled it out for the last space in the A Final. In the end it was Roland who just stole it by 0.03 seconds! A bitter pill to swallow for Goundry!


A Final

After a fantastic start it was Harry Thompson and Barnard who quickly broke clear at the front and despite battling for the lead on several occasions their lead continued to grow.

Behind the Welsh Champion Jonny Wilkinson was into 3rd but was being challenged by Georgi Dimitrov and Josh Rowledge. However, they would soon be joined by a group of hard chargers who were quickly calving through the field, they were Bray Kenneally and Joseph Taylor!

Taylor and Kenneally
Taylor and Kenneally

By lap 11 the pair had got into 5th and 6th place but now had a gap of 2.7 seconds to Wilkinson and Dimitrov who were still battling for 3rd. Taylor and Kenneally were pushing like crazy and in the process Taylor had set the fastest lap of 67.48 a whole four tenths quicker than Wilkinson.

Going onto the last lap Taylor and Kenneally were within a second as Wilkinson started to really apply some pressure to Dimitrov. Eventually it all became too much for the Fusion driver and he conceded three places with Wilkinson finishing 3rd, Taylor 4th and Kenneally 5th.

Up ahead Barnard could find no way past Thompson who went on to take victory by 0.36 seconds.

Harry Thompson
Harry Thompson

Hard Chargers

Mentions must go to Alex Simmonds, Rashan Chigorimbo, Harrison Skinner and Christopher Draper who all made over 10 places in the final.

Simmonds gained 10 to finish 8th
Chigorimbo gained 14 to finish 12th
Skinner gained 12 to finish 16th
Draper gained 17 to finish 17th

Special Mention

A special mention has to go to Kai Askey. The rookie was able to qualify 6th for the final and hold on to take 10th place. Impressive performance!

Kai Askey
Kai Askey

Junior X30

Junior X30 was the biggest grid of the weekend with 82 drivers entered and at least a quarter of those capable podium finishers!

Qualifying saw Oliver York top the time sheets with Taylor Bellini an impressive 2nd and Callum Bradshaw an unsurprising 3rd.

Oliver York had no problems from pole taking victory in Pre Final A and it was the same story for Callum Bradshaw in Pre Final C. However, Taylor Bellini could not take victory in Pre Final B and finished 3rd with Elliot Harvey taking the win.

Oliver York
Oliver York

C Final

For a C Final this was one that was rich in talent. The four eventual qualifiers were Tom Douglas, Alicia Goundry, Ross Woodford and Chris Lulham but big exits included Joel Bradford who would not have expected to fine himself in the C Final.

B Final

If you thought the C Final had good drivers the B Final was just another step up! The four qualifiers were Dexter Patterson, Thomas Pegram, Chris Lulham and Archie Flack. Jordan Goodyear, Josh Pickford and Mitchell White just missed out but Tom Smith, Alicia Goundry and Tom Douglas were perhaps the shock exits!

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

A Final

Elliot Harvey emerged as the leader after a great start from the inside of the second row, but after his faultless performance all weekend he was always going to find it hard to keep York at bay. Just two laps later York took the lead back with Bradshaw and Ethan Hawkey quickly following.

As York and Bradshaw started to up the tempo Hawkey was finding it hard to hold on and it wasn’t long before a lead trio became a lead duo. As it came to the business end of the race it looked like Bradshaw had timed his race to perfection as he hit the front on the penultimate lap. Going on to the last lap he defended for all his worth but this was always going to be York’s day and he took the lead back to go unbeaten all weekend! Hawkey finished 3rd with Patrick Kibble 4th.

Oliver York
Oliver York

Hard Chargers

Louie Westover gained 11 to finish 5th
Thomas Pegram gained 21 to finish 11th
Tyler Chesterton gained 15 to finish 12th
Mario Mills gained 13 to finish 13th
Ed Hack gained 13 to finish 16th
Dexter Patterson gained 10 to finish 21st

Special Mention

A special mention has to go to Chris Lulham. After starting 19th in the C Final to come through to 17th in the A Final is an astonishing achievement! He gained a total of 62 places on the Sunday and got his money’s worth with more track time than any other driver.

Senior X30

The Senior grid fell just short of the Juniors in terms of drivers with 80 on the grid. The early pace setter was Oliver Hodgson who took pole by 0.13 seconds over Junior graduates Dean MacDonald and Scott Snell.

Hodgson had no problems holding his position in Pre Final A as he took victory by 3.09 seconds to his team mate Mark Litchfield with Brett Ward 3rd.


Pre Final B went the way of Hugo Bentley Ellis, with Dean MacDonald 2nd and our ‘One to Watch’ Saul Robinson an impressive 3rd.

Finally Pre Final C went to the Privateer Scott Snell, but he was ran all the way to the flag by Levi King and Jay Rudd who has been on scintillating form over the winter.

C Final 

Similar to the Juniors there were some big names in the C Final. The top four spots, in the end, were filled by Alex Spinks, Josh Thompson, Harry Whittaker and Davey Shepherd. Shock exits included Luca and Aryton Hirst and Lucy Fulton.

B Final

The B Final was a highly anticipated race! There were at least 15 drivers more than capable of qualifying making the opening few laps crucial! It was James Lingard who comfortably won with Marcus Pett 2nd. Despite a 10 second penalty Arran Mills came home 3rd and Tom Prior gained 6 places to just finish 4th.

Derek Morgan, Josh Thompson and Cameron Fisher were just three of the big names eliminated.

Josh Thompson
Josh Thompson

A Final

The start of the A Final saw the two PFI team mates  Hodgson and Litchfield lock horns as they battled for the lead with Bentley Ellis paying close attention in 3rd. Bentley Ellis briefly passed Litchfield for 2nd but it wasn’t long before Litchfield was back through. That battling had allowed Hodgson to escape by a second and that was a gap that was too big for Litchfield to close down despite the assistance of Bentley Ellis. So in the business end the two fought it out and it was Bentley Ellis who stole 2nd with Litchfield having to settle for 3rd.

Behind Brett Ward had a lonely race to his 4th place and 10 second penalties for Snell, MacDonald, Tom Healy and Rudd promoted Charlie Bingham to 5th with Lewis King finishing just behind him in 6th.

Oliver Hodgson
Oliver Hodgson

Special Mention

A special mention must go to Riki Christodoulou. This was first kart race in 10 years and considering he only did two test days before the event I think 10th place was an excellent result! He was pedalling the new Fullerton chassis and as well as showing good pace, was able to keep his nose clean all weekend. Riki qualified 28th overall before gaining 4 places to finish 6th in his Pre Final. From there he made 8 more places in the final to take 10th place. Impressive come back, let’s hope he features at Round 2!

Riki Christodoulou
Riki Christodoulou

Written by Chris McCarthy

Images courtesy of Chris Walker, Kartpix


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LGM & X30 TOUR Round 4

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Round 4 at Whilton Mill

It was a day when changeable weather conditions tested the judgement of team managers and privateers. For the mechanics there was little chance of resting up between races as kart set-ups were altered onto dry settings and then hastily changed back again as rain clouds appeared.

As a stand-alone meeting providing lots of track time, you might think this one would have created less problems for the organisers. Maybe it was all the chopping and changing that dampened spirits, but Mike Mills must have gone home with sore ears a?er listening to a stack of complaints. Unfortunately, just about all of them were beyond his powers to control.

LGM Championships for IAME Cadet

At least no-one in the AIM team appeared to be complaining,
as all their drivers adapted well to track conditions. This was especially true of Dexter Pa?erson, who emerged from his three Heats with a win and two runner-up spots to claim pole position for the “A” Final. Si?ing alongside him on the front row was Harry Thompson, with Joseph Taylor, Taylor Barnard, Bray Kenneally and Jonny Edgar making up the next four places. Although wet tyres had been used in four of the five Heats, everyone came out for the “A” Final on slicks.

Pa?erson took an immediate lead, closely followed by Thompson and Taylor. Edgar had made an unusually tardy start to this race and initially dropped down to 12th spot. A?er half
a dozen laps had been completed, however, he hit the front bringing Thompson along with him. Thompson then pulled off a risky manoeuvre to take 1st spot and Edgar found himself hung out to dry. Edgar’s woes increased when he was forced onto the

grass and dropped down to 11th place. Within the space of just one lap Thompson and Pa?erson had pulled out a 40 yard gap over their opponents.

Pa?erson somehow got his wheels ahead of Thompson on the last lap to record a much needed victory. Behind them it was all change as Edgar made a strong recovery to grab 3rd position. Dragan Pinsent had been going well in 4th spot but then got involved in an incident that resulted in him taking a shortcut that subsequently led to his exclusion. That le? Finlay Bunce in 4th ahead of Brandon Martland, Georgi Dimitrov and Clayton Ravenscro?. A?er starting his final tour holding 3rd position, Taylor dropped down the running order and eventually finished 8th.

Junior X30 Tour

Alfie Brown Angus Fender, Callum Bradshaw and Eddie Hack all emerged as Heat winners. Brown claimed pole position for the “A” Final and he immediately opened up a huge lead over Bradshaw. Further back there was mayhem as Mario Mills, Anderson Chilco?, Max Jeanne, Taylor Bellini, Jonathan Browne, James Taylor and Billy Matlock were all involved in a first lap collision. A?er a couple of laps had been completed, Jac Maybin took over 2nd spot, but he was already 50 yards or more behind Brown.

With Brown pressing on relentlessly out in front, a?ention focused on the ba?le for 2nd place. Bradshaw moved ahead
of Maybin, only to lose out a lap or so later. Saul Robinson then took over 2nd spot with Bradshaw and Maybin challenging strongly. By half distance Maybin had begun to drop off the pace and he was soon overtaken by Yukinori Ishii. Davey Shepherd took 4th position from Ishii shortly a?erwards. Brown’s lead
had extended to almost 200 yards by lap 18 when Harrison Wedgbury le? the circuit and collided with a lamppost. This brought out the red flags with 3 laps remaining.

Senior X30 Tour

Mark Litchfield claimed pole position for the “A” Final with his teammate Oliver Hodgson alongside. Their benefactor and team boss, Paul Fletcher, wasn’t entirely happy however. “We’ve had good Heat results but I don’t think either Oliver or Mark is quick enough to win the final,” declared Paul. As if determined to prove him wrong, Litchfield stormed off into an early lead but was soon overtaken by Gus Lawrence who kept his place at the front for most of the race despite strong pressure initially from Hodgson.

Danny Keirle had started this race from grid 11 but soon began to make up ground. With two thirds of the race still remaining, he went into 2nd place, but dropped back to 4th by half distance. Litchfield appeared to be having a torrid time and by this stage was lying 7th. With four laps remaining Keirle hit the front, taking Hodgson along with him. Litchfield moved up to 4th spot close behind Lawrence. Derek Morgan was also challenging strongly in 5th position. Keirle was able to take advantage of the ba?le behind him and claimed victory with some 40 yards to spare. Hodgson finished 2nd followed by Litchfield who had managed to get past Lawrence. Morgan took 5th followed by Jacob Stilp.rr4

Little Green Man Championships & X30 Tour Round 3

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Championships & X30 Tour, Round 3 At Larkhall

Weather conditions weren’t ideal when 120 LGM and X30 contenders came together for the first “stand alone” meeting in these championships. Short sharp showers brought about frequent changes to the circuit and mechanics were kept extremely busy all day, as wets were swapped for slicks only to be switched back again moments later.

“There are two circuits in Britain where you should never hold championship meetings before July or August,” grumbled Mark Rose. “Rowrah’s one and this is the other.”

Mark Rose was at Larkhall working on the Fullerton kart driven by Philip Rawson in Senior X30. Mark Litchfield had also chosen this particular chassis in preference to his CRG. “We’ve done a lot of testing over in Italy, but always in dry conditions,” said Terry Fullerton. “This is the first time we’ve actually run in the wet and I’m pleased with the results so far.” Litchfield lined up for the “A” Final on grid 3 behind Josh Hatt?on and Oliver Hodgson, while Rawson found himself on grid 5.

Ha?tton took an early lead in the final followed by Hodgson and Rawson, with 4th place man Jacob Stilp also looking strong. Litchfield was slow off the marks and he suffered for his tardiness two corners later by ge?ing involved in a collision that dropped him down to 23rd spot. Also affected was Danny Keirle who had started alongside Litchfield on grid 4. Hodgson went into 1st place a?er four laps and remorselessly pulled away from Hatt?on therea?er to win with a 70 yard margin.. Rawson held onto 3rd spot

for most of this race, but came under increasing pressure from Ross Martin who managed to overtake him with the chequered flag in sight. Stilp finished some 40 yards behind Rawson in 5th spot, with Jamie Flynn taking 6th ahead of Dan Stocks and Chad Li?le. Having come through from the B Final, Gus Lawrence had made good progress to eventually claim 9th spot.

Junior X30 competitors Alfie Brown and Callum Bradshaw were braving the Sco?ish weather, both fortified by the promise of warmer conditions out in Spain for the CIK Academy event a week a?erwards. Brown had looked particularly impressive in
his Heats, claiming 1st, 2nd and 4th positions that placed him
on pole for the “A” Final alongside Jack Gordon. Brown made a quick getaway, initially followed by Saul Robinson who lost out
to Gordon a lap later. Callum Bradshaw had started this race off grid 7 but soon claimed 4th spot ahead of Cameron Fisher. Mario Mills became an early casualty when he retired half way around lap 2, while Angus Fender got involved in a separate incident that dropped him down to 27th position.

Gordon was clearly circulating quicker than Brown and, aft?er half a dozen laps he’d caught up with the BKC driver, passing him almost immediately. Robinson held onto 3rd spot until just before half distance when he was involved in an incident that cost him six places and, rather more worryingly, around 200 yards. Robinson’s demise promoted Fisher into 3rd spot, but there was no catching Gordon who, by this stage, had established a massive lead over Brown. Eddie Hack finished in 4th spot, 100 yards or so behind Fisher with Callum Bradshaw narrowly winning the batt?le for 5th over Anderson Chilco?.

With a win and two 2nd place finishes from his Heats, Jonny Edgar made certain of pole position for the “A” Final in LGM Cadets, thus claiming three important bonus points. As they lined up on the grid, track conditions appeared to be fairly dry so most competitors had chosen slicks. One or two eagle eyed mechanics had anticipated the weather changing and they’d opted for wet tyres beforehand. Their foresight went unrewarded as pit-lane arguments with officials resulted in the start of this race being delayed. By that time heavy rain had appeared, leaving the circuit awash. Race officials decided on a further delay for tyres to be changed and the top teams took advantage of this concession to alter gearing ratios as well.

Edgar led from the start but was temporarily replaced by Harry Thompson half-way around the opening lap. He regained 1st spot almost immediately but therea?er had Thompson, Owen Marlow and Dimitrov following close behind. Back in 5th place, Dexter Pa?erson struggled to keep tabs on the leading foursome. Edgar led for 15 laps but was then overtaken by Thompson who dragged Marlow through with him. Dimitrov started to fall behind until, with a couple of laps still remaining, he was overtaken by Pa?erson. Edgar had regained 2nd spot and this time it was Marlow’s turn to fall off the pace.

They began their final tour with Edgar pressing Thompson extremely hard. Thompson was forced into a defensive line and this brought Marlow back into play along with Patterson and Dimitrov. Edgar looked ready to mount a further attack on Thompson when he suddenly discovered Patterson slipping up his inside. For a moment the front three karts were alongside each other, but Thompson held on to claim an impressive hat trick of LGM victories. Patterson took 2nd spot closely followed by Edgar, Marlow and Dimitrov. Brandon Martland had come through from grid 25 to finish 6th, albeit around 100 yards behind the leaders.

Untitled 2

LGM Championships – Round 7

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Round 7, Shenington, 21st September

Jewiss wins but Wood seizes the initiative

“What happened to the last lap board?” That was a question most of the LGM finalists were asking after an eventful race in which positions had changed with remarkable speed. There had been no electronic clock informing drivers of the elapsed time and nothing else to indicate that they were embarking upon their final lap. Race winner Kiern Jewiss was clearly taken by surprise when the chequered flag came out and he almost forgot to slow down. It meant that, for once, we had a final lap conducted at normal race pace as the leaders hadn’t realised it was time to drive defensively. “Maybe we should forget about last lap boards at all of our rounds in future,” quipped organiser, Mike Mills.

Faced with a very taxing schedule the Shenington Club had decided to run a couple of Heats on Saturday afternoon. Kiern Jewiss won the first one ahead of Ben Wooldridge and Joe Turney. It was Lewis Thompson who caught the eye in this one, however, setting the fastest lap time as he moved up to 6th spot from grid 23. Heat 2 produced a very tight finish as Jonny Edgar claimed the win just a yard or so ahead of Zac Robertson and Tom Wood. Edgar stunned everyone the following morning when he won Heat 3 from grid 26. He was followed home in this one by Brandon Martland and Tom Wood, It looked as though Jonny was heading for a hat trick of victories when he caught and passed the Heat 4 leader Josh Rafferty. However, Rafferty stayed with him and pulled off a last gasp manoeuvre that also allowed Finlay Bunce through into 2nd spot.

Next time out it was Turney who celebrated victory by a couple of yards from Dexter Patterson. Teddy Wilson got the verdict for 3rd place in a photo finish with Bunce. That placed Edgar on pole for the Final alongside Wood. Owen Bya occupied 3rd slot, his best starting position to date, with Jewiss on grid 4. Immediately behind were Thompson and Bunce, followed by Wooldridge and Turney. Joshua Rattican, Lucas Nannetti, Mathew Hunt and Joe Willoughby qualified via the “B” Final following a tense battle with no less than six karts finishing virtually together. Maxwell Dodds and Owen Johnson were the unlucky losers on this occasion Edgar assumed an immediate lead in the “A” Final, closely followed by Wood. Jewiss took 3rd place away from Byatt, with Thompson, Bunce, Turney and Wooldridge fighting over 5th position. Edgar and Wood were trying to work together to pull out a gap, but the strong headwind thwarted their efforts.

Consequently for much of this race we had a dozen or more karts circulating en masse. After four laps, Thompson hit the front only to be replaced by Jewiss shortly afterwards. Wood moved up into 2nd spot ahead of Edgar as Thompson dropped down to 7th. Just after half distance Wood took over the lead as Jewiss fell back to 4th place behind Edgar and Byatt .Zac Robertson had started this race from 11th on the grid, but he soon made his way up to 4th. Edgar once again decided to lead for a couple of laps before being overtaken by Jewiss. Halfway into the chicane, Edgar sustained a hefty whack on his rear bumper that knocked him down to 9th place. Byatt then moved up to 2nd, challenging hard for the lead before he also was knocked out of contention with less than a lap remaining. Robertson inherited 2nd spot and suddenly Jewiss could enjoy a breather as the gap stretched to 10 yards. The chequered flag caught everyone by surprise as it welcomed Jewiss home ahead of Robertson, Wood and Thompson.

Turney, Rafferty, Edgar, Patterson, Martland and Wooldridge made up the top tenTeddy Wilson had arrived at Shenington with a championship lead of 2 points. However, the wizardry he’d displayed at Kimbolton nine weeks earlier appeared to desert him.The newly crowned British Champion struggled for pace and could only manage 11th position. Tom Wood’s 3rd place fi nish here gives him a 7 points cushion over Wilson and he will go to PF as the championship favourite.


Little Green Man – Round 8 October 2014

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Round 8, PF International – October 5th, 2014
Tom Wood claims the 2014 title at the final round at PFi by a whisker

Tom Wood had arrived at PFi effectively holding a lead of two points over Teddy Wilson. The pair couldn’t afford to ignore Zac Robertson who was more than capable of producing an outstanding result here. Also in the reckoning, mathematically at least, were Kiern Jewiss, Dexter Patterson and Lewis Thompson. With 50 entrants to accommodate, five Heats were required. Lorcan Hanafin secured a narrow win in the first of these, but almost lost out when Kiern Jewiss and Zac Robertson both charged through from rear grids to fall just inches short at the finish line. Hanafin’s performance in Heat 2 was rather more impressive as he gained 22 places before losing out to Ben Wooldridge by a mere fraction. Van Knapton finished a yard or so further back in 3rd spot. Next time out Wood, Thompson and James Taylor were involved in a photo finish with Wood finally getting the verdict ahead of Thompson. Heat 4 produced yet another tight finish, as Edgar held out Robertson and Thompson.

Jewiss won the last Heat by a comfortable margin from Hanafin, with Finlay Bunce claiming 3rd spot. Brandon Martland won an exciting ‘B’ Final, with Bray Kenneally, Klaas Kooiker and Harry Foster joining him as qualifiers. Hanafin claimed his first ever pole position in a Little Green Man ‘A’ Final, starting this race alongside Jewiss. Setting off behind these two were Wood, Finlay Bunce, Teddy Wilson, Jonny Edgar, Thompson and Joe Turney. Zac Robertson knew that he had it all to do as he sat on the grid 15 slot. Hanafin made a clean start from the lights but soon found Wood pressing hard behind him. Jewiss lost out to Wilson and Edgar, as Wood hit the front. After a couple of laps had been completed Edgar took over the hot seat, dragging Wilson along with him. Robertson had been picking up placed at a rapid rate and he soon displaced Hanafin in 3rd position. Edgar, Wilson and Robertson began working together, so that a gap of around ten yards appeared before Thompson took over 4th place. At this stage, Wood was back in 6th spot, some 20 yards or more behind the leaders. If things remained that way, then the title would be Wilson’s. By half distance, Thompson had caught up with the leading bunch.

He swiftly moved up into 2nd position, compromising the lines of both Wilson and Robertson so that they suddenly found themselves 25 yards or more behind the leaders. That suddenly elevated Turney to 3rd place. With six laps still outstanding Thompson took the lead, as Wood moved ahead of Wilson and Robertson. The championship was now very finely balanced. Crouching low, Wood was trying desperately to reduce a gap of 15 yards or more that the leading trio had established. Wilson, meanwhile, seemed happy to sit behind him and await his opportunity later on. Robertson, back in 6th, knew that he had to get amongst the leaders. With less than two laps remaining, Edgar outsmarted Thompson into the left-hand hairpin and took the lead. A few corners later, though, he lost out to Turney. The three leaders headed down the main straight to begin their final tour, with Wood still more than 10 yards adrift in fourth. Edgar moved back into the lead under the bridge, but suddenly he had eight others all pushing hard behind him.

Wood decided that he had nothing to lose and made a seemingly outrageous manoeuvre that took him to the front. Robertson followed through but Wilson suddenly saw his championship chances disappear when Turney knocked him off the circuit. Onto the main straight, Robertson tried desperately to get his kart alongside Wood, with Edgar just a few feet behind. Wood’s raised hands told us that he’d managed to hold on, but just 0.04 seconds actually separated them. It later emerged that Robertson had set the fastest lap, thus gaining an additional trophy and two bonus points. If he’d actually gone 0.05 seconds quicker on that final lap, the championship scores would have been tied. By such narrow margins are these things often decided. As it was, Tom emerged as the seventh different winner from eight rounds and he could celebrate a well earned title victory, too. “On balance I’d have to say that Tom deserved his title win and there’s certainly no shame in us finishing second to a driver who started the year as a clear favourite,” said Fusion Motorsport boss Dan Hazlewood.


Little Green Man – Round 6

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Wonder show by Wilson at Kimbolton for LGM round 6, 13th July

Perfect performances are best saved for occasions when there’s a VIP or two in the audience.

Anthony Hamilton turned up at Kimbolton and watched Teddy Wilson produce a faultless display that must have reminded him of Lewis during his early karting days. Also in attendance was Kimi Raikkonen’s manager Steve Robertson, there to oversee the progress of his own son, Zach. Add the current CIK European Junior Championship leader Enaam Ahmed and we had quite a VIP guest list. Enaam presented all 20 LGM cadet trophies.

229 drivers were competing in 12 different categories at Kimbolton and such numbers placed a strain on the programme. It meant that two of the five LGM cadet Heats had to be run on Saturday. In very warm conditions, Jonny Edgar drew first blood pulling off a narrow win over Ethan Hawkey and Fin Kenneally. Heat 2 was even tighter, with Kenneally eventually claiming victory by mere microseconds over Tom Wood and Albert Carter.

Heat 3 on Sunday morning got underway in equally warm conditions. After just one lap Wilson had gained an incredible 14 places and came round in 16th spot. He was assisted when Battenburg flags came out half way through this race bringing him 40 yards closer to the leading bunch headed by Lewis Thompson. Teddy seized this opportunity with both hands and won with 20 yards to spare from Thompson and Joe Turney.

By contrast, Heat 4 was a breeze as Wilson started off from pole position and cruised to victory some 50 yards ahead of Kiern Jewiss who had his hands full retaining 2nd place from Owen Byatt. Teddy made it a hat trick of Heat wins next time out, although both Zach Robertson and Dexter Patterson came within inches of stealing it from him over the finishing line.

It meant that Wilson would start the “A” Final off pole position with Kenneally alongside him. Next up were Patterson, Thompson and Wood, with Clayton Ravenscroft on grid 6, his best starting position in any Little Green Man Final. Fraser Fenwick, Matthew Latifi, Jessica Heppenstall and Alicia Barrett qualified from a well contested “B” Final. Kenneally managed to get his wheels ahead of Wilson at the start, but Teddy had a better line around turn 1. Early casualties on this corner included Lorcan Hanafin, Jonny Edgar, Luca Molinaro, Klaas Kooiker and Joseph Taylor. Patterson replaced Kenneally in 2nd place and immediately began to challenge Wilson, taking over the lead before lap 4. Wood followed Patterson through and Kenneally demoted Wilson into 4th soon afterwards. Wood went past Patterson into 1st place holding this position for a good few laps before Wilson hit the front once more. The pace was clearly getting hotter, Wood hit the front and Kenneally went with him. Less than half a second covered the top four drivers at this stage with Jewiss lagging some 20 yards behind in 5th. Patterson tried to improve on 4th but was forced wide, giving Jewiss, Robertson and Thompson their chance to make up lost ground. Carter found himself in the mix as a queue began to form up behind Wood. Wilson made a successful bid for the lead with just a couple of laps remaining while Patterson moved in the opposite direction as he dropped down to 7th behind Thompson.

There was a time when you could just about guarantee that the first lap of any race would be the slowest one. These days in cadets, though, it’s often the final lap that enjoys this dubious distinction. Wilson’s final tour was half a second slower than his opening lap. Wood took even longer to complete this lap, but he still retained 2nd place some 25 yards behind. Thompson took 3rd ahead of Carter, Patterson, Robertson, Kenneally and Jewiss. Joe Turney and Owen Byatt made up the top ten. Clayton Ravenscroft claimed the Privateer’s Cup by finishing 13th.

It had been an eventful weekend, at the end of which Teddy Wilson took a two point lead in the championship table. Wood occupied 2nd place followed by Robertson, Patterson, Thompson and Jewiss. More will be revealed after Round 7 has been completed at Shenington on September 21st.