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Open Endurance Kart Club

OEKC British Championship Round 3 Report

2017 Championship Round 3 Whilton Mill A beautiful hot day greeted the teams as they arrived at Whilton Mill for round 3 of the 2017 championship. After 1 hour of practice the teams entered the 15 minute qualifying session ready for action. Pole position changed many times, but once the session ended it was Specsavers who took 1st place with ... Read More »

OEKC British Championship Round 2 Report

Drivers arrived at Bayford Meadows in Kent for round 2 of the OEKC to dull weather, but a dry track. Some drivers had not visited Bayford Meadows before and they took advantage of the one hour practice session to familiarise themselves with the circuit. Then the 15 minutes of qualifying started and the lap times started to drop. Despite using ... Read More »

OEKC British Championship Round 1 Report

The first race of the OEKC season combines the O plate and Round 1 of the 2017 season. The race took place at Rye House, Hoddesdon. The day started wet, but by the time practice started the circuit was drying and teams were forced to choose between wets & slicks. New team BSG (27) qualified on pole with Insure to ... Read More »

OEKC 2016 British Championship Round 9 Report

Whilton Mill The OEKC teams arrived for the final round of the championship to see a very wet circuit at Whilton Mill. Heavy rain during practice and large puddles on the track led to a very challenging practice and qualifying session. Insure 2 drive took pole position alongside Box tech with G-Tech third and TT Sport fourth. Row three had ... Read More »

OEKC 2016 British Championship Round 7 Report

Fulbeck Following a sunny full day of practice on the Saturday the OEKC teams arrived to warm, dry track on Sunday race day. The majority of teams still made use of the race days one hour practice session before starting the 15 minutes of qualifying. Local team Crash Test Dummies made good use of their superior track knowledge and took ... Read More »

OEKC 2016 British Championship Round 6 Report

The OEKC teams arrived to a beautiful bright sunny day at Lydd for round 6 of the championship. Following driver sign on, scrutineering & the drivers briefing the teams started their 60 minutes of practice. The teams then entered the 15 minutes of qualifying which was incredibly close. The top 9 teams qualified with 9/10ths of a second. Box-Tech took ... Read More »

OEKC 2016 British Championship Round 5 Report

The British Open Endurance Karting Championship. Fifth winner in five races! After 15 minutes qualifying Insure to Drive took pole with Specsavers alongside. FPF & JRJ filled row 2. IJM were fifth alongside Ikonn. G-Tech & box Tech filled 4 and the top ten was completed by Team Velocity & Misfits.The top 5 were covered by under 3/10ths of a ... Read More »