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Rugby Kart Club Rounds 15 & 16 Report

Sunny skies shone over Daytona Tamworth as the drivers took part in the eighth meeting of the 2016 season. LIGHTWEIGHTS Karl Spencer took the win in Round 15, while Paul Cox, who joined from Rounds 11 & 12, took second place. Andrew Strike took third place. In Round 16 Cox took the win with Spencer second. Strike made the podium ... Read More »

RLK Formula 270 Round 8 Report

There was a noticeable chill in the air for Round 8 of Red Lodge Karting’s Formula 270, again with a packed grid of 25 drivers of which half were in the 80kg+ weight categories. Drivers were divided into two groups contesting 3 Heats each with a one lap qualifying. Greg Smith stuck it on pole for the first group sporting ... Read More »

Club100 Round 8 Race Report – Elite

Darren Teal reinvigorated his challenge in the chase for runner up spot in the 2016 Elite championship with a first win of the season at Red Lodge. Runners up spot? Rye House… Rye House A Final exclusion to be more precise. Ian Blake’s Rye House A Final exclusion to be specific. It is a score, or rather a ‘nil point’ ... Read More »

Club100 Round 8 Race Report – Lights

It would be a crying shame if in hindsight the championship turns on Pietro Pagano being left nose into the tyres at the start of the Lightweight A Final for what ought to have been a belter of a head to head from the front row between the two winningest (5 wins a piece) drivers sandwiching Christopher Powell in the ... Read More »

Club100 Round 8 Race Report – Heavys

It’s all over bar the shouting at Whilton Mill. Okay. First an apology, I may have been a little premature, with the ‘Joe Holmes park up and win the title at Red Lodge’ suggestion in the last report. Indeed, I may have guilty of not reading this season’s regulations, or rather thinking it was the same scenario as last year’s ... Read More »

OEKC 2016 British Championship Round 8 Report

Milton Keynes A wet morning greeted the OEKC teams arriving at Daytona for the penultimate round of the OEKC season. By the time the teams had signed on, scrutineered & completed the drivers briefing the circuit was drying ready for practice & qualifying. That said, the circuit was still green and the teams had to treat it with respect. Box-Tech ... Read More »