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When Rain Strikes…

If you’ve ever raced in the UK chances are you’ve been in this situation where its dry you are out on slicks when the heavens open, it’s a bit of a curveball sometimes and can really mix up a race. It may not look like it but it actually rains quite heavily, a fact that the drivers  remain ignorant to ... Read More »

Go Kart Wet Drifting

We’ve all got a mate who fancies themselves as the next Ken Block and goes out on slicks whatever the weather but this driver takes it to a new level, even performing a 360! Unfortunately antics like these will probably get you a black flag for weaving around but it’s god to watch for now. Read More »

Praga Kart Team at Zeura

Here’s a nice karting montage to get you though your afternoon. Featuring Sun, Shiny new chassis’ and plenty of gearbox goodness from when  the Praga factory team visited Zeura for the WSK euroseries back in 2013 Read More »

Kart Fire

Don’t you hate it when you’re going about your day, having a hack around a local kart track when your kart catches fire! Luckily for this chap he wasn’t hurt when the fuel tank cap came off and started a fire. Read More »