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Superkart 14th to 1st at Cadwell

The ultimate boast: 14th to 1st and what makes this even better is that it’s in a super-fast Superkart and it’s at one of the hariest, trickiest circuits in the UK: Cadwell Park, a real man’s circuit! Read More »

Become One karting documentary

This is an awesome documentary for so many reasons. It explores the sport we love and gets right to the heart of everything that makes karting so addictive and makes us all obsessed with the endless chase to be better, to lap faster, to find grip where there is none, to chip a tenth off a lap when you’re already ... Read More »

Valentino Rossi karting!

He’s the biggest legend of motorcycle racing. Known as the GOAT (Greatest OF All Time), Valentino Rossi started his racing career in karts, before switching to mini-motos and then onto motorcycles proper. Despite being one of the best MotoGP riders in the world, Rossi still likes to get involved in four-wheel racing, from GT racing his Ferrari 458, to rally ... Read More »

Victor Compere’s KF kart crash video

It’s amazing how quickly it can all go wrong, as this karting crash proves. The video from 2013 shows Victor Compere in the KF class atPF International kart track and, unless you’re a really harsh judge, he had nothing to do with his own downfall.   Read More »