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Praga Kart Team at Zeura

Here’s a nice karting montage to get you though your afternoon. Featuring Sun, Shiny new chassis’ and plenty of gearbox goodness from when  the Praga factory team visited Zeura for the WSK euroseries back in 2013 Read More »

Kart Fire

Don’t you hate it when you’re going about your day, having a hack around a local kart track when your kart catches fire! Luckily for this chap he wasn’t hurt when the fuel tank cap came off and started a fire. Read More »

Kart Crashes into Water

Everybody gets cut up driving at one time or another; whether it’s by a double decker in central London or from an over-exuberant overtaking move, It happens. Sadly for this guy, he gets struck by a bad overtake which sends him off into what appears to be the Atlantic ocean. Skip to 7:45 for the crash Read More »

We check out Daytona’s new Tamworth circuit

We were invited to a sneak preview of Daytona’s new circuit in Tamworth. With the Tarmac so fresh you could almost see the steam rising from it, we headed out for 20 laps with racers Sam Brabham and Jack Clarke in Daytona’s pristine new Sodi karts. The circuit has been over 15 months in the making and the new owners ... Read More »

Laguna Seca Superkart Crash

As we all know, superkarts are FAST. But what happens when there is a coming together? Unfortunatley for this driver, he found out what happens after a high speed collision at the famous Laguna Seca circuit in the USA Skip to 2:55 for the race start or to  3.45 for the crash Read More »