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250 Superkarts onboard at the Isle of Man

There’s mental and then there’s this: onboard a 250 Superkart at the Isle of Man: the same place where those insane bikers lap at speeds of up to 180mph! A Superkart is a hairy thing at the best of times but what about when you have no run off? Well, then it gets even scarier! Only for the seriously brave. ... Read More »

How to shift a shifter kart

There’s something special about a shifter kart. I don’t know whether it’s just that bit of extra complexity that I like or whether it’s the fact they they’re just out-of-the-box mad. Either way, they’re not the sort of thing you come across every day and this Youtuber explains everything about it. Read More »

WSK La Conca 2010

This is a great video to give you a taste of what the World Series Karting events are like. The cream of karting talent is on display but that doesn’t mean they can drive a faultless race. Forward the video on to the 2m15 mark to watch the rolling start and the carnage commence. Read More »

Onboard with Sean Babington at PFi Rotax Euromax

Sean Babington is a serious talent and definitely one who’s going to go far in this game. Here he is at PFi in the Euromax series, laying down some slick laps. Watch the free practice onboard with eventual race winner Sean Babington at the third round of the Rotax Euro Max Challenge. Forward the video on to the 3-minute mark ... Read More »

Honda Fireblade motorcycle engined kart 172bhp

Now this is just silly. Take a normal kart and bolt into it a 170bhp 1,000cc Honda Fireblade engine. The thing looks like a massive accident waiting to happen. Head to 1m30 to see it lighting up its wheels under acceleration. Now I like speed, but this, well… this is a bit too much! Read More »