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Honda Fireblade motorcycle engined kart 172bhp

Now this is just silly. Take a normal kart and bolt into it a 170bhp 1,000cc Honda Fireblade engine. The thing looks like a massive accident waiting to happen. Head to 1m30 to see it lighting up its wheels under acceleration. Now I like speed, but this, well… this is a bit too much! Read More »

2006 Kartmasters Super Libre (Formula A/ICA)

Formula A. It’s cast in karting gold. Where legends were made. This video from 2006 is no exception. Just look at the grid:  Gary Catt, Lee Bell, Mike Spencer, Ollie Millroy, Ben Cooper, Jamie Croxford… the list goes on. The camera kart is with Ollie Millroy and there’s some late, late braking on lap one! Enjoy. Read More »