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Yup, you need four wheels to go karting

This is a cool video of an old-school JICA kart lapping at Stretton. The kart sounds the part but skip to 3-minutes if you want to see why it’s important to ensure you start and finish your session with all four wheels attached. Get the spanners out! Read More »

Bizarre Laguna Seca Superkart crash

I’ve seen some strange crashes in my time but this one is up there as one of the strangest. Forward the video to 2m50 to see the start of the race, then watch as the driver cuts through the pack, making steady progress. Then just wait for the moment that a driver he’s about to pass, decides to swerve so ... Read More »

Karting accidents (HQ)

OK, so the hard house music is a bit naff, but there are plenty of people getting it wrong in this video. Turn your speakers down and open your eyes to the inability of some people to drive a kart… Read More »