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Website: www.kartingtools.com
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Karting Tools is a set of tools dedicated to your Kart usage. This is not a game.

Paid features :
– setups : store your setups in the cloud, specific fields, customize displayed fields, sort your setups, …
– Rotax Max Senior jetting : suggested main jet/pin height/spark plug based on the nearest weather station, official chart value, manuel input (optional), …
– advanced stopwatch : up to 3 drivers simultaneously, volume buttons trigger, laps history with lap difference, drivers names, chart, consistency, share Excel export by email, Facebook, …

Free features :
– gear ratio calculator
– stopwatch with lap history, best lap, lap difference, Excel export and share by email, Facebook, …
– worldwide tracks data : address, map, website, magnetic time lines, length, width, gear ratios, best lap
– flags
– maximum speed
– average speed
– fuel oil mix ratio
– speed in Km/h or Mph, temperature in Celcius or Fahrenheit, wheel size in inch or cm
– multilingual (english/french)

If you have any suggestion or if you find a bug, please send an email to android@kartingtools.com.

Weather informations are provided by WorldWeatherOnline.

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