2011 karts

WSK Nations Cup La Conca November 2010Maranello RS9
The major additions to the Maranello this year is the variable wheelbase system which is available on all karts, and the RS9-S which is an evolutionary design to take advantage of harder tyres and colder conditions in the UK.

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Cruiser V
010 World Championship winning Cruiser V has had only very minor changes to the seat supports to allow for easier seat fitting without affecting the karts performance on track.

The 2011 Cruiser V chassis comes with 30 mm geometric tubing. This chassis brings new solutions such as the axle bearings supports and new SH2 stubs which increase the balance between the front and the rear of the kart.The 2011 Cruiser V chassis is equipped with original brake systems of new homologation called R1, R2 and FRM.R1. Such brake systems are composed by mono-block brake calipers with radial support, new generation floating brake disks and brake pumps for oil recovery.

The Storm kart has been updated in time for the 2011 season with new materials being used for some of the components, including the tubing of the frame.

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Wright Mercury
Wright have developed two new karts designed specifically for TKM and for Rotax Max. The Mercury TKM is the first TKM-specific chassis since the Braga, but it’s now developed to take advantage of the new TKM chassis rules. The Max version has been designed to take full advantage of the Mojo tyres.

Main Features
Constructed from specialised Italian 30mm chrome-moly tube.

A unique ride height, “Notch” system for the rear axle, allowing precise 2 position ride height adjustment in just a few seconds.

Front ride height has five settings for accurate adjustment.

A four position steering column is coupled with a three position stub giving the steering response and severity the widest possible spectrum of adjustment.

Caster/camber kits and interchangeable Stub axles mean you can tailor your Wright “Mercury” to your exacting standards whatever your requirements.

Removable front bumper hoops allow a “Crumple Zone” to protect the chassis in the event of heavy impact.

Max version weighs 44kg without engine and tyres.

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Already raced at the WSK Nations Cup and the SKUSA SuperNationals, the EVRR won KF2 at the WSK and KZ2 in Las Vegas.

Main Features
The bearing carrier supports are the same as 2010 with ride height but not wheelbase adjustment, but they are now one piece which should add to the structural stiffness. There is also now a KZ version with a higher range of ride height adjustments.

THe new bearing carriers have a variety of positions for seat stays.

THe shape of the fuel tank has been changed to lower the centre of gravity, which has also led to a change in the shape of the steering column support.

THe lower steering column support has been changed so foot supports can be moved.

There is a new steering wheel available with a new spoke structure and a grippy covering, as well as brackets for PI, AIM and Unipro data loggers.

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