24hr Fitness – Lloyd de Boltz-Miller

Spinning is an ideal way to improve the cardiovascular stamina required for endurance racing.  Interval training on the spinner is also a great way to stay alert and focussed.

Continious spinning produces fantastic leg stamina, fat loss and a lower resting heart rate (impotant for health but also helps the body stay calm and relaxed when racing for prolonged periods of time)

The programme:
Sessions one:
Intense bursts of spinning 85-100% for short intervals followed by light, repetitive rest periods.
30 second bursts with a 30 second recovery on a firm resistance (85-100% rapid speed, 50% to recover at a slower speed) x 20 sets.
Predominately for calorie expenditure and its fat burning properties, cardiovascular outcomes of improving resting heart rate level, decreasing the recovery time and improving cardio output.

1Uphill running on high resistance for leg stamina.  This time we set the bike to a high resistance (too high to sit down and peddle).  Take an upright position on the spinner and drive the legs down in a slow technique.  1-2 minute intervals with a reduced resistance recovery X 10 mins.

Lloyds own sessions would include an easier intensity but continous spinning using all the techiques above covering 40 mins.  The maximum output lloyd would expell is about 70% max but the fact that the work is continous we really maximise on fat burning, reducing lloyds fat mass and weight so the kart can travel quicker, and faster acceleration out of the corners.


2This is a great exercise for short intense bursts and also for a continuous effort for leg stamina, especially in the calves (for advanced prolonged pedal work, key for braking times)
I set lloyd a skipping regime after finishing on the spinner, comprising of 1 minute fast skipping (alternating feet for each jump), followed by recovery of a 45 seconds of slow jumping (feet together)

Rehydration pic

Keeping hydrated, especially during interval work is absolutely crucial. A drop of 1% in hydration can lead to a 10% drop in concentration levels.  As we all know as drivers this could be disasterous out on the track.  I have been working closely with Lloyd on hydration, practising different hydration strategies with water, energy drinks and foods.

3Keeping an eye on sweat levels, amount of water consumed and excreted are all noted and revised.  During the 24 hour race, Lloyd will always have a form of rehydration in the kart with him.  This will be a drinks bottle feed to him through his helmet by a straw. (this is not only because he cant sip the drink with his hands, but also drinking through a straw means you will sip less, as gulping will only level excess water in the stomach, creating a nausea feeling.  Sipping small amounts regularly will give the body want it needs and no more.


4Pad work isnt easy!  This really is the hardest fitness work whilst standing on the spot.  Quick feet and high concentration is needed for high intensity pad work.  There are som many benefits to doing boxing with a trainer.  Firstly, you have the muscualr benefits of the impact of punching, forearms shoulders, chest and back mucles are all targetted heavily and this will all create fast hands.  Stamina in these muscles will improve enormously due to how they are moving.  Secondly, you will reap the cardiovascualr benefits of the intense training.  The heart rate will push near to 100% effort when hitting the pads at full power, the feet and calves get a beasting whilst moving around perparing the body for the next combination.  Thirdly, the focus and concentration needed is very high, remembering what pucnh comes next, at what time to stike the pads and as you can see form the pics, when to get out of the way!

5All these benefits will come together and make Lloyd a quicker, lighter athlete required for endurance racing, giving him the ability to drive competiviely for 24 hours, also obviously breaking that World Record.

If training with a personal trainer wasn’t hard enough, Paul keeps Lloyd at the top of his game by setting a personal plan for him to follow.  Some of the plan includes work on the spinner, skipping and boxing (shadow boxing on his own for perosnal reflection and concentration or zoning)
Zoning is a technique created by Paul, using a mirror for focus where Lloyd completely shuts off but is still doing exercise.  Lloyd can perfect his tecniques in the mirror at a slower pace and really concentrate.  Lloyd will also use this time to think about the upcoming record attempt and help himself plan for it, using the time to think and relax.

Core stability is another area we should focus on, all drivers will know how their body takes a pounding when racing karts.  Stronger abdominals and lower back muscles will all contribute to a fitter, faster, injury free you!  Working with a swissball allows Lloyd to keep pressure off the lower back to prevent injuries but also heaviily targetting the core muscles.  This is needed for a good posture.

6We also use the swissball for a standard ab curl but made harder by holding a 5kg weights plate above the head.  Lifting and holding the weights plate above the head increasing the intensity ten fold as there will now be more weight over the abs and less in the feet .  Lloyd will do 12-15 reps and 4 sets with a minimal rest period.  I try to have lloyd failing at 15 reps so that he cant do any more to really target the abs

7The swissball twist assumes the driving position but with very limited balance.   A shoulder rotation on the swissball whilst remaining upright is hard enough but I have Lloyd lifting his feet up and together onto a medicine ball.  Having a slower technique (as quicker movements would create momentum and swing) will work the muscles a lot harder but will also give the body’s core time to react to any imbalance issues.  Lloyd would perform these exercises at the end of a session as we would require his core strength for all the other exercises above.  Specifically targetting the core at the end will give lloyd the best training possible to get him where he needs to be.  10 slow reps x 2-4 sets.

8All the exercise above can be encorporated into your fitness plans to help you improve your karting.  These are not only specific to Lloyd but can be tailored to you, maybe you don’t need to trim down but actually need to build a bit more muscle to give you more control over the kart?
A common problem is that the forearms burn so much due to the workload on them, this can be focussed on in your training with a few simple changes to your routine with out having to specifically work them.  Also you can specifically target the wrist flexors and forearms giving you superb stamina in the muscle to prevetn it from burning out or cramping during the fianl important stages of a race.

Please get in touch on paul@pspt.me.uk for any fitness or nutrition advice regarding Karting, Paul will always be able to help.

For up to date, in-depth free nutritional information go to his website www.pspt.me.uk/nutrition.php