5 years, 5 moments – Super One at Buckmore Park

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With Buckmore Park Super One among us, we look back at some of the best moments from Super One at the circuit over the last few years. Buckmore Park is said to be one of the trickiest and most technical laps in karting due to large elevation change, positive and negative camber, fast and slow corners, which always makes for some excellent racing.

2015 – The start of a journey…   

Buckmore Super 1 2015 was Abbi Pulling’s’ first Super 1 race in Junior TKM. She qualified 13th and later that weekend, went on to break her wrist resulting in a DNS for the final. This obviously didn’t faze Pulling as she went on to qualify on pole TKM Festival a couple of months later. This year she has managed a podium finish each round, with a win last round. Lets hope she can continue this trend!


2014 – Good memories for Dave Wooder

2014 was the year Junior Rotax O plate holder, Dave Wooder, climbed 21 places in the main final to finish 8th.  In the same year Wooder then went on to win Kartmasters and become the world vice champion. Wooder is currently 3rd in the Ginetta Junior Championship.


2011 – Paul Monks will not be at Buckmore Park

Paul Monks finished 12th in the TKM Extreme final at Buckmore in 2011. 5 years on Monks is currently 16th in the TKM Extreme championship after a unlucky last round at Llandow. However Monks recently announced he is to sit out for the rest of the season and return for a full championship assault in 2017. He spoke to us to explain more…

“Commitments in day to day life have meant for the rest of the year I will have to miss the championships which is such a shame as the grid is so big this year! However I will be racing at the festival and will 100% be back stronger for next year’s title chase.”


2010 – Taylor brothers looking to improve

In 2010, Brothers Sam & Joe Taylor were competing in Super One, Joe in the Honda cadet class and Sam in Junior TKM. Six years later and both the brothers are now in TKM extreme. After not having the best start to the season, can they get some good luck and get a good result this weekend at Buckmore?


2009 – Michael Epps on the podium in Rotax Max

In 2009 we saw, current British Touring Car Driver Michael Epps, finish 3rd in Senior Max Final Two after climbing up five places. Epps went onto finish 13th in the championships that year before finishing 6th in both 2010 and 2011. After a few years in single seaters and a excellent 2015 in the VW Cup, Epps now finds himself in the BTCC racing with Team HARD.


Written by Bethanie Lawson

Images courtesy of Bethanie Lawson, Paul Babington & Chris Walker


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