5 years, 5 moments – Super One at PFI


The final round of Super One takes place this weekend at PF International. Championships will be decided, prizes will be handed out and there is guaranteed excitement and drama on track!

Here are 5 moments from the last 5 years that Super One has been held at PFI… How many do you remember?

2015 – Graham back for 1 last time

Last year saw Matthew Graham take the championship in Junior TKM even though it was Matthew Taylor who was leading the championship coming into the weekend. Taylor ended up finishing 3rd. Matthew Graham is making a come back to the class for this weekend at PFI to take advantage of his last chance to run the 1 plate. Will his return be well greeted or rued come the end of the weekend!

2014 – Tom Canning the Honda Champion

In 2014, Tom Canning finished 2nd in final two and with it became the Honda Cadet champion, beating defending champion, Kiern Jewiss. Canning didn’t win a single final two throughout the year but he proved and saying “consistency is key” and walked away as champion.

The race ended in unfortunate circumstances after Jude Young flipped on the banking. Trapped under the kart fellow competitor, James Walker, and a father were quick to get the kart off him which then set on fire. Thankfully Jude was okay.

2013 – Hard chargers!

In 2013, PFI hosted the penultimate round of Super One. In the Junior TKM main final, Kyle Hornby climbed up 21 places to finish in 1st and Dino Lee climbed up 22 places to finish in 2nd after an incident in final one. Will we see anyone coming from the back of the grid in any of the classes this year? And could it disturb anyone’s championship so close to the end?

2012 – The start of a journey

When Rookie, Jonathan Davis climbed nine places in the second final to finish 2nd some may have thought it was a fluke. However the Intrepid and OK1 driver, proved his form time and time again throughout the season and eventually went on to become the champion beating drivers including Jake Hughes, Bobby Game, Scott Allen, Tom Healy and Denis Gorman. Impressive!

Jonathan Davis

2011 – Lucky number 4

Harrison Thomas finished 4th at PFI in Super Cadet in Super One in 2011. This year Harrison is driving for KR Sport and is 4th in both the Senior OK class and Senior Rotax! Coincidence? 

Harrison in 2011
Harrison in 2011


Written by Bethanie Lawson

Images courtesy of Chris Walker, Kartpix

Videos courtesy of TDi Media


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