Alicia Barrett – One to Watch

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11 year old North Lincolnshire based Alicia Barrett. is only two years into her racing career Alicia has been contesting in all three major series; Super One, Little Green Man & Formula Kart Stars in the IAME Cadet class. Alicia races with Ollie Walker Racing in the Super One and LGM series but in FKS she drives in the all female racing team run by Alice Powell.

Under two very good mentors Alicia has had an impressive start to the season, currently si?ing 11th in the LGM Series and she has already been finishing in the top 5 in Formula Kart Stars. A recent stand out performance for me was at Whilton Mill in LGM where Alicia came from the back of the B Final to eventually finish 15th in the A Final! So where did
it all start for Alicia? She got into racing via a Bu?ons night at PFI where she was able to test a cadet kart before buying one.

Racing for Alice Powell in FKS in an all girls team has also been a unique experience for Alicia as she’s been able to get one to one coaching from the former F3 racer and has been in an environment where she will feel equal being an all girls team. But it’s also Ollie Walker’s hard work that’s really helped her to get where she is so far! She may only be 11 and look like a bit of a pushover but she has no problems racing side by side with the lads. Go Alicia!

Alicia’s 5-to-1

5 words to describe yourself: Kind, Inquisitive, Friendly, Competitive, Caring

4 of your favourite tracks: PFI, Silverstone, Llandow, GYG

3 drivers that have inspired you: Susie Wolff, Lewis Hamilton, Ayrton Senna

2 memorable moments in my career: Racing at Silverstone, Coming 10th at PFI out of 64 drivers

1 goal for the future: To have a podium finish