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Antman Custom Trix Base & Eye Port Trimz Review

Antman Custom Trix Base & Eye Port Trimz Review

Antman Custom Trix EU’s Base and Eye Port Trimz. A simple concept, but a concept that can make a huge difference to the appearance of your helmet. It was one of those things when I first put on I thought ‘wow, that actually makes a big difference!” And you start to question why no one had thought of the idea before. Once you first put on a Trim believe me, you’ll never have a helmet again without one on again!

During my six years of racing I never had Trimz, largely due to the fact I never got it painted. I became obsessed with the idea of having it ‘original’, but when I got it painted by IKandy Customs it became a necessity. Seeing other drivers having their Trimz on made me jealous so I got a white Base and Eye Trimz port from Antman EU and set about fitting it on myself.

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Considering I have had my current lid for around seven years I was worried about fitting the Trimz on, but even someone practically useless as myself, could do so fairly easily. There is an instruction video on their website, by Antman himself, which you should use as your bible and if you take your time and follow it step by step, it should fit perfectly.

In total, I spent 30-40 minutes fitting each Trim over two nights, first up was the base. The hardest bit for me was getting off the black trim my Arai had on there when I brought it. I imagine this was down to how old it was, but taking it a few inches at a time it soon came off.

The next step was giving the helmet a clean before fitting the Trimz using glue brought from the website. I followed the step by step process seen in the video below by filling the Trim with some glue before fitting it then finally properly sticking everything down before doing a precision cut at the end. All in all, this took around 20 minutes, my only problem was I would accidentally pull I a bit off that I had just glued so make sure you are holding it properly with plenty of space on the table you are gluing it on.

Eye Port

The next evening with the base trim now on I moved onto the eye port. When placing the eye port, I must admit I never watched the video closely enough and, as a result, I struggled at first. Putting the eye port is more fiddly as you can imagine, simply by the shape of the helmet. On top of that it is advised to glue as you are going around when first placing the eye port, especially on the sides and at first this was the mistake I was making.

After going back to the video once again then it was very straight forward to get it on and having already put the base trim on I eventually found the eye port even easier. It was funny as every question I asked myself the instruction video answered so clearly that had been thought through well! In total, I’d say I spent 20-30 minutes putting it on and with every bit I glued down I could just see the helmet brightening up. It almost made me want to glue it on even faster so I could take a picture and post it to social media! But taking your time is highly advised with these things.

Max Chilton’s white eye port trimz


The end result of the Trimz were fantastic! The helmet seemed so much brighter and the fact it was mine made it look even better. There are 15 different colours of Trimz whatever paint job you have you will be able to find a Trim to suit it. For me it was the white that worked perfectly.

Just because I used a white trim on the base there was no reason I had to use white on the eye port, but in my case, white on both suited the best. This was on advice from the helmet painter who done my helmet last year.

As much as the helmet looked great sat on my dining room table, I needed to see it in action and with ‘Team Karting magazine’ racing at RHPK Round 3 a few days later, it was time to hand over to Team Captain, Matt England, to show off the results.

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The Trimz products were one of those things that when I first showed the helmet to Matt he thought it had been there the whole time. I guess that’s just how nicely they fit in, they do look smart!

Looking back at the images, like most trim products, they really stand out. Even from afar! I was very happy with it. After modelling it for me Matt commented:

“I really like the Trimz products on this helmet! They fit nicely and really brighten up the helmet. I don’t know why I’ve never had any myself, but after seeing this I think that will change.”


For anyone out there buying Trimz here’s a few tips from someone who has brought and fitted them myself.

Have your painter fit it

My first tip would be get Trimz fitted by helmet painters when your lid is first being done. Helmet painters are usually very experienced at it so as well as saving you time they’ll do a perfect job at fitting it. If you already have your helmet painted this isn’t a problem as you can see in this article. Once you do it once buy some more variations and be creative with it! It’s got to be worth two tenths… at least!

Take care when gluing

If you do fit it yourself take care when gluing it down. Putting too much glue in may see it pour out onto your helmet and affect paintwork. Take your time and follow the video carefully! You won’t go wrong if you do that.

Experiment with other products

Other than Trimz there’s lots of other products out there worth trying. The Grillz are the next on my list, they look awesome. You can see an example of those in the image below. Wingz and BulletZ also look cool and the LedZ for a night race would be awesome!

That’s enough of the talking, I think I’ll let the images do the rest from here….

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Written by Chris McCarthy

Images courtesy of Andy Webb


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