The Best Karting Dabs of 2016!

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Last year ‘Dabbing’ became a thing, and since that fateful day it has spread like wildfire. Nothing was safe from the Dab, even karting. That’s why earlier this week we asked the good people of Facebook to send in their best karting Dabs in the hope of finding the best of all before we can leave this dreadful trend back in 2016.

#5  Callum Bradshaw


#4  Jade Redfern Goodwin


#3  Piers Prior


#2  Noah Watt


#1  Guy Cunnington


And there we have it! The Karting Magazine Top 5 Dabs of 2016! Thank you to everybody who sent their pictures in and Congratulations to our Guy Cunnington our winner who will receive a Karting Magazine sticker set and visor strip.