Choose the best karting helmet

Your head is quite an important bit of kit if you think about it…

Inside that case of bone is your most important organ, the brain. Because of this, protecting your head is essential and to do this you will need a good helmet, built to the highest standards, and one that meets the regulations. It’s just not worth compromising safety for price.

We have tested helmets far and wide and after much deliberation we came to the conclusion that the best karting helmet is the highly popular Arai SK-6

Developed over many years with by their team of engineers and building on knowledge from years of making world class helmets Arai released the SK-6 a few years ago and it has new become one of the most popular helmets on the market.

This helmet uses the same incredibly strong shell construction as the GP-6S helmet designed for car racing using laminate construction for an immensely strong and light shell. Combined with the sculpted interior with a non nomex lining for durability, it will effectively dissipate an impact meaning it not only passes the tests required SnellK2010 regulation, but smashes it, making the Arai one of the safest karting helmets available. Another reason why it is so popular is because of its sleek looks with the efficient and distinctive vents on the chin it makes for a good looking lid.

Regrettably though, there is a drawback. This helmet is one of the more expensive kart helmets, the SK-6 will cost you in the religion of £500 inc VAT but like I said earlier, you cannot compromise on safety for price. However if your budget is slightly tighter you could always go for the equally well made and protective Bell RS-7 which comes in at a much more affordable £340. What’s more is that it’s very comfortable and even looks good.

Another option is the Stilo ST-5 CMR, which is constructed from Kevlar and carbon fibre, making it extremely lightweight and durable. As well as having an extremely efficient ventilation system this is good on warmer days.

With helmets though, you’re best off going to a store and seeing which suits your head shape better be it an Arai or a Stilo, the sizes vary in different parts of the lid and it’s just working out what’s the most comfortable for you .

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